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Welcome to my personal landlord blog. Yes, this is a one-man show. If that.

Who are you?

I’m a 20-something 30-something year old landlord that enjoys sharing his morbid thoughts and real-life landlording experiences.

I go by the alias “The Landlord”

If you wish to connect with me, you can do so by following me on Twitter and/or Facebook. Alternatively, feel free to email me directly via my contact page.

What’s this site all about?

At a young’ish age, while all my peers excelled in alcohol consumption, computer games, and pornography, I had taken the unlikely interest in financial growth, particularly property investment.

Despite how it may sound, yes, I did have friends, and I wasn’t the victim of routine atomic wedgies.

Wanting to pursue my interest, yet disabled by the fear of having absolutely no experience, I was in a dilemma. I knew I admired the idea of investing in property and securing my future, but I had no idea how to achieve it. I literally didn’t have a clue.

Sarah Beeny did what she could, but there was only so much I could learn from Property Ladder and the reruns.

After a few years of umming and ahhing and bitterly watching others succeed, I eventually decided to take my ass off the side-lines and enter the game.

I mentally prepared myself to invest my life-savings into a buy-to-let property and become a landlord. “The Landlord”, if you will.

The point of this website was to document my every step, so people (particularly bored people) could read about my transition from clueless-property-idiot to a less-clueless-landlord. I completed the task on the 2nd of March 2007. Boy, time surely has flown by.

Moral of the story? Any chump can do it. Yes, YOU can also be that chump, you just need to believe.

Ever since completing my task I’ve been making regular updates to my blog, mostly sharing my trials and tribulations as a landlord.

I still have plenty to learn and I regularly make mistakes, and this is the place where I share it all, so others can learn and share their own experiences.

The evolution and purpose of my blog today

Of course, it’s still about documenting my journey, but overtime that’s become less of a motivator.

I didn’t intend on getting so involved with the rental industry, but here I am – deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever imagined. Yes, it’s wholly unglamorous.

Unsurprisingly, the deeper I wormed my way in, the more I became exposed to the underbelly of the beast. I always knew the industry was rammed with polarising opinions, but I was truly taken aback by the apparent amount of unhealthy toxicity that prevails. What a fucking calamity. It’s like the Capulets and Montagues up in this bitch. Some tenants really hate landlords. Like, deeply rooted, genuine hate! And some landlords really treat their tenants – fellow humans – like they’re subpar gremlins.

Yes, the industry is ripe with bad actors, from slumlords to rogue tenants to douchebag agents, and they’ve all contributed to the justified anger, the unjust stereotypes and misconceptions. A lot of it is down to profound levels of greed and corruption – and sadly I can’t help those people – but I can try and encourage everyone else to do better so we can tighten that hate-filled gap, because I think a lot of it is formed by ignorance and misunderstanding, as opposed to genuine malice.

So today, my primary motivator is encouraging landlords, including myself, to collectively do a better job, resulting in higher industry standards and forming better relationships, by focusing on the following areas:

  1. Encouraging landlords to avoid “get rich schemes” (spoiler: there’s no such thing), specifically by avoiding snakeoil “property gurus” that promise the world and shill useless property courses. They’re garbage and usually only lower standards across the board.
  2. Encouraging landlords to practise high-standards, which entails, for example, providing clean and safe homes at all times, treating tenants how they deserve to be treated (which makes for healthier relationships) and not succumbing to greed.
  3. The clear and simple message that property is a long-term investment; the capital growth and profit will eventually come, so there’s no need to take shortcuts or be greedy. Slow and steady is not sexy, but it’s a proven recipe with a high success rate.

We’re not all greedy, but far too many of us are. That needs to change. We’ve got work to do.

I do want to make it crystal clear that I am not in the business of telling anyone how to spend/invest their money, least of all because I’m not qualified. That is not the purpose of my blog.

For me, investing in property seems prudent, but that’s because I’m fully aware of my own circumstances and goals. However, great ideas are often subjective because they’re dependent on several circumstantial factors, which is why being a landlord and/or investing in property could be a terrible idea for you. I truly don’t know.

What’s so special about your site compared to other property/landlord sites?

Absolutely nothing at all.

However, comparing my website to other popular landlord ones’ is like comparing apples to donkeys. I don’t think anyone else is actually doing what I do, everyone else seems to be sticking to the traditional news and editorial format (which is cool, if you like that kind of thing).

I suppose, the only real USP I have is that I document my “real story” and unfiltered thoughts (which often goes down like a mouthful of battery acid).

Why are you always bitching?

If you’ve already spent a few minutes flicking through a few of my blog entries, you may have formed an opinion of me. Possibly a negative one.

Apparently I swear too much, make unnecessary sexual references, and consequently come across as unreasonable (to put it nicely). Everything but the latter is true, the other stuff is down to my own brand of humour.

The reality is, I don’t bitch a lot in life, but what I will say is that I often (but not always) turn to blogging when I need to vent, so that’s why there is no shortage of hissy-fits, and why I may come across as more psychotic, bitter and twisted than I actually am. I guess blogging is my form of therapy.

I’m not a bitter person. I love being a Landlord and I’m a pretty laid back individual. People incorrectly assume I’m a miserable sack-of-shit that just complains all day. Not true! Not true!

All I can say is that I try to help people when and where I can, whether they’re a landlord, tenant, greasy letting agent or anyone with an interest in what I do. I genuinely want good people to succeed in life, and if I can assist in that, then amazing!

