Purplebricks Now Sell Houses For Free – What’s The Catch?

Purplebricks - sell your house for free

Blimey, we’ve certainly got a lot to unpack here, because a lot has changed with the UK’s most popular online estate agent, Purplebricks – they’ve gone from being one of the most expensive online agents to the bloody cheapest. How the hell does that happen?

If you’ve just discovered that Purplebricks is now offering a completely FREE house-selling servicea service they used to flog for north of £999 – then your curiosity receptors are probably having a meltdown and your immediate reaction (and everyone else’s) is to jump onto Google to find out what the hell is going on.

Naturally, those of us that don’t believe in free lunches, especially served by estate agents, are wondering what the catch is! Is this shit past its expiry date, or what?

The obvious questions have to be asked:

  • Is Purplebricks’s estate agency service REALLY free (without any hidden fees and catches)?
  • If so, why the hell is it free?

Allow me to explain what’s going on…

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Purplebricks estate agent service overview

Here’s a brief overview of Purplebricks and the head-turning house selling service they’re literally giving away for free…

  • Purplebricks.co.uk is the only completely free online estate agent in the UK.
  • Purplebricks started trading in 2012, and up until December 2023 the base price for their house-selling services was £999.
  • They are the most popular online agent by number of houses they have for sale (followed by Yopa)
  • They have over 90,000 reviews on their TrustPilot profile
Purplebricks FREE Service
Estate AgentRatingDurationIncludes / NotesPrice
TrustPilot Reviews
6 months
Includes / Notes

Free package
  • Key features
  • Zoopla listing
  • Negotiation
  • For sale sign
  • In-person valuation
  • No sale, no fee
  • 13 weeks Sole Agency contract
  • App - manage viewings, offers & communication with buyers

*YES, Purplebricks now offer a 100% free house-selling service, no strings attached.




Visit WebsiteBook Free In-Person Valuation

Is Purplebricks house-selling service actually free?

In short, yes! Totally free. No hidden fees.

Book your Free Valuation from here

Early in 2023, Purplebricks were taken over by a rivalling online estate agency – the third most popular online agent at the time – the extremely popular strike.co.uk.

Credit where credit’s due; I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Strike were the original head-turners – they were the ones giving away free house-selling services, which is how and why their service became extremely popular.

However, since Purplebricks boasts a significantly stronger brand compared to Strike, the decision was made to transition their current house selling packages (inclusive of the freebie) to Purplebricks. This move involves making Purplebricks.co.uk their main platform and strategically shutting down operations at Strike.co.uk.

Basically, Strike acquired Purplebricks, binned their house-selling packages, and then replaced it with their own.

So yes, you can legitimately sign-up to Purplebricks service and sell your house without spending a dime.

Is there a catch with Purplebricks service or what?

Not really. For all intents and purposes, you can bag yourself a free house selling service, no strings attached. However, there are two note-worthy points to bear in mind, which may or may not cause an itch or two…

£60 anti-money laundering fee

Purplebricks (and all estate agents) are required by law to carry out anti-money laundering checks on all those selling a property.

Typically, estate agents incorporate this cost into their service fees. However, as Purplebricks provides a free service, they’ve chosen to implement a £60 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) fee for sellers, and presumably considering it a fair measure.

Is £60 end of the world and enough to render their “free” house selling service undesirable? Absolutely not, but I am undecided on whether it actually means their service is entirely free and whether there’s reasonable grounds to question their claim, that “thousands of our customers really do sell their homes without paying a penny

I’ll leave it in your capable hands to play Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

£299 extra for Rightmove listing

Like many, I belong to the school of thought which believes Rightmove & Zoopla listings are essential to maximising eyeballs, ultimately raising the likelihood of achieving a quicker sale.

The good news is that Purplebricks freebie includes the dashing Zoopla listing, the bad news is that being listed on Rightmove is an optional add-on that will set you back £299. Not exactly peanuts.

Given the choice between the two listings, there’s no doubt in my mind. Rightmove reigns supreme.. Without question, they dominate the UK property portal market, attracting more buyers and sellers compared to Zoopla.

