Buying, Investing & Letting BTL's for Beginners

This is where the journey of every self-made landlord begins.

Whether you’re buying a property for BTL purposes, or thinking about renting out your current home, the prospect of becoming a landlord is usually both exciting and nerve wracking for upcoming first-time landlord.

Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve… errr… wrote the blog about it.

If you’re buying a BTL, the thought of investing so much money into a ‘business venture’ is a very scary prospect, and the potential risks can be gut-wrenching. What if it all goes wrong? What if I lose all my money? Sound familiar?

In reality, investing in property really isn’t THAT risky- not in the grand scheme of things anyways. It’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to wake up one day and find that your property is worth diddly-squat.

The key to being a successful landlord and property investor is mostly about following the rules, applying common sense, and most importantly, treating your tenants fairly.

In this section, I’ve written articles offering practical and useful tips for new and upcoming landlords, along with my stories based on my own experiences.

Checklist 05 Jun 2017 0

How Do I Rent Out My House? The Dummy Guide!

Leasehold Property 19 Apr 2017 23

Are Leasehold Properties Good For Buy-To-Let Investments?

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30 Practical Tips ALL New & Accidental Landlords Should Know in 2019!

05 Dec 2015 3

Guide On Conveyance Solicitors & Finding The Right One For Your House Sale/Purchase

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How To Be A Sensible & Low-Risk Landlord

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Warning: It’s The Estate Agents Job To Sell You Shit

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8 Essential Steps To Becoming A Landlord (What Landlords Need To Know)

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Buying Property With No Deposits

18 Nov 2008 3

Kirstie Allsopp & Phil Spencer Give Property Buying Tips

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Calculating The Rental Yield To Find The Best BTL Investment

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Understanding Property Valuations And Structural Surveys

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Can You Be Too Old To Invest In Property?

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I Can’t Find A Suitable Property To Buy

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How To Extend Your Property Lease

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I Avoided Buying A Property That Needs Renovating

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Approaching The Home-Seller (Vendor) Directly

22 Jan 2008 38

My Property Investment Strategy

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How To Spot The Next Up-And-Coming Area For A Good BTL Investment

08 Jan 2008 1

There’s Never A Bad Time To Invest In Buy-To-Let

03 Jan 2008 0

Tip: Buy The Ugliest House On The Street If It Makes Financial Sense

Fight, fight, fight 21 Nov 2007 0

Investing in BTL With Friends & Family – Yay or Nay?

03 Nov 2007 1

Guide On Listed buildings

25 Oct 2007 4

Guide On Property Crossover Leases

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Flipping Property For A Fortune

Valuation 09 Sep 2007 0

What Are The Signs Of An Approaching Property Crash?

11 Jul 2007 61

Warning: Be Careful Of Property Associations

07 Jun 2007 1

The Dangers Of Buying A House With An Extension

16 May 2007 7

Simple Guide To Buying Off-Plan Property

20 Apr 2007 1

Sarah Beeny’s Property Renovation/Development Tips

05 Mar 2007 4

What Is A Flying Freehold Property?

George Bush scratching head 07 Feb 2007 14

What Is The Age Of My House?

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Questions House Buyers Should Ask Estate Agents

29 Jan 2007 0

The Steps Required To Buy A Property

25 Jan 2007 72

Differences Between Freehold, Leasehold, and Commonhold Properties

George Bush scratching head 15 Jan 2007 1

What Is Stamp Duty & Do Landlords Need To Pay it?

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