It’s a pity you can’t provide advice without the foul language (’cause your advice is good)!

You can fuck right off, you uppity douchebag.

No, no, no! Come back *hugz*

When I write/blog, I try my best to articulate my thoughts as accurately as possible without applying social filters, otherwise what’s the point in blogging, right? I pride myself on NOT being a dribbling drone.

In my free-spirited mind, I swear in healthy portions, so the conversions in my head are rather more chaotic before they get processed, and those are the moments I capture on paper. It’s those emotions that feel more real and human. I find that people are able to relate better to those moments of initial chaos because they’re raw.

But in reality, while dealing with situations in the real world, I apply my social filters, and believe it or not – once the filters are chugging away and operational – you’ll probably want to hug me… and caress me… all day, all night. For example, rarely do I swear in my everyday conversations, in fact, I usually find it unnecessary and disrespectful (depending on who/what I’m talking to). Needless to say, I wouldn’t say a lot of the things I do on here in real life.

Essentially, you need to take this place for what it is, and not for what it isn’t. This isn’t a tabloid newspaper or an editorial magazine for landlords; there are plenty of those out there, which do a spectacularly fine and boring job, but this ain’t one of ’em. This is a personal blog; not just mine, but for anyone that wants to comment/network in this capacity.

My main objective is to help others through my own experiences, and the only way I know how to do that is by sharing my real thoughts/feelings, which includes every little morbid niggle of mine.

I know my “tone” isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, I’m an acquired taste, which I understand and appreciate. But despite that, I genuinely want everyone to stick around and help the community prosper.

But yeah, it is a tragic pity I can’t blog without swearing my tits off. Agreed.

Why property?

I know many disagree, but I believe property is one of the most reliable and secure means of investing. It’s a relatively low risk investment strategy with high rewards (if you do it right).

I heard somewhere (God knows where) that 20% of the UK rich list made their wealth via Property Investment. I like the sound of that (even if it’s not true, and subsequently I’m in the depths of one of the wackiest and longest wild goose chases in human history)!

I want to be a landlord, where the hell do I start?

Right over there -> my free guide for new and first-time landlords.


Are you rich?

No, not even close.

Give me some money.


I emailed you, you never replied- WHY would you do that?

I genuinely try to reply to every email which requires a response, even the abusive ones. However, if I ignored your email you don’t receive a response (assuming it’s angling for a response) it’s probably because of at least one of the following reasons:

  • Ignored my disclaimer(s) – this is the disclaimer directly above my contact form – it’s prominent and in plain view:


    You ignored it :/

    Either way, I’m probably doing you a favour by giving you the silent treatment. In 99.9% of cases, you’re better off doing the following if you require advice:

    1. Search through my blog posts and leave a comment on a relevant blog post which covers the issue you need assistance with.
    2. Contact LegalforLandlords – they provide free legal advice to landlords with problem tenants.
    3. Contact your Local Citizens Advice Bureau – they can assist with a wide range of legal issues.
    4. Take my initial advice (which you rudely ignored): get your ass over to the landlord/tenant forum.
  • Lack of manners – you rubbed my tits the wrong way by demonstrating that you’re unfamiliar with how to interact with humans.

    The amount of emails I receive whereby people don’t practise basic manners is mortifying. For example, if you email me asking for advice/help (yes, which goes against my point above, but as mentioned, people email regardless), then at least use all the necessary pleasantries e.g. “hi”, “please”, “thank you” etc.

    I’m not asking for much, just manners. It’s free. It’s nice. Embrace it.

  • You’re a ditherer – sorry, but I don’t have time to flirt, and you’re wasting my time by trying to play hard to get.

    For example, you’ve emailed me something like, “I have something that may be of interest to you and your readers, may I recommend a service?” (or something to that effect) without actually telling me what you’re referring to in that very same email.

    Another classic, which I often receive is, “I have a business proposition for you, please call me on 020 XXXX XXX”

    No way. Are you crazy?

    Basically, you’re trying to sell me something but you’re making me work for the relevant details.

    Side note, if marketing/sales is your profession then I’d seriously consider… actually, never mind.

  • Too lazy to do research on a topic I’ve addressed – you’re asking a question which I have already tackled in a blog post, so at the very least you could spend at least 5mins going through the relative categories and/or use the search function. If you’re too lazy to do that, then please kindly excuse me for being too lazy to respond to you.
  • Too lazy to research what this website is about – if you don’t already know, let me explain- this is a personal landlord blog.

    I am one person; this is my online blog; I write every blog post with my own blood, sweat and tears.

    I’m annoyed because you didn’t bother to do any kind of research on the person/website you’re contacting – not even the bare minimum (i.e. reading the “about” page)- and that’s why you sent me a generic email to the “marketing department”

    There is no marketing department! Again, this a personal blog, I’m not Elon Zuckerberg over here, running an multi-billion pound enterprise.

    If you’re too lazy to spend a couple of minutes reading the “about” page before approaching me with a proposition, then I don’t want to deal with you, because the odds are you’d drive me bonkers.