That’s why Purplebricks house selling service is a rather bitter-sweet proposition for me.

The reality is, there are other online estate agents available offering Zoopla & Rightmove listings for less.

But don’t get it twisted, no one else is giving away free house selling service that includes a Zoopla listing. Zoopla might not be bustling with the same level of activity as Rightmove, but they still definitely manage to attract an eyewatering amount of traffic – more than enough to get enough punters through the doors to sell a home or two, that’s for sure.

In fact, many estate agents around the country successfully rely solely on Zoopla to pull in the leads (as Rightmove fees are reportedly an unbearable expense for many agents), and many of them even swear blind that Zoopla listings perform better than Rightmove’s in certain demographics.

A free Zoopla listing is nothing to sneeze at – it can definitely be enough – so I wouldn’t blame anyone for giving Purplebricks free service a spin without the Rightmove add-on.

Either way, worth bearing in mind.

How to sell your property with Purplebricks (how Purplebricks estate agency services works)

Step 1: Get a valuation

Purplebricks free service includes an in-person valuation from a local agent, and arranging an appointment should be step 1.

To clarify, there is 100% no obligations to use their service after a valuation is conducted.

Book your Free Valuation

Step 2: Instruct Purplebricks to sell your home

If you are happy with the valuation, you can then choose to instruct Purplebricks to market your home for sale. Your property will then be marketed for sale for 6 months on the UK’s biggest property portals, including Zoopla and other well known portals.

Step 3: Going live and managing your advert & enquiries

Once your advert is live you’ll be able to manage everything via Purplebricks online dashboard or via their free downloadable app, including your viewings, offers and communication with buyers.

Whenever you receive a message, offer or viewing request, you will be notified by app notifications and/or text message and email,

Step 4: Take viewings

Unless you have taken Purplebricks up on their £899 “hosted viewings” optional upgrade, you’ll have to arrange the viewings to suit your schedule, and splash on your best scent to conduct the tour guides.

Purplebricks professional photography service (and cheaper alternatives!)

Get your wallet out if you want to benefit from Purplebricks professional photography service, ’cause this feature is not part of the glorious freebie package, and it ain’t cheap either.

You can either upload your own photos at no added cost, or cough up:

  1. £699 for Purplebricks “Digital Enhanced professional photos & 360 virtual tour and professional floorplan” add-on.
  2. £899 for Purplebricks “Boost” package, which includes everything from the Free package, plus the following:
    • Digitally enhanced professional photos
    • 360 virtual tour and a professional floorplan
    • Rightmove premium listing
    • Expert mortgage advice available from £149 (a saving of £150)

To give you an idea what you can expect, here are a few snaps I randomly grabbed from one of their Rightmove listings (at the time of writing this review):

Purplebricks photography service - garden

Purplebricks photography service - kitchen

Purplebricks photography service - staircase

Not too shabby, to be fair.

On a side note, before you quickly whip out your “state of the art” smart phone to take on the challenge, or get Dave down the road to assist (because he did a brilliant job fixing the leaky tap last week), in order to save a few nuggets, keep in mind that numerous statistics consistently demonstrate how the quality of photos can significantly affect the volume of generated leads! I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been mortified by some of the janky “artwork” on Rightmove that resembles a toddler’s homework – best avoided.

Of course, if you have access to a high-end shooter and legitimate skills (which includes a keen eye), feel free to let rip and go trigger-happy.

Want a bargain hunter’s hack? If you want to benefit from a professional photography service but don’t want to indulge in Purplebricks £699 solution – I certainly wouldn’t blame you – you can always independently commission professional photographs from another supplier from £100. It’s a bit more of a faff, no doubt, but it results in a sweet saving so definitely worthwhile, in my opinion.

