Reasons Why I Hate My Tenant

I Hate My Tenant

My tenant is finally out of my life after having served an eviction notice on her incompetent dumb arse. I’m definitely ready to close this chapter in my life… right after I’ve documented a list of reasons why I want to skull fuck her with a blunt, rusty axe.

Before you commence onto my ungodly rant, I want to clarify a few things (in case you’re jumping in at the tail-end of the love affair with my ex-tenant)…

This blog post is written on the back of a gruelling, lengthy and painful eviction battle between me and my former tenant, so my level of frustration was off the charts. I’m pretty sure I suffered from a few stress induced strokes and several months of impotence during this whole ordeal.

Regardless of how recklessly and abruptly my emotions may come across during my moment of despair and dwindling faith in mankind, I am a professional landlord. I follow all the rules and regulations, I provide my tenants with a good service, and nice and clean properties, and I’m always eager to resolve any maintenance issues immediately.

The reality is, there are some tenants that exist purely to abuse the system, and it doesn’t matter how professional and reasonable any landlord is. I believe my tenant was one of those people; she’s abused the system and literally sucked the living shit out of it for every thing it’s worth.

I’m sure many other landlords that have gone through similar trials and tribulations will be able to relate to my emotions (but probably not with my choice in words). Now, onto the list:

1: Late rent payments

I don’t think I received one rent payment on time.

Every time rent was due she fed me with an excuse in an attempt to justify the delays. Little did she care to realise is that I didn’t give a flying fuck about her stupid excuses after the forth consecutive delay. She signed a contract (without a gun pointing at her head) to make payment on a set date per month, so that’s exactly what I expected.

I can live with one or two late payments, but consistently late payments got tiresome, as did her excuses. In fact, it’s the excuses that make everything much more painful.

2: Failing to make payments, period.

She completely failed to make payments 2 months in a row. That left me out of pocket by about £1.5k. Ouch!

At this point I started the eviction process. BOOM! Have that.

3: Housing Benefit abuse

My tenant was receiving cheques from the social benefit to contribute towards her living expenses. However, as mentioned in my previous point, she failed to pay the last 2 months rent, which left me in the shitter.

The million dollar question: where did her allowance go? A few people have their own theories, but I have a few unsavoury theories of my own. Of course, my theories are all drug and alcohol related.

4: Liar

She’s a compulsive liar. She lied about pretty much everything, a lot of it was actually so absurd that it was comical.

On a few occasions she literally told me she was “on her way to bank” to transfer the rent into my account. Seriously, she would make out like she was actively walking to the bank while she was texting me.

She must have got lost and/or fallen down a very deep hole… every damn time. Obviously I didn’t receive a single penny. She literally did that on 3 or 4 occasions.

I guess what she was really saying was…

I’ve got your fucking money punk, and now i’m going to get high as a motherfucker with it!

5: Attitude

She always gave me stinking attitude when I chased her down for late payments, even though I showed literally no aggression or haste (unlike the display I’m putting on right now). She was acting like I was an arsehole for enquiring why rent wasn’t paid on time.

Why do some tenants in arrears do that? They act like they’re the victim and we’re monsters for exercising the terms and conditions of the contract they willingly agreed to.

I just assumed she was constantly high and oblivious to reality. I’m no expert in the field of drug abuse, but I’m confident she was showing all the classic signs of an abuser.

6: Avoiding the situation

Eventually, ignoring my phone calls and text messages was her method of choice to solve the situation. Not the best method, may I add, but I expected nothing less.

Once again, I just assumed she was always passed out in a gutter somewhere after a wild night, so unable to engage in any conversation.

7: Unable to take responsibility

Even a 2yr child has the ability to know that shitting on the carpet is wrong. If a child knows wrong from wrong, I wonder why my 28yr old tenant struggled to comprehend that she was in the wrong.

Every time I spoke to her she put blame onto something or someone else. For example, “I haven’t been able to make payment because my mum is ill” or “I haven’t been able to make payment because the council have messed up my payments”

The constant flow of excuses was driving me bonkers.

8: Incapable of apologising

Needless to say, I didn’t get one apology throughout the entire affair. Not even when she was late with rent the first time. Surely that’s just common decency, right?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve dished out inauthentic apologies purely out of courtesy. So even a hollow, bullshit, flimsy, spluttering, drunken “sorry” would have been something!

9: Complete lack of decency

The funny thing is, if she had only just communicated with me like an adult from the beginning, maybe the situation could have been handled in a more amicable manner.