  • CAPS LOCKS – for some ridiculous reason you emailed me with the CAPS LOCK on. YOU’RE DEAD TO ME!
  • You sent me useless marketing material – No, I’m not going to publish/share your shitty generic marketing material, which you blasted out to every mug on your emailing list. In fact, please take me off your emailing list (I almost certainly didn’t subscribe to it in the first place).
  • You think I’m a letting agent – you emailed me asking me if I know of any vacant properties for you and/or your family. I don’t. I’m not a letting agent. It’s silly that you think I am. You’re silly. Very silly.
  • You want my feedback – oddly, I receive emails from budding entrepreneurs wanting my critique on their flashy new property/landlord related product or service.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a free consultant up for hire. And even if I was, I’d probably be a terrible one.

    Sorry, but I don’t have the resources to provide critical feedback of your service/product. I’m sure it’s great the way you made it.

    Out of curiosity, do you provide free consulting services?

Harsh, but fair, right? Cool :)

If you don’t fall under any of the above and I still failed to reply- oops, my bad, hit me up again. I’d love to hear from you :)

I’ve heard rumours of your beauty. Is it true?


What if there’s a property crash? There is going to be one, ya’ know?

I know. I’m actually expecting a couple of crashes during my life-time of investing.

That’s fine with me, because I don’t plan on making a quick exit; I’m here for the long haul. I’m using property as a means to secure my future, not my today.

Property crashes usually slice through short-term investors like a knife does with hot butter.

If you can be bothered, you can read more about My Property Investment Strategy.

You’ve made a few spelling mistakes, are you stupid?

Fuck you.
A lot.

Only joking.

I’m not a published author or a self-proclaimed journalist. This is my “personal blog” where I jot down my inner-thoughts, mostly during haste, so grammatical mistakes are plentiful.

If you find it truly unbearable (which I know it is for some people, because I have the emails to prove it), to the point where you physically cannot deal with the massacre, then I can only apologise. I want to make you feel comfortable during your visit, and I’ll do what I can to assist.

How about we help each other?

Above all, I want to create content that will help people progress in life, whether it be professionally or on a personal level. I imagine that’s accomplished most effectively when sentences make sense. So if you spot any mistakes, whether it’s a misuse of a comma or an incorrectly spelt word, drop me an email, and I’ll attend to the tragedy immediately.

Hopefully, together, we can tidy this place up so it’s a show-piece of grammatical perfection. That would be amazing. I’m excited.

What’s your favourite quote?

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.
– Blaise Pascal

It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.
– Seneca

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
– Mohammed Ali

If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.
– Mark Twain

two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
– Albert Einstein

This question/answer has nothing to do with anything, and no one even asked me the question, but I wanted to jot them down somewhere as a reminder.

I have an awesome new product for landlords, will you review it?

Probably not.

History dictates that it will be total junk, so I’d rather review almost anything else.

What do you want from me (YOU, the readers)?

Friendly interaction, whether that entails seeking advice and/or helping the fellow man.

Okay, that’s a wrap.

That’s all for now. If you would like to know anything else, drop me an email or Tweet!

If you want to be notified about all my future posts, then sign up to my free newsletter!

Buy me Coffee

I didn’t really want me to do this, but I’m doing it anyways. I’m shameless, I know.

Over the years I’ve frequently had people ask me how they can show their gratitude for putting this resource together, and ultimately helping in some capacity along their journey. The truth is, the fact that I’m being asked the question is enough gratitude alone. And it still is. Always will be.

However, if for whatever reason you wish to take it one step further, then feel free to support my addiction (which directly helps me with evolving my blog) by clicking on the button below…

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Every ounce of support I receive – through caffeine or elsewhere – is always massively appreciated and humbling! So thank you.

It’s been emotional. I love you.
The Landlord.

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Guest Avatar
Musky 1st April, 2010 @ 09:38

Dear The Landlord.
Love your site!
Having a forum set up on my own site at the moment.
When it's live (in about 1 week hopefully) check it out!
I'm going to log in a a guest and tell people about my hideous experiences as a part-time landlord and the very nasty people who have warned me off.
There will be no holds barred and names could be named!

Respect to you.

Power to decent landlords and decent tenants

Guest Avatar
katybnewbe 14th April, 2010 @ 16:17

Hi, love this site. People talk in real language not jargon. Just started to find my way round the landlord maze and am finding it so helpful. Keep up the good work!

Guest Avatar
Alan 30th April, 2010 @ 10:19


my son and his mate want to move to a flat and have just presented me with a guarantor form, what is the limit of liability to myself if and when i sign this form, it would appear that no party takes any risk in the renting of the property other than the guarantor,
i would have no problem covering his rent but are there
any hidden liabilities.

Guest Avatar
Jools 30th April, 2010 @ 10:29

Thats the thing - you will have to ask the Landlord that!

Could be just the rent - could be uninsured losses should they burn the place down. If you feel benevolent then your Son yes - mate no way! Would you like to be responsible for your Sons friend should he do a bunk or his friends wreck the place after a party?

Being a guarantor is all very nice till things go wrong!

You really need to sit down with them and discuss the situation AND the friend needs to find their own guarantor as it seems they will be jointly and severally liable - ie if one buggers off the other has to find the entire rent or daddykins will have to pony up the dough!

Good luck.


Guest Avatar
Alan 30th April, 2010 @ 16:25

Hi jools

thanks for your reply, sound advice, unlimited liability scares the shit out of me, thought when the kids flew the nest my worries would be over
oh how wrong could i be.

thanks again


Guest Avatar
steve 8th May, 2010 @ 16:43

superb site, i can sit here laughing all night!!
the worrying thing is 90% of what you say is true!!
we deal with landlords and tenants all day every day and i can relate so many of your comments, just wish we could be as honest as you haha

keep up the good work
legal 4 landlords

Guest Avatar
Gareth 4th September, 2010 @ 05:21

Reply to Jay Huggins.

