This Is The Worst Kind Of Landlords All Tenants Should Avoid!

Worst Kind Of Landlord

Whether it be due to ignorance or intention, a large portion of landlords are generally first class honour dip-shits (not you or I, though).

They drag their heels when repairs are required, they’re oblivious to their legal responsibilities and obligations [as a landlord], and even though they’re drowning in mortgage debt and/or negative equity, they still have the audacity to stroll around with a repugnant air of arrogance.

Of course, ALL professions have their inferior breeds, it’s just terribly unfortunate that landlords as a whole are often judged by the bad apples. We’re not quite as low down the food chain as estate/letting agents, but we’re not far behind.

Yes, there are a lot of bullshit landlords out there (but there are more bullshit estate/letting agents. Just saying!).

While we all have our own opinions on what forms a terrible landlord, I think we can all agree that there are ranks with in the division. By that I simply mean there’s a hierarchical chain of dipshits; some landlords are worse than others.

Most people will generally pick the same examples as to what defines the “worst” landlord; the obvious example being, landlords that neglects health and safety. No doubt, that’s a worthy contender for the top spot, but recently I was reminded of what I consider to be the worst kind of landlord, and perhaps it’s not one of the most obvious choices because they can get away with hiding in the shadows.

How I was reminded of the worst kind of Landlord

Last week I rendezvoused with an old friend that had recently relocated into the big smoke after taking a brief timeout from city life. She managed to find a very reasonably priced, ground-floor flat in a trendy part of Camden town. The actual flat, for the lack of better words, is dogshit, and smelt like it too, but it was all about the location (as it often is, sadly).

During my shirt visit, I was terribly scared of brushing against the walls in case I became contaminated with hepatitis again. I entered the flat “not-knowing” the conditions, but I probably wouldn’t do it again unless I was wearing a Hazmat suit.

Whenever a landlord is shameless enough to rent out an embarrassing monstrosity it always makes me curious as to why, so I started asking my friend questions about the landlord.

To cut a long story short, the interrogation unearthed a lot of reasons that explain the dump. The landlord only accepts cash-in-hand and is able to offer such a competitive rate in such a sought after area because she’s subletting a council house. That pretty much explains the nature of her character and why she doesn’t give a shit about the condition of the property. Yes, the landlord is a genuine scumbag.

Essentially, she’s been given a council house to occupy, but chooses to live elsewhere (her boyfriend’s rathole, which is presumably equally as devastating) so she can benefit from her savvy business acumen as a landlord.

That’s it! That’s the worst kind of landlord. Throw this bitch onto the pile of evidence that supports the theory that evolution can move backwards. She should be dismantled with a toothpick and fed to the crows!

Sadly, my friend didn’t seem phased by the situation, which was pretty disappointing. But perhaps most tenant’s wouldn’t, just as long as they’re in the place they want to be. But that’s a problem, because it creates a market for these rogue landlords, and the ability to operate.

Unfortunately, council houses being rented out isn’t all that uncommon. At least, I’ve heard of many cases, and it drives me bonkers. I remember a few years ago when my ex g/f’s friend and partner had the opportunity to acquire a council house, and the only reason they were considering it was so they could rent it out, meanwhile there are genuine people out there desperate for a roof over their heads. Proper scumbags.

I don’t know how seriously local councils take this issue, or how much is done to try and prevent it, but I know it’s happening, and it’s fucked up on so many levels.

Worst kind of landlords ranked!

Obviously this is my perception of what constitutes as the worst kind of landlord, but they all genuinely make my blood boil. If you have a different opinion, I’d love to hear.

  1. Landlords that illegally sub-let council homes
  2. Landlords that exploit tenants (e.g. provide overcrowd HMO properties)
  3. Landlords that ignore or delay maintenance and repairs
  4. Landlords that neglect their legal obligations (e.g. Gas safety checks, securing deposits)
  5. Landlords that put profit before everything else
  6. Landlords that don’t under the tenant’s right to “quiet enjoyment
  7. Landlords that provide ghastly and/or sub-par living conditions
  8. Landlords that increase rent when they don’t need to

Quick tip for tenants

If you’re a tenant that’s fully aware of landlords committing fraud or partaking in any form of ill practise, do the right thing! Sucker punch them in the throat, urinate on every last inch of their corpse while they’re on the floor gasping for air, swiftly vacate the property, and drive off into the sunset.

The odds of a landlord of this calibre providing a good service are virtually non-existent, which means critical health and safety protocols that all decent landlords follow will get neglected, putting yourself and your family at risk. That is NOT cool.

If you consciously enter an agreement with a landlord committing council housing fraud or other shady practices, it’s your funeral. Literally.

On a side note, I always highly recommend for all tenants to reference prospective landlords before entering a tenancy.

