Tenant Wakes Up With Landlord Towering Over Him

It’s another one of those scenarios where I shouldn’t laugh because it’s genuinely frightening, but at the same time, I can’t help but laugh because I’m not the victim. That makes me a terrible person, doesn’t it?

Anyways, this happened last week to a friend of a friend, but I was only told the story an hour or so ago. And what a great story it is.

So basically, the tenant (my friend’s friend) was due to pay rent last week via direct debit. But for some reason or another, the transaction failed, consequently the landlord wasn’t best pleased.

Apparently, the landlord didn’t have the patience to call the tenant to find out why the rent hadn’t been paid. Instead, he deemed it appropriate to (this is the good part) let himself into the property, go upstairs into the tenant’s bedroom, wake him up, and then order him to make a quick journey to the cash point. Bearing in mind, this happened during the morning of the day when rent was due. By right, the tenant still had the rest of the day to pay.

Sleep Stalker

The tenant acted like a disciplined little bitch by getting up and making the journey to the cash point in the landlord’s car. After handing over the rent, the landlord jumped back into his car and left the tenant on the side of the road. Haha. You can’t even make this shit up.

I almost didn’t believe it, but I’m assured the story is legit.

The tenant sounds like a complete pussy

When I heard the story, it was frighteningly obvious that the landlord is a psychopath. It was so obvious that I didn’t even think twice about his actions. In the mean time, my mind was totally perplexed by the actions of the tenant.

If I was a tenant and my landlord pulled that shit on me, I’d grab the closest solid object next to my bed (most likely my arse-dildo) and beat him with it. But for some reason, the tenant didn’t resist and obeyed the landlord’s request. I don’t know if the tenant enjoyed being dominated or whether he was just completely oblivious to his rights. I’m also unsure about which party is more in need of psychiatric attention.

I asked my friend if the tenant sucked his cock after handing over the money. It seemed like the obvious question.

This situation is almost as bizarre (and comical) as the tenant that wanted to know if it was acceptable for her landlord to go through her underwear draw *slaps forehead*.

The Landlord might have the right idea

After digesting the entire situation, I got thinking.

The landlord could genuinely be onto something good here. Wouldn’t it be awesome if landlords were legally entitled to do the following if rent was overdue by 24 hours:

  • Enter the property during the early hours
  • Wake up the tenant
  • Drive them to the cash point
  • Leave the tenant to his/her own devices to get transport home

Tenant’s Right To Live In Quiet Enjoyment

I may as well make this blog post somewhat educational.

For those unaware (which some clearly are), tenants are legally entitled to live in quiet enjoyment. That means, the tenant has the legal right to live in the property as his or her home. The Landlord must ask the tenant’s permission before entering the premises, regardless of whether any terms have been breached!!

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jeffo 25th November, 2010 @ 00:32

Realistically the tenant should have bunged the lanlord a fiver to cover the fuel cost to the cash point!

I cant believe that lanlord would risk doing something so silly. In law it isnt breaking and entering but it is entering. I have let tenants owe me money before today with a 'hey ho' attitude. 75% of the time they pay up all they owe. The rest of the time, they were going to rip me off anyway!

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Fredo 25th November, 2010 @ 09:02

Given a landlord like that I'd be pretty worried, you have to hope they didn't have a long notice period!

One of my landlords came in one day and re-arranged the furniture. I was out and my house-mates, who knew nothing about anything, thought this was totally normal! The landlord was generally clueless but OK otherwise - I still don't understand it.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 25th November, 2010 @ 09:32

Ha, there are definitely some odd landlords out there!

The thing is, it's difficult to know whether these Landlords are oblivious to the law, or whether they just don't care about the law!!

Guest Avatar
Ronny 26th November, 2010 @ 12:29

yeah some odd landlords out there i am sure about it.

but unfortunately i got best landlord i think. there is no hassle at all.


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Tree Survey 26th November, 2010 @ 23:24

It is very difficult sometimes with the tenant vs landlord relationship as the tenant can rely on the landlord as being compliant with the laws and in accordance with best practice etc., when in reality many have their own interests at heart.

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Ginster 28th November, 2010 @ 12:27

...well that's very gutsy to say the least! But there's always at least two sides to a story.
This is something I think I may resort and hope I'd get away with if my Tenant let me down time and time again.
On the odd occasion it's fine so long as they keep me informed but a phone call to start with would have been good practice.

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property lady 2nd December, 2010 @ 06:45

Warning to all landlords who want to copy this: it is illegal and considered harassment which is a criminal offence if the tenant feels unsafe in his/her own home. All the tenant has to do is dial 999 and you will be behind bars.


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emma 31st December, 2010 @ 16:25

I was wondering if someone could give me some advise as I am new to all this. I have a tenant who only moved in, in nov on a 6 month short assured lease however is not paying his rent. He says he is now applying for housing benefit although I didnt want dss. Is there anything I can do legally to get rid of him before the end of the lease?
I would be greatful if there is anyone that can offer some advise and I should also mention that I am from Scotland.
kind regards

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Chris Richardson 29th May, 2018 @ 02:39

Tonight at 12.20 my Landlord who I share with feels it is ok to walk into my sons room and do the hell that he likes. I have my room down the corridor heard the landlord banging on the wall, but my son was not making any noise. I then got up went to my son's room (my son has told me he has been doing this quite frequently) and on this occasion been very unpleasent telling him it has gone 12 can you come off and get into bed.

Then I hear a noise down stairs and the Landlord cuts the power to the house, shutting the computer of whilst running. So i went back to bed to prepare and get some for a big day tomorow. then at 1.20am he starts knocking my door stating we need to chat.

I said what about, he said you owe me an apolagie for how you were speaking to me the other day. Yet it is ok for him to search for my ex-wife on face book and black mail by saying if your rent is not paid on the 10th of June I am sending this message to your wife saying I am leaving my son home alone and being agressive to my son, which i can assure you this is a blatent lie. I said no I am trying to sleep now I dealt with my son let me get my rest.

he keeps sying I am in debt still and his bank statements are not showing my rent. yet my bank statements show otherwise. He has not given me written notice of the debt and what time period so I am not in debt.

My deposit he has not put into a secure holding.

So now me and my son are now staying the night in a premier inn.

so please what can I do for my son is scared now he is going to lose me?


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