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(sorry for the melodramatic intro, a man needed to grab your attention)

I can’t emphasise this enough: if you plan on using a “Property Cash Buyer” company (A.k.a. a “We Buy Any House” company) using a reputable one is essential, because the industry is unregulated so that means cowboys are running rampant! And believe you me, they will not hesitate to run you over, and then reverse to ensure the job is done properly (I’ve already covered a lot of their crafty tactics in my guide to property cash buying companies).

Despite the necessary caution, the Property Cash Buying industry is growing rapidly; new companies are popping up quicker than the grey hairs on my back (what can I say? Father time is insufferable!), all promising to make your house-selling process as effortless as picking your nose. Many of them even boast about making cash offers between 75% – 85% of the market value within 24 hours and a guaranteed sale within a measly 7 days.

As we all know, selling a house can be a legitimately soul-destroying journey, so it’s easy to see the appeal of these services, especially for anyone that’s after a snappy sale.

But with so many options, including both good and catastrophic, which should you choose? Spoiler alert, I recommend, and here’s why…

First, let’s see the offer on the table…

My Homebuyers / Property Cash Buying Company
ServiceRatingFeaturesOffers (up to)


TrustPilot Reviews

  • Guarantee to beat any genuine cash offer
  • Members of The National Association of Property Buyers, members of The Property Ombudsman and Trading Standards
  • Any property, any condition considered (England or Wales)
  • Cash offer within 24 hours, Sales completed in as little as 7 days
  • Free Legal fees included, No agent costs or hidden fees
  • Guaranteed sale
Offers (up to)
80-85%of Market Value
Get cash offer

Okay, sweet.

My Homebuyers Vs the Best Rated Competition

First, I think it’s important for you to understand how I got here.

Not too long ago, I wrote a guide on “Property Cash Buyer” companies and compiled a list of the best rated companies, and surprisingly, it managed to gain healthy organic traction (something I hadn’t anticipated at all).

Now, to clarify, when I say “list of the best, what I mean is that I went through a bunch of Property Cash Buying Companies (yup, that certainly was a demoralising task) and created a shortlist of what I felt was the most objectively appealing options, simply because they all met the following criteria:

  • Genuine cash buyer – they will buy the property directly, and therefore don’t need to source a buyer (and essentially act as a middleman) or secure finance before being able to purchase your property, like many of the other cash buying companies do (this can massively slow down the process).
  • Professional and functional website (I’m a big fan of detail and sharp presentation)
  • Highly rated across impartial review/rating platforms (e.g. Feefo, TrustPilot)
  • Members of redress schemes (e.g. The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), members of The Property Ombudsman and Trading Standards etc.)
  • Competitive cash offers (between 75% – 85% market value)
  • Transparent contact details, including physical office address (and not just a make-believe virtual PO box location)
  • Registered company on Companies House
  • Reputation (meaning they didn’t just start trading this morning)

I whittled the exhaustive list down to approximately 8 companies. While the list could have been considerably longer, I wanted to keep it compact, because I tend to believe that long lists run the risk of becoming utterly useless by creating further confusion.

To clarify, I’m not saying good soldiers didn’t slip through the net. They probably did. However, in order to crush my list down to 8, I had to be cutthroat during the process.

Obviously, made the shortlist. So why are they teacher’s pet this term?

Why is My Homebuyers my preferred “We buy any house” company?

Since publishing my list, I’ve been pulled me to one side on more than one occasion, followed by a *wink* and a *nudge*, “Go on then, which one should I use? Which would you use?”

(it’s seriously never been as sleazy as I make it sound)

It’s genuinely a difficult question to answer because I haven’t used any of the companies personally, so I couldn’t possibly recommend any of them based on personal experience. All I knew was that they checked the boxes required to make my shortlist.

However, if you were to press a shotgun against my dome – and I had to pick one today – I’d have to lean towards Of course, my opinion could change, and if it does, I won’t hesitate in pulling the plug on this blog post altogether (in which you wouldn’t be reading this right now).

See, the main problem is, I can only base my judgement based on anecdotal evidence, so I’m not sure how useful it is to begin with. But I guess I’ll let you decide if any of the following makes a difference to you:

  • They don’t tie sellers into any contracts: for me, this is critical and one of the biggest selling points, because it demonstrates ethical practices that many others in the industry do adhere to.

