15 Reasons Why Estate Agents Are Idiots

Estate agent clown

It can’t just be a bloody coincidence or a conspiracy, can it?

There’s got to be a definitive reason for why so many of us fantasise about the demise of estate agents. If you haven’t personally had a soul-destroying experience with one, the odds are that you’re a tiny stone’s throw away from someone that has.

I recently read the results of a national survey, which listed estate agents as one of the most despised people among society, sitting comfortably below ticket inspectors. I can’t clarify how reliable the source was, but it sounded incredibly accurate.

I guess that could also explain why there’s an increasing amount of us choosing to sell our homes privately via hip new online estate agents, like Purplebricks. Not only do they provide a solution that’s a buttload cheaper than the traditional high-street agent, but their business model gives the selling power and control to the vendor, which eradicates the need of slimeball agents.

I could probably sit here all day and night compiling a list longer than my… of all the reasons estate agents are disliked. And I bet you could, too…

1] No qualifications required

There’s no real science or mystical theory to why the majority of estate agents are spineless, mentally challenged turds. In fact, it’s quite simple, it’s that you don’t currently need a license or undertake any flimsy or rigorous training programme to become an estate agent (in the UK), so any old fool off the street without qualifications or experience can – and does – set up shop.

Now, this may sound like a petulant and unfounded rant, but I assure you there’s substance in my allegation, and that’s proved by the continuing growth and success of online estate agents. As already said, the online agent model is largely based on the premise that anyone can sell their own home as long as they receive the leads.

Wait, so thousands of people with no experience in selling property do exactly the same job as an agent every day? Like, really? Yes.

2] Limited consumer protection

Estate agents are for the most part protected from their own stupidity, because it’s not a hugely regulated industry.

It’s notoriously extremely difficult to claim any compensation from estate agents. It’s amazing how British consumers have more rights when buying a tin of baked beans compared to spending tens of thousands of pounds on their home.

3] The Wanker Mobile

Need I say more?

Estate Agent Car

4] “This property is extremely popular”

Needless to say, estate agents aren’t short of a trick or two.

One of their favourite party trick is arranging two viewings to accidentally coincide *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*, so the property appears to be in demand. Alternatively, the agent may often get someone from the office to call their phone while taking a viewing and pretend that an eager party has just put in an offer.

Buyer beware, idiots with semi-functioning brain in operation.

5] That house is perfect for you, sir!

Ever heard of an estate agent discouraging a sale because it’s fundamentally not suitable? Me neither. They’ll lie through their teeth in order to encourage a sale, even if they’re trying to flog a dead horse.


Hey Mr Estate Agent, is that barn an appropriate living environment for my wife and my newly born child?

Well, let me see; according to my calculations, I get 1.5% of the sale price. So if I worked this out correctly- then YES, it’s a perfect living environment for you and your family

Stupid Landlord Comic

6] The Estate Agents perfect deal

Estate agents don’t try and get you the best deals; they try and get themselves the best deals. It’s all about the commission. Regardless of whether you’re a buyer or seller, they have tactical methods of trying to exploit anyone at either end of the chain.

If you’re a buyer, estate agents may encourage an overpriced sale to maximize their commission. If you’re a seller, the agent may try to under value your property, and then refer the property to a friend of theirs to snap up.

Sounds far-fetched, right? Happens all the damn time.

7] Different planet

They each live on a different planet, and naturally, they rule all.

Typical Estate Agent Comic

8] Time-wasters

Estate agents love taking it upon themselves to show prospective buyers properties that are completely out of scope from their initial requirements. Why do they bother? It’s usually when they don’t have enough properties in their books that match the brief, so instead of having the balls to confess, “Sorry, we don’t have any properties that match your criteria”, they take their prospects on a bullshit wild goose chase.

Here’s an all-time classic clip from Gavin and Stacy of a stereotypical Estate agent that’s a total time-waster. It’s funny because it’s true.

9] Money-grabbing buffoons

The nutritious problem with any competitive commission based job (but especially in this industry), is that the roles get filled with a particular type of idiot; greasy, ruthless and willing to draw blood for the next buck. They either come that way or eventually get conditioned by the system.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs.

I’d fancy my chances at finding a unicorn before finding an agent that looks after my best interest.

money hungry estate agent

10] They hate their own kind

There are credible theories circulating that suggest ‘Black on black’ crime was actually inspired by ‘Agent on agent’ crime.

What chance do we as consumers have if they hate their own kind? I’m not just talking about feuds between rival companies, I’m also talking about in-house war; back-stabbing fellow colleagues and stealing deals from under their noses is only the tip of the iceberg.