Basically, sign up for Purplebricks free house selling service, and order photos from elsewhere…

Professional Property Photography & Floor Plans
SupplierNotes / IncludesPrice
Notes / Includes

Property Photography + floor plans

  • Includes photography + floor plans
  • Helps grab online attention
  • You own the photographs
£108Inc VAT
More Info
Notes / Includes

Property Photography

  • Up to 10 high-quality photos
  • Helps grab online attention
  • You own the photographs
  • 48 hour delivery turnaround
£89Inc VAT
(Normal price: £99)
More Info

£10 Discount Code: PIP10

Notes / Includes

Professional Floor Plans

  • Includes room measurements
  • Helps tenants visualise
  • Recommended for larger homes
  • Free amendments
£89Inc VAT
(Normal price: £99)
More Info

£10 Discount Code: PIP10

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each service up-to-date, but you should read the T&C's from their website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Why is Purplebricks Free / how does Purplebricks make money?

Purplebricks offer sounds incredible, BUT WHY IS IT FREE? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to come to terms with Purplebricks seemingly charitable gesture, then that’s likely because you’re a perfectly rational and logical creature. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t like things you don’t understand, so you need to know how and why it’s all possible.

Purplebricks toss away their core services for free because they hope to make more than enough money from up-selling additional services, which includes the following:

Purplebricks optional paid add-ons

Hosted Viewings


Rightmove listing


Rightmove Featured listing


Rightmove Premium listing


Energy Performance Certificate


Digital Enhanced professional photos & 360 virtual tour and professional floorplan


Elevated Photography


Drone Photography


Conveyancing services


Mortgage services

There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances. The fee is up to 1% but a typical fee is £299.


Boost Package

Everything included in the Free Package, plus: Digitally-enhanced professional photos, 360° virtual tour and a premium floorplan, Rightmove premium listing and a discount on mortgage advice (saving of £150).


Full house Package

Everything included in the Boost Package, plus: hosted viewings and mortgage advice (worth £299).


In all fairness to Purplebricks, they are transparent about their up-selling tactics. This is what it says on their website:

we’re fully transparent about what little extras we offer and where your money is going – so it really is your choice. When our agent speaks to you, they’ll talk you through the options, and then you can decide if it’s right for you. Maybe you just want to add a Premium Rightmove listing, maybe you want a whole package with hosted viewings.

Yup, Purplebricks’ is basically a salesman scrambling around for commission.

To reiterate, there is NO obligation to buy any of their add-on services – that’s a common and understandable fear.

However, we can assume that they might be banking on us buying into the additional services and might attempt a more aggressive sales approach at some point. Nevertheless, we won’t be legally obliged to pay for any additional junk if we decide not to. At least, not at this moment.

I already highlighted how it’s possible to benefit from significantly cheaper alternatives to Purplebricks professional photography service, and that’s pretty much the theme across the board. You won’t really be getting any real bargains by tossing their extras into your shopping basket, but you’ll potentially benefit from convenience by ordering everything you need from the same place. So once again, I’ll leave it in your capable hands, but this time to decide how much (or little) you value convenience based on their price-tags.

In any case, good sense should always encourage you to get multiple quotes from different suppliers so you know exactly where you stand. Here are my suggestions:

Yup, I’m sure Purplebricks will be thrilled with me encouraging you to grab their freebie and then bargain hunt elsewhere for all the extra bells and whistles.

Sorry Purplebricks, but your ‘giveaway’ model tells me that you’ll never be able to offer me a good price on your extras. You simply ain’t gotz the margins.

But I do get it, they gotta’ keep the lights on somehow.

Is there anything else to be wary of with Purplebricks service? Yes!


  • Purplebricks recommended Conveyancing service

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t give extra special attention to Purplebricks conveyancing service, which they absolutely adore to upsell/recommending, based on what I’ve heard.

    Arguably, getting a reputable and reliable conveyancing service is key to a smooth transaction, so this is an element of the selling (and buying) process that requires due diligence above all, in my opinion.

    I’ve heard horror stories of deals free-falling due to awful legal representation, and obviously that’s an outcome everyone should actively try to avoid.

    Why am I saying this? Online estate agents, not just Purplebricks, most of them, attempt to upsell conveyancing services because it’s a huge money-maker for them.

    However, unfortunately, I have heard too many gut-wrenching stories about the quality in service their “recommended” conveyancing service provides and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    From what I can tell, online agents outsource the conveyancing work to battery farm-like services, where everyone is scrambling around, trying to push as many deals over the line as possible, without much care for attention to detail or good ol’ customer service. This chaos ultimately results in sloppy mistakes, delays and terribly frustrating lack of communication.

