Short-Term Lettings Guide For Landlords (Airbnb, Holiday & Private Lets)

Short-Term Lettings Guide For Landlords

Short-term lettings, the latest super trendy and lucrative way of letting property, whether you’re a BTL landlord, or just an average Joe with a spare room/house.

Companies like Airbnb have surged the popularity in short-lets; they’ve made it possible for anyone with property to generate between 30% to 100% more than traditional long-term lets!

So, let’s talk about it…

Considering I’ve been an active – and professional – landlord for over a decade, I’m considerably late to the whole ‘Airbnb’ and ‘short-let’ party.

I’ve always been – and still am – a traditional BTL landlord. A regular and steady rental income generated from long-term tenants has been the highlight reel powering my wet-dreams ever since I got into the game. There’s nothing more appealing to me than a boring, middle-aged family man, that’s glued to a stable job, and cherishes a long-term tenancy agreement.

Am I a dinosaur in the world of lettings? Am I the embarrassing dad that’s walking around with a mullet and a bumbag? I’m starting to think I might just be.

It was only as recently as late last year (2017) that I finally became fully educated on the new era of short-term lettings (i.e. Airbnb) and the riches it can bring…

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