My Landlord Wants To Sell The Property I’m Renting

Knock, knock, it's your landlord

Are you in the concerning situation where you need to get the hell out of your home because your landlord wants to sell up while you’re still in the middle of a tenancy agreement? Yup, unfortunately it happens.

Landlords selling tenanted properties is actually quite common, and the reality is, landlords are well with in their rights to do it – even in the middle of a tenancy. But let’s go through the details, including your rights (because you do have some, whether you realise it or not!)…

There are two ways the tenant can play it. That is, to either kick-up a gigantic fuss and refuse to vacate the premises, or just roll with the punches and gracefully slide out the door.

However, as far as the law is concerned…

  • Your tenancy isn’t unaffected. You can remain in the property until the tenancy is legally terminated (e.g. when you are given appropriate notice).
  • If your Tenancy Agreement stipulates that you have another 6 months left until the end date, then that remains binding.
  • You are with in your rights to allow viewings only when convenient. The landlord and/or agent cannot force entry unless there is an emergency (e.g. a fire). Refer to the blog post on Tenant’s Right To Live In Quiet Enjoyment for further details.
  • In many cases, landlords offer cash settlements to mutually agree on terminating the tenancy.

So by all means, you do have rights in this situation, and you definitely can’t be thrown out without proper notice.

Take into consideration the following…

As a tenant, before deciding to be a stubborn mule, take into consideration the facts. If your landlord gave you notice and asked nicely, then there’s no real reason to be stubborn. Granted, it would entail extra effort and unwanted hassle of moving out and finding a new place to stay on your behalf. However, renting is always temporary anyways, so you would have had to cross that path at some stage. There’s no point being a pain in the ass just for the sake of it. Only stand your ground if there’s a genuine reason to, as opposed to being stubborn.

Moreover, it might be worthwhile finding out WHY the landlord is selling. Is the landlord having financial difficulties? In that case, would you really want to make life even more difficult for him/her? I guarantee the stress of having to sell to kill debt is a lot greater than having to find a new place to rent.

I base those thoughts of consideration based on the decency of the landlord. If the landlord is a complete pompous ass, and always has been, then I would happily make things extremely difficult for the landlord, and demand a dollop of personal financial gain for persuasion.

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Jane Waring 2nd September, 2013 @ 08:46

My previous landlord who was the owner of the property got into a bit of trouble and the tenancy was administered by LPA receivers. The receivers issued me with a Section 21 notice. He has since sold the property but still liable for the mortgage. The receivers are still pursuing the section 21 notice on behalf of the bank. Can they do this? My new landlord has issued me a new tenancy agreement.

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Donna 6th September, 2013 @ 13:18

My landlord is in the middle of a divorce ,he has changed estate agents and I haven't signed a new contract with the new agents . When I found out about the sale I was told I could live at reduced rent (no top up) he has never fixed anything in the property either. I always had my rent paid straight to him so it was always paid! When he changed agents theystopped my hb unknowing to me which meant there was a break and I couldn't get it changed to be paid straight to me . When i spoke to him he told me it wasnt really up for sale it was just for the judge to think it was being sold but the new estate agents have told me its def for sale and the old agents denied saying i could live here at reduced rate even though i have 2 witness ,I was told if I didn't do viewings I would be evicted too. I'm living next door to a property that burnt down and killed our friend (neighbour )and was witnessed by my 10 year old ,I have been told I need to move to help her get over it .i have no idea what rights I have what I can do . I need him to pay me my housing straight to me I have done enough for him ie insurance companies round to fix fire damage and viewings. I'm starting to lose my temper and need some honest stable advice to help me so please please help .my man
In concern is why my housing is being paid to a agent I have no contract with .... Thank u for any advice you can give me

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John 7th September, 2013 @ 12:55

Heres a problem my wife and i are facing.

We have been reliable paying tenants since we moved into this 3 bedroom property but our (2 years occupied so far and 2 12 month agreements) 12 month tenancy agreement was coming to an end and the landlord wanted us to stay so in return for signing a 3 year contract (as we were very happy here) they started actually renovating and repairing the problems the property had suffered with over the course of our previous tenancy.