    I personally would never use a conveyancing service recommended and upsold by any online agent, but rather, I would do my own due diligence and source a local reputable supplier, or get a recommendation from someone else. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to legal services, so I’d also avoid going for the cheapest option available.

    As mentioned, you can also find a SRA or CLC regulated conveyancing solicitor from this online tool by Reallymoving.com.

Can I trust Purplebricks to provide accurate property valuations?

I’m going to be very annoying by answering your question with a question.

Can you trust any agents property valuation?

One of the standout features of Purplebricks free service is that it includes an in-person valuation (i.e. a local agent will visit your property). Pretty incredible since most other online agents only include that feature for packages demanding £500+. In regards to the accuracy, it’s probably going to be as accurate as any other agent, I ‘spose. The reality is, we can ask 10 agents to value a house and we’ll likely get varying results.

I don’t think it matters if you use Purplebricks, any other online agent, or even a high street agent, you’re always going to question the accuracy of the valuation. Naturally, sellers will always want the highest price possible, while agents might not be as inclined, especially if they’re not earning a percentage based commission from the sale (which is the case with all fixed-price online agents, which is something to be wary of).

So, regardless of which agent you use, it’s always wise to do your own research by analysing your local market (e.g. look on Rightmove and Zoopla to see what similar properties to yours have recently sold for and are currently demanding), then you can verify the accuracy of the valuation you have been given and decide whether you want to revise it.

Purplebricks vs Other Online Estate Agents

Purplebricks brand is so solid that many still believe they’re “one of a kind”, in the sense that they’re the only cost-effective digital estate agent.

They’re not.

There are a butt-load of different online/hybrid agents to choose from, all fighting for a slice of the pie. I won’t bore you (or myself) by comparing Purplebricks against them all. However, I think it’s beneficial to glance over at a comparison between them and their closest rival, Yopa.

Purplebricks Logo Yopa Logo
Fixed CostFREE£999*
Visit websiteVisit website
TrustPilot Rating3.7TrustPilot Reviews4.5TrustPilot Reviews
Core service
Service coverageUKUK
In-person Valuation
Dedicated agent
Rightmove listing£399
Zoopla listing
Photographs + Floorplan£699
For Sale board/sign
Negotiation & Sales progression
Sole agency contract13 weeks16 weeks
Online dashboard
*London pricesFREE£1499(Total fixed cost)
*No sale, no feeVaries by location(Starting from £999)
Hosted viewings£899£300
Visit websiteVisit website

A choice between the leading two is an obvious no-brainer, at least if you ask me it is (even if I have to splash out extra for Purplebricks Rightmove listing add-on).

Should you use Purplebricks to sell your home? Are they any good?

PurpleBricks Review - You Any Good?

Needless to say, “free” goes a long way and its definitely an alluring sales pitch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean free is good, or worth the… errr… price-tag?

Just to clarify, I haven’t personally utilised the estate agency services of either Purplebricks or Strike. So my humble contribution is to inform you about their current offerings and elaborate on the reasons behind the free service (as it initially appears as suspicious as a raccoon wearing a trench coat and sunglasses).

I can’t seem to wrap my melon around how their business model will survive; it seems as sustainable as a sandcastle in a storm. But hey, that’s not our problem, is it? If they’re dishing out freebies like a dessert buffet, why not feast? That’s my take on the situation.

At the very least, perhaps it’s worth stuffing the free in-person valuation in your pocket and going from there…

Book your Free Valuation from here

Why are there so many negative reviews of Purplebricks?

First and foremost, remember, Purplebricks have changed ownership, so the reviews prior 2024 (which is 99% of them) were under old management. Make of that what you will.

But besides from that, I do want to touch on why I believe online estate agents, as a whole, tend to receive negative reviews. While Purplebricks holds the top spot in popularity and consequently catch the brunt of the bullets, I believe there’s a pervasive misunderstanding surrounding all online agents that contributes to, perhaps, unjust negativity. Of course, some are legit warranted, I’m not excusing those.

