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Property Investment Project is the online blog of my bitter Landlord life. For some strange reason the site attracts thousands of unique visitors per day.

Reasons why you should consider advertising

  • The site has pretty decent authority as it is well-aged.
  • The site gets over 160k unique visitors per month
  • The site reaches out to a broad readership of property related individuals and companies, which include landlords, tenants, agents and developers.
  • The site has been growing in readership on a month-by-month basis


Guest Posts / Sponsored Articles

If you wish to contribute an article for no reward other than your own amusement and satisfaction of knowing your voice will be heard by an industry specific audience, then that’s something I’d be willing to entertain.

However, there are conditions (sorry!)…

  • I don’t provide accreditation in the form of back-links, only the author’s name (unless anonymity is requested). I’m bored of endless amounts of people/companies submitting generic junk just for the sake of getting a back-link. Not going to happen on my watch!
  • The article must be different, interesting, and a topic which isn’t already covered a hundred times over by other websites. I prefer topics such as help guides, personal experiences (e.g. if you’re a tenant/landlord with an amusing story), and controversial issues. It also helps to be funny/quirky.
  • The article must NOT promote any particular company/business. However, relevant links to resources are permitted. For example, if the article is related to “landlord legal advice”, a link to Citizen Advice is cool.
  • The article must be extremely thorough and accurate (especially if related to legal issues), and broken down into suitable sections with sub-headings (please avoid huge paragraphs- they’re ugly as hell).
  • The article must be completely unique (e.g. it cannot be published anywhere else).
  • I will have full rights to the article i.e. I can remove any links or recommendations to services.
  • To emphasise the above point, I will have complete control of the content so I can (and probably will) modify the article as I see fit.
  • Articles must be well written and no less than 800 words.
  • The article must be landlord/property/tenant related.
  • I have the right to refuse any article which doesn’t meet my satisfaction.
  • I have the right to remove the article at any point without warning or reason (assuming it gets published).

I know, I’m so unfair :\

Here are some good examples of what is expected:

You are welcome to send me sponsored articles to info AT I will review each submission, and if I am happy with the content, I will get back to you.

Text-Link Ads

I DO NOT offer text link ads as an advertising opportunity. Please do not ask, and please do not ask to exchange blogroll links. If you like my site, then feel free to link to it :)


I already promote many landlord/tenant related products via affiliate partnerships. If you think you have an appropriate affiliate programme that offers a product that might be useful to my reader base, please contact me to discuss further.

I typically base my decision on the commission offered for each sale, but more importantly, the actual quality of the product being offered. I won’t promote any old junk regardless of how high the commissions are.

The Golden Rules

  • I only accept payment PayPal and Bank Transfer
  • I don’t claim that advertising on my site will be any use to anyone at all. If results aren’t as expected, please just stop advertising.
  • I will only accept advertising deals with companies/individuals that want to promote something property/business/finance/landlord/tenant related. I know my site ranks well in Google for “Sarah Beeny Huge Nipples“, but that wasn’t my intention and has no reflection on the advertising opportunities I offer. Any offers that are off-topic (e.g porn) will be pushed aside and ignored, sadly.

Setup Process

If you want to advertise, please do the following in order:

  • Email me (info AT with the creative, the URL to which the advert should point to, and the duration you wish to advertise for.
  • I will either approve or disapprove
  • If approved, you will be required to make payment via paypal (I will provide the paypal link in an email)
  • Once payments are cleared, I will make the creative live

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