11] Flyboarding

Do you often notice copious amounts of hideous for sale and for let signs and wonder, “How can there be so many houses for sale/for let”? The reality is, half of them aren’t available, and that’s what is known as “flyboarding”

Estate agents leave those hideous, out-dated signs up as a means of cheap advertising. “Cheap” being the operative word.

False advertising.

12] Turbulent work ethic

I have tried selling during a booming market once. Ironically, it was a horrible experience.

I’ve realised that if the property market is ‘hot’ and there is plenty of demand, estate agents generally perform at their worst. The level of communication will be at an all-time low and they’ll be working on their own schedule. The reality is, during a property boom, houses sell themselves, so they really don’t have to do much ‘selling’ or provide much of a service.

However, the moment the market starts dwindling and they’re hit in the one place that hurts the most (their wallet/purse), you’ll miraculously start receiving what feels like a service. They’ll polish your shoes, pop round and drop off some sugar, and artificially build common ground in order to ‘relate’ to you and your problems. It’s pitiful.

13] Mr Know-it-all

When an estate agent doesn’t know an answer to your question, don’t expect a confession, nor should you expect a respectable response, “I’m not entirely sure, but I will find out for you and get back to you”

No sir, you should strap on your seatbelt and expect a train of verbal bullshit.


Hey, Mr Estate Agent, what are the local schools like around here?”

errr…well, they’re very good. Yeah, my daughter goes to the one around the corner. Highly recommended. Your children will be safe and well educated there”

The estate agent is lying. He doesn’t have a kid. He hasn’t even had sex with a human before, only with bags of money.

Estate Agent Lies

14] Ridiculous fees

Most of us have fallen victim to this nonsense; their piss poor service at bullshit prices. But it’s not just their prices that annoy many of us, it’s the way they create imaginative ways of swindling money out of us and then package it to us like they’re actually providing value.

Some agents have the audacity to charge vendors even if they don’t sell their property after a certain period of time. While others force vendors to pay as much as 3% when they have merely found a “ready, willing and able buyer”

Yes, it’s as ludicrous as it sounds – the fee is still applicable even if the sale doesn’t go through, as long as they find an interested party.

I’m sorry, WHAT? How about I bend over and stretch my arse cheeks wide apart for you, so you can lube me up with your pot of wet-look hair gel, so you can really get to work on me?

15] Chinese Whispers

You have to remember, estate agents are effectively the middle-men. The problem with having a middle man, especially one that’s dressed in an oversized polyester Burton’s suit and veneers whiter tham snow, is that information often falls out of their head, meaning information doesn’t always seamlessly relay as it should. Strange that, innit?

It’s not uncommon for a lot of the lower-end offers to never get delivered to the vendor if the estate agent feels he can make more money from the deal.

Please note, I don’t actually think every Estate Agent out there is an unscrupulous tosser; I just think the majority have committed at least one of the sins above. I have no doubt in my mind that there are a few good men standing, they’re just not as easy to find as the remaining parasites.

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joe 11th January, 2017 @ 11:50

@ Matt

no we don't hate Muslims or Jewish or fat people, but we hate people with fat wallets made their money out of bullshitting. You must be one of the " Estate angels" giving advise for 11 years !! thank you

Guest Avatar
Rich 11th January, 2017 @ 12:17

Ha Joe.
Exactly the same reason Hitler used to get people to hate the Jews for taking all the money .
How does it feel to be so easily led by propaganda and cheap news. People don't hate estate agents in real life..its a media 80's thing.

Also letting agents and estate agents should be treated as separate things.

Foxtons hardly ever get hateful sellers, buyers or landlords..its always crazy tenants who go ape shit about a light bulb not being fixed.

but hey - you keep generalizing..its very popular - ist. you mug

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Tony 13th February, 2017 @ 16:26