Despite being a greedy landlord, I can empathise with financial turmoil, so I’m always willing to help how I can, and I’m always willing to work with my tenants as long as they’re reasonable and fair. Unfortunately, from the moment my tenant started experiencing financial difficulties, she buried her head in the sand (i.e. didn’t talk to me about it), misdirected her anger, constantly lied and was unable to take responsibility, so this was always going to end in one bitter way.

Final thoughts…

I don’t think I need anymore reasons to justify why I think she was a stupid, crack-whore, shit-for-brains!

The relief

Oh, the relief.

One thing I’ve learned through years of being a landlord is that there isn’t a better feeling than shaking off a tenant that’s causing horrific discomfort. Too many landlords hang-on [for too long] thinking the situation will improve or just go away, but they rarely do. I’m guilty of clinging, for sure.

But the reality is, once you become unshackled and liberated from a bullshit tenant’s grip, the feeling is euphoric. So my advice is, if your tenant is causing you discomfort (i.e. because they’ve either broken the rules and/or being completely unreasonable), don’t prolong, don’t give them the benefit of doubt if they have already abused your trust, simply shake them off ASAP.

You will feel better for it, and those sleepless nights will become a puny distant memory.

On a side note, if you need any legal advice on how you should go about the process, you can get free legal advice for landlords from here.

Have you had a bad tenant? If so, express yourself… no judgement here. Consider it therapy.

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Observer 22nd December, 2011 @ 09:44

Adrian, landlords are regulated. It's by tenancy law that can see landlords acting outside of that 'regulation', jailed. It's pretty clear cut and far from toothless.

There's no such equality on the tenant 'regulation' front. The worst that can happen to tenants is eviction, via a time consuming possession order and/or a CCJ regards damage or rent arrears. That's it and as it stands, all a rogue tenant need do is lie on his next application, and he's free to repeat the cycle again.

It's ridiculous when compared to say laws against uninsured car drivers. You can subject a community to persistant rogue tenants, making lives miserable on a daily basis, demanding the innocent neighbours having to put up with it whilst having to collect their own evidence to go through the aggro of pursuing asbo's. Landlords are utterly powerless to take action direct. And yet you're 1000 times more likely to live next door to anti social rogue tenants, than be hit by an uninsured car driver.

My Christmas message is for tenants to be regulated by a system with teeth. An open easily accessible register is urgently needed of eviction actions taken. Points stay on driving licenses for 4 years, tenant possession orders should be the same. Councils should provide the ' social' housing for the rogue problem tenancies and those with good clean records should enjoy the benefit of good private rentals.

The standard of private rentals will improve dramatically overnight. Private landlords will return to invest in their housing stock without fear of annual trashing, and communities will enjoy pleasant neighbours to live with. It's a win all round whilst putting the onus on councils and governments to address the rogues. If they were paying the bill, (which is costing the private sector millions each year) we'd have enforceable regulation in days. Surely it's the least we can do for all those decent hard working tenants out there who are equally blighted by the bad apples?

Happy Christmas all, Cardiff landlord and all, hope you have a lovely quiet one! xx

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helium 24th December, 2011 @ 01:10

Once again the Observer is absolutely right... I love reading your posts. Thanks to the Landlord as well as it is this site that has kept me sane, it makes you realise that you are not the only one that this is happening to. There are indeed others in the same boat and that is a comfort when you think everything that has happened must be your own fault.

I hope you all have a lovely christmas and a great new year. x

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cardifflandlord 24th December, 2011 @ 11:06

@Adrian - sorry, no idea what you are babbling on about - Merry Christmas anyway.

Observer, Merry Christmas to you too - thanks for your posts and heres hoping for more lunatics in 2012!

Be safe everyone


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dave 30th December, 2011 @ 22:59

Found this website by chance, what a bunch of crazy arseholes.

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fed up 28th February, 2012 @ 16:42

how long can a lanlord leave the drains blocked and a tennant without their downstairs loo by the way i am disabled and rely on the downstairs loo

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Virtual Fi 29th March, 2012 @ 22:59

If you want to rent a property, rent one you are happy with.

If you want to improve your surroundings then make / save money then try cleaning. Even some fresh paint can do wonders (with the landlord's permission). The landlord is not responsible for your wear and tear. Read your agreement.

If you want to live exactly as you wish then buy your own house.

It is not rocket science. It's called the real world - the one that I live in.

Ah but then tenants would not be able to moan, moan, moan about everything would they and that sure does rock their world.

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Virtual Fi 29th March, 2012 @ 23:17

Re: Drains (external) - the landlord must do those, you have to seek some advice on that as it is not good practice.

