Which Landlord Property Management Software (UK) Is The Best?

Landlord Management Software

I’ve been looking around for Landlord/Property Management software that handle small to medium sized property portfolios for private landlords, just to make life a little bit more organised for myself. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Needless to say, a few Google searches later and I realised that there are plenty to choose from, and new packages are continuously being made available, so there’s a small issue of cutting through the shit in order to find anything useful.


So, which is the best landlord management software?

Table of contents

What does Landlord Management Software actually do?

Firstly, let me tell you what they’re supposed to do: save you time and money when managing your rental property(ies).

There are various different types of Landlord/Property Management softwares available, but by and large, most landlords use them for accounting (i.e. tracking expenses), setting reminders, and data storage (i.e. a central place to store all your documents, like tenancy agreements, EPC’s and gas safety certificates).

Almost all [respectable] landlord software will help with the following:

  • Property details storage
  • Tenant details storage
  • Tenant & Rent Management
  • Legal Document Centre
  • Contact & Supplier Management
  • Online Storage (for documents)
  • Accounting/Property Expense Management
  • Record expenses, including repeat expenses
  • Mortgage & Loan Management
  • Tax reports
  • Detailed income tax liability report

As said, there are a buttload of solutions to choose from, so I’m not going to bombard you with all them, because I don’t see the usefulness in that. Instead, I’m just going to mention the few that I think will best serve the average landlord with a small to moderate sized portfolio…

Recommended Paid Landlord Management Software

Good for storing documents, key details of property & tenancy, and complete accounting solutions!

Premium Landlord Management Software
SoftwarePrice fromNotes / Description
Price from
£19.97Ex VATPer month

14 days Free Trial. No payment details required to sign up.
Notes / Includes

Cloud-based solution, great for the Everyday & Portfolio Landlords with 1- 500+ tenancies!

Landlord Vision is a cloud based solution, designed for people who want to be able to access their account from any device and location. It relies on internet connection.

Key features

  • Keep all important property related information in one place
  • Manage by property and/or by room (perfect for HMOs, students and multi-lets)
  • Set up and record utility suppliers and readings
  • Securely store property images and key documents for easy access
  • Track keys so you always know who has what
  • Set up automatic reminders for specific property related tasks
  • See exactly what you’re spending on each property at a glance
  • Will be compatible with Making Tax Digital

Landlord Vision is subscription based with no minimum term contract. The subscription is based on the number of tenancies you need to manage so you don’t need to pay for more than you need.

One of the most popular landlord software out there; the feature list is immense!! It’s my personal favourite (here’s my Landlord Vision review), and it’s the only landlord property management software recommended by the National Landlord Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

Landlord Vision is an online cloud-based property management software tool. You can access it from any web connected device. The software produces reports that show cash flow, rental income, expense, taxation and equity reports. There’s also plenty of videos on the website so you can see exactly how it works.

More Info
£29.97Ex VATPer month
£397Ex VATOne off payment
Notes / Includes

Desktop software, great for the Portfolio landlords & Letting Agents!

If you don’t want a cloud based application, and would prefer traditional desktop software, this is the one for you! This is a complete property management system for managing rents & tenants, designed for people who like to install the software directly to their PC, laptop or server (on Windows OS) and back up their data locally.

You can see how this package works by going to the Property Portfolio Software Website and clicking on the “demo” button.

Key features

  • Software can be installed on up to 5 computers
  • Tenant and Rent Management – complete property management system for managing rents & tenants.
  • Full Property Management – dedicated software for landlords incorporating central management and full control of all property-related tasks and expenses.
  • Free legal documents – generate ASTs, Section 21s, etc. with one click.
  • Tax Reports
  • Mass Mail Merge and eMailing Solution – Keep tenants and suppliers informed with mass emailing; you can create your own template letters and emails and mass mail/email them.

Landlords Property Manager can be purchased outright (with a 90 day money back guarantee) or on a monthly subscription basis (no minimum term contract).

More Info

Free Landlord Management Software

Good for storing key details of property & tenancy, and basic expense tracking and features!