1)Yes, any old "mentally challenge turd" can work as an estate agent which is why any reputable agent will be registered with NAEA for sales or ARLA for lettings so consumers do have recourse.
2) Read the above and from a sales perspective all parties are covered by the Property Misdescription Act which covers what is written, said verbally or photographed on all properties. Bear in mind Trading Standards Office can audit any of us all the time.
3)Does every agent have brand cars? Even the ones that do is there anything wrong with advertising and being proud of who you work for?
4) Totally buyer biased, if you were selling would you expect your estate agent to show how popular your property is or just hope for the best.
5)Irrelevant what the estate agent thinks, is anyone in their right mind going to buy a property that doesn't suit them? If we are all "mentally challenged turds" why would you seek our opinion?
6)A total contradiction, either we get buyers to overpay or get vendors to undersell, we can't do both!
7)What does a typical blogger look like then? I guessing a speccy twat with no girlfriend sitting around in his or her pants.
8)If you understand why someone is looking for a property there becomes a purpose for showing them, the more viewings you have with a property the more likely they are to offer, the more likely a property is to sell.
9)Welcome to ANY sales job.
10) As above and as a "reputable blogger" why would you bring acts of racism that have been around for hundreds of years into one single sales industry?
11) 100% agree. It is illegal but some of the less desirable agents will do it.
12) Based on an agent just finding someone who wants to buy a property what if we actually attend viewings, what if we actually ask for proof of funding, what about the viewings we attend that don't show up and then dealing with solicitors for at least a couple of months after?
13)As a professional I know not just the local schools but the OFSTED reports for each of them, bus routes, train services, local amenities, etc. It's what stands me out from the scum you describe rather than all you determine us all to be.
14) When you bear in mind that even if a property sells straight away we have around 4-5 months work before we get paid, break that down to an hourly rate and we get less than minimum wage although often we do a lot more than you give us credit for.
15)There is a LEGAL duty to put ALL offers forward within 48 hours of receipt under the Estate Agents Act.

Maybe if there was an act that prevented "mentally challenged turds" like you posting things like this from which many, professional, reputable people choose to earn their living, what is predominantly a customer serviced based industry in which you can't get someone to pay huge sums of money for something they don't want or need we would be held in slightly higher esteem. I totally get that the type of agent you describe exists but to tar us all with the same brush is just insulting. As a father of three who all go to Catholic school to judge me and my industry based on shallow, incorrect basis is just wrong. What exactly gives you the right to be so disparaging about so many people who help many people realise their dreams? Jesus loves us but just thinks you are a ****.

Guest Avatar
rich 13th February, 2017 @ 21:18

Well said. I wish the govt. would just say,,look buyers, the estate agents work for the vendor,,if you want a 'magic' experience pay for a buying agent..which don't exist in most of the country because its only 0.0001 idiots who feel the need to write this cr+p online anyway.

An agent lost his 2 year old daughter to cancer a few days ago.

what does that make him??? i d say human.

Stop being so polulist, ignorant and small minded....fool

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Matt 13th February, 2017 @ 22:16

It's easy to make an agent a scapegoat, especially when a sale goes wrong. Yet with the modern technology agents are still as prominent as ever. We're a needed profession and always will be.

Only the experienced buyer or seller will appreciate what an estate agent does for their commission, when you actually break down what the person who sells the property earns for what can be months upon months of work
Often baffles people. Most ignorant sellers or buyers assume the total fee a seller pay goes direct to the negotiator. Total ignorance.

In any form of profession there's good and bad, but you always hear the bad stories and never the good. You don't hear people bemoaning estate agent firms who regularly raise hundreds of thousands for charities, or at Christmas going to old people's homes with hampers and goods to help them at a time of year when they are alone and or vinrelble.

I could go on, but it doesn't make good press.

One thing I will say is that I do believe the industry to be more regulated and people
Have to sit exams prior to being able to work within the profession, that I personally believe would see the general public respect estate agents more.

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Chris 17th April, 2017 @ 09:43

The fact is that Estate agents are just not needed any more.

You wouldn't phone a "Car Agent" to sell your car - you'd just advertise it the normal way.

Who knows the most about your house? You do. So why pay an idiot who knows nothing about it to show people around?

All you need is a valuation, some photos, a floorplan, an EPC and to advertise.

Estates agents are not qualified to put a value on your home. In most cases they are not experts at all. Just chancers who don't have any skills - so are looking for easy money. Don't trust them to tell you how much your house is worth - they don't really know. Look at the sold prices in your area, decide how much you want and value it yourself. That costs nothing.

Again, why pay an estate agent to take photos? Can't you do that yourself? it's really not difficult. Point and shoot! Costs nothing.

This can now be done via one of several Apps available on your smartphone. Easy. Otherwise, take measurements and bypass the estate agent by going direct to a company that produces floorplans. It's not expensive.

A new EPC costs about £50 - there are loads of companies that do this. An EPC lasts ten years, so you can get hold of the previous one for free if it is available. I did, it was easy.

Last year I sold my house for £96 (apart from the legal fees). I found a company that would submit it to the property websites for me and I provided my own description. It was a simple upload of the pictures online via their website. I got the measurements from the previous sold details online and a fresh download copy of the EPC. A friend produced the floorplan. I showed the prospective buyers around and gave them all the info they asked for. I sold my house within one month.

None of the above is worth several thousand pounds to a seller. It's just simple stuff. I'm just so glad that people are now waking up to this estate agency scam and no longer lining the pockets of these crooks.

