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Welcome to my Landlord blog.

I share information, provide amazing advice, and blog about my experiences as a Buy-to-let Landlord so fellow Landlords (prospective, new, and seasoned) can learn from my few successes and frequent failures.

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Red Sad Face 13 Dec 2018 49 Finding Tenants & Marketing Latest

Sorry Housesimple, I Can’t Even Recommend Your Letting Services To My Worst Enemy!

This is NOT a review of Housesimple's service, this is why I'd rather shoot myself in the ass with a poison dart than use or recommend thier letting services.

Lying tenants 19 Sep 2018 76 My Daily Landlord Life (Complaints & Rants)

NEVER Believe The Crap Tenants Promise During Viewings

Landlording 101: Never believe the crap tenants tell you during a viewing (and vice versa). And if you do, hedge your bets.

Checklist 26 Jul 2018 81 Landlord Legal Issues

What You Need To Know Before Renting Out Your Residential Home

A checklist of things soon-to-be landlords should check before converting their residential home into a rentable pad - helping avoid catespehoic disaster.

GDPR Euro flag 31 May 2018 55 Landlord Legal Issues

What Landlords Need To Do To Comply With GDPR

Yup, GDPR sure as hell does apply to landlords! So here's my view on what GDPR is, how it applies to me as a Landlord, and the steps I've taken to comply.

Landlord's no pet policy 23 May 2018 107 Problem Tenants

My Tenant’s An Asshole For Asking Me If He Can Have A Dog

My tenant is disrupting our relationship by paying zero respect to the T&C's of our tenancy agreement by attempting to overthrow the "No pet" policy.

Hole in Wall & Blistering 14 Feb 2018 65 Decorating, Repairs & Maintaining BTLs

Tenants & Decorating Disasters

My tenant decided to make my property into his 'home' by painting the walls a shitty colour. The end result: blistering paint, clumsy spillages, visible brush strokes... and shitty coloured walls.

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