I am not renting out my flat anymore, been bitten now very shy, the grief just not worth it, funny I thought I was actually helping to provide affordable housing in Central London but turns out I'm a Rackman because I dare to tell the last (hooray hooray no more bitching tenants!!!) tenant that mould is a cleaning issue, and if you never open the windows or clean over 7 years then yes the flat will turn rank, funny how that's my fault isn't it!? I used to live there and there is a condensation problem, but that is because of the property and there is nothing that can be done. I installed an extractor but mould needs to be wiped away monthly. They did not clean at all, quite disgusting state they vacated in, yuk how some people live, their choice.

Too much blame, could not take it any longer.

I now have a lodger, I stay there when I am in London, beautiful arrangement, would recommend to all landlords with more than one bedroom if they can cover the mortgage. I am better off becuase I don't break things and I look after the property = less costs. My lodger is not demanding he live in my home with me, perfect :-)

Please tenants - grow up, lower your grandiose ideas, fulfill your commitments and stop saying we are all ripping you off, if it is too much don't pay it look for something cheaper, and stop your bitching!

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fed up 23rd April, 2012 @ 16:04

my landlord takes our payment every month but when things go wrong he never wants to fix anything i had a gas leak for over 3 months due to a badly fitted cooker (landlord fitted cooker) i kept telling landlord he came round said no i can not smell gas, i contacted transco they came round disconected the supply, how long do upvc doors last mine gone after 8 years been told i have broke my own door, saving to move as my husband as lost his job and it going to take a few weeks to get housing benefit so landlord doesnt want dss so we have to leave after us spending £1500 on decorating and carpet

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Ken 23rd April, 2012 @ 18:19

Telephone call
Tenants partner - Hi, its ****, just to let you know the rent will be late as we have just bought a new T.V?

Now this is how is should have been -

Hi, its ****, the rent is in your account today, oh and buy the way we are saving to buy a new T.V as the old one that we have needs replacing.

And these people look to Landlords for references when their tenancy finishes....think again!

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fed up 24th April, 2012 @ 19:53

need advise from a landlord please how long can i be left with a door that will not lock (front door) been 28hours so far

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fed up 26th April, 2012 @ 11:02

day 4 unable to lock my door landlord phoned at 9am telling me someone was coming if he finished is other job no idea what i can do can not afford to buy a new door myself and lock smith friend as been out and told me the door needs replacing as it also warpped, was thinking if i did get the door could i deduct it from rent as i have given the landlord plenty of time to sort the problem, i am a female who will be on my own all weekend as husband working away i have no bolts of chains on the door landlord said i couldnt, i no i seem to moan a lot on here and i should move which i am trying to do but my husband as had is hours cut and is facing redundancy, we are on the council list

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Benji 27th April, 2012 @ 10:50

Fed up,

Can tenants withhold rent to pay for repairs?
In some circumstances, tenants may have the right to carry out any repairs their landlords fail to do and withhold rent to recover the cost of those repairs if the landlord does not repay the tenant. If a tenant plans to make repairs they must let the landlord know in writing. The letter to the landlord must include:

that the tenant plans to carry out certain repairs needed
the opportunity for the landlord to carry out the repairs
quotes for costs from three different builders

Once tenants have carried out the repairs, they should give the landlord the opportunity to pay them back for the cost of the repairs. If the tenant does not follow the correct procedures, the landlord may be able to take them to court and seek to evict them for not paying enough rent.

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fed up 29th April, 2012 @ 18:24

thanks Benji

my front door as been broken a week someone came on thursday and informed landlord it needed a complete new locking system quoated him £190 landlord accused me of breaking it even though the fitter informed him there is no damage it just broken, landlord as lost the guarentee so at the moment front door is tied up and i am unable to use it, if there is a fire in the night i have no means of getting out as i only have back door and no window to get out of

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shikira 7th May, 2012 @ 13:20


Goodness, I had to feel bad for your situation given that you had a legal battle.

However, few landlords are reputable and do not conform to what they are meant to do if my own experiences are anything to go by. Slum landlords are the worst and will not think twice about putting a good nine or more people inside a six bedroomed shared house. Some will even go as far as placing Polish tenants within the mix: these people have different lifestyle values and not always respect the other tenants with their late night parties and taking over the place to such an extant that they they devour every living quarter.

I was very glad to get out of my shared accommodation on the basis that my landlord rarely turned up, and/or used family members as rent collectors and changed his mind about rent owed. I left him with a few months short of rent because he did not supply constant hot water, left electrical issues not dealt with and building work that disrupted my well-being and job. His other tenants were also very rude and intrusive. I hated every moment of living there and got my own revenge by not paying him his rent due - if he wanted a conflict with me than he got one and did nothing to resolve it with me.