To estate agents... Up until recently, most of you were the scum of the earth. You were nothing better than con artists scamming people out of thousands, for a service that is worth no more than a couple of hundred quid. But your time is now over.

I'm so glad this industry is changing to a more honest, fixed fee system. Perhaps we will now start to see more honest companies selling houses and taking a fair payment for a simple service. If you're still selling on a commission basis, then you won't be doing so for much longer! Either follow suit, or find another job! Idiots.

Guest Avatar
derrick hill 3rd May, 2017 @ 19:16

phoned gowland white estate agenents of stockton today to give a bid on a house on grosvener rd. stockton ts19 but was told that they were not taking anymore bids on the property but the house only went on the 12th of last month is this true or not or are they selling to a property developer. I have had this problem before with this agent it is still advertised on their site for sale .3/5/2017

Guest Avatar
Ellie 21st July, 2017 @ 08:54

Dear all,
I am 18 years of age, have managed to land myself in an estate agent job, I love my job because I get to help people find their forever home. I bend over backwards and so do the rest of my team to help those who are struggling, so don't you dare say that we are all horrible, I agree some are and some only want money but the really genuine people like myself and my team are hard working and honest people who actually don't charge high fees we charge what the client feels comfortable with and can afford. At least I have a job instead of being a 18 year old with no job and claims benefits. the company I work for are a close unit and they are very nice people who would do anything to help you out, staying late, making sure that before we leave we do what we have said we would do at the start. I for one have not lost my compassion, it is not us estate agents that are the ridicules its the government that teach you to be that way, But the company I work for are honest and kind to people who need it, so you haven't met all the estate agents yet have you ? because the rule doesn't apply to us all. and if nobody was single minded and actually cared for others which I do there wouldn't be this debate on the internet ripping into innocent people like me. I have stuff to pay for like the rest of us doesn't mean I want to con others out of money I want the best deal for them and for the vendors. The car is a way to show who you are, it is to push your sale and to show that you are interested in making a client happy. PEACE

Guest Avatar
No one 3rd August, 2017 @ 07:26

Latest Bank Rate predictions: 3pc within three years, then 5pc, Telegraph source.

prices start correcting itself and falling down fast...still more to come. I see this in areas like Bromley, kent.

Guest Avatar
No_One 17th August, 2017 @ 14:43

A 40% correction would catch many recent buyers. How accurate is this? thanks


Guest Avatar
simon merlin 22nd September, 2017 @ 12:01

By the way, there is no such thing as a 'qualified' Estate Agent, being a member of the national association of estate agents is NOT a qualification!

NB: Chartered Surveyors are different.

Guest Avatar
QualifiedEstateAgent 22nd September, 2017 @ 12:09

No but the NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award in Sale of Residential Property IS a qualification numbskull.

Guest Avatar
simon merlin 22nd September, 2017 @ 12:27

Yes of course it is, just like my swimming badges from primary school.

Guest Avatar
QualifiedEstateAgent 22nd September, 2017 @ 12:44

Precisely. Except the National Association of Estate Agents don't require you to have your swimming badges to become a member.

Guest Avatar
Jane Begley 6th March, 2018 @ 18:00

I found our chosen Estate Agent treated me totally different to my husband. He assumed I was stupid and that my husband knew everything, and yes it has caused some big rows between myself and my husband. My husband would recommend, I would not. When asked to call back when I was awaiting an important work related call during working hours - he simply spoke over me. Clearly felt he was far more important than anything I may be doing. Rude, arrogant and decked in a cashmere jumper, driving a brand new audi. Easy to spot...you have been warned ladies.....

Guest Avatar
Alana 5th April, 2018 @ 14:45

Estate agents are awful scum, but this article is full of ableist bullshit.

Guest Avatar
Patrick Lopez 14th August, 2018 @ 23:21

They take the time to carefully explain the procedures in obtaining the loan and go through solutions to resolve any financial issues you might have. Special mention to the stall namely Ms Tracy and Mr Steven who i think are very meticulous in their work and deserve special mention. Kudos and keep up the good work. People might come in with worries and problems but trying them out definitely helped solve my problems, and you can reach them at [email protected]

Guest Avatar
Ben D 13th January, 2019 @ 17:22

Agreed! Point 2 I kind of understand because it is the vendor's responsibility to comission a survey and valuation from a Chartered Surveyor (here is your protection). The estate agent is just that... an intermediary. What I found mind boggling is that almost non of the agents I have worked with have idea #1 about construction, and you would imagine the owners of these firms would require their employees to have a rudimentary understanding so as not to appear like a complete clown?? I remember years ago looking at a flat where the communal concrete walkways were badly in need of concrete repairs. When I pointed this out her immediate answer was just to lie and spout "it will be fine if you paint it" - as they guy above said, they have an automatic BS reaction whenever they don't know something and I wanted to throw her off the balcony head first.

