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No strings-attached, no obligations; you have access to FREE landlord legal advice from one of UK’s leading landlord legal services,… whenever you need it!

Legalforlandlords can provide landlords with free legal advice and services on the following issues:

  • How to end tenancies (repossessions) the right way
  • Tenant evictions
  • How to deal with problem tenants the right way
  • Debt/rent arrears recovery

Why? Because you’re on my website, which automatically qualifies you as either a “friend” or a “follower” of Property Investment Project, and that means you have access to free legal landlord advice (yup, even if this is your first time here, and you have no idea who the hell I am. Nice to meet you, BTW!).

To book a free 15-minute consultation for Eviction and/or Rent Arrears services with LegalforLandlords, click on the “Book Free Case Review” button below.

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  • PIP landlords can access key services FREE of CHARGE or at special discounted rates.
  • FREE legal advice service.
  • Pre-court-action letters from only £29 + VAT.
  • Legal services which can help you avoid the expense of solicitors' fees.

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WHY IS IT FREE? Sounds like there’s a catch!

Yup, I hear ya’. I’d be suspicious, too… so let me clarify!

LforL will give you free advice, no obligations! You can take the advice and run for the mountains. However, if you proceed to use any of their tenant eviction or rent recovery services, which you may or may not wish to use, including serving possession/eviction notices, taking your tenant to court, and/or instructing the bailiffs- that’s where they’ll make their cheese (but you’ll also get special discounted rates there)!

Discount Code for their paid Eviction Services…

If you want to use any of their eviction services, you do have access to special and exclusive rates by using our discount code…

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On top of the free services listed above, you have access to the special discounted rates below for eviction services...

  • Step 1: Service of Notice(s) to tenant - £179 + VAT (£159 + VAT with £20 discount)
  • Step 2: Applying for standard or accelerated possession orders which start from £735.83 + VAT (£715.83 with £20 discount)
  • Step 3: Applying for a warrant for possession - £399 + VAT (£389 + VAT with £10 discount)
  • Step 4: Debt recovery, tracing services, enforcement of judgment - £79 + VAT (£69 with £10 discount)
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Specialist Landlord Legal Services Vs Solicitors!

I always recommend using a ‘Landlord Legal Specialist’ service (just like LforL) over a general high-street solicitor. Specialist companies are often much cheaper than Solicitors, and they specialise in dealing with problem tenants (i.e. so they’re typically much more efficient at it), whereas most solicitors practice multiple areas of law, and therefore don’t have specialist experience or knowledge.

Of course, you can find solicitors that specialise in landlord law, but as you expect them to be, they’re typically a buttload more expensive, and they won’t necessarily do anything different than a specialist eviction company.

But it’s your call, I just thought I’d give you my two pence!

Do I need a Legal Services to get rid of my tenants?

Absolutely not.

As said, you can get the free legal advice from LforL with no obligations to use any of their paid services, and then take matters into your own grubby hands! So, that means you can download and serve possession notices yourself (and yes, that’s completely legal). If your tenant ignores your [correctly served] notice you can also apply for a hearing at a County Court, all by your brave self. For more details, here’s a guide on how you can start the tenant eviction process all by your lonesome.

However, if you feel out of your depth and/or lack experience, my advice is to seek professional help from a service that actually specialises in the area (whether that be LforL or anyone else). Taking the professional route may sound expensive, but it can actually work out to be the cheaper option because they know what they’re doing and they know the quickest and most-effective routes to take.

Advantages of using Professional Eviction Services

  • They specialise in the eviction process and possess extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, allowing them to navigate through the process as quickly as possible. They have streamlined processes in place to help expedite the eviction.
  • Their expertise can help you follow the proper steps and avoid costly mistakes. Improper eviction procedures can lead to legal complications and potential liabilities. Professional eviction services take necessary precautions to protect your rights as a landlord. They ensure that all eviction actions are conducted in compliance with applicable laws, minimising the risk of legal disputes or counterclaims from tenants.
  • Evicting tenants can be emotionally challenging, so by using an eviction service, you can distance yourself from the process, which can help reduced stress and emotional involvement.
  • Rogue tenants are often more compliant when a professional legal service gets involved.

On that note… call for Free Legal Advice on 0333 240 8255 and use the exclusive discount code if you decide to use any of their extra services: PIPLANDLORD

If you do end up hitting up LforL for free advice, or use any of their other services, please leave a comment below and let me know how you found the experience!!