Of course we were happy to finally have the problems sorted and even a new kitchen fitted but then we received a call letting us know they were selling the property to the Estate Agents Pearson Ferrier.

My wife, not knowing about the consequences of this switch was presented with a form (Declaration of Surrender of Tenancy) which she signed without reading!

Now we are receiving calls from our new landlords for viewings and although i knew whilst we had the agreed tenancy for 3 years we at least had a saftey net to use in case we were forced out but not i'm not so sure.

As i understand it my wife signing the Surrender of Tenancy form basically means we are up shit creek and our 3 year paddle is lost.

Is there any legal recourse from this because she obviously did not read what she was signing?

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Darren 15th September, 2013 @ 18:58

I've just been notified that possessionproceedings have begun againgst my landlord by the mortgage lenders for the flat I live in. I'm on a rolling contract and the hearing takes place one week after my next rent is due. If he loses the flat what happens to the rent I paid and what happens to my deposit?

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Jai 18th September, 2013 @ 09:13

I have just moved out from my rental flat where I had been living for almost 3 years as my landlord was planning to sell the flat. The letting agents managing the property have sent me the deposit release details with a deduction charge of £1100 for repairs/damages etc. Most of it was not correct and I have managed to bring it down to £500. I dont mind paying for the damage that has actually been done, for example there are some blue marks on the wall which I am happy to pay for.
The thing is that the landlord has sold the flat to one of my good friend who is still awaiting for the keys and hopefully should get the keys this week. Now I have a feeling that the compensation charge is just for the benefit of the agent, because as they are no more managing it I dont think they would actually get the walls painted or get that repair done. My friend is the owner of the flat so I dont think the lettings can even have access to the flat.
So my question - is there a way I can still negotiate with the lettings agent for the charges they have put forth?
I am more than happy to pay my friend directly than to pay the lettings/landlord.
Thanks very much.

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Sarah 30th October, 2013 @ 08:51

Hi, landlady selling house myself and family are in, been having viewings, some turning up without confirmation, have been obliging. We have luckily found somewhere, gave our one months notice. Landlady is now sending a surveyor to do an inspection on he behalf, how can this be accurate when the guy doesn't know what the property was like when we moved in. Ie there is a hole in kitchen ceiling from leek in bathroom that's never been fixed, and a few other issues. I have since found out from previous tenant and neighbours she is a nightmare, had taken previous tenants to court for minors ect. Any advice is a help. Thankyou.

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Paula 5th November, 2013 @ 18:45

I am currently renting off my landlord who owns an estate agent company. We moved in feb 2012 and had a six month contract then it's on a 3" day rolling contract. He knows we were considering buying and put an offer on one house but nothing come of it. He said he would sell when we've moved out but it's ours for as long as we want. I have just seen it advertised on the Internet and he hasn't mentioned it to me. Is he allowed to do this?

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Rebekah 10th November, 2013 @ 16:14

Hi im wanting abit of help.

I have recently been renting a house for just under less than a year. i had lots of repairs that needed doing in my house, which the landlord sent someone to have a look... i then the next day got served my eviction notice, with the estate agents saying he wanted to sell due to lack of funds... i am currently 5months pregnant and with a 7year old son too lving on my own... i have found somewhere else and have moved in there... i have just found out he is re-renting again... is there anything i can do towards sueing him??... was a struggle to move, with no funds, stressful and very upsetting. thanks

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Felicity 27th November, 2013 @ 06:59

Could you tell me if I've a leg to stand on please.....

Took a 12 month contract, at 11 month's we were given notice to leave, landlord to sell the house and downsize from his own due to his age/health. Problems with the property I.e. Rising damp occured during our lease so with us not there he's been able to do things to the house, anyway 11 months has passed where the property has been up for sale, it's now up for rent again!

Just wondering if we could take action, we were offered an unlimited contract to stay in this property owing to the landlord stressing at the viewing stage how he would love a young family I.e. Us with a baby on the way, to raise a family here forever and a day. So receiving notice o. Boxing Day last year took a huge blow.

