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This section of my blog covers two distinct scenarios:

If you’re experiencing problems with tenants, then you probably want to evict them. However, if you have no qualms with your tenants, then you probably just want to amicably tell them to vacate the premises (for whatever reason) once the fixed term expires.

But ultimately, both scenarios equate to you wanting to terminate a tenancy, and the blog posts in this category covers both of ’em.

A bit more on Evicting Tenants

I can easily and confidently say that dealing with God awful tenants and evictions are the worst aspects of being a landlord. Although, that’s kind of a no-brainer.

The process can be painfully frustrating, and often expensive, and it’s usually a shiny reminder of how unfair shit the legal system can be.

I’ve been through the whole ‘bullshit tenant’ experience and the eviction process, and my first initial and sharp recollection is a sore memory of how anxious (and angry) those moments made me feel.

Unfortunately, dealing with unsavoury tenants and evictions are part of the business, and the odds are most landlords will eventually come across a rotten egg. it’s the nature of the BTL beast.

While there isn’t a silver-bullet solution to avoiding bad tenants and evictions, there are definitely ways of minimizing the risk, most notably, conducting thorough tenant referencing. But some times shit happens, and unfortunately, the collision can’t be side-stepped, no matter how many precautions we take.

Many landlords feel comfortable enough to manage the eviction process themselves, and there’s plenty of information here to help you pursue the same path.

However, if you’re feeling confused and vulnerable, and would prefer professional support, I would highly recommend seeking the advice of tenant eviction professionals. They deal with problematic tenants on a daily basis, so they know the best and quickest way to resolve the problems legally – it’s often the cheapest solution, too.

Free Legal Advice for Tenant Eviction Services

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