Guest Avatar
Lucinda Turner 11th March, 2019 @ 00:02

My husband is an estate agent and I’m extremely proud of him. He isn’t academic and struggled with dyslexia throughout school. He has worked hard in his career and really enjoys selling homes, this is what he wanted to do. There are lots of jobs that require few qualifications.
He is always fair and honest with people and well liked.
He now is a director of the firm he works for. Vendors are always appreciative of his work and willingness towards supporting them through the very stressful time of buying a new house.
The days of charging huge commissions I think are long gone...he is paid modestly for the hard word he puts in.
I think people that write negative comments here need to realise that estate agents are just people trying to earn a living like everyone else. Yes, there may be crap ones, but that is true of any profession.
My husband is a genuine and kind man, his children adore him. Does you wife say that about you? If you’re here writing shit about people you don’t know...my guess is a big NO.

Guest Avatar
Amanda 18th July, 2019 @ 20:05

We have received 4 valuations from local estate agents. One person undervalued our property by 35%. Yes, he stated he didn't know the area and wasn't aware of what others had sold for and he seemed high on something other than life as he walked around admiring our stunning renovation. It would have been hilarious and will be in a few years time as we recall this complete joke of a man, but for the realision he has clearly been duping other unsuspecting people who could have achieved considerably more for their properties (the only asset some people have). Watching these low valued properties fly off the market to no doubt, 'friends' of that estate agent. So whilst some believe their properties may be overvalued to secure the deal, it seems there is an undercurrent of those undervaluing for their 'friends' to secure cheap properties. I am fortunate to have met some excellent estate agents who really do have the best intentions for the entire sales process and do everything possible to keep all parties communicating amicably, which is not easy when dealing with people going through such a stressful process. I really loathe the process here in the UK - anyone can pull out at any time and right up to completion day. You have no control over any of it. The UK needs to bring in the same system as Scotland where a non-refundable deposit is paid. This would remove time wasters and provide everyone with peace of mind.

Guest Avatar
Karl 12th August, 2019 @ 06:28

I agree that most estate agents are scum. I'm an estate agent and I never lie to a client. I MADE no money for 3 months in a row.

It's time to stop.

It seems like this line of business has no place for educated people.

Guest Avatar
Mr. E Realtor 12th August, 2019 @ 15:14

Karl is a frustrated loser who admits did not have what it takes to be successful in real estate. I bet you are either flipping burgers or washing cars because your thinking does not allow for more.
You are probably a 40 year old virgin as well who thinks industries are at fault for their personal failures. If you are a loser in life, don’t blame real estate agents or the industry, look deep within your weak mind and undesirable skilss

Guest Avatar
Sam Pips 14th September, 2019 @ 14:57

All I see here are people who are sheep. Estate agents were given a bad rep many years ago and people cannot let go.

I would love to know how many people on here are in work at 8am in the morning to catch up with any emails they receive overnight (because people think we should be responding at 1am in the morning) then leave at 8pm in the evening because people want to view properties outside of an estate agents working hours because they do not want to take time off work. How many people on here get blasted for not working 7 days a week? If were that useless, why are we in such high demand to be open 24/7?

If Estate Agents are so bad at what they do, why do you continue to go to them when you are looking to buy, sell or rent? Surely the answer is to do it yourself? Or is it that you actually have no idea how to go about it because deep down you realise that it's not as easy as just putting it online. Deep down you know there is a ridiculous amount of work that goes on after you have found a buyer/tenant.

Every industry you can have complaints about.

Restaurants - slow service, bad food (maybe try cooking your own food?)

Bankers - charge you overdraft fees, even when you have told them you don't want an overdraft (don't spend all your money!)

Clothing stores - messy, rude staff in your face asking if you need help every 5 minutes (its the customers that cause the mess!)

Pubs - Off beer, rowdy customers (its a pub with alcohol, what do you expect?)

Mortgage consultants - just looking for the deal which gives them the best commission (yeh ok, wheres the evidence?)

Traffic wardens - targeted on how many tickets (lets face it, 99% of tickets are for people who have not followed rules)

Ultimately we are all going to have complaints about service in all industries from time to time, but just chill and let go and appreciate that the majority of Estate Agents are just trying to earn a living to put food on the table for their families. We really do not earn what you think we do and any negotiator you are dealing with would be happy to earn £35-£40k per year.

Guest Avatar
Shawn 13th October, 2019 @ 20:36

No one in their right mind would lend to americans. 1. FATCA, 2., citizen-based double taxation, 3. they're americans. World's premier tax, form, and penalty club. Real turds (realtors) and other shysters. All us empire hu$tlers and hucksters.