There is an abundance of positive reviews left by satisfied customers that have used an online estate agent, but there’s obviously also no shortage of the scathing ones. But I have a theory, which is based on thousands of reviews I’ve been sad enough to trawl though.

I firmly believe that the majority of them [the negative reviews from sellers] stem from mismanaged expectations. In other words, customers strolled into their local McDonalds and came out lack lustred because they weren’t served at the table.

Simply, you are NOT going to receive the local high-street agent experience with any online estate agent, because that’s NOT what you’re signing up for or paying for!

No one should expect to receive a high-street agent service when paying a fraction of the cost for an online service. That would be bonkers. It’s not possible. But that’s where I believe a large potion of the disappointment comes from.

So my advice is, before using an online agent, whether it’s Purplebricks or one of their many online competitors, ensure it’s fully understood how online agents operate, and in turn why they’re significantly cheaper than high-street agents. That way expectations are likely to be realistic and hissy-fits averted. My complete guide on Online Estate Agents can help you will in the gaps.

Purplebricks is an online agent, nothing more!

I recently recommended Purplebricks free service to a friend, and he quickly coiled his neck back, presented me with his best screwed-up lemon-sucking face, and decisively told me he wouldn’t touch them with my 10ft barge pole, because there’s a house on his road that has been up for sale for over a year with Purplebricks.

“How do you know that’s the agent’s fault?”, I responded.

I was unsurprised to learn that he didn’t know, but that was his assumption.

It was clear to me that he either didn’t realise that Purplebricks is an ONLINE estate agent or he did, but didn’t have a clue how they work.

In his defence, I’m sure he’s not the only one, so I think it’s useful to briefly remind ourselves of how an online agent’s business model differs from traditional high street agents.

Online estate agents do NOT operate like high street agents. Sure, they have the same goal (to help facilitate their customers in selling their home), but they use different approaches, ultimately underpinned by their pricing model (i.e. how they get paid).

High street agents only get paid on sale, which means, in theory, they will be inherently more motivated to sell (e.g. follow up leads, schedule viewings, return calls/emails, encourage second viewings, hype up the property etc). Otherwise they won’t get paid.

An online agent gets paid up front with or without a sale, so they have less reasons to be motivated to push a sale over the line. they’re already paid.

I would think of it like this (because this is exactly how it is):

  • The job of an online estate agent is to facilitate homeowners in marketing their properties across a network of the largest property portals (e.g. Rightmove, Zoopla etc.) to generate leads. It is then up to the homeowner to push the sale over the line, not the online agents.
  • A high street agent’s job is to facilitate the entire sales process, from start to finish. If they haven’t sold a house after a year, then that could very possibly be their fault.

The very reason online estate agents are significantly cheaper is because a lot of the control is retained by the seller (and not handed over to the agent), so there’s less work involved for the agent.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be willing to manage the viewings and negotiations, in which case an online estate agent like Purplebricks is a great money-saving solution to selling a house.

If you don’t feel the same, and you’d rather outsource the entire process and pay the crippling premium, then a high street agent might be better suited for you.

There’s no right or wrong here, it’s just about your preference (and ultimately how much money you want to save). The problem is, many people don’t really understand how online estate agents work so they burden themselves with a misconstrued perception.

Oh, and BTW, my friend decided to use Purplebricks (they were Strike at the time) service after I explained the process.

Would I personally use Purplebricks to sell my home?

Simply, yes.

But bear in mind that my resounding yes is based on knowing how online estate agents operate, so my expectations of what they will (and won’t) bring to the table is likely very realistic.

Admittedly, my nod of approval wouldn’t have been around when they were charging a whooping £999 for their services. Get the hell out of here with that shit! Not only were they uncompetitively priced, but also…

Actually, that’s it. They were just batshit crazy expensive compared to their competitors.

Now they’re free.

What a story. What a time to be alive.

Your feedback: have you used Purplebricks’s free service?

If so, I’d love to hear your experience.

Were they.. errr… worth the money? Drop a comment below…

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