To give you the choice, and because I appreciate not everyone wants to splash out on landlord/property management systems, here are some of the free options available.

Fair warning, you generally really do get what you pay for, and that will be apparent when you take a look at the following websites- they’re not exactly ‘pretty’…

However, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying them out, the freebies…

Free Landlord Management Software
SoftwarePriceNotes / Description
Notes / Includes

Online landlord software, suitable for landlords with a small portfolio!

I’ve actually tried PropertyHawk’s free software. It was ok, but a little too old school for my likings. I found it hard work; there are a lot of cumbersome forms to fill in, so it made simple things like adding a new property/tenant a tedius task. Most of the forms could have been combined into one page, saving a lot of time.

Not a particularly user-friendly experience. But it’s free, and it works, it also generates a lot of useful landlord forms e.g Tenancy Agreements. Can’t really complain. But alas, I will.

According to the owners, it’s the best landlord software in the world…probably. Yeah, I’m not sure about that.

More Info
Notes / Includes

Online landlord software, suitable for landlords with 1 – 10 properties

Another web-based application which offers a free service, amongst premium versions which come at a cost. But the free version is perfect for single landlords with 1 – 10 properties.

I’ve not used it, but there appears to be a load of features. You can see details and screenshots on the Smart Property Manager Feature Page.

From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look very user-friendly or modern either. A common trend among the freebies, which isn’t surprising.

More Info

Why & When Landlord Management Software?

Back in the day, I used to use simple Landlord Management Excel Spreadsheet, but the flaws quickly became apparent as my portfolio started to expand and I required more features.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think using a spreadsheet is perfectly plausible for anyone managing one or two rental properties and doesn’t demand many features beyond tracking basic transactions.

However, if you demand more features, control and transparency, like forecasting, automated tax calculations using HMRC guidelines (extremely useful), financial reporting, tenant management, repairs & maintenance management, then it’s probably time to ditch the spreadsheet and make the upgrade to a specialist piece of kit.

Making Tax Digital (incoming change to the UK tax system)

So while I believe most landlords will be absolutely fine without using a dedicated software to help track their finances, I suspect many will be inclined to make the jump due to incoming changes to the UK Tax system.

I actually wasn’t going to discuss this in this blog post, but I was reminded of it when highlighting the key features of Landlord Vision (one of their selling points is that they will be compatible with Making Tax Digital (MTD)). And actually, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it, because it’s probably one of the most appealing reasons to use landlord software (if you don’t use an accountant, that is).

From 6th April 2026, the Making Tax Digital system will be launched.

The simplest explanation of Making Tax Digital is that the tax system in the UK is moving away from paper tax returns and instead wants to make it compulsory for individuals and businesses to submit income and expense data digitally.

As per this article on uklandlordtax.co.uk:

Making Tax Digital (MTD) applies to all landlords, self-employed and partnerships.

There are 2 key requirements for MTD and these are to keep all transaction records digitally and to use a specific software to submit returns to HMRC.

Previously, taxpayers will have had to submit annual tax returns by sending a paper version by post to HMRC directly or electronically via their Government Gateway account. However, with the new MTD system, all transactions will be recorded digitally and quarterly returns must be submitted using specific MTD software which will electronically link bookkeeping records into HMRC’s MTD computers.

Update (19th December 2022): Making Tax Digital was originally meant to be start on the 6th April 2024 and was only applicable to those that have an annual business or property income of more than £10,000, but it’s appears that the powers that be have deemed it necessary to move the goal posts. As per the latest Gov guidelines:

You need to follow the requirements for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax if you are self-employed or a landlord from:

  • 6 April 2026 if you have an annual business or property income of more than £50,000
  • April 2027 if you have an annual business or property income of more than £30,000

In short, you have more time to get in line if the Making Tax Digital applies to you (which it won’t for many landlords, due to the £30k threshold).

Either way, I still believe using proper software would be an efficient upgrade to managing finances for anyone that currently isn’t, so don’t let the delay discourage you. The benefits of going digital in this instance is certainly plentiful.