I only wish you all the best! Good luck xoxo

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Guest Avatar
Anom 20th June, 2017 @ 11:11 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Received your email yesterday and it was literally a case of perfect timing. I've been having tenant problems and I've been at my wit's end. I spoke to citizen's advice and they were useless.

Spoke to legal for landlord yesterday and they were brilliant, I feel so much mroe confident now.

Thank you so much!! keep up the good work!!

Guest Avatar
Lou 24th June, 2017 @ 15:55 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Thanks Landlord!

Guest Avatar
Sonny 28th June, 2017 @ 21:55 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

I spoke to Legal for Landlords last week and I feel much better about getting the eviction process started. It's still scary as I'm an accidental Landlord and have inherited a right nasty family, so getting the right advise and reassurance is a big thing for me.

It would be nice to hear other's experience of their service too.

Guest Avatar
Michelle39 5th July, 2017 @ 08:12 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Thank you for the advice, it's good to talk to someone and feel confident after all my questions!! Would recommend to other Landlords for sure.

Guest Avatar
TroubledLordy 26th September, 2017 @ 16:52 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Brilliant, thanks! Just what I needed

Guest Avatar
Anon 3rd October, 2017 @ 21:23 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Thanks, I was given brilliant advice and I feel so much better. Recommended.

Guest Avatar
annecrum 8th January, 2018 @ 18:28

you really make me smile! going through a shitty time with my tenant - why do we actually call them tenants when they don't pay their rent? we should call them squatters,because that's what they are!! but you are funny, and lighten up my mood in my current situation, so thanks for that, and also for the help and advise you give to landlords going through a bad time with their tenants. well done!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 8th January, 2018 @ 21:42

Thank you!! I'm glad I'm able to provide some light during the bleak times!

Stay strong, and I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully it will be a quick turnaround for you.

Guest Avatar
Benji 8th January, 2018 @ 22:06

Hopefully it will be a quick turnaround for you.

It won't be.
It will be long, drawn out and painful.
But hopefully you will learn and be very careful in choosing tenants in future and price your rents accordingly.
I wish you the best of luck!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 8th January, 2018 @ 22:26

As always, a ray of f'ing sunshine!

I hope she breaks the record for quick turnarounds.

And, you smell.

Guest Avatar
Sophia 20th March, 2018 @ 13:26 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Excellent service .... from PIP.

Guest Avatar
Sophia 20th March, 2018 @ 13:36 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Landlord I read your words and I am in fit of the giggles even though my heart is breaking with parasite tenants. I am keeping strong and keep telling myself "nothing lasts for ever" ..except taxes of course :)))

Guest Avatar
A.. 4th April, 2018 @ 18:01

Unfortunately, LforL won't deal with anything relating to Lodgers - they only give advice on AST contracts (which as we know doesn't apply in a lodger situation). So not as helpful as I would have liked & was desperate for.

Guest Avatar
John 18th April, 2018 @ 11:59 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Thanks for the priceless information, the downloads, the sense of support and for the laughs! I’m currently dealing with my first eviction and not received rent for nearly 5 months. NIGHTMARE! But you’ve helped me in navigating the process.

Guest Avatar
jon 4th May, 2018 @ 03:13

yes you will come across good and bad in everything, but some landlords are an utter disgrace and think just because they own a property they have the right to do as they please without a seconds thought of consequences to the tenant.5 weeks ago my brother was moving into a new flat as he was unhappy were he was, after giving notice the landlord asked if he new anybody who may move in an take the flat over. My best friend mentioned he was lonely at his current flat and would like to move into my brothers old flat to be closer to friends and family, the landlord was chuffed he had a tenant to take straight over saving him the hassle and expense of finding one for himself and also somebody recommended. My friend moved straight in and signed a tenancy within days even before giving notice at his old flat, (this is what the landlord asked of him). On meeting him and signing there was no issue they got on fine and the landlord was more than happy to sign a 6 month assured tenancy in the full knowledge the rent was being payed by housing benefits as my friend broke his back on a building sight when at work so he is no scum bag parasite as iv seen tenants being referred to with words like this on a few comments on this web page.He then gave up his old flat happy he was secure in a new place more positive than ide seen him for a few months as he has some mental health issues.Unknowing to any of us the tenant in the above flat who has worked for the landlord on and off for 25 years and who acts as his live in handy man had promised somebody he knows the flat , even without speaking to the landlord. Now apparently within days of my friend signing for the flat the handy man started moaning about this and lying about noise underneath when my pal wasn't even there. Now i think you would all agree a responsible landlord would say " First of all you should not of promised a flat thats not your decision to make to anybody, and im sorry but iv let the flat to my ex tenants brothers friend who has the right to live there hassle free ". Well what has happened instead is an example of how some landlords think they are above the law and act in a manor that has me absolutely furious and at a point of having to show severe restraint not to act on my rage.