I totally understand that the end of tenancy experience was bad for you, but you've got all your deposit back (thankfully!) so why waste more time and money going after the idiots that caused you such grief? Life's too short, so let it be and move on. Not worth going after them through small claims or lawyers (but it IS worth writing to local Trading Standards and telling them of your experience).

I'm a landlord and I'm going through a situation right now which is sucking up masses of my time to deal with, again caused by a so-called lettings agent called Taylor Tate Limited of Everybody beware of this company, they are a bunch of shysters.

I placed and advert on Gumtree and within a few days received an enquiry from this company claiming they could let my property out in a week on a no let, no fee basis. I rejected their advance at first on the basis I did not want any agents acting on my behalf. Frankly they are ALL useless!

Then this guy, John Phillips from Taylor Tate Limited, got back to me and said he would only charge me £500 plus VAT to let the property. I thought why not, nothing to lose. How wrong was I!!

The long story short is this: the agent was instructed by me to find FOUR sharers. They found FIVE sharers and proceeded to mislead me into agreeing a tenancy to five students. Now anybody that knows even a little about HMO regulations knows that a property of 3 storeys or more, with 5 or more sharers forming 2 or more households is an automatically licenceable HMO, with all the expense of sinks, fire doors, fire alarm system etc etc.

Well apparently Taylor Tate didn't know this and then tried to dupe the prospective tenants into signing up to an agreement illegally by signing only four persons but he told them "it would be okay to move 5 people in, just don't tell the landlord". This is an illegal act and I was liable for a fine of up to £20,000 plus all the rent paid by the tenants was returnable!

So the five boys paid Taylor Tate nearly £5,000 and so far they've only got back £2,046, a loss of just under £3,000! Taylor Tate are refusing to refund them all their money back and threatening legal action against me for breach of contract. Of course there was no valid contract so I'm not going to pay them any of their fee for non-performance. I've lost no money other than the fact I could've had four rent paying tenants in the property a week ago, so until I find some new tenants I'm losing money.

To summarise, everybody (landlords and tenants) beware of Taylor Tate at as they are fraudsters, pure and simple.

All the best with your claim if you do decide to take it further Jay.

Guest Avatar
gillian henderson 11th September, 2010 @ 21:21

Ha,ha,you wind some folk up good and propper.Why? I'm sure they are very jelous of your success.Arogant?no.Smart?definatly.Good on you keep plugging away.


Guest Avatar
Bill 19th January, 2011 @ 21:32

Well done all you landlords enriching the country's coffers with your hard earned taxes. You see it is all supply and demand as you let out the proerties to get in the DSS rents to pay the taxes to fund the DSS rents and so on. Of course as soon as you take in a DSS tenant HMR&C know about your letting and are just waiting for that tax and interest and penalty for the taxes you "forget" to pay.

Guest Avatar
Bill 19th January, 2011 @ 21:33

You see I can leave selling (or is it spelling) mistakes as good as the next one

Guest Avatar
Bill 19th January, 2011 @ 22:22

Hi Landlord,
Hope you don't mind the odd "improvement " to your very good layman's tax guide articles. Any customers refer them my way and for a fat fee I can help them LOL

Guest Avatar
David Lawrenson 22nd February, 2011 @ 11:18

I like your site
A lot of the content (though by no means all) reflects what I feel though often cannot say because of my work as a corporate consultant.
Very good though.
Your comments on one post about LHA tenants and the councils should be mandatory reading for some at the Town Halls.
Kind regards
David Lawrenson

Guest Avatar
Kirston Murray 23rd March, 2011 @ 12:46

Are you in America or UK? Some of the comments sound very much American, unfortunately I have never been to USA and lived most of my time in South Africa, although I am a white British Citizen due to my parents being British, they emigrated to SA before I was even born.
Not sure what the laws are in USA on keeping animals, I know over in SA they are quite slack and most rental properties allow most animals excepting large ones like lions and elephants.
I find UK quite difficult allowing people with pets but then we were just very lucky...
I like your site and it should be exposed more especially the tennants and animal issues.
I have been in homes where they have children and quite honistly you would prefer my dogs to the children.
We have always been home owners and never rented until we arrived here in UK.
Keep up your good work, very nice and explicit site.
Best regards,
Kirston Murray.

Guest Avatar
howard 13th February, 2012 @ 12:07

I think your attitudes to people on Housing benefit are extremely unjustified. In the the UK there are 2.8 million people unemployed. How many of them are on benefits for no fault of they're own. Not to mention the many people who cannot work due to long term illness. You are as bad as a racists for your judgement on people who are housing benefit.
Your telling everybody that DSS tenants are always bad tenants. So what about professional working tenants who become unemployed for whatever reason, are going to become bad tenants and therefor don't deserve a home?
Put yourself in the position of someone who is to ill to work, who just needs a safe comfortable home where they can rest and recuperate and hopefully one day return to work and become as you call them "a professional tenant" Not all professional tenants are good tenants either!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 13th February, 2012 @ 12:23


"Your telling everybody that DSS tenants are always bad tenants"

I challenge you to find me one instance where I say that.

Good luck.