If you use an accountant, they should already be on top of this and prepared (but you should check just to be sure).

For more information, here’s the Gov’s overview of making tax digital.

The final “why“, landlord software is tax deductible :)

Other useful Tools

Other useful tools for Landlords
SoftwarePriceNotes / Description
Notes / Includes

Automatic renewal service reminder for landlords

This is pretty cool.

So, Landlord-market.co.uk is a free tool will remind you when your landlord services and utilities (e.g. EPC, Gas Safety Certificates, Tenancy Agreements etc.) will expire, and then they will send you an automated reminder, leaving you plenty of time to make renewal arrangements. They will also send you ONE recommended supplier (based on price and reputation) for every expiring service, so you don’t have to shop around.

The main feature is the automated reminder service, and the recommended services is just an added bonus (which you are not obligated to use).

More Info

Landlord software to avoid

I learned this lesson through personal experience and I think it’s worth sharing, because it highlights an important point that often gets overlooked.

As I mentioned in the intro, there isn’t a shortage of landlord software. In fact, there’s an oversupply, yet there are still new products being launched regularly, with even more in development as we speak.

In any case, I would personally avoid getting lured in by newly launched landlord software solutions. Why? Imagine data-feeding an application with accounting information for several months (or even worse, a couple of years) and then for the service to get shut down because it doesn’t take off.

That happened to a software I once very briefly promoted several years ago – it quickly went pop soon after launch, despite it having some great features.

The problem with start-up companies is that no one knows how successful or sustainable they will be. They don’t even know.

Lesson learned.

So now I NEVER promote or mention any new products regardless of how appealing they are, because the odds of them being around in a few years time are slim (the market for all these products isn’t big enough, so logic dictates they won’t all survive). The ones I have mentioned were all founded over several years ago.

Any other recommendations?

If anyone is aware of any other product, please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

Also, if anyone has had any experience with any of the above, or similar products, please let me know! I’d love to hear your recommendations. But please, if you leave any feedback, make it useful and informative (e.g. specify why it’s good/bad), don’t just recommend a product for your own personal gain- because the comment will be removed.

Please refer to Angelina’s comment (comment #69) for a good example of “useful”

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Guest Avatar
Sam Newman 25th June, 2015 @ 09:03

Has anyone tried Tenantcloud? Their website says it's free and I love the concept, but I would like to hear feedback from a current user.

Guest Avatar
angelina 15th July, 2015 @ 13:17

i've started using PM3s as it's free to test out and see if I like it. Coming from a property background I've found many flaws with it that are so small but annoying and thus would make it hell to work your brain around it.
I've reported those to the company but they decided to respond to me and justify the flaws and ignore that some are incredibly important and major flaws. I also didn't feel like I was listened to as their answer had nothing to do with my problem report. It can be a great platform base but doesn't want to be.
the things that I found annoying:
rent due date cannot be changed so that your reminders are set on that date, you can only set a note about that, that is useless as you're receiving an email about late rent and it's not the case.
all tenants are listed even historic ones, it's so hard to see who's still there.
you end a tenancy early but because you've loaded it up initially to end on a specific date this does not get updated and you are sent reminders of the tenancy coming to an end months after it ended. that is 1 less email I could do without
the most IMPORTANT thing is that it calculates the daily rent in a completely wrong and incorrect way. there is no display as to how it calculates that but it always shortchanges you. PM3s could not give me an answer as to how it calculated this but said the system is right, no it's definitely not!

Being a Landlord has many different faces, the basic of who's in your flat, how much they are paying. the accounting face of profit & loss, yield calculation, HMRC stuff. Legal face, I'm not sure the documents comply as there is no note to say when they were last updated. The maintenance, there is no place to record that so perhaps it has a history. The reminders of GSC, EICR, EPC certs, there is no place for that.

Overall good basic start to begin with and when you are ready it seems like Property Portfolio for Landlords and Agents seems to have all round options and more from the list on their website and the reviews.

I would say to all commenters above it's all well and good you've created a software that helps you something that many other 100s have created similar to as the basic step but it doesn't even scratch surface of the legal, accounting & maintenance that an all round software should do.

