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This is probably the most important section of the entire website for residential landlords in England & Wales.

Sadly, many new (and even experienced) landlords aren’t aware of their legal rights or obligations, which ultimately makes them prime pickings for either self-inflicted prosecution (e.g. for failing to meet their legal obligations) or the victim of exploitation, by one of many cowboys polluting this frighteningly spineless industry, whether that be rogue tenant or rouge agent.

Being a landlord blogger of several years (holy moly, can’t believe it’s been that long!), I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity of hearing more gut-wrenching horror stories by fellow landlords than I care to remember, which in the vast majority of cases could have either been completely avoided, or much less painful, if only they had taken the time to research their legal rights and obligations. What it really boils down to is ignorance, and dare I say, perhaps laziness in some cases.

In hope of combating at least the ignorance, I’ve covered a broad range of common legal issues, in which I’ve tried to explain in layman’s terms, that all landlords should be aware of, including detailed discussions on specific laws (e.g Landlords right of entry), new and amended landlord legislations, my own personal experiences (including my gripes) with the law, and most crucially, a comprehensive breakdown of a bunch of landlord legal requirements.

That said, I do want to make it clear that I am not a legal professional; I am not qualified to legally advise anyone. Everything written on this website is my opinion and based on my own experiences. While I do try to make sure the content as accurate as possible, I will still always recommend for you to seek legal or professional advice on any legal matters.

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