Guest Avatar
Benji 13th February, 2012 @ 21:53

'FACT: Landlords Refusing DSS Tenants Is Well Justified'
Written by The Landlord on 27 Jul 2010

The closest I could find.

Clearly not quite the same as 'DSS tenants are always bad tenants' but a good try never the less.

Have I won?

Do I get a prize?

Guest Avatar
thaxton 2nd March, 2012 @ 18:17

Hi Landlord,

How is your strategy working out for you 5 years after you started? How many properties do you have now?

Guest Avatar
Gareth 3rd March, 2012 @ 09:49


It's nice to ask someone how things are going with their life but to ask how many properties they have is rude and irrelevant. It's like asking "how much do you earn?". By the way, how much do you earn? (Only kidding :o) ).

Those that ask such a question are actually asking the wrong question because it doesn't really matter how many properties the Landlord has. He could have 1 or 5 or doesn't matter. What matters is are the properties generating positive cashflow, is the Landlord financially free, is the Landlord happy being a landlord etc etc. These are the questions I'd ask the Landlord.

Guest Avatar
Mr X 3rd March, 2012 @ 12:08

Hi Gareth

I agree it would be interesting to know the answers to your questions.

I am sure I speak for many others, and possibly yourselves, when I say I have followed The Landlord for quite a while now and would be interesting to see if the property market has been good for him and where he is at now. Whether his strategy has changed from his first initial strategy. How he sees the future of property investing, etc.

Yes thaxton's question is quite intrusive however as The Landlord is anonymous anyway and has shared a lot of in-depth information about his journey already, I personally don't think it would be a problem to reveal but then that is only for the landlord to decide.

So if the landlord is reading... perhaps an idea for a blog post?

Guest Avatar
thaxton 4th March, 2012 @ 00:55

Gareth, you are a sensible, well mannered chap.

Landlord, while you're at it, give me your bank account details too. Just curious mate.


Guest Avatar
Gareth 4th March, 2012 @ 08:44

Mr X - I agree with you... it would be very interesting if Landlord could create a new blog post on that topic. We all learn from each other after all.

Thaxton - thank you for your kind words. I'm not 100% certain that there isn't a teeny hint of sarcasm from reading the first para but even if there was I can tell you have a great sense of humour (from reading the second para) and I love it. Well done (and keep asking those difficult questions of Landlord).

Guest Avatar
Pedro 26th March, 2013 @ 15:49

Hi Landlord, I am in property rental and would like to ask anyone if there is any information about finding private landlords in the Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington and St Helens areas that would be interested in renting their properties on a 5 year no void basis.
Look Forward to hearing from anyone with such information.

Guest Avatar
Roger Owen 26th March, 2013 @ 17:06

We are just starting out and are looking a different properties to rent out. Have been doing the calculations regarding the yield.
What is the percentage threshold beneath which you would not consider proceeding? I have read that 7 per cent is the ideal. All my calculations show a yield of about 4.15 on the properties that we are considering.
We are in the fortunate position of buying outright without any mortgage, so in these circumstances, can one accept a lower yield?

Guest Avatar
Linda 24th August, 2013 @ 20:21

My tenant has had his housing benefit stopped and the council have told me to "speak to the tenant about it" he now owes us over £4,000 and won't move. We pay a mortgage on the property, so it's costing us money for him and his family to live there.
His wife said to me " you've got all the answers what do you expect us to do" I said "get a job like I have to , to keep you there rent free" she went potty and put the phone down.
They run 2 cars, and have all the latest i phones, can I make them sell their cars to pay towards the rent ?
We have issued a section 8 now, and are just waiting.
He won't tell me why his benefit has stopped and times are hard for us,
I feel as if I'm working to give them a free ride.

Guest Avatar
Kate 29th August, 2013 @ 08:26

Can anyone help?!

I have been renting my property through an agent for a few years. The lats tennant has been in or a coupl of those years. His tenancy was not renewed because I need to move back in.
The agency mucked me around something rotten as to when I could move in etc and kept asking if the tenant could have a few more days. I finally got the keys and the agent said it was ok to move back in just a little dirty as the tenant hadnt had the deep clean done that he was meant to. I went to have a look and noticed a lead and a plug coming out from below the bath. I pulled the bath panel down and there is an extension lead there with a plug plugged into it leading up into the back of the shower. I was absolutely livid and this was a Friday night before the bank holiday. I got fobbed off by staff on the Saturday so had to wait until Tuesday to discuss it properly. They are not taking this seriously at all.

I keep waiting for them to call me back and reminding them that I am not using it until it is made safe. They have checked back in their records and apparently in Nov 2012 the tenant complained of no shower pressure. A new switch was ordered by the agent and I thought it had been fitted as I didnt hear any more about it. Now they are saying that since that time he wouldnt allow them access to the property to have the shower mended. They signed a new tenancy agreement with them at the end of January knowing that he was in breach of his agreement for not allowing access and still didnt inform me of this. Apparently they also 'assumed' it had been fixed and as the tenant said he was happy to put up with the shower they had just left him alone. For a total of 10 months.

The agency are saying that they cannot charge the tenant for this because it is my responsibility but to me they should have some responsibility for not insisting on access but also they told me it was safe to live there!

Any advice please?