Please be careful what you use and buy, do your research!

I'd also like to point out that this comments section should have been about the softwares in this blog to review not your personal marketing and should be removed really as person like me looking for software reviews before I upgrade and take a plunge need some reassurance from.

Guest Avatar
Neil 15th July, 2015 @ 13:54

Great and well informed comment, Angelina.
Also there are too many people promoting their own software in this review section.
I'm still using Quicken 2002 for my 22 properties (domestic and commercial)until such time as someone who knows what they're doing writes a decent package for us experienced landlords.

Guest Avatar
Linda 8th August, 2015 @ 08:41

Property Portfolio Software. Think twice before purchasing. I followed an upgrade notice. It caused me to generate a new licence. Even with support the company did not supply the new registration required. So not only paid for software but was forced to pay a further £172.37 or lose all my accounts.

Guest Avatar
Angelina 11th August, 2015 @ 07:16

To Linda:
My partner likes dwells in law in his spare time as a hobby and 1 thing he has taught me is that 'you do not enter in to a contract by default' that is illegal. So for you to follow up an upgrade and then get charged to basically re-purchase the software again is illegal. You cannot do the same thing twice.

You have paid for the software once and have the registration number, this is something they should give you, your old number that is.
It is illegal to hold you for ransom unless you pay again by unknowingly entered a contract.

So as you've paid this now, simply write to them pointing this out, as for reimbursement of your phone call made to them and your time spent on this. This I'm sure would be more than what they've asked for from you.

It is recommended and promoted by NLA & RLA so advise them that you are more than happy to report this to them so you can tell them that associating with a company that does that to their current clients is not a good idea to be promoting anymore.
Also quick info update on FB & Twitter on the software page as well as NLA & RLA would disturb them as well I'm sure if they know how far you are prepared to have your voice heard. I'm sure the software is associated and monitored by an ombudsman scheme so all you have to say is that's just the start of it if they don't behave with you on this one.

That is of course unless you've upgraded to have their residential and commercial software or something by accident in which case there is a cancellation policy in place as always or explain you'd like to reverse the purchase and that the button seemed all too easy to purchase additional system and that's something to look at on their end as they should have 'responsible purchase' in place (kind of what you get with elder people to have responsible purchase and safeguards from click a button purchase)

Guest Avatar
Amer Siddiq 12th August, 2015 @ 11:19

It is with disappointment that we read Linda's inaccurate comments posted on this blog. Linda raised a help ticket with our support team regarding an upgrade that she rolled back (against our advice) and then contacted us for assistance. We offer two levels of support ‘Standard’ and ‘Priority’ and details are available on our website. Standard is free for all our customers. Linda communicated with our help desk ticketing system and did not follow the instructions we gave to resolve her problem. All communication/instructions given are logged in our ticketing system.

On her own accord Linda then purchased our Priority Support service which includes telephone support and costs £172.37 for one year (there are shorter terms available). When she called our telephone support line her query was quickly resolved and Linda still continues to make use of the telephone support line for other support related matters.

Linda, we have responded to your email complaint to us and await your response.

We have spent over 10 years developing and supporting our software solutions and take immense pride in offering the best product and service possible. Whist we do not generally reply to blogs, we do when we feel that someone has totally and unjustifiably made an inaccurate posting.

Kind regards,

Amer Siddiq
Property Portfolio Software

Guest Avatar
Elmar 12th August, 2015 @ 12:25

We also take great pride in creating the most enjoyable user experience for our users, but we never put our pride before our customers.

Thats why at Bungaloow we made it our mission to respond to any customer incidents quickly and PRIVATELY. Look, things go wrong from time to time, but we always tend to put our customers first. We are the type of small company that gets out of bed at 4am to deal with any customer enquiries. We call it being nimble.

Therefore we are alarmed that someone takes the freedom to discuss a customers account information and incidents on the open net. Just because someone gives you a poor review does not give you the right to do that.

Could we please keep this thread solely for the purpose of evaluating property software. Anything else should be dealt privately.