Would really appreciate your feedback

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Christina 6th December, 2013 @ 00:54

I have been renting my apartment for about 5 years now. On a verbal agreement with my landlord to stay and enjoy for as long as I wanted to stay. A little less than a year ago my landlord passed away. Now his grandson has taken over his rental properties. Something he really never wanted to do. So immediately he tried to make me sign a lease trying to get me to rid the apartment of pets. I refused to sign cause that was not what I had agreed to with the previous landlord. He eventually let it go. Then he informed me he was selling the building. People have been coming and going for months. Finally one of them decided to buy the building. Now my old landlord sends me a text and tells me he has a buyer, and that him, the buyer, and an inspector want to come in again. They have already walked through and inspected obviously or they wouldn't have bought the building. Do I really have to let then back in a second time for the same damn thing? I mean the invasion of my privacy for many months was enough. If they bought the place shouldn't my privacy be restored at least a little?

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shay 17th January, 2014 @ 04:50

i moved in in september and not 3 weeks later the owner put a for sale sign in the yard. i have people asking about the property constantly. The lease says in the last 30 days of my lease they can put up a sign, since i have so much longer to rent, do they have to take the sign down? I wouldnt have rented here if i knew they were going to sell, thats why i had to move out of my last place. knowledge appreciated.

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Davinia 14th February, 2014 @ 21:03


We have been renting our house for three years and have had an amazing relationship with our landlords. rent has always been paid on time and we have really looked after the house. Before Christmas we started to discuss at length the landlord doing a loft extension for us, we discussed a rent increase with this and all was fine.

Suddenly, the landlord has become terminally ill and One month before the end of the tenancy, we received a letter saying that they will be selling the house and no longer renewing our tenancy. We had joked the week before that once the loft was done, he'd never get rid of us.

We don't want to cause any grief on them but unfortunately, we cannot find anywhere to live that is suitable for us and the market means that we are going to have to spend at least £200 more than we were paying. Furthermore, because this was completely sprung on us, we do not have any money to move. We have explained this to our landlords wife but she doesn't seem to understand. We have kept the last months rent towards the money we'll need to move but they keep insisting we pay it even though it will mean we can't move. Also, our credit rating is NOT good and most people just don't want to know us.

We have three young children and this upset is really causing a lot of problems in our home.

Please help!!!

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naveen 9th April, 2014 @ 19:20

I m live on rent last 6 years in a house in india what is my rights on this property.....

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jorge 10th May, 2014 @ 02:55

Hello , I moved to this house 10 month ago and my contract will end in a month can the owner make me get out of the house so he can show the house to people or do I have the right to stay in the house as long as I let them watch the house?

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Lana 9th June, 2014 @ 16:28


My lease is up in 4 days but the owner is selling so he gave us our 8 weeks notice from May 8th which takes us to july 8th. My question is my lease is to run out on the 14/6 do I need to give notice and if so how much?

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Sara 17th June, 2014 @ 15:09

Hi - we have rented a rural 3 bed property for the last 6 years, sadly we recently had a house fire which meant we had to move out of the house. The landlord's agents have asked us if we would be interested in buying the house as it stands - how much do you think we could reasonably offer?

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shahida begum 3rd July, 2014 @ 09:06

would you really want to make life even more difficult for him/her? I guarantee the stress of having to sell to kill debt is a lot greater than having to find a new place to

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chelsea 9th July, 2014 @ 12:28

Hi, my landlord has sold the property im currently living in through auction... I have been contacted by the new owner who luckily is another landlord so I am still able to stay in the property. I have just been told the paperwork between both parties are still being processed ... I would like to know whether I still had to pay my previous landlord the last months rent as in previous properties I have not had to due to paying my months rent in advance. I have been told next months rent will be paid to my new landlord.

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Linda baldwin 27th August, 2014 @ 07:57

Hi I have been renting my property on a 6 month contract from dec 7 th 2014 but I am now on a rolling month by month contract my estate agents informed me that my landlord now wants to sell the property but initially told me it would be long term when I moved in I'm not working at the minute with long term depression and wondering what rights I have to viewings etc invading my privacy I don't want to be funny but can I ask for a reduction in my rent for my inconvenience and can I ask for removal costs to be paid if and when I find a new property as I am financially broke thankyou linda

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maria 7th September, 2014 @ 17:53

I was hoping someone here could help.