You are unfortunate and different, yet my situation caused such an amount of anxiety that my sister was willing to confront him. I am wealthy have lots of assets and money and no landlord would get his money by leaving me to live in such intolerable conditions that he placed upon me.

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shikira 7th May, 2012 @ 13:25

I also have some very powerful contacts against slum landlords - I also have an army of family who would be happy to ramshackle his place at any given time - he is too cowardly to confront me because he knows that I would swipe his face clean if he tried to do any harm to me.

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fed up 7th May, 2012 @ 16:15

hi all need some advise quickly

i live in my home 8 years paid full rent no housing benefit at all in that time as of april my husband hours have been cut from 43 to 30 resulting in a £400 pay cut,we have managed to borrow £540 rent for April but housing benefit/tax credit claim as not come through yet so we can not make Mays rent on time we have no one else to ask for money, we have no savings, we have spoken to the landlord who says rent is due 15th May, we have no idea what to do we have shown landlord a letter from work and expalained as soon as benefits are sorted he will be paid (should be sorted within the month) he also informed us if the short hours goes on longer than a couple of months we wil have to laeve as he doesnt want housing benefit tennents.

any advise please

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Benji 7th May, 2012 @ 18:41

fed up,

Try getting a 'discretionary housing payment' from your local authority. Search for it on line first and put together a good argument.

Give these a call, Shelter 0808 800 4444

Your financial difficulties are not your landlords responsibility
- though they may become his problem.

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fed up 7th May, 2012 @ 21:54

thanks for the info i know our finacial problems are not the landlord problem we on the list for a council property it also not my husband fault he been put on short time he looking for another job, we will pay him when the benefits come through my hubby as been in his job 18 years and now facing being made redundant, i can not work due to disability (my gp consultant say i can not work but the dwp have deamed me fit and stopped my dla ) we have applied for housing benefit tax credit income support we just waiting for the results

we have no contract on paper so as soon as we get offered a cheaper home we can move

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fed up 6th June, 2012 @ 16:21

can a landlord answer me this question

our landlord wants us out due to being 1 month behind in rent we have been trying to claim h/b for 9 weeks but he refusing to give us proof of rent or a new contract sayng you have family borrow it he as no time to arrange a contract it is logged with the council that we have made 3 visits 3 phone calls and wrote 3 letters WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO, if he gives us an eviction notice the council said they will help us fight it as the claim should have been sorted weeks ago we have give bank statments, wage slips proof of my dla just waiting on the landlord

so as a landlord what would you do evict us

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Earl Jackson 30th January, 2013 @ 02:44

I have foolishly fallen for the same bullshit excuses over and over again. I have a tenant who is supposed to move out in a few weeks, and it has been over a year that she has paid rent on time. If I don’t ask for it, she doesn’t pay.

Tenants, feel like landlords owe them something because they think they can use us as some form of revolving line of credit, that our possessions and land is somehow entitled to them because they have nothing.

If they had any credit, which they don’t because they are renting, they would mortgage a place—if they can qualify—and slowly buy into a home or a flat.

It’s just strange. I tried to be a good person, I really have, but people mistake hospitality for weakness.

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tom 2nd March, 2013 @ 02:45

I discovered one of my tenant has trashed my house. She dismantled the friggin furnace and then complained the heat did not work. The place is strewn with dog shit, the floors are toast and much more.

Yesterday in court she lied and said the place was like that and the furnace has never worked. I lived in the home until the day she moved in so I know stuff works. The damn judge is letting her stay for another month even though she is behind in rent and he says she does not have to pay march rent but the trial is in April. He had no sympathy for me of the fact I have to pay the mortgage regardless.

She says she paid me an extra $1500 in cash but she never did.

Kathy K knows the system and is milking it. She told the judge that the furnace was wired with lighter fluid ?

I was there yesterday and you can smell the stench from the middle of the driveway. In Alberta the system works for the tenants. The judge is a dick.

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lucas 28th March, 2013 @ 16:32

I think I can help
I recently started using this start up program that tracks tenants and gives each one an individual score based on late payments, reliability and so forth.
This will help many of you out as it did with me, and It's free to sign up!