CEO, Bungaloow
Property software for landlords

Guest Avatar
Samuel 12th August, 2015 @ 12:41

I'm not related to either Linda or Amer, but wow, Bungaloww, great work in having me never check out your software. You try to sound like you want to keep the thread about evaluating software, but you are just advertising for yourself.

I call it self promotion by negatively responding to your competition.

Guest Avatar
Elmar 12th August, 2015 @ 13:02

Hi Samuel,

Regarding promoting, there is no denying that we are promoting our software. The reason we joined this thread was to promote our software and offer landlords a free alternative.

We do feel that it is also our duty as members of this thread to keep things relevant and point out that its not okay to discuss private customer incidents on an open blog. Lets just leave it at that.


Guest Avatar
Anand 2nd September, 2015 @ 19:47

Hi Elmar - is Bungaloow offline? I am a bit alarmed that your site says all account information is due to be deleted?

Guest Avatar
Elmar 2nd September, 2015 @ 20:01

Hi Anand,

No it's not offline, our current users can still login. We are just changing our service offering effective next month.
If you are a user, then you can export your data until November 30, so there will be sufficient time.
Please read our schedule for the changes on https://www.bungaloow.com/change-of-service for more information.
If you are looking for another property management system, we recommend landlordvision or readyrentals.
You should be able to import your data with them, if their platform supports it.
Please email me on [email protected] if you have any other questions.
Please do visit us in a month to see our new services. It's going to change your life as a property professional ;)


Guest Avatar
richard ayling 26th September, 2015 @ 23:31

Hi all. I've read with interest all comments above which seem to be drifting from the original thread. I am trying find a software that allows me to both manage my own properties but also run as a letting/management agent. So far the clear leader is gnomen but it is expensive. it allows for full accounting for a business managing its own properties and those owned by other landlords. The depths of the features are stunning. Its what I want to use but jsut cannot afford it, does anyone know of a software that gets anywhere close to it for less money?

Guest Avatar
richard ayling 26th September, 2015 @ 23:46

In answer to sam newman, tenant cloud seems to be US based, nice layout but for smaller landlords i would guess. some nice features though

Guest Avatar
Mark Blackman-Clark 10th October, 2015 @ 15:09

Just trying a few now and will report back - many thanks for all the hints and tips

Guest Avatar
sandie 1st November, 2015 @ 11:39

this is not a comment,i know it was a while ago , but did any one have an answer for this post ?

"gary 10th October, 2014 @ 11:48
I've just discovered this site and there is lots of good advise here, so I hope someone can help me. All of the software suggested seems to be tailored to people with rental property, however, we only own the freeholds and manage these freehold buildings with the flats owned by several lessees. So I'm looking for some software that allows me to input maintenance costs, building insurance, ground rent etc for a building with several lessees, but then allows me to split the costs among the lessees and send out invoices and remind me that they haven't paid etc. any suggestions? thanks

I have an interest, please.

Guest Avatar
gary 2nd November, 2015 @ 09:07

hi sandie. i'm afraid i didn't get any comments on this.

I tried out a few different software packages on free trails and also started using Property Hawks Property manager 3s software, which is free. I have continued to use Property Manager 3s as it allows me to input expenses for each property and seems as good as the paid for software packages. Intact, it seems to offer a bit more freedom than the paid for packages, so lets me use it how I want to use it. I was willing to pay for a package but as my original post states they are designed for landlords with rental income and i could not adapt them. i was in direct contact with the people behind a couple of software packages and they are only interested in rental landlords and agents. One did say he might develop something for managing agents/freeholders but reading the posts here, it sounds like they have had a bit of a melt down.

if you find something that works better for a managing agent/freehold please let me know.

Guest Avatar
Charles 2nd November, 2015 @ 09:14

Hey Gary

Could you contact us, we are always looking to improve our software and I think we may be very close to what you are after. We only provide an iPhone/iPad app but we can have a main property with expenses at the top level of that property.