Guest Avatar
Colin 1st November, 2019 @ 15:56

So Sam and other agents that have responded. If you are focussed on client satisfaction and do not require referral fees from lawyers and freely recommend a lawyer/conveyancer because they are good at what they do then hats off to you!
The problem is that if you said yest to all of those then you were probably lying. Look I do know it is hard to stop once you have been lying through your teeth for you whole career but just give it a try.

Lucinda you probably believe him when he tells you he hasn't knocked the back out of one of the office girls too.

We have pet names for some agents (branded) mostly, see if you know who they are..Sting and Charge more, Countrywide property Liars, Fucks and scums, Cubitt and pest, and lots more.

When agents stop pestering buyers, sellers and conveyancers constantly the job might get done quicker.

If all you estate agents showed a little respect to the lawyers that spent 7 or 8 years qualifying then you might get some respect back.

Until then this whole article rings very true still even now.

Guest Avatar
arthur 11th December, 2019 @ 14:45

I started my working life as an estate agent but after 20 years I finally became upgraded to a Pimp.....what a huge uphill move!

Guest Avatar
Bojo33 9th February, 2020 @ 08:16

I worked as one for a decade (I know, I know - I saw the light eventually). In my experience in each and every company there were:

Affairs - not just one or two, but plenty. Normally with management and a bimbo. They were so common it wasn't even remotely surprising when a new one started. I dare say there were the same number again that never made it into the open. Dozens did.

Fake offers: in one particular place, they would get and offer, lower it by 10k, before presenting it to a seller and then go back to them with a 'revised'offer of the original amount. Quite often a deal was agreed at the false first offer price! Which is illegal and wrong

Work culture: full of sexual harassment, every ism you can think of, especially racism. Bullying and harassment were part of everyday life. Management in these places is full of jumped up dickheads who think they are gods.

They are all the same: they all lie about the same things, bullshit, are devoid of intellect (in the most part), use the same terms and language. They all swap jobs every 5 mins or are fired and picked up by another. Literally any moron can be one.

It is a shame as the endeavour of helping somebody sell their home should be a noble one, yet these folk make the process often a horrendous experience. I can't think of a bigger group of idiots if I tried. I was ashamed doing the job I did. I am still ashamed now all these years later...

Guest Avatar
Sam Pips 12th February, 2020 @ 17:46


Very interest to know how you know of all these allegations happening in every estate agency? Or is it that you thought the job would be easy and it was not so you didn't last very long and were in fact the person you comment about in your post, the one that is fired every 5 minutes.

Nobody here is saying you have to be a rocket scientist to do the job, but you have to be dedicated, accept the long hours, accept the sometimes ridiculous and unnecessary abuse. I have had to learn untold amount about law and pride myself in have FARLA after my name.

When I started in this industry 16 years ago, I thought it would be easy. Let me tell you, its not. I have never taken a back hander in my life, ive never lied about an offer, ive never done any of the things you all seem to think every estate agent does every day.

I know of a few agents who have been physically assaulted by people because they failed referencing and could not get their holding deposit back. I personally have been threatened many times and even followed to my family home. One of my colleagues had a gentleman pull a knife on him in the office.

Answer me this. If you really hate us this much, why do you continue to use us for our services?

Guest Avatar
Bojo33 14th February, 2020 @ 08:57

Sam Pips

Not allegations - facts. Not every agency - the ones I worked in.

No, never fired from an EA (not that that is much of a boast).

Not all EAs were/are dickheads. As bad were some clients, solicitors and surveyors at times. Perhaps I was a bit harsh above... there was however a total lack of professionalism across the board. Never mind ARLA/ NAEA/TPO etc, even when we sat these 'exams' the trainer would come around with the answers. My experience was riddled with numpties, types, plumby rich kids without a single brain cell promoted due to their accent or who their daddy was. Drugs & alcohol were rife at parties/any gathering.

Sam - I am sure you're a nice person and do a good job. Unfortunately you have a profession that is saturated with idiots. I can only go on what I know and experienced being one, and the experiences whizzing around my head confirm my thoughts.

As I said, the job itself could and should be a noble one. Sadly, this is not the case.

Guest Avatar
Ken 24th March, 2020 @ 07:23

Agents Agents Agents.... There are so many of them who have no idea what they're doing. I have a number of renters who are on HB, DHB. These payments come in at different times. Why is this such a headache?

If you can't run a basic excel spreadsheet integrating your banking statements. You don't need specific software.. Get out of the industry! You're causing people who have nothing a lot of distress...