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fed up 11th December, 2013 @ 11:11

here I go again my rented house came with built in oven, it broke 2 weeks ago landlord still not sorted it my rent is paid up to date, he as ignored all my phone call texts and emails I have called at his home to be told he as no money at the moment I offered to get it sorted and deducted from next rent he refused, he said you have microwave and gas hob, so what's the problem supposed to have family round on Sunday for a Christmas style meal so I need the oven so any landlords could I get the oven fixed and deduct from rent

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Rubicon 5th March, 2014 @ 18:49


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claire 8th April, 2014 @ 13:04

my current landlord sent an estate agent round to re value rental value of property he wasn't a happy man agent informed to get the rent he wants £695 property needs

1. New bathroom this one was fitted in 1950
2. polystyrene tiles need removing from bedroom ceiling
3 cooker hood needs venting we never knew it was never vented

4 needs a new boiler]

so now landlord says he will keep rent at current price if we sign a contract as he as already given a reference so we can move we have said NO WAY

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Nicole 12th April, 2014 @ 18:41

I completely understand how you feel Landlord. You take the time to think you find a good tenant to not only have them stab you in the back but abuse it. We had two tenants like that. The first tenant had her alcholic boyfriend live with her and decided to break a bunch of stuff in the hallway and decided to punch walls and doors. The best part she NEVER paid for over 4 months. She litterally came down and told us "Make me leave I won't without a cop" We sent several eviction notes $45 dollars a time to serve her papers. Then finally we had to take her to court to get her out $500 dollars we had to spend. Finally she moved out and we are out over $2,000 dollars. T_T

Then there is our current tenant she is being a bitch. She had a job and decided to not go into work. She came into our store and she was like "I got fired". We live in a small town so I knew the boss that she worked at and talked to her and she said "We didn't fire her she never showed up. She is still on the schedule!!!" Then her plumbing kept backing up constantly. We never had that problem with any other tenant who lived there but for some reason it has happened over 5 times within two weeks. Backed up plumbing that she either waits to tell us until we head home after 6 and calls us at 9 pm to tell us it didn't work all day (our house is 15 miles away from the apartments) . Found out even though we told her several times not. She kept putting food in the sink. We told her this is an old apartment you can't do that not once but more than four times. We had to eventually had to have her sign a completely new contract stating that she won't put food in the drain or she will have to call the plumber and pay it herself. Funny it stopped shortly after that. Speaking of that on the contract she signs there is specific rules that we ask of her "One is you cannot smoke in the apartments and the second is no cops (meaning don't have raids and stuff it is embarrassing for us and well that makes us look bad)". Both have happened several times and I just despise her for that. I am sorry but have you ever repainted and redo a room because of a smoker it is terrible and even now I smell her downstairs cause my shop is right below her and we share the same vents!!! Her "husband" I am pretty sure he is here illegally because he only shows up once a month and he is with a different "lady" and he is super "friendly". She claims that he will pay the rent. I have yet to see it for the last 2 months and now recently we found out she hasn't paid the heat bills for over four months and in our state it has to be in our name cause the building is in our name. We told her she had to pay it and she said she would. Like a fool we trusted she would a guy came in to turn it off we called her off and she was like "Why don't you just turn it off it is spring anyway I won't need the heat" I was like HELLO they are not doing this out of pity or charity.T_T That was over $500 dollars we spent to fix that. The thing that pisses me off even more about her the fact she is a constant liar, she blames everyone but herself, and she has everyone paying her bills. A month ago I saw she got a 52 inch tv. Yet I don't get rent. WTF!!! She called all the local goverment help centers. We got a check from singles mothers organization. We called them and told them that she was married and I know she was getting child support. The priest called a week ago when I told her she needs to go "That as a Christian that we should understand her and that we needed to lower the rent for her because she can't afford everything and that we were being awful towards to her." I couldn't believe what I was hearing he went on telling me things apparently we were doing to her. Like she told him that we harass her for money ALL the time (Gee you know if you paid on time or didn't make a stupid excuse every time I wouldn't have to call you 4 days AFTER rent is due. Which reminds me she has two amazing kids that she uses for a giant excuse. We are waiting for school to get out and we will have to wait until school gets out to kick her out. Yesterday, after telling her that the day school is out she is getting a eviction note due to non payments. She sent the kids down to ask "Why would you kick us out of our home.Mommy told me to ask you." What do you and what do you say to a five and six year old. I ended up saying "It is grown-up business and don't worry about it is not about you." How dare she do that to me making me look like some kind of monster. When several times she would lock up her apartment and leave for periods of time and her kids would get off at school come to our shop looking for her. I AM NOT A BABYSITTER... but I am not cruel so I usually sit them down help them with there homework (even though I have my own shop to work at). Then she will show up COUPLE HOURS later. "Oh I totally forgot about you two." O_O Seriously that is what she says. The worst time was about a week ago. She left alone ALL NIGHT. I called her up several times going "Where are you?". I didn't know what to do so I opened their apartment and stayed with them until 1 am when she came in saying "They wanted more responsibilities." O_o Seriously!!! I called social services the next day but they haven't taken them away yet I know her oldest one is gone but I hope that the other two are taken to go to a better home, a loving, kind, non-stupid mother and father.