Guest Avatar
brigitte webster 28th November, 2015 @ 12:30

I am only a small business of 6 industrial units. I had hoped to find software I could use to manage my business, deal with VAT, sort out suppliers and tenants but of the free software listed the Property Hawk one doesn't even let you past the logon screen (they say they will email you confirmation but they don't) and the other one is incomprehensible to a normal human being. I have looked at the purchase software but that too seems incomprehensible unless you are an accountant and the introduction videos assume that you are either already familiar with everything or that you are letting residential properties or both.

Is there any software out there that is actually user friendly, that has usable tutorials and does what it says on the tin. I am getting increasingly confused, frustrated and ultimately cross.

Guest Avatar
ros 27th February, 2016 @ 18:04

does anyone know of a maintenance system for rental properties? I have in excess of 50 rented properties which can get quite confusing when they have maintenance issues. could really do with a package that allows you to lodge a maintenance issue and goes through process to conclusion. Also allows you to see all outstanding issues at any point!!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 29th February, 2016 @ 14:37

Hi Ros,

Coincidentally, someone emailed me recently, asking me to checkout a new service which handles exactly what you're discussing: www.rentalrep.co.uk

Just to clarify, I've never used it and I know little about the service, but it seems to be what you're after...

Guest Avatar
Diane 22nd March, 2016 @ 06:01

Hi, we are a crowdfunding property organisation and we are growing rapidly. However, we manage 150 plus properties which are being rented through letting agencies but we need something easier than numerous excel spreadsheets to manage rents received, expenditures and produce graphs, cash flow analysis and year end figures for our investors. We also need basic information on AST's, gas certificates etc and have numerous HMO's.

Can anyone recommend a good software product that is not too time consuming and complicated as we are not letting agents and do not require to send statements out etc but do need to keep a track on rents received from agencies quickly and highlight non payment of rents/vacant properties at a touch of a button!

Any help much appreciated. I have previously used C.A.R.L. But that is really for letting agencies.



Guest Avatar
Paul 11th May, 2016 @ 15:04

I manage a small property portfolio of shops and flats above - the software appears to just cater for residential property and the big commercial property software is £000's.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a software package online that will help me manage the commercial as well as the residential properties?

Guest Avatar
Richard 9th September, 2016 @ 16:20

Hi, I'm looking for the best, and easiest to use system. I have about 100 lets in 5 properties. (Owner landlord ,plus the bank of course).turnover about 1/2 a million. From what I understand Xero is necessary, if you want an automatic check on incoming rents, plus they have recommended Arthuronline as an add on. It seems that Arthur will be about 75 quid a month plus the Xero. Are they worth it? Does anybody have any better suggestions? At the moment we are doing manual bank reconciliation, which is a bit of a bore, plus using excel for accounts. Will these programmes change my life? Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Guest Avatar
Mel 17th December, 2016 @ 08:18

I also need to be able to manage residential and a few small commercial units and manage maintenance costs but I cannot see anything that does this cheaply , anyone have any ideas ?

Guest Avatar
Sam 19th December, 2016 @ 17:30

Has anyone used Gnomen? I am trying to find decent software for a small commercial Chartered Surveyors which can handle full client accounting including Vat & Service charge reconciliations as well as be able to cope with our marketing for let-only & for sale properties and keep a full property register. Am I asking too much?

Guest Avatar
Christine Wah 9th January, 2017 @ 21:03

I am a startup estate agent company doing letting, management, sales and purchase. I would like the software to incorporate business accounting, letting, management, sales and purchase with marketing element ie emailer, database capture from websites etc. also, legal documents and reports.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Guest Avatar
Joanne 2nd June, 2017 @ 06:12

I have:
27 HMOs some are mine, some I manage for other landlords
27 flats/Houses
Total, excess of 50 tenants ...

Is there a software package out there that can:
Import data from my bank accounts to track rent payments, or do I have to cross check manually (as I do at the moment)
Create my landlord invoices, including deduction of fees
Create tenancies, including HMO tenancies
Report/Track maintenance issues
Have a calendar which can be shared (2 people at the moment).
Protect deposits. I use MyDeposits ...