Guest Avatar
Harry Klolb 15th July, 2020 @ 00:12

Real estate agents are scum of the earth in the us empire. Double ending deal/dual agency, and intentional over pricing are common shyster tactics. Nothing more than showroom SALESmen middlemen with nothing to offer other than the 5-6% sales price commission--vile. Nothing more than propagandists and hu$tlers-us empire style.

Guest Avatar
Spangebab 1st August, 2020 @ 07:40

13 years later and everything in this article is still true.

Hilarious 😂

Guest Avatar
Tom 8th September, 2020 @ 15:01

I asked an estate agent in France several simple questions. One of them was: Is the house lone standing or attached like a townhouse? he responded: The house is terraced, and has got a barn. Other questions not answered at all and he had the nerve to wrote "I hope I answered all your questions". I will do everything to find the owner of a place, ask them to wait until .... expires and then sell to me.

Guest Avatar
Ffion 15th September, 2020 @ 11:04

I completely agree.

I've started a petition to get estate agents to use a chartered surveyor to value the properties they sell because I believe they are artificially inflating the housing market for their own gain. As you said, they have no qualifications and any old joe off the street could walk in and say your house is worth £50,000 more than you though because you've redone the drive. Realistically house price is not determined by half the stuff estate agents say it is and it's wrong to convince sellers they can get more.

Long term I believe their lack of correct valuations will contribute to out-pricing younger generations from the market and prevent a health turnover of the housing market.

Please sign: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/551290/sponsors/new?token=BThpb9AYYlj0-qtFvZr1

Guest Avatar
Joe 15th September, 2020 @ 11:11

That's a pretty pointless petition, unfortunately.

Houses are valued by a chartered surveyor when the mortgage goes through anyway, as it's done on behalf of a bank, and anyone can get a chartered surveyor to do a valuation at any time.

Estate agents don't really bump up the value, demand does. If they try to and it's too high, then the house won't sell anyway. Besides, if you as the seller get extra money than they first thought, are you really going to complain?

I get that estate agents are dickheads for the most part, but the seller and buyer should do their own due diligence. An an estate agent can't just sell your house for £50k more unless you instruct them to.

Estate agents are not the reason for higher housing costs, whatever argument you try to put forward.

If you were successful in your petition, the only thing you would achieve is increasing the already high fees that agents charge, because I can tell you quite safely... Chartered Surveyors do not work for free.

Guest Avatar
Fed up 15th September, 2020 @ 15:06

Ellisons, Wimbledon have been a major disappointment. Rude staff and they talk.so.much. They won't stop talking during a viewing! Let us breathe! IMHO, They've inflated house prices on purpose in the hope that there is a dumb buyer that will just accept their crap-talk about why the house is worth £100,000-500,000 more than other properties ON THE SAME ROAD. They are really putting ideas in buyers heads about how they'll "miss out" if you dont buy now because of the stamp duty tax. People are now catching on that house prices are super inflated and likely to drop now, so I think we'll wait, thanks for nothing Ellisons. It'll be a buyer's market soon!

Guest Avatar
Boj 20th January, 2021 @ 09:15

Gosh tell me about timewasting agents, who give ridiculous figures and treat you like dirt! Customer never comes first in their world...saying that even conveyancing solicitors are dire for the little they do!

In the world of properties we are fodder to the Cows!!! That prompted us to set up our own agency. to try and do things differently. I don't want to be a big dog, but I want to be a dog that cares (see the pun!) I have no interest in being minted but just helping other people along the way. It's a tough life and I have had plenty of experience in these fields.

Love your blog.


Guest Avatar
directe letalis 7th February, 2021 @ 16:12


"It requires approximately 260 study hours to complete and you will receive a nationally recognised qualification at a level equivalent to a Certificate of Higher Education. The qualification is also accepted for ARLA Propertymark Fellow grade providing the company you work for is Propertymark Protected"

Funny that, because CertHEs would get you onto year 2 of a degree course, anyone in their right mind knows FARLA is not going to have anywhere near the same level of credibility.

The second part of the above quote clearly indicates the qualification is only recognised within the industry.

Try and measure that against the national, multi-sector recognition of a HNC or HND in Mechanical Engineering - these are CertHE equivalence benchmarks.

Not even in the same ball-park.

