Decorating, Repairing & Maintaining your BTL Property

Redecorating & Renovating BTL Rental Property

Whether you use a letting agent or not, decorating and maintaining a Buy-to-Let property is always going to be an ongoing responsibility. There’s no avoiding it (although some landlords shamelessly do… and then often get prosecuted and fined)!

During the course of being a landlord, the odds are you’re going to have to attend some form of maintenance duty, whether that be to completely redecorate the entire property in order to attract tenants, or something as small as fixing a leaking tap for your existing tenants. Not to mention, things are always going to get broken (unintentionally or otherwise) and tenanted properties are naturally prone to wear and tear.

With a bit of experience, It soon becomes apparent how time consuming and expensive decorating and maintenance can be, especially if you’re ill-prepared and taking shortcuts. In fact, one of the most expensive mistakes landlords make when it comes to maintenance is completely ignoring it, because that’s allowing problems to slowly escalate into huge and expensive problems, which can come in the form of a disgruntled tenant (because they’re not getting a good service from their landlord) and/or an neglected leak that’s progressed to deeply rooted mould issues.

This section contains articles for both new and experienced landlords on the best key practises to help decorate and maintain efficiently and cost-effectively.

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