Many thanks

Guest Avatar
Lazaro Marino 1st May, 2014 @ 22:52

Really enjoy your website and want to congratulate you for getting into land lording at such a young age, After doing this for twenty years I just got really really screwed over by my last tenants. The fault was all mine, being that they had lived there's for 5 years I simply got complacent, simply put I got to busy to follow up on things and too confident in trusting they would just leave as promised, well the eviction from hades is finally over, my biggest mistake ever is that I had stored many personal items in the garage while I was remodeling my house, yes you guessed it. They claim they don't know who broke in and took tools supplies and even my high school car that I wanted to restore upon retirement.
In short I can tell you that it's easier to be a slumlord who only cares about money than being a kind considerate landlord who listens to his tenants, all that gets you is tenants feeding you excuses all month long, NEVER AGAIN!

Guest Avatar
Carole Theobald 13th August, 2014 @ 23:18

I came across the site by accident whilst searching for software to use to simplify my overall logging.I have been nodding my head in recognition of scenarios you have illustrated .I have had quite a learning curve myself.I will read more.Certainly a blatant,humorous slant on it which is refreshingly funny.You picked up a lot and fast.

Guest Avatar
Sharon 28th August, 2014 @ 12:17

Came across your blog today & have been smiling ever since!
I work for an ethical lettings agent, with no hidden fees, no sales and plenty of integrity.
Both myself & the boss come from a social housing background so we bring a lot of that experience with us.
We are neither totally online or a high street presence (its a bit like where's wally...)
and are always looking for new innovative ways to attract landlords, so please have a look at our website too.

Guest Avatar
Paul 30th October, 2014 @ 10:10

Kool site I can relate alot as I'm a Landlord too.I've never used a letting agent ever as sure there are a small minority that are good agents so I'm not painting all with same brush. However what they actually do is simple to do yourself and with more passion obviously as care more than any letting agent in filling your own property. I could honestly write a book on being a Landlord it wouldnt be hard and sure it comes with its headaches to no end.Just as it has its own rewards.Need to be certain character I feel to be a Landlord as it does test you so have be on your toes and like anythink do your homework and due dilligence.Its a learning experience with tenants don't judge a book by its cover tenants come in all shapes & sizes just be organised & over prepared for any eventuality should it arise.Going to have look around your site more Cheers Paul.

Guest Avatar
Samir 9th January, 2015 @ 21:28


Just came across this site and it seems to suit me just fine.

I a s semi pro landlord, ie I have a day job and the property income is my supplemenary income/pension pot.

I am glad I became a landlord, albiet accidentially, but never looked back.

Spent a lot of cash fixing up my house ( residence), then soon afterwards has to move two hundred miles away.
Decided that I would only just cover my costs, if I sold. so decided to rent the property out.

Anyay, my porfolio is such that I am now thing about buyng my next property via a limited company, but I hear that HMRC will still clobber you for tax that you would have saved.

Ie CT is 30%
income tax is 40%
HRMC will ask you for the 10% you saved.

is this correct?

Guest Avatar
Welanie 25th February, 2015 @ 14:35

I love your site. It's made even more of an entertaining read by the added expletives!!
Looking forward to receiving your email updates. Keep telling us just how it is - I get so fed up with reading the smarmy blogs out there.
Fabulous work!!!

Guest Avatar
aanie 26th March, 2015 @ 23:58

Accidently stumbled across this whilst trying to find information on how evict a nightmare tenants. Absolutely love, made me laugh and very good insight - if only I came across this before!

So, we have tenants - who won't leave. The long and short of it is, it was a 6month contract, if they were okay, we would consider renewing again. It really started from day 1, didn't pay rent (made excuses), so much for trusting, giving someone a benefit of the doubt, second chance if you will. Definitely, will think before and get a credit reference check done and will go by my gut!

Anyhow, they paid the rent, fell behind and then got up to date again. We notified them to leave after the contract period and like fools believed they would. Date comes around they don't leave and state we need to issue a notice to them if we want them out. We have been played, had I known this was the case would've issued section 21 soon (arghhhh)!

They had their 2 months to leave. Yep you guessed it, they haven't left. To add insult to injury they haven't paid last 2 months rent, 3rd is now due.

Just processed online accelerated possession claim. Understand that this is the quickest and less time consuming way to evict tenants. Can't wait for the day. Will be throwing a freakin party. So, yes, planning on sending papers to court shortly.

Some Questions:
q1 - can we claim for the unpaid rent? will this be via the small claim courts?
q2 - can we visit the property whilst going through the accelerated possession claim?
q3 - how do we stop (if at all) tenants causing damage - can we claim this? If you haven't guessed already we are clueless when we started this and didn't take a bond - low income, we felt sorry!!!

Guest Avatar
Benji 27th March, 2015 @ 11:48


q1. Yes,
q2. Yes, with reasonable notice but be careful of accusations of harassment.
q3. Yes, you can claim for damage, if you can prove it.

If the tenants are on benefits and more than 8 weeks in arrears, apply for direct payment.