Guest Avatar
Mike Gillam 2nd June, 2017 @ 14:56

[disclaimer: I work for this company]

smartpropertymanager.com does all the things above, except for importing of bank account statements (though this should be coming in an update later this summer).

Please contact us if you want more details.


Guest Avatar
Louise 27th July, 2017 @ 07:42

Like Joanne I too manage HMO's and houses/flats and looking for a cloud based software. Need something asap. From the comments above there doesn't appear to be a strong contender.

Guest Avatar
Daniel 13th January, 2018 @ 20:33

Hi all,

Seems an interesting thread. I have 17 family lets that i have been managing on Excel since 2012. I would like to now move to a recognised property management software. I have no need to be mobile with my data (i only update things once or twice a month really) therefore I am not interested in a cloud based product. I am looking for a package I can download to my hard-drive and then it will perhaps update every now and then. Does anyone have any recommendation that fit what I am looking for - a desktop-only based package for a low maintenance portfolio of 20 properties looking to expand to 25 maybe over the next couple of years.
Thanks for any suggestions

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 13th January, 2018 @ 20:43

Hi Daniel,

Property Portfolio Software (the 2nd listed) sounds like it would be adequate based on your requirements...

Guest Avatar
Daniel 13th January, 2018 @ 21:04

Hi 'The Landlord' (i assume your user picture is different because you own the site?),

Many thanks for this recommendation. I just had a quick glance at the link and yes it does look all encompassing and desk top based too which is a bonus. Have you used this (or know anyone who has)? I can see there is a free trial so i guess i should just hook up to that and see how i get on !



The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 16th January, 2018 @ 09:39

Hi Daniel,

Yup, I'm the blogger.

Haven't used the latest version, but I've had good experiences with what I did use. Most landlord software are cloud-based these days, so there are a very limited amount which you can install on your computer.

Definitely give the free trial a spin, and see how you get on :)

Guest Avatar
DAVID 19th January, 2018 @ 20:32

Hi everyone,

Up until now I have basically just compiled my own Google sheets.

Over the last few years I have looked into a number of software solutions of basically managing my finances. Nothing really seemed to meet my needs. Basically as simple as possible and low cost.

This time last year I jumped for Pandle, basically so my bank statements would be imported over. Alas after a few months nothing worked. Like many of you, I was too busy with my day job, to even cancel the contract.

I have (no surprise) been again looking tonight. To get myself ready for 18/19 year.

If I had an IPAD the Property Buddy looks good and colourful.

Tonight I am going to experiment with Smart Property Manager.

I can just follow the videos.

And, if I have to do no more work than my present logging of income, expenses and invoice referencing.

Which is then sent to an account. Hopefully, the software will reduce his costs

I will be a happy bear.

Guest Avatar
Charles 19th January, 2018 @ 20:46

Hey David,

Thanks for mentioning Property Buddy, we have a new cloud based version of this - www.landlordstudio.com that has newer apps as well as desktop access :)

Guest Avatar
John Klot 30th January, 2018 @ 04:07

Has anybody used or is currently using ArthurOnline. I'm thinking about setting up my portfolio using this along with Xero.

Secondary, slightly related question, has anybody used accounting software like Xero/wave/QuickBooks/kashflow/freshbooks/sage/Zoho/clearbooks/freeagent - And what do you think if you've used multiple ones for comparison?

Guest Avatar
Helen 29th March, 2018 @ 15:39

Hi, can anyone recommend a software platform (either for Mac or cloud based) which will allow me to manage my four properties (which I currently do by spreadsheet). It MUST be able to calculate and forecast the tax implications over the year and be compatible with HMRC tax guidelines, although I don't mind if it doesn't export my self assessment tax return which I'm quite happy to do myself.

I run a separate non-property limited company and am struggling with balancing the income from both sources, particularly with the increased tax liability for the properties. My business accountancy system will not allow income from two different businesses.