Sorry I ranted ALOT.... but I feel better and it makes me feel less stress. To the one who says they should expect it once in a while. You don't understand the pain and frustration. Once you have a bad tenant like that you question whether it is worth having apartments for rent or just to cost your loss.

Thanks for letting me post now to kick out this bitch and move on

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Nicole 12th April, 2014 @ 18:45

Yeah funny last note the first tenant I talked about in my post after all was said and done asked us for a referance. O_o really fuck you ... I wanted to say

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shikira 15th November, 2014 @ 22:05

There are landlords and there are landlords - some of which have profited from their commercial success via irrefutable gluttony and the greater many reputable ones - suffer needlessly from crazy impoverished tenants.

I have always been wealthy as a tenant, had money to burn all of the time, and could always afford my rent. Just that one money - hungry landlord kept trying to change my rent agreement with him; sent various family members to collect cash as if owners of the property, yet were mere associates of the landlord in question. This and the fact that he had several foreign squatters taking over the house, made me leave abruptly for his sympathies with them.

He was also attracted to me as I was him, yet allowed his supposed wife intimidate me. He happened to be bisexually inclined and the rest cannot be posted on her. Closure never found.

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Caz 17th August, 2015 @ 16:35

I've read all the posts on here as I've just signed up, but when someone asks a question ( ie Fed Up) not one person answered her! Why is that? It's just one person after another, not bothering what the last person said but ranting on about their own problems, with not a care in the world, how odd this site is, no wonder no ones bothered to put anything on here since November!

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sausage 22nd September, 2015 @ 16:58


Fed Up seems to have had a lot of problem, many of which were answered and then new ones cropped up. Sometimes, it's just not possible or advisable to keep on giving out informal advice via a blog to people who can't seem to manage. They need to get formal help from organisations equipped to walk them through their troubles.

This seems to be a blog for landlords to share ideas (i.e. rant!), so if tenants are asking for legal advice, they are probably in the wrong place. No one wants to be responsible for giving bad advice.

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Geri 21st April, 2016 @ 09:27

What irks me is tenants paying late and having to be reminded.If they actually informed me that they'd be a bit late , I might not get so annoyed. They just forget. I have to waste my time calling them.
If one has a car loan, credit card bills, or other payments, don't they have to pay exactly on the due date? YES.
A apartment is no different. As a landlord, I have many monthly bills and I have to pay them on time. I have a one week grace period before anyone is charged a late payment fee and that's generous. Some people need to grow up.

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Dee 20th June, 2016 @ 01:52

That's what you get for trying to get poor people to pay of your mortgage. Greedy bastards you landlords are. Think you can get money for nothing. I say she's the smart one and your the shit for brains lmfao.

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Caroline 15th July, 2016 @ 11:37

Hi. I have a tenant that is coming to the end of her six month contract. I have an issue with her and would like to give her another six months. How do I do this please?

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muddy mudman 1st October, 2016 @ 20:07

Well, being a landlord who is actually a tenant, I see both sides of things.
I have a house where I lived for 20 years then, moved abroad.
I'm back in the UK now but, decided to honour my tenants contract (5 years) and moved to the in-laws town.
I'm renting here and, my landlord is nothing like me!
He's not a "Twat" (pardon the French), but, he don't like doing things to keep HIS house worthy of living in.
I treat my rental property just as I wish someone to keep my owned property. Thankfully, my tenant does do that but, my landlord is not a good advert for us decent landlords.
I can understand "Some" of the complaints by tenants on here but, the truth is, tenants have all the rights!
It just needs to be a simple, you know your responsibilities and I know mine.
Sorry point is, everyone and sundry just telling the tenant, "You can't be evicted, we're here to help, no matter what"! Even when rent hasn't been paid!!!
(Sort yourselves out shelter)

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Yup 9th October, 2016 @ 15:59

I know what you are talking about. Its so funny that family emergency or some bullshit excuse about their job comes up ONLY when rent is due. Most of my tenants are just same. They don't understand if I get mad at them for violation of lease but they scream off their lung at me if they want repair or if something goes wrong (even though it is their responsibility not mine)

Guest Avatar
goodtenant 12th January, 2017 @ 07:47

You are all a bunch of slumlords. I pay my rent on time, and have had horrendous landlords that suck me into their building issues. I rent you deal with fixing things--I've had to also take to court everything single landlord, because they're tried to pocket a portion of my deposit even though the place is spotless when I leave. Planning on buying so I never have to deal with you unethical scum of the earth again. Not sure you you people sleep at night. Keep up your freakin property again that's your job not mine!