The process of forming a tenancy agreement is not just about landlords referencing tenants, despite the common misconception. I’m always left surprised at how little tenants want to know about me (their prospective landlord), especially while I’m probing the shit out of them, trying to determine whether they’re a flight risk or not.

Even if you don’t have any doubts about your landlord, it’s sensible and perfectly OK for tenants to request proof of ownership and references from previous tenants. In fact, as a landlord, it shows me that you’re not a complete dumb-ass, and that fills me with utter joy.

A lot of the most common landlord scams are actually based on unauthorised individuals letting out properties. Buyer beware.

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Guest Avatar
em6 21st November, 2013 @ 07:33

This is fraud, a criminal offence. Pure and simple. All you have to do is ring the relevant council's anonymous helpline and report it. Your friend will be kicked out and will probably hate you, but if no one reports this stuff, they get away with it and everyone suffers.

Guest Avatar
michael 21st November, 2013 @ 09:28

great read. do you have an article on this flight risk probing you speak of? I need to be learning to do similar, too many of my viewings involve me asking no questions to the potential tenant.

Guest Avatar
emma 21st November, 2013 @ 10:21

This is a disgrace. If I ever found out someone was doing this I would report them without hesitation.
The council/HA seem to house people and then providing they get their rent, just leave them to it and then build another ugly housing estate to hit their targets for social housing.
These properties should be for hard working families not lazy arsed scummers.

Guest Avatar
Mrs Tara Plumbing 21st November, 2013 @ 12:08

Entertaining, thoughtful and well written as ever, thank you for this!
You are right that tenants should see themselves as equals in a business transaction with the landlord - get references etc.
Unfortunately the worst land lords take advantage of the most desperate tenants. People who are vulnerable to exploitation for many reasons - such as health issues or income and poverty.
I like to think it is a minority but some do expect the tenants to live in unacceptable conditions.

Guest Avatar
emma 21st November, 2013 @ 13:51

I would not call these people "landlords". They have not worked to save for the monies required to buy a BTL property. They have "stolen" a house from the tax payer and using it to make illegal monies. They are simply a criminal - not a landlord!!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 22nd November, 2013 @ 18:01

Thanks for all the positive feedback and contributions, folks! I agree with what's been said!

I've written a few articles that cover the subject:
Protection Against Professional Bad Tenants
Landlord Guide On Referencing Tenants
Early Signs Of Potentially Awful Tenants

@Mrs Tara Plumbing
"Unfortunately the worst land lords take advantage of the most desperate tenants."- couldn't agree with you anymore! They're sharks!

I know what you're saying, but they're landlords in the sense that they have provided someone with a tenancy (rightly or wrongly so), and that person expects a certain level of service.

Guest Avatar
emma 3rd December, 2013 @ 17:56

Its no different to me stealing a car and then selling it on - It doesn't make me a car seller/trader - Just a thief
Unfortunately, its the innocent one's who financially suffer

Guest Avatar
boboff 10th December, 2013 @ 13:38

@emma, in reality it's more like you getting a cheap company car and lending it to someone on a monthly rental basis. If they don't look after it, do you care? If they abuse it, do you care? No. They pay, you are happy, your "perk" is coining it.... Your company might say you can't do it but hey, you've paid your taxes, you know your rights.... If you throw in your Grans Blue Badge ( well she's not using it, she's in a home happily shitting herself and getting someone to change her rather than getting out of bed) You'll get another £50 a month at least!

It's not right.

I am not saying it is, it's just not "illegal" Okay it is, but not Illegal as in rape or murder, or grinding up Snow Leopards, or indeed poisoning a bird of prey [by default you will have an Ill Eagle]

It's fraud.

It's Civil.

It's profiting from Sub-Letting when you should not do that.

I would say that a good landlord in any circumstance would ensure the safety of the tenant, and a bad one wouldn't, the legality or otherwise of the head lease is not and can never be the responsibility of the tenant acting in good faith.

The King Dipshit can not reach the pinnacle of that tri-angle without first ticking off the layers below him.

Unless he was an Ex Ukrainian Gymnast who can do that balancing thing, off of his mates head, whilst spinning a plate, and whistling Dixie.

Guest Avatar
Benji 10th December, 2013 @ 16:50

@ Boboff,

"It's Civil."

It's criminal now-

People who rent out their council homes to make money could be locked up for two years under new laws which come into force today.

For the first time, sub-letting a council property is now a criminal offence with fraudsters also facing hefty fines.

Guest Avatar
boboff 11th December, 2013 @ 10:43


Cheers chap, that is brilliant news, it is about time too.

I also think it's great that councils now don't discount empty places on council tax, it is wrong that places are left empty, and not put on the market cheap for BTL people to invest in and provide a nice home to nice hard working people.

VOTE CAMERON... You know it makes sense.. ;-)

















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