Tenant Advice- Tips & Info For Tenants

As a landlord, I appreciate my tenants. They allow me to do what I do.

I treat them with respect and courtesy by providing them with safe and clean environments, and by keeping on top of repairs and maintenance in ample time.

I do it because I know a happy tenant is a good tenant, and I appreciate how they are the landlord’s most valuable asset. If I want to stand a chance of succeeding in this industry I need to take care of what’s important… my tenants.

Unfortunately, many landlords don’t value their tenants, consequently they neglect their legal responsibilities and duty to provide tenants with a good service. But it’s not all on the landlords, we can’t forget the tasteless tactics deployed by letting agents, including their horrifically heart-sinking prices.

The major problem is many tenants don’t know their rights or who to turn to when they’re being subjected to foul play. They’re under the illusion that the landlord/agents holds all the power (despite how unfair it seems). Fortunately that isn’t true at all. Tenants can never be stripped from their statutory rights (no matter how hard anyone tries).

This section is dedicated to helping tenants understand their rights, how to avoid bad landlords, how to find good landlords and how to report a landlord that doesn’t comply with health and safety. There’s also a range of articles covering letting agents and their crazy fees, which should be avoided like the plague.

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