Me and my partner have just moved into a flat 2 weeks ago and on Saturday the letting agency brought round some potential buyers for the property, which I had no idea was ip for sale and no idea there was a viewing.

Can a letting agency not tell you the flat ypur moving into is up for sale and not tell you there's a viewing? We literally signed a 6 months tenancy agreement two weeks aho.

We had to move from our last flat because it sold !

Can anyone help?

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kevin 28th September, 2014 @ 18:28

i am a landlord i gave my tenent a 6 mouth tenesy they have 5 mouth left but i need to sell my propty fasrt

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Ashley 6th October, 2014 @ 15:44

My landlady is looking to sell her flat & she has been having viewings for a number of weeks now.

Thursday she sent me a letter stating that she is ending our contract and we have 2 months to relocate.

Today she has now contacted me and told me that they buyer has pulled out and we dont have to leave.

Surely she just cannot hand notices out whenever she pleases to then go back on them? We do need to move anyway but as we are private rented, making ourselves homeless by giving up our tenancy, would mean the local council will not help us as.

Any advise would be grateful, what makes matters worse is the council have confirmed that the notice she supplied me was not a legal document and is just a letter so it means nothing.

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kim 11th December, 2014 @ 23:27


My situation is that I have been in rented propertysince 26/4/2013. My landlord has around 7 months ago put the property up for sale. I did not have a problem as I never saw.myself and my 2 year old.daughter here permanently as I'd like a garden rather than yard. So we have plodded along, I have done all viewing for prospective buyers, I have kept the property in reasonable sstate. I lost my job 2 month ago and I found another a few week ago and because of this my tax credits ect and benefits stopped and started therefore Ihad no iincome for a short period therefore my rent was delayed by 2 days and I informed my landlord who was fine. He then proceeded to go to my mother's who acts as guaruntor on the property with no notice at 10pm and demand to know why my rent wasn't paid. She was terrified. I paid the next day as I said but I wasn't happy. I also asked for notice so I could secure council accommodation quicker and he refused because his rent would not be paid whilest the house is on the market. I decided to go private again and found a house I loved for less in perfect area. I found out this morning I am not getting it due to a bad reference from my current landlord. He said I have been late with rent at least five times - (not true it was once with reason as I explained above.) I have damaged the property (not true, General wear and tear at best) and I have noise complaints from neighbours (complete crap! If anything neighbours dog keeps me nd my daughter up!) so now I really want out. My rent is due on 26th and ideally I would move before then but would I be liable for any costs. What notice can I give, is there anyway I can give a reason to get out of agreement. It's an assured shorthold and iv never. Signed another since the day I moved in. I just want out, I'dbe gone in two days if I could. Please help. My mother is also worried about costs being lumped on her as she is guaruntor but has no money anything atm. Get me out of here please. Kim xxx

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kim 11th December, 2014 @ 23:36

Also why would he want me here if I'm such a bad tenant! I got him a new boiler fitted into house and he can't even repair the bannister and light in bathroom. I'm so upset he has treat me this way as I have been a good tenant and he is horrible, intimidating and selfish. I can't even rent with the company that the other house I wanted was rented through as now I have a red flag on my name due to his bad reference. There must be a loophole or something I can say so I can get gone. I'm desperate. Especially Just before Xmas. Xxx

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Joann 7th January, 2015 @ 16:31

I decided to move out as there was such a delay in fixing the damage after a burst water pipe and I had to move in and out of various temporary accommodations, I had just had enough. The place was unliveable even though Christmas and basically the landlord didn't give a toss.
My contract is up in April and they said I could move out but there had to be a new tenant in. The real estate found one very quickly however now the landlord has decided he might sell which will obviously take a lot longer. Do I have to pay the remaining rent now he has decided to do that?

Thank you

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Joann 7th January, 2015 @ 16:33

Ps I have put in new carpet on the stairs/landing. It's my insurance paying for new carpet in lounge room and bathroom and I also put in an electric shower and paid my rent on time for 3 years!

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Sharron 10th January, 2015 @ 11:27

My tenancy runs out the 31st January 2015, 3 days ago I received a text from my landlord saying he is selling the house to another one of his tenants and I am expected to vacate the property by the end of my agreement even though I have not received any written notice from my landlord. I had to let the potential buyers have a 2nd viewing on the house who might I add have already viewed the house without my prior knowledge. There is no for sale board up at the house and nobody has been round to value the property. What rights do I have as a working single parent?