Guest Avatar
Wankerlords 14th January, 2017 @ 09:36

This is so fucking rich coming from economic parasites like you, the monthly top up others make to your piles of cash is late and you're frustrated... poor you! How hard life must be...

Guest Avatar
Andrea MacGillivray 23rd October, 2017 @ 09:25

I rented out my property quite a long time ago. I always got paid because it was straight from the DHS I think that is what it was called back then. As I said it was a long time ago. It did turn out that she was a bad Tenant (when are they not) I ask myself! She had her Boyfriend living with her which was not allowed (I only found out after she left) and by the way, she left my property in a terrible mess. Doors where taken off the hinges, ground in nasty things in the carpets by her kids I would presume. I could go on. I do feel for the good landlords and there are many of them. They are just trying to make a living.

Guest Avatar
Adam 31st January, 2018 @ 23:24

I had such a hard time with my tenant lately that I looked for "I hate my tenant" in google and came here.
I understand your emotions. My tenant pays on time, but he is an aggressive person. I just hate so much talking to him. He complaints a lot, without appereciating anything I do for him.
I wish to end this contract and find a decent tenant

Guest Avatar
CIK 6th February, 2018 @ 03:46

Every year I hate my tenants more and more. They just have a way to ruin my happiness.

When they have to pay the late fee, it's not their fault so they don't have to. And I'm a slumlord for telling them that they have to follow the rule on the contract which they 'agreed and signed'.

They don't let me in the unit for repair and at the same time, I'm a horrible person for not fixing it.

When I evict them for nonpayment or breach of contract, I'm racist + whatever the derogatory term they can think of.

Others always say, well you guys only care about money, blah blah blah. No landlord is renting out a place for charity, they are doing it for money. Why would anyone have to deal with the headache of fighting with tenants (ones who damage property, pay rent late or don't pay them all, etc.), called derogatory terms other than for money?

I mean, they break the contract, and somehow, I'm a bad person for not making exceptions for them? Somebody explain that to me (and by explain, I mean logical, educated explaination not some bs excuse that I always get).

Guest Avatar
Gehzu Hölle 14th January, 2020 @ 20:00

I'm sure your tenant hates you too, and you sound like the shitty person in this situation, not them. "I didn’t give a flying fuck about her stupid excuses" doesn't exactly scream decent, maybe if you don't want to be viewed like a monster don't fucking act like one. Greedy, narcissistic cunt.

Guest Avatar
Scw 25th March, 2020 @ 21:23

Got a professional piss taking tenant. We have 26 flats. Alot of our tenants have been with us between 5 to 15 years, 4 tenants have been with us for 28 years.(each)!! Over past three or four years, there had been a change and it has got worse. Every year we have had a new professional tenant who abuses the system. We've have lost well over £14000 in legal fees and lost rent from only 6 tenants. This year, first time ever since 1996, we have had to evict a tenant through the courts (he stopped paying in September 2019 and we got possession on 17th March, but of course we cant do anything now because of the coronavirus, which we accept but means three more months without rent). Saw him today, he thought it was funny and he said to me, see you in June!Some of you out there will say, you've been lucky to have had only one eviction. Nope. Because of the very few nasty horrible people out there who gives me and my wife sleepless nights means we are not re-letting any of the flats in the future. He was the last straw and means good tenants will have to purchase a home or wait for the council to house them, unless they can find a rental property. We had 3 flats come empty since September and we sold them rather than relet them. Even thou we got so many great tenants, it only takes one to fuck it up for decent tenants and decent landlords.Thankyou to all those GOOD TENANTS out there, our business is only as GOOD AS YOU ARE. Sorry, but the minority are fucking it up for the majority as per usual. Steve.

Guest Avatar
Caroline 26th March, 2020 @ 09:00

On top of what you have written I have had two tenants who have trashed my houses. The law is on the tenants side. First lot was evicted. They owed £1800 in rent arrears and took well over £3000 to get the house back together. It is no good taking them to court because they have no money and then declare themselves bankrupt. The second tenant was letting the house fall into disrepair so gave them a month to start repairing some of the damages and they moved out within two weeks. When I got the keys back it took another load of money to get it up to letting standard. I have at last found a decent tenant. When they leave the property will be sold.