MY friend moved in on the 9th of april 2018 with no deposit or rent in advance asked for, the landlord told him to claim from the 1st of the month which he had no reason to contest, my brother gave his notice on 25th of march and payed a months rent which covered the rent till 26th of april. So firstly attempted fraud knowing he has already been payed for 3 weeks of the period. less than 5 days after my pal signing the tenancy he started getting calls and txts daily demanding rent, within another week he was texting saying im serving you notice i want to to vacate by the end of the day as there has been a mistake and i have another tenant to move in.The stress and worry this has caused my friend is unforgivable and there was not even any rent due at this point, apparently this is all because of the upstairs tenant giving landlord a hard time. Now this has continued every day since up until last Monday, i told my pal try not to worry as you have rights from the protection from harassment act 1997, protection from eviction act 1977 and housing act 2004 among others. my freind struggles talking on the phone and getting his words out due to anxiety were as I am more than able to tell it how it is and to no my facts before i speak, i was with my friend on monday when the landlord phoned him threatening to change the locks and evict him and to vacate today, this was enough for me to take the phone to speak and to enlighten the landlord on what is a civil and criminal offence and what rights mt pal has and also the fact hes attempting fraud, he has entered the flat on numerous occasions without any permission, and also the fact he has absolutely no smoke alarms, or fire doors in a first floor flat that has no fire escape, there is no currant gas safety certificate and so on. I also reminded him he cant even apply for a section 21 unless no rent has been payed for 2 months even then its not enforceable till the tenancy expires when he then has to apply for eviction notice etc, and you have no right legally to apply anyway when there is no up to date or gas safety cert or energy efficient cert produced to the tenant on signing of the tenancy and if he continues with these idiotic threats i will report him so do with this information as you wish.About 3 hours later i went with my pal to his flat to find he had changed the main front door lock and the locks on the flat door without a second thought of it causing my friend to sleep rough in the rain with no access to food and clean clothes, luckily he has friends and hes bin at mine since, he has we think instructed his tenant and associate of 25 years to enter his flat and change the locks. Now excuse my for referring to this bellend as a skumbag coward who is tucked up in his nice warm bed in his big house by his top Mercedes car not giving a thought of consequences for my pal.Resisting the real temptation to go to his posh pad and remove his jaw off his chin is not easy i have to admit but im far from stupid and theirs more than 1 way to skin a RAT. I am already in the process of doing a search on his properties to find mortgage free ones to use to levi against for legal representation while reporting him to national fraud agency and the local council for investigation and summons to court. he has also agreed to let my friend go there tomorrow to remove his stuff as we have indicated defeat and he wins.ASIF, if he thinks that hes a thick skumbag coward bellend as the minute he opens door to allow access he will be told he is the only thing being removed and the police already on the way in case of any more threats and you will give a key to access and leave the building and leave me to live here in a peaceful manor i am lawfully allowed to and not to return harassing me or trying to access my flat without prior written request.

I my self have had-some fantastic landlords and dont dispute for one minute there out there but situations like this do happen and as far as im concerned he should be made to spend a few months slumming it in a homeless hostel with no access to money accept for the equivalent income of somebody on benefits, lets see how he would cope, and i will fight this until he receives a large fine or custodial before helping my friend claim compensation for stress and trauma caused. if i was my pal i would sit in the flat for the full duration of the tenancy and every month when the rent is there tell him to go and boil his head and give the rent to some homeless , vulnerable adults who deserve equality...would love to hear any opinions

Guest Avatar
MR RICE 17th July, 2018 @ 17:11

I have a tenant that has paid his quaters rent but is holding off siging a new lease ?
How can i the landlord ask him to sign a new lease ?


