How to deal with Problem Tenants (+ Free Legal Advice)

Problem tenants

From my experience, the most common problems landlords face with tenants are related to:

So, which is your dilemma, aye?

Unfortunately for me, having been a landlord of several years now, so I’ve dealt with all those problems to some degree. But fortunately for you I’ve blogged about my experiences, which means you’ll be able to learn from my epic failures and successes.

If you’re looking for information on any other issues, I recommend shuffling through the articles below, but more importantly, to sniff around the Landlord Legal Responsibilities, Obligations & Regulations blog post (which often suppresses doubt).

Free Legal Advice for landlords with problem tenants

Right, so I’ve started to get inundated with enquiries from worried landlords requiring assistance with problematic tenants, and unsure of what to do, or who to talk to. So I reached out to one of the leading landlord legal specialists in the country, LegalforLandlords – and they have agreed to give Property Investment Project followers free legal advice (no obligations) and special discounted rates if you choose to use any of their premium services.

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The sad reality of being a landlord is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into problems with tenants eventually. This is a business based on people, and people are idiots, so it’s only a matter of time before shit hits the fan.

So my first point is, if you’re experiencing a tenant problem, regardless of who’s at fault, don’t panic, because it’s perfectly normal. More importantly, understand that there is always a right way and wrong way to resolution.

While I’m not legally qualified in any shape or form my primary aim is to try and help you resolve the problem the right way through my own lousy and regrettable experiences.

Golden Rule – Don’t be irrational

I stress the following with utter urge…

One of the biggest mistakes landlords make during time of catastrophe (it almost always feels like a catastrophe when you’re dealing with problematic tenants) is to act irrationally. DO NOT DO THAT!

When I say “irrationally”, I’m mostly referring to violating your tenants right to live in quiet enjoyment, because that’s usually the first mistake landlords make in times of crisis. That includes turning up to your tenant’s home (yup, it’s their home) unannounced and/or blowing up your tenants phone with continuous phone calls and messages.

I know fear has a way of making people act stupid. Believe me, I know how scary problems with tenants can be. But resist that urge… otherwise you’ll probably make the entire situation dramatically worse for yourself, not to mention expensive.

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