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Mikael 23rd March, 2015 @ 08:25

Hi. I've rented this house for the last six years, I had an assured tenancy agreement until last year but as the landlord wishes to sell I am now on a monthly
rollover. During the last 3 months I have been showing at least 30 prospective buyers but no sale as yet. Both the landlord and estate agent are 30 miles away and neither are attending while I show people around. It seems I am saving them a lot of money, both in petrol costs and hours they would have to make each time... can I claim any money from either of them as I have saved them at least £300 in petrol and over 100 hours in time ? Mike

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Tim 15th April, 2015 @ 15:00

My Landlord wants to sell the property I am renting

He has spoke to be initially and asked if I would be interested.

He has had 1 quick valuation, based on vacant possession.

As a tenant for nearly Nine years, original AST probably now out of date, what are the rules/procedures/discounts/considerations if I wanted to raise a mortgage/deposit and purchase the property myself

Things are very amenable with the landlord, and he is not 100% sure yet of the intention to sell.

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Regie 9th June, 2015 @ 15:48

Hi. My Landlord wants to sell property where we live for 5 yrs now. Preveously we had some issues with enviroment and condition. We lived for 2 yrs with broken celling and no light in bathroom . Plus a lot of dump in all rooms without no exeption. I've been butteling for rebuilding for 2 yrs . I let know all organisation which are possible about it. Now we stay in hotel for nearly 2 month because property now is in rebuilding stage. And you know what?. He said that he put it in Market for sale because "he had enough". Wery nice... While house was s**t it was fine to stay there and suffer... Maybe someone gonna ask me why we was there for all this time ?! Straight I will answer because it's not easy to find property in same area and with sutible price.. Plus my work and child school are close..:( I need some advice what I can do in this situation rather then moove in different area... It will be another hell..

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Joanne 13th June, 2015 @ 20:03

Hi I have a two year contract which included a break clause after the 1st six months (which has passed) - my landlord has now put the house on the market to sell (though he has not yet given me notice). Do I have the right to ask for compensation for having to leave mid-way through my contract or does the break clause mean he can just give me two months notice and not have to honour the rest of the contract?
Also, he stated that he was going to be looking for an investor to take my tenancy on, but the advertisement for the house does not state anywhere that it is an investment opportunity, or that it has a tenant in situ - does the advert legally have to state this?

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Simon 15th July, 2015 @ 01:11

Does anyone actually get an answer on here - it seems everyones talking to themselves !

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33 Herbert Ave PN 20th July, 2015 @ 21:33

No tenancey agreement with Landlord/Verbal agreement I have been in the same rental property for 10years during which time the landlord had done minimal maintenance until the water pipe burst under the house and the landlord had to fix the pipe and replace rotten floor boards/carpet and lynal in the lounge and kitchen because of this. it took 2 months to fix whilst we a family of 5 were ocupying the house using our bedrooms as our living areas and meals out as the living area and kitchen was unuseable, I aproached landlord and rent subsidy was not an option nor relocation whilst renovating during this time now landlord has finished and decided to put his house through an agency 21day with the agency received letter today and our eviction date 09/09/15"he has family wanting to ocupy" load of rubbish as landlord told me it was because we only paid half the rent to the agency, I pay monthly and the landlord asked for 2 weeks in advance to help with paying for the carpet and deduct it from our first rent payment to the agency.grrrrrr I have photos of the conditions we were living under whilst landlord was renovating ----not happy --- had I known of his plans I would not have tolerated staying their under the conditions whilst he renovated his property -I think this is unacceptable and greed on the landlords behalf.