Guest Avatar
luanne 3rd September, 2020 @ 11:01

You sound absolutely disgusting. Don't get personal. Your disgusting, misogynistic comments reveal your true character and if I was your tenant, I'd be incredibly uncomfortable. Don't be a landlord if you hate it so much. Tosser.

Guest Avatar
Robert 9th September, 2020 @ 14:00

Luanne are you a full shilling?

Its his blog he can say what he wants. If you don’t like it you could start your own I guess?
Your first post could be about how fantastic non-paying tenants are.

I would be pissed too if I had some cretin living in my house for free whilst I had to sit back and wait for the slow moving cogs of the legal system to catch up.

Don’t forget whilst this moron is ignoring messages and withholding payment the landlord is still paying for property overheads. There have literally been landlords who lost the houses they live in due to falling into arrears on the property they rent out due to selfish non-paying tenants.

I don’t blame him for being upset.

Additionally, you call him for being rude then end your post by calling him a tosser. You're a hypocrite.

Guest Avatar
luanne 24th September, 2020 @ 15:29

Robert, read what I said, will you?

I didn't once mention him having a problem with the rent not being paid. That's fair and of course, that will piss landlords off. Not a problem there.

But I DO have a problem with his vile, degrading, sexist comments about this woman. Saying he wants to 'skull fuck her' with a rusty axe is disgusting, mate.

Whether it's a 'figure of speech' or him unleashing his anger, it doesn't matter. With that type of language, I can see why he's choosing to stay anonymous.

And if you didn't have a problem with those kinds of comments, I really don't understand why you're so triggered by me calling him a 'tosser'.

Guest Avatar
Robert 1st October, 2020 @ 14:34

You've been on the wine again Luanne haven’t you?

Like I said, its his blog, if you don’t like what he writes leave or start your own.

I’m not triggered at all, I’m just pointing out that you're a hypocrite. You claim you don't like his language then you call him a tosser.

Guest Avatar
Matt Limacher 6th February, 2021 @ 13:46

Is there any advice available out there on asking a tenant to ensure the outside area/garden is kept clean and tidy as it currently looks like a tip and it has been mentioned informally in the past.


Guest Avatar
Alice 16th February, 2021 @ 17:50

My tenant is under educated and looks like a Trump supporter because she is a Trump supporter. She is too stupid to get the utilities switched over to her name even though there is a list of bills that she will have to switched over in her contract-BIG BOLD and obvious. She got my for $130 on gas bills already. But enough is enough because she didn't bother to get the sewer/storm water switched in her name and 3 months went by with no payment to the utility. I called her stupid ass up and told her about it because I'm not going to be on the hook for anymore of her stupidity. I had to call the utility today to talk to the lady their and the poop is going to hit the fan if she still hasn't paid. I don't hold anyone up on the rent either because my rental fee is very reasonable.

And then there is my suspicion that she is dealing drugs because of what I've been seeing. But I need more proof than I have. She is also trashy because her trash is always blowing over in my yard since I live next door. She refuse to bring that little shit she calls a dog with her when she first came to look at the house. And now I know why. It is mean and it will attack people. I warned her about that too.

She is a smoker and still smoke even though she had open heart surgery and stents all through her body. But at least she smokes outside or at least that is what she says and she claims she don't have ash trays out. Since she lies so much I'm not sure if I want to believe her since she can get them back out when she knows I'm not coming over.

But I'm stuck with this ignorant woman thanks to a woman I worked with for 12 years at a local factory. So I can't even trust friends to tell me the truth. I'm trying to find an innocent way to get her out of my property, but maybe the bitch will pass away and save me the trouble of evicting her. And tenants wonder why landlords become assholes.

Guest Avatar
Observer 19th February, 2021 @ 10:17

I first piped up on here 10 years ago. Happy anniversary! Since then, notifications occasionally drift through my inbox, but this last one needs a response.

Alice. You are an asshole with a special kind of stupid attached.

This advice comes to you free from a UK landlord and would strongly advise
1/ You use an agent to manage your property as you clearly havent a clue what youre doing.
2/ Keep away from any direct interaction with any tenants or even the general public. Youre a hugely unpleasant individual.

Have a great day.

Guest Avatar
Alice 19th February, 2021 @ 14:12

At least I'm not a coward and don't hide behind a fake name. So shut up and crawl back in your hole landlord from the UK. Brits are some of the nastiest people around attacking posters on here instead of attacking the problems of tenants. And it's for sure you sound like a bigger asshole than me.

















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