Guest Avatar
Andrea 10th April, 2015 @ 12:32

Hi Landlord

Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog and think you are very fair on both sides, made me smile a lot....I havn't been doing that a lot lately. I can see both sides of the coin so to speak as a 51 year old female DSS claimant. I have been a worker most of my life but due to an attack I have been disfigured facially, suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression so it limits me mentally. However, as I find it extremely difficult to be in face to face situations I have been trying to find work that I can do from home to get me out of my current accommodation without success I must add. I have been living in a bedsit for over 2 years now with the landlord in the same house. In this time I have been sexually harrassed by him (physically touched). Along with that there have been mushrooms growing in the bathroom, I have been electrocuted in the shower, accused of not paying my rent even though I paid it to him in front of another tenant. There are numerous other scenarios too, too many to mention. I have been to the council, contacted my local councillor(who only acknowledged the unsanitary conditions none of the other things that have happened and he was vice chairman on the committee for safeguarding adults!) and put out private ads to no avail. Oh they did put me on the Rent Deposit Scheme where they guarantee the Deposit. But I now believe this is done just to get rid of you. I have been so honest but it is like I am scum and nobody wants to touch me. All I get from the authorities is 'Contact Environmental Health', easier said than done when the landlord allows NO visitors in the house as he doesn't pay tax on 4 tenants and a family in a flat adjoining the house. And of course if I call them in I have to continue to live here being harrassed....not so easy to do with nowhere else to go as I have no family. Unfortunately none of my friends have room for me to live with either as they all have kids and partners.

Having had 2 previous owned homes myself which is the route I would prefer to be in but unfortunately lost those to redundancy in bad climates. So my conclusion as having been a home owner and now a DSS claimant I feel that we are let down by our government and yes the councils should automatically return to paying rents directly to landlords maybe then it would improve the situations for all of us who claim and need a home and landlords losing money to people on benefits who don't pay!

Conclusion had to finally tell my landlord yesterday that I am actively seeking to move in the hope that he will leave me alone. And hoping that a nice landlord/landlady will find my ads and provide me with a safe environment so that I can heal myself and get back into the workplace.

Keep up the good work and sharing your witty banter I am sure it makes many people smile:)

Guest Avatar
Carole Theobald 10th April, 2015 @ 14:00

Andrea.Bless you.An honest and proud tenant makes for a good one.Yor landlord is way out of order.I am sorry for the things that have happened to you and your suffering as a consequence.I don't know which area you are in.You deserve a flood of help.I hope your efforts will be rewarded very soon.Keep your spirits up.

Guest Avatar
Andrea 10th April, 2015 @ 16:56

Thank you Carole for your kind and genuine words and it does lift up my spirits to know that there are still kind and caring people in this world.

I am in London and trying to get back to South West Herts where my friends live being my support network. I had been to the council there after my attack and the sexual harrassment but they wouldn't help as I had been out of the borough for a couple of months (even though I had just lived there for 5 1/2 years and once back in the borough would have to wait for another 5 years before being allowed to get on the list.....hopefully by then I will be well and fit to return to employment).

Fortunately, I have great friends always looking out for flats for me, so I know it will change but just a matter of time. I also have an amazing support worker but their hands are tied as to what they can do for you unfortunately.

I am a great believer that when you pay for something you should receive value but unfortunately, where I am that is not the case.

Guest Avatar
DDS 16th March, 2016 @ 15:52

Classic! You made my day :)

Guest Avatar
blackcloud 6th May, 2016 @ 19:18

Finally someone who speaks their mind-thank you Landlord.
Sifting through the website Ive found Im already on the right track to be ready to start the process.

Not yet got to the stories on crap workmanship from tradespeople -this is the hole my dosh is sinking into at the moment.
(an idiot electrician and then a boiler man who completely f**kerised my boiler -4k to replace it)

Guest Avatar
carmel 22nd February, 2017 @ 18:00

Love your blog. Find your experiences are a great help Thanking you

Guest Avatar
Jon 24th July, 2017 @ 22:05

Renting residential to tenants is educational. I've seen the very worst in Human nature and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm aiming to sell all the residentials within five years and retire.

Younger tenants are now are so challenging and alien to what tenants were ten years ago, that it is not a pleasant business to be in. My advice is to have an over 25 policy, and even then, there still like overgrown toddlers at that age. 1 in 25 are lucky to have any common sense. In my day, things were different. The world's gone mad if you ask me.

Guest Avatar
Samir 24th July, 2017 @ 23:36

Tenants have to many rights and to few recourses. Pls to sell up soon as well.

Guest Avatar
Gavin 30th October, 2017 @ 08:05

I've been a landlord since the time before buy to let became popular . I have recently sold my small portfolio of properties in order to retire and things east yippee no more worries about tenants and boilers , only this week I find myself almost instinctively buying another property to rent out . Am I addicted ?

Guest Avatar
Carole Theobald 30th October, 2017 @ 11:42

Gavin.It's a honed instinct.At what point is it wise to sell up ? I'll be looking into it but not just yet.(I say that every year to myself)Cashing it in inevitably leaves you compromising especially after the tax.More stringent measures for landlords will no doubt be looming though.You have made a calculated decision on retiring then spotted an good opportunity which is easily manageable.If it doesn't impede your quality of retirement then I hope it is fruitful.The question is what constitutes your retirement.

Guest Avatar
Rhodie 1st June, 2018 @ 07:43

Hi landlord!

Just dropping by to say I love reading your blogs. 😂 Makes me feel human. We’re all humans right.

Keep them coming. Not sure if this counts as consent to hear from you, but whatever, I enjoy reading your dribble, some of it is actually very useful.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Guest Avatar
Ash 19th June, 2018 @ 10:45

Amazing down to earth realistic blog.
Well done landlord

Guest Avatar
PennyP 13th March, 2019 @ 16:28

Well Mr Landlord.... What a find!

Having decided that my letting agent is about as useful as a small soap dish with a level of integrity that would seriously impress Putin, I'm on a mission to go it alone from now on, especially in light of recently inheriting another property which I'm preparing to let.