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viv 27th August, 2015 @ 09:25

im a landlord and 7 years ago we rented our house out.we didn't charge them a deposit and gave them 1 or 2 weeks as they wanted to paint it how they wanted.they have always payed their rent on time but my husband got ill and we gave them 3 months notice to find somewhere as we were getting old and we had not much money because after the mortgage and building insurance were paid we decided to sell it.but they refuse to move out. my husband died a few weeks ago so now I feel alone .the house was sold subject to contract but as I say he died and now they are sort of intimidating me I could well lose the sale and when I took a letter over they threatened me with the police.they speak quite good English but I think they are after me paying them a lot of money to go

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Darren 24th September, 2015 @ 12:34

Hi can anyone help. We have lived in our home for 7 years with no tenancy agreement.
My landlord wishes to sell.
Is there anyway we can stay ie part buy it ? Or is there a housing association which will help. ?

Thanks for reading

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SuY 9th October, 2015 @ 22:22

We all as tenants clearly have issues that need to be addressed however more of us than those on the landlords side. No forthcoming help or advice so it seems landlords win. I have transformed the house i rented 3 years ago and 3 days ago a phone call to say she is selling. Surely somewhere i have rights please help?

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Steph 19th January, 2016 @ 10:47

Ive been living in my rented property for little over 3 years and was told last week that my landlord wants to put my property up for auction. He did however say he would sell it tenanted but when the new buyer is my landlord it will obviously be up to them weather or not I stay. I was wondering if I had any rights or what I do if the new landlord wishes to evict me?
ALso I was told of the landlord wanting to sell up on the Monday and by the Wednesday I had a auctioneer at my door and he has also asked a surveyor to come visit the property this week.
Is this allowed with such short notice?
Letting strangers into my home with less than a weeks notice??
Any help gratefully received, thanks!

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Kevin 20th February, 2016 @ 20:39

My tenant changed the tenancy agreement without my consent.

She has started paying rent when she feels like. I am doing everything to avoid going to court. I am demented. What should I do?


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Mark 14th March, 2016 @ 20:42

Hi, my Landlord is selling the house we have rented for 7 years, the estate agents want to use photos of the property that contains my possessions and pictures of my children can i refuse to let them use these photos?

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Keith 25th April, 2016 @ 08:11

We rented our small Mews house after a bad financial period and have lived here for 12 years. At first our contract was for the usual 6 months assured. As we are friends with his mother and late father no deposit was made. We have looked after the house and paid the rent on time all these years. Anyway, he always got very angry if he needed o do repairs, and during the last storm we lost some pointing under the ridge tiles. I reported it to him and he had a quote for £680 plus vat repairs. The next thing we knew was receiving a letter which bleated on about how he wasn't making any money from the property, and if he used his insurance to pay for the storm damage, his premium wold go up. This guy is an airline captain, so you really have to feel sorry for him don't you? In short, after all this we received our 2 months notice of vacation because he is selling the house. It's daft, because he will still have to pay for the repair before selling - if he can sell it. A lot of people selling on the Isle of Wight have had to revert to renting. I am 73 this year and my wife is 69. Both of us will find moving very hard, but to be honest with you, the guy is a bit unstable and perhaps we are better off out of it. He will never be happy even if the house sells. My advice is to try and go for a professional landlord and not one of those who are just trying to boost their pensions. Tenants are being used to pay their mortgages, and when that stops working they will always panic and leave good tenants in the lurch.

There should be a law to protect good tenants, but sadly, the law is on the side of the landlords and always has been.

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Jayne 2nd September, 2016 @ 13:34

My son rents from his landlord & has done for the past 7 months.The landlord is selling the house and phones him a week ago to say he has to leave.He also phones a day before to say there's a viewing on the property,and it'll be the next day.My son has no tenancy agreement,as the landlord said in the beginning he can stay as long as he want's as long as he get's his money every month"which he does".The oil central heating leaks,so he comes to my house for his bath every day after work,as a 1000 litre's went in 8 weeks.The bio disc isn't working on the house waste,so any water from the house,lifts the manhole and float's around the garden.He's on low income,and can't afford agents fees to move at the moment.He's been told someone is coming to view the property again tomorrow,and my son has to work,so I have to go there.What advice can you give me.

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Nicola 15th September, 2016 @ 17:36

Can you help?? I am a landlord who has tenant that is always in arrears,I have given a section 21 and am now selling as the hassle is making me ill. The tenant has said they will refuse to leave but the potential new buyer (deposits etc in place, just awaiting exchange date)does not want the tenant as they are moving in. What can I do as the possession order will exceed the time of the exchange deal (3 weeks). Help please.