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Emma 11th September, 2019 @ 12:35

Hi, Im a landlord running several HMO's alongside standard houses (50+ tenancies) and renovate properties. I have a full time maintenance/builder alongside other trades and ad hoc labourers. Along with the husband and 4 children my head is swimming trying to keep track of what jobs need doing where. All the stuff about accounts etc sounds great and I'll probably one day get round to it assuming it was flexible enough (ie tenants start paying weekly, then change job want to move to pcm, then move room, then lose job don't pay rent for 2 weeks get new job and want to pay a top up to gradually pay off arrears..)
BUT its the maintainance/repairs allocation/tracking which is sinking me. My guy bless him is heading for a nervous breakdown with the current system which can only be described as firefighting...any suggestions of something which works? - many thanks

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Paul 11th September, 2019 @ 12:41

Hi Emma
We use E Works Manager for running our small team of maintenance operatives. They all have the app on their phone and you can calculate accurately how much you're spending on each property.
Hope that helps!

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Gill 21st April, 2020 @ 12:07

Hi I am looking for a sage accounting compatible property management system
Got 110 properties and expanding - no current system outside of sage accounting at mo for managing ?
any suggestions please? sage compatible is a non-negotiable criteria thank you Gill

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Aro 3rd July, 2020 @ 10:55

I am looking for the best software, for property management .

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Neil 12th August, 2020 @ 08:50

There doesn't seem to be one unless you are prepared to pay out large sums of money for corporate software. I've been using Quicken since it's inception. It's great but no longer supported in the UK. Next year we'll all need a software that's approved by the Inland Revenue for submission to their site. I'm thinking of Quickbooks Small Business. Is anyone here using it to their satisfaction?

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Charles 13th November, 2020 @ 15:10

Looking for simple landlord software

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 13th November, 2020 @ 19:18

I found Landlord Vision relatively simple, to be fair.

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Paul 16th February, 2021 @ 15:31

Has anyone used goodlord? One of our agents has just started using it - had a look on trustpilot and there are plenty of 1* reviews with varying complaints. Overall they scored 88% positive so I guess it must be doing something good - expected to see something on here but can't find it mentioned.
I'd be interested in the opinion of anyone who has used it.

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House 24th October, 2021 @ 14:05


Im looking into this sort of solution and have been wondering if using cloud-based property management systems will have no implication around GDPR. Does anyone know if this is the case?

Thank you

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 26th October, 2021 @ 07:06

Hi @House,

Landlord Vision is cloud based, and in regards to GDPR, if you don't store any of your tenants personal information, then my guess is you should be fine. But just to be sure, it might be worth contacting Landlord Vision to find out how they manage GDPR issues (they have good support available).

All the best

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House 29th October, 2021 @ 14:31

Hi @The Landlord,

Many thanks for getting back to me, i shall ask Landlord Vision about GDPR. Keep up the great work!

Take care

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ESS 4th January, 2023 @ 08:59

Hi Landlord, just to mention that the proposed changes to Making Tax Digital have just changed! It's now not kicking in until 2026 or 2027 (depending on income level) and you need to be earning more than £30,000 - raised from £10,000 before.


Making Tax Digital for Income Tax
You need to follow the requirements for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax if you are self-employed or a landlord from:

6 April 2026 if you have an annual business or property income of more than £50,000

April 2027 if you have an annual business or property income of more than £30,000

It looks like it could all have changed again - both regulations and software - by the time 2026 rolls around! And landlords not earning more than £30,000 won't even need to bother!

Thanks for your blog - I always love reading it! :)

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 4th January, 2023 @ 10:07


Haha, bloody typical. I literally wrote the newsletter mid December (before they made the date amendments) and I scheduled it to send after New Year (because I figured no one wants emails during Xmas).

Thanks for the head's up, appreciate it! I'll update it.

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Richard 4th January, 2023 @ 20:10

Yes MTD has changed again, which is what we forecast. It's a mammoth task from both ends (landlord software and HMRC) that needs to connect seamlessly. I'm a portfolio landlord and the co-founder of Alphaletz.com and I don't think people appreciate how much work goes in to developing great software. Then of course, it all has to talk to each other and be a great user experience :-) The good news is that Landlords are going digital and already seeing the benefits, so if nothing else it has got people seeing the benefits of automation and cloud-computing!

















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