Guest Avatar
The Estate Agent 5th March, 2021 @ 16:40

I am horrified by the slap dash commentary of this article, my suits are from gucci not burton

your horrified


Guest Avatar
abdul 2nd May, 2021 @ 18:49

I am currently experiencing services from a dishonest estate agent. We came to a final stage to exchange the contract and now received a letter from the agent that the vendor has decided not to sell the property to us. However, the agent does not mentioned that whether the property has been withdrawn from their agent. The property was onthemarket website up until Friday morning 30/04/2021 and we received the email letter from our Solicitors on Saturday 01/05/2021. We are dealing with the agent and vendor for the past 22 months to buy this property. The delay occurred from the vendor's part due to unforeseen circumstances. We are now a week away to exchange and complete the purchase. We carried out 3 surveys and first offer expired due to vendors unforeseen circumstances. As far as my understanding the estate agent fully with the vendor and a new buyers. I believe this many people are facing the similar situation and this must be tackled. We spent almost £3500 I am seeking a legal advice from a Counsel in this matter.

Guest Avatar
Steven 2nd May, 2021 @ 21:50

22 months ? You need to get a formal Explanation via your solicitor and ask the seller for a full refund of costs to date - including legal fees. I doubt this is the agent’s fault.

Guest Avatar
My Landlord Cares 3rd May, 2021 @ 09:59

I am sorry to hear about your experience Abdul. What we are seeing a lot of now are sellers pulling out late into the deal and taking advantage of over inflated prices. We have known sellers to increase charges one week to closing date because they know buyers are in a tight spot. The courts are so slow that justice means u have to lose out before u can even make a case. We went to counsel on a specific purchase as well.

The crazy prices of the market have meant that greed has only got worse. And unscrupulous acts go unchecked

Guest Avatar
Kevin 4th May, 2021 @ 18:02

This is hilarious. I'm a home inspector and I'll tell you realestate agents are super annoying. They will literally sell you a trash can for commission. Funny thing is I'm in realestate school now. I want to do both.

Guest Avatar
Maureen 21st July, 2021 @ 12:44

Maybe that's why sites like Open rent are doing so much better!

Guest Avatar
Amanda 1st September, 2021 @ 17:09

My husband and I have sold our property in order to relocate nearer family but just can't buy anther one.
The rudeness and bad manners we have encountered from Estate Agents has left us speechless.
We have been rushed around properties because the Agent had somewhere else to go or because there was another viewing just after us. We were told during viewings by the Agent that "we have some good offers on the table" - so why did they even need us if they had so many offers?
There seems to be 10 buyers for any decent house and all the others are the rubbish that no-one wants.
Twice we put in offers that were accepted by the vendor then a day later another buyer apparently upped their bid to more than ours. What a coincidence - not ! We said they could have it. A day later we get a call from the agent to say Mr X has pulled out and the property is still available and do we want it - err, nooooo.
I can't wait for this 'bubble' to burst and the market become 'normal' again.

Guest Avatar
Anon 1st September, 2021 @ 21:40

You need to understand that the property market is ‘hot’. Agents want to deal with serious buyers and have no control who sees the properties but have a duty to get the best price from the best buyer. If you make an offer on a property, get gazumped, that buyer pulls out and then decide you don’t want it, then how serious were you on that property? You should have thought about it, made a lower offer and get assurance from the agent and the owner.

As an agent, my best advice is get yourself ready, and pounce when the opportunity is right. You obviously need to buy a house or you can rent and bin a year’s money.

Guest Avatar
Jerome 3rd February, 2022 @ 20:05

I try not to give agents a penny because 99% of agents I met were greedy and lazy assholes. One was a good one, a female, but when it came time to buy my house she brought a couple of "competing buyers" to make sure I by the house quicker and without bargaining. I just hate hypocrisy and the West is full of it.

Guest Avatar
Sydney Buyers Agent 7th February, 2022 @ 02:46

Great tips. I love reading this article.

Guest Avatar
Gavin Lord 17th August, 2022 @ 13:20

I can confirm 100% that estate agents are the scum of the earth.

Guest Avatar
Adam 22nd June, 2023 @ 12:46

I have rented (10-15 different places) and purchased a house. Estate Agents on the whole are lazy, ineffective and selfish losers. It's middle class failure town.

Of course some of them will be good/great, but the majority are at best useless.

I am part of a company that is creating software to add to the increased redundancy of this pathetic industry. If I die having (among other things) taken several thousand estate agents out of the market, it will be a life well lived.

Guest Avatar
TheTruthSpeaker 11th August, 2023 @ 07:52

Ha.. hilarious. So many upset and offended estate agents here. I'm sorry, guys.. we didn't chose for you to join an unscrupulous, dishonest industry. We didn't pick for you to walk round your home town at lunch break in a suit, looking to all the world like a successful individual. School friends might mistakenly think you've done well for yourself, and then they realise you're an estate agent and the bubble bursts.
Your entire job can be performed by a website and about 20 lines of code. You bring zero, absolutely no value to a sale or purchase. Yet some of you utter failures are actually proud to have failed so hard in life.. amazing.

















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