How To Sell A Shared Ownership Home (Resale)

How to sell your Shared Ownership House

For all intents and purposes, selling a Shared Ownership home (also known as “resale”) isn’t much different from selling a bog-standard 100% owned property. Although, there is one tiny practical difference (which I’ll tackle shortly).

Either way, most homeowners that want to sell their share can venture down the traditional route to market, which is to either use their local high-street agent, or an online estate agent. So you don’t need to jump through any unfamiliar hoops. It’s all good.

But perhaps the most important factor to note is that depending on your route to market, the cost to sell your Shared Ownership home can drastically vary!

How much does it cost to sell a Shared Ownership Property?

It depends.

If you use your local estate agent…

Generally, local estate agents either charge between 1-3% or a fixed fee; the chosen pricing model usually depends on the property share value.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a property share worth £25,000, a 2% commission is only £500. In that case, the agent may feel more inclined to use a fixed-fee payment model of £1200 instead. However, if the share is worth £100,000, they may ask for 1-3%.

If you use a online estate agent…

Almost all online estate agents charge a one-off fixed fee, and that’s the beauty of their appeal, and why they’ve become an insanely popular solution to selling property.

I won’t get into the nuisances of what an online estate agent is, because I’ve beat that poor drum to death already. Several times over. So if you’re out of the loop, I recommend familiarising yourself with the new digital way of selling property. I personally think online agents are awesome.

Currently [at the time of writing this blog post], the cheapest online estate agent charges a fixed-fee of £99, but packages can cost as much as £1300 [when selling in London]. Not so appealing, agreed.

You will need to factor in the cost of an RIC survey

As mentioned, the process of selling a Shared Ownership property is pretty much the same as selling a 100% owned property, but the only real difference is that before marketing a Shared Ownership property, you will need to instruct a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) qualified surveyor to value your home (this isn’t necessary when selling 100% owned properties). The property must be bought and sold at a fixed price set by the valuer, as specified in the Valuation Report.

A ‘valuation report’ can cost £300 and upwards and is valid for 12 weeks. Most agents won’t include the cost of a valuation report as part of their service, so it’s something you may have to factor into your costs. will sell your Shared Ownership Property For £499 (includes RICs valuation report)

99home are an online estate agent that I’ve been a avid fan of since they launched a couple of years ago. From personal experience, I tell you that their customer service is brilliant. I’ve never hesitated in recommending their services, and I’ve received great feedback in return.

When 99home reached out to me to inform me about their new package, which is specifically geared towards selling ‘Shared Ownership property’, I knew I wouldn’t hesitate to help spread the word. Not just because I’m a fan of their service, but more so because I believe it’s a decent package, and you’ll be pushed to find a better deal:

Estate AgentRatingDescriptionPrice

TrustPilot Reviews

  • RICS approved property valuation survey
  • Professional photos & floor plans
  • High-Quality Property Particulars
  • Property portal advertising (Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market, Government websites)
  • Enquiry handling
  • Buyer screening (meaning anyone who attends a viewing is initially checked for their eligibility)
  • Prioritisation & nomination of a buyer
  • Collate buyers documentation signed off by a financial advisor
  • Instruction of panel solicitors who specialise in Shared Ownership (increasing the chance of smoother and quicker sale)
  • Production of the memorandum of sale and issue to involved parties
  • Provide dedicated liaison for vendor and buyer
  • Liaison between parties/arrangement of key handover

Optional Extras:

  • Accompanied viewings (£300)
  • EPC (Up to 4 bedrooms £79)
£475Inc VAT
Normal price: £499

Discount available
More Info
5% Discount Code: SOPIP

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each agent up-to-date, but you should read the T&C’s from the agent’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Am I allowed to sell my Shared Ownership property?

Most likely.

There are hundreds of Housing Associations (HA) scattered around the country, and each tend to have their own varying guidelines on when you can and can’t sell your shares, but generally speaking, you should be able to sell at any time. But for clarification, you should check your lease for details, or contact your HA directly.

The process of selling a Shared Ownership property

Other than the RICS Valuation Report, the process is very familiar to selling a 100% owned property:

  1. Get a valuation report from an independent RICS qualified valuer
  2. Have the following documents in place:

  3. Marketing and viewings
  4. Accept offer
  5. Instruct a Conveyance solicitor to manage all the legal paperwork and transfer of deeds

Do I need to use an Estate Agent to sell my Shared Ownership home?


You can arrange for your own Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) qualified surveyor to value your home (you can find one from the RICS website), and then you can choose to resale however you wish.

What happens if my valuation report expires (i.e. if you haven’t resold your shares with in 12 weeks)

As said, RICS valuation reports are valid for 12 weeks only, so if you don’t sell your shares with in that time, you can apply for an extension by a ‘desktop valuation’, which may cost between £80 – £100.

It’s a good idea to discuss this potential outcome with your RICS surveyor and/or estate agent before going to market, so you fully understand the potential costs of selling your Shared Ownership home.

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