    Signing a contract with one of these companies [that claim to be direct buyers] may instinctively seem “normal” (which is why many do), but it’s not, because they are NOT estate agents, they are meant to be “direct” buyers (unless you’re told otherwise, which is perfectly plausible, and in which case it makes more sense to sign a contract, but I’d still be wary of the terms).

    My Homebuyers purchase properties directly from the seller with their own cash reserves (i.e. they are not sourcing third party buyers/investors), so they have no need to force sellers to sign option agreements/contracts.

    Since My Homebuyers do not require sellers to sign any contracts, that means:

    • The seller can pull out at any time (before deeds are exchanged/completion)
    • The seller is not subjected to any cancellation penalties
    • The seller is not tied to their service/company
    • They will not put a “restriction” against the title of your property with HM Land Registry

    If you’re using a cash buying company that claims to be a direct buyer and requires you to sign a contract, I would avoid them like the plague, because it likely means they’re misleading you in some form, along with restricting your movement and imposing various penalties under certain circumstances.

    The only time the seller should sign any contract is when the solicitor is acting for them and advising them to sign the contract(s) and transfer prior to completion!

  • Formal offer made only after full valuation: one of the biggest and most common scams run by nefarious cash buyer companies is that they make formal offers before conducting a full valuation. If you think about it, that makes no practical sense, because it’s impossible to properly value a property before conducting a full valuation, so why would anyone commit to a formal offer before then?

    Any company that does that is likely to start at a much higher offer that they actually intend on paying, and will therefore significantly reduce their offer as time moves forward. This happens a lot!

    I know for a fact that My Homebuyers only ever make a formal offer on a property once they have completed a full asset management valuation and the offer is fully underwritten. Crucially, what that means is, the offers they make are the offers they intend on paying. All offers are subject to survey and clear title like any offer on the open market and the only time they will ever reconsider the offer that has been made is if something significant is found that affects either the value, mortgageability or the saleability of the property. Needless to say, it’s also important that the homeowners are honest and upfront about any potential issues at the early stages.

  • Highest conversion rate: out of all the reputable and highly-rated cash buying companies I have listed, seems to convert the best for my visitors. I track various metrics, and the stats make me believe that most of my visitors decide to use their services (presumably, most people will get a few quotes from different companies before making a decision. I definitely encourage everyone to do that!).
  • They regularly convert their competitors’ leads: My Homebuyers seem to pick up a lot of last minute ‘price drops’ from their competitors, and that’s very telling.

    Lowering the offer last minute is one of the more common scams utilised by these companies; they lure sellers in with exciting and compelling prices, process a lot of the admin work, and then last minute they’ll muffle their way through reasons for why they need to lower their price.

  • No complaints: perhaps most crucially, I’ve never received a complaint from any one of the leads I have sent over them over the years. In this digital day and age, you can bet your left nut-sack on the fact that if anyone received terrible service from them off the back of something they read on my blog, I would have heard about it.
  • Guarantee to beat any genuine cash offer – this point seems particularly attractive, right?
  • Rich feature list: when comparing the features of their service, they seem to offer all the features the other companies do, such as:
    • Cash offer within 24 hours, Sales completed in as little as 7 days
    • Free Legal fees included, No agent costs or hidden fees
    • Guaranteed sale
    • … etc.
  • It’s worth noting that while not all the other companies individually offer the same features, My Homebuyers seems to provide the whole shebang.

  • They won’t hesitate in buying the most awful houses: I frequently receive updates on the leads I provide My Homebuyers, and it’s evident they will literally buy any old abomination (which is good for anyone struggling to sell a pile of junk), including properties struggling with Japanese Knotweed, Subsidence, stubborn and unattractive leases etc. You name the disease, the odds are they’ll be prepared to take it off your hands [for a price].
  • Super responsive & helpful: They respond to all of my [annoying] queries swiftly and in good spirits (I’m often grovelling after industry related news for my blog posts), and presumably they show the same level of courtesy to their customers.
  • Good vibes: I’ve communicated with My Homebuyers for a good while now, and they just seem like “the good guys/gals”. It’s hard to put into exact words, but when you get a good vibe, you get a good vibe. Know what I mean? I imagine it’s difficult for even the best of actors to remain consistently genuine if that’s not what they are below the surface.