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lisa 12th October, 2016 @ 02:47

Hi I'm in rented accommadtion just recently my landlord as put his shop up for sale I live in a one bed flat at the top of the shop what will happen to me will I be evicted I pay my landlord rent on monthly bases on short term tenancy but he hasn't mentioned me about being evicted or me staying in my flat I've been here for almost a year now I'm worried sick on what will happen to me I have mental health problems and have disability. I'm so anxious at the moment and consently worrying can someone please give me advice. I only knew about the shop being up for sale last night

I also just want to say that my landlord is usually lovely but I don’t see him and I usually give the staff in the shop the monthly rent this is causing me great deal of distress and anxiety I don’t know what to do I would hate to be homeless again this happened to me in 2009 and again in 2015 no fault of my own. I was made homeless before due to personal reasons and of no fault of my own. If anyone cwn give me advice i would be so grateful thank you

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Donna 28th December, 2016 @ 22:53

Hi I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me a little advise on where I stand with my tenancy.
I have lived in my current flat for over 2 and a half years and my lease isn't up yet, in fact I have a rolling contract. My landlord has told me that he will be selling the property and is going on the market middle of January. I have decided that rather than go through this whole thing again with a private landlord to rent from my local council instead. The thing is, my local council won't be able to help me within the time that I have unless my landlord serves me with a notice to quit via sheriff officer. My landlord is refusing to pay the £180 to have this served to me as "he isn't evicting me" but, without this I fear I may end up on the street as I don't have they money to pay out on another private let with first month rent and deposit. Can anyone give me some advice on this please? it would be greatly appreciated.

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Chichi 28th February, 2017 @ 18:59

not sure whether your situation has resolved itself, but perhaps you can try negotiating with your landlord. Maybe in return for you leaving peacefully and voluntarily, and allowing viewings etc, perhaps the landlord will agree to a reduced rent for a couple of months. You actually do not have to allow viewings or a board even if he puts it up for sale. Furthermore, if the landlord has not given you notice then you do not have to leave at all, just continue enjoying your tenancy at the property and paying your rent as normal.

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Alex Rose 4th November, 2017 @ 17:50

I have an amazing landlord but unfortunately due to his age the bank won't allow him to renew the mortgage so he has to sell by feb 2018. They gave me over a month extra than they had to as notice. What everyone here is looking for is an investor to buy and let to an amazing tenant (me!). Been here 7 yrs have 2 lovely cats and was going to pay to replace carpets next year. How can i find a new investor? Landlord has even said he'll sell for slightly less than asking price to secure it. I can't get a mortgage at this point otherwise I would snap it up. Help.

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cee 4th November, 2017 @ 20:51

Hi Alex rose, I may be able to help you if there's a way for you to get in touch.

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Alex Rose 4th November, 2017 @ 22:53

Hi cee i have kik messenger which will enable us to communicate without exchanging personal details if any use? Do you know of a place we can find possible investors?

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Michael 2nd July, 2018 @ 12:00

I am renting a property and the landlords bank have appointed an LPA receiver and the property is marketed in the Auction. They have put up a board and everyone keeps knocking on the door. Have I the right to remove the board as the tenant?

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Kayleigh 16th May, 2019 @ 16:23

Hi. I have been renting my property for several years now, we always get given a new contract. the current one runs till October. My landlord has decided to sell the house. I have said to her that I want to stay at the house until the end of the contract and have no changes to it or the amount of rent etc, I know that by law my contract has to be honored and the new owner would have to follow the rules of that contract, but I want the management to stay under the current agent, I am worried that the new owner wants to look after it and that worries me. I went to and agent because I wanted an agent not a private landlord. Do the new owners have to honour that part of the agreement and kept it with my rental agency until the end or are they allowed to put the management somewhere else or do it themselves? Thanks

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Ruben 10th August, 2019 @ 08:15

I signed a contract with Northwood under guaranteed rental scheme.
There is a tenant in the flat, now I split up with wife and want to sell the flat.
Am I allowed to sell it with another agent as Northwood has not been supporting my selling idea.
I do not have a copy of the signed agreement and they are making excuses for not giving me.
Any advice please


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