In my search for how to find potential tenants without going down the route of the high street agencies I stumbled onto your blog site... initially selecting a relevant link I started reading as a newbie to your blog, all open minded and optimistic, and enjoyed your lighthearted and down-to-earth writing style which, to me anyway suggests you seriously know what you're talking about...

It was the moment I read your comment about disgruntled tenants bursting through the doors of their local letting agents office to tell them to their face what they think of them, that my jaw dropped! Bloody hilarious!!

I read on, and on, and on, and have been laughing out loud ever since!
Splendidly un-PC, close to the knuckle at times, but very very funny and bang on with the quality of top tips, links, information and other general shit.

I'm a member of the RLA, which is useful for sure, but goddamned dry reading that makes me weep and lose the will to live...

Keep up the good work... loving it!

Guest Avatar
Sue Jones 24th June, 2019 @ 15:21

love reading your bit of advice from me...don't fall for a sob story, don't agree to cash in hand because of said sob story...make it legal, airtight legal...and be ready to stand your ground. Currently kicking my own backside for falling for sob-story stuff and ruing the cost, the damage and the destruction. The harrasment continues because I said... I want a rent book !!!!!

Guest Avatar
Tony Edwards 18th May, 2021 @ 09:25

I have an HMO 6 units, in past years have a couple of offers to buy/manage each year now getting them twice a month,sign of the times I guess as they are the most profitable thing in rental property now.
I would like to sell and retire after 50 years of this challenging business but capital gains on the sale price keeps me at it as going abroad for 5 years to avoid not for me :-)

Guest Avatar
Old Besom 9th January, 2024 @ 15:31

I stumbled backwards into your blog because I was looking for impartiality/cynicism/humour. 'tis here!

I, vintage, but will die on my ageing pins, not on my bloody knees. I'm a tenant; a good one, I swear it. I love my place, put in blinds/carpet/made a garden in a concrete yard. My landlord knows that. He knows it because he's right next door (so no sex/drugs/rock and roll). He's a hard working guy and a decent bloke. It's the fu...the fuc...the letting agents. (I swore when I nudged 80 that I would give up bad language, and be a lady. I swore. Then I swore again. And again).

They have acted in their own interests and ucked fup 3 times now; each time blaming it on me. Hand on heart; I did nothing wrong. They could not organise a biss up in a prewery. Why I'm upset-and I am; is because he is right next door, and I sense is now not so much hostile, but distant. Before he afforded maximum privacy to me, but was kind of friendly, and a bit shy.

They did that. The impasse now is that they treat me with disdain, because I stood up to them. And I will again if they misrepresent me to him again. It was a cross communication that tipped me to what they were doing in the first place.

My work and parents work necessitated travelling; I've lived in nine counties in the UK alone. Finally I was home. It was just a calm thing; no fanfare. A third party that has acted in its own interest HAS damaged my relationship with my next door neighbour. A pox on them.

I gave this thought; if I was, besom, I would not get on with anyone. I have friends here; for the first time I have been around long enough to make friends. They do not know how much I value and care for them. If I was a nasty pasty, that would not be the case would it?. This is what these bastards have done; they have made me look to see if they have a point. They are the interpreters, thus they can distort to sanitize themselves. Uck fem.

Nice to 'talk'. I don't do farcebook or twatX; I don't have or want a 'smart' phone. But I'm a whizz on my 'puter!

Guest Avatar
Linda Hughes 31st January, 2024 @ 12:34

Just been lucky enough to have my tenant from hell leave after 5 years, house has been trashed, brand new central heating boiler trashed, great holes in walls, brand new cooker and washing machine vanished, big substantial table and chairs gone. Dog poo everywhere, trash piled in garden, gardens destroyed, £8,000+ in outstanding rent and rates owed, the list goes on, this was a DSS tenant. Over £20,000 of damage to contents and structure. I have insurance, thought I was well covered, then learn that there is £300 excess on each and every claim, what that really means is that each item I claim for carries a £300 excess e g cooker = £300, table = £300, washing machine = £300, YIKES!!!
But the upside is that even though the property has been trashed it has still increased in value and I did get a a fair rental income, although I undercharged, and listened to all the sob stories of the day, I was conned ( big time), never increased the rent at all in 5 years. I know many landlords and not one has had a good DSS tenant, that is part of the problem why there is a huge shortage of rental properties as most tenants are on benefits, and if let to anyone in this category the rent will be very high to cover damages etc.
Of course it really needn’t have to be like this, if the government heeded the needs of landlords and made it easier to evict bad tenants, and only where it can be proved, then more would consider renting to DSS.
These tenants don’t live in the real world, they don’t have to, everything’s given to them, without them lifting a finger, and they don’t give a fuck about anyone else, especially their landlord and any hardships they may have. My tenant had 6 x 60 inch TVs around the house, broadband and new sofas every six months, but refused to pay rent and rates. This morning she sent a text to say her deposit of £500 will more than cover any damage!!!
Anyway enough!!!
I thought this site is brilliant and I thought I would put my wee rant on, and feel so much better, because there is nowhere that a landlord can get justice, without it costing, costing, costing and then it fucking well costs even more!!!

Guest Avatar
Nicola Knaggs 27th April, 2024 @ 12:32

Just to say I love reading your blog. It is the ray of sunshine I look for in the midst of the usual inbox drivel, that I haven't yet banished into unsubscribe.

















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