    I’m confident they’re one of the good eggs in this dog-eat-dog industry, and I’d most likely keel over and have a heart attack if they unravel to be one of the many scammers.

There you have it. Make of that what you will.

To clarify, I’m not saying any other company can’t tick the same boxes, I’m sure they can. But the reality is, I have no personal experience of it, so I cannot confirm nor deny.

Even though I haven’t used My Homerbuyers service personally, I genuinely believe that there is merit in someone vouching for the integrity and reputation of a company within this specifically toxic industry, even if it’s coming from a different perspective than yours [a prospective customer]. If I didn’t believe that was the case, I wouldn’t have bothered writing this blog post. Either way, you should always do your own due diligence.

Get a No Obligations Cash Offer from

Will My Homebuyers offer me the most cash for my house?

Despite popular belief, I’m not entirely oblivious. I appreciate that at the end of the day my spidey senses picking up “good vibes” means shit compared to you getting the most cheese for your product. End of the day, it’s all about the money. I get it!

So will My Homebuyers offer you the most cash for your house? Honestly, I have no freaking idea. But I will make the following five points:

  1. First and foremost, you should always get more than one quote. You can get free, no obligation quotes from all the companies on my list.
  2. My Homebuyers guarantee to beat any genuine cash offer. So presumably… yes, they will offer you the most?
  3. Generally speaking, companies that offer less than 75% of the market value are most likely low-balling. In a similar vein, if a company claims to be offering more than 85% of the market value, then alarm bells should be blowing your ears off. From my experience, and having researched and liaised with many companies with in the industry, there’s a general consensus that any more than 85% makes the business model financially unviable, therefore very unlikely.
  4. My Homebuyers offers up to 85%, and that’s the highest you should expect to receive from legitimate companies.
  5. People seem to use their services! *shrugs shoulders*

FYI: Picking favourites is a genuine risk for me

I appreciate it’s the internet and it’s ripe with hidden agendas, so while the following won’t be directly relevant to the topic, I do want to make the following clear (so you can decide how much weight you put into my recommendation)…

I feel like I am sticking my neck out a little too far by picking favourites, because I do have affiliate partnerships with a few of the companies on my hit list. Moreover, I have good working relationships with all of them, so crowning a champion will undoubtedly rub the others’ the wrong way, which could lead to undesirable consequences.

I could easily lose or tarnish my partnerships by going to print with this. But really, none of the companies that made my list seem like bad options, I just happen to have communicated with My Homebuyers more than the others, which has allowed me to get a deeper insight into how they do things. That wasn’t by design or intent, it was just the natural progression of our working relationship. It happens.

Technically, I don’t have a horse in this race, but you could argue I have a few, but that ultimately means I have more to lose than gain by picking a favourite. However, since I am frequently asked the question [which company I would use], I figured it’s time I answered the question. Plus, we can’t always be on the fence, even though it’s usually the easier position.

At the end of the day, the only hope is, someone will find my feedback useful and lead to better things for them, in which case, any potential splashback from the sponsors/partners will be worthwhile.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if the companies I listed are only there because they are affiliate partners, then you can rest assure that isn’t the case:

  • Not all of them are affiliate partners; I have added good options without bias.
  • I value my integrity above all, which means I’m not for sale. Ultimately, financial incentives alone won’t grant entry to ANY company. I regularly receive commercial opportunities from all kinds of property/landlord related companies, and I decline/ignore 99% of them.
  • Throughout the years of running this blog, I have tossed many affiliate partners out the window because they ended up sucking hard (usually because their customer service declined and went to shit, for one reason or another)! I don’t hesitate when it comes to slicing off dead weight, even if it results in a gut-wrenching financial hit.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I retrospectively formed a lot of the affiliate partnerships with the companies (i.e. I listed the companies before forming commercial relationships).

Right, we good? Cool.

In conclusion, I personally trust, and I think they’re a good choice for anyone that’s interested in using a property cash buying company to achieve a rapid sale. Yes, I would also trust the other companies I have listed, but My Homebuyers would be my first choice (but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would use them after weighing up all my options). As I’ve said already, it’s critical for you to do your own due diligence because the industry is full of unscrupulous donkeys.

Happy selling!

Oh, and finally, if you have any experience with My Homebuyers or any other “We buy any house” company, I’d love to hear your feedback. You know what to do… grab the mic [leave a comment below]!

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