Guest Avatar
Tennant 22nd August, 2018 @ 16:57

Our landlord wants to serve us notice after we complained her about agent - we don’t have option to explain all as he doesn’t want to talk to us directly. The truth is only what agent tells him

The agent created story how they look after his property while they never inspect the any fixed things. We complained on their contractors so they came here and called us names ( likely we had a witness who created the witness statement for us ) We had to complained to heath and Safty to serve notice on the agent as they wanted to get rid of us but keeping the scaffolding in our garden for several months with long metal ladder attached unsecured
Our child felt down from the ladder and agent’s advice was to “ take the wooden ladder by ourselves “

We want to stay here but we would like the justice to happen

They informed us on last day of the month at 5 pm if we don’t sign totally new agreement they serves us notice 21 at the end of the next month
They increased our rent too ( more what neighbours paying )

What are our options?
We would like to stay but our fixed term finished last year and we are periodic tenancy and we don’t want to sign a new agreement which takes away our legal rights

They put now after 3 years new administration charge for new agreement ( we never were informed such a charge exists )

The new contract has to be sign on 1 st of the month after receiving it on 31 st at 5 pm ( they advised us to seek legal advice - I guess at night on 31 st ....

The agent told the landlord they we agreed to X increase

We haven’t and there is our word against agent again - my friend recorded conversation with agent saying landlord wants new increase ... now the landlord responded to us saying we have to pay as we were ok with it ....

They changed in the contract repair obligations from “tennant has no right to do any repairs “ to: landlord will not carry any rapairs which are not law obligatory.

What can we do ?
Could you help please ?

Shall we show the landlord the proof our agent lies again and again ? ( we can email It to her ) but we have no agent permission as he didn’t know we recorded the conversation but It is very clear who lies

Guest Avatar
Shar 28th January, 2019 @ 13:59

Hi there, what about us tenants whose landlord is in breach of their covenant, has disability discrimination (epilepsy), and refuse to deal with neighbour harassment? Where do we go? I haven't slept in over two years due to council landlord not dealing with issues. Whose going to advise us for free?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 30th January, 2019 @ 14:12

Citizens Advice?

Those services are there to provide free advice to tenants.

Also, I'm not sure it's the landlords responsibility to resolve disputes with your neighbours. That's a civil matter, in my opinion.

Guest Avatar
kev white 7th February, 2019 @ 11:07

called the legal advice this morning to ask about evicting a tenant from HMO they said they did not know the law regarding HMOs!


Guest Avatar
Noel Mitchell 12th February, 2019 @ 15:14 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Hi Landlord,

LegalforLandlords have been great for me with regards to helping me through an eviction process. I contacted them several months ago, but thought I try different options to save some money and help the tenants but it didn't work.

I have now instructed them, so far so good and they'll be leaving very soon. Just awaiting the bailiff date but I doubt they'll stay that long and the property is a HMO! Hope they don't trash the place!!!!!!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 12th February, 2019 @ 15:39

Awesome, Noel, thanks for letting me know! Really pleased to hear they have taken good care of you.

I hope they don't trash it either, wish you the best of luck with the outcome!

Guest Avatar
Vibha Spalding 6th June, 2019 @ 13:08

Has anyone used Landlord Advice UK. As I am a member of TheBLA, they have suggested to use Landlord Advice UK. So now I am confused as to who I use. Who will quickly evict the tenant, who have deliberately avoided payment on the basis that I take them to court. They have continuously used bad language, smoking in the house. can smell whenever I go there and have seen smoking. after a few warnings and pictures taken, they are careful. They put them away as soon as I am going to take pictures of cigarettes. Assaulted me twice by pushing me out of the door after I have given then more than 48 hours of notice to visit them. They respond OK to come and then they said they never agreed for me to be there. Police came over, saw my notice and their response and they said I had right to be there for inspection. Now I need to evict them after many letters and eviction notice as well. I have some very good tenants and they have sent me postcard to thank me for giving them a place and doing some work very quickly. I do not know who will be the best people to carry out the work very quickly and efficiently.

Guest Avatar
Bob 20th August, 2019 @ 14:36

A simple case of stalking.
1 Where to start?

I suppose an introduction is in order. My Name is Mr Robert Thyer I am currently 60 years old. My current health situation is. Heart frailer, bladder cancer, one impinged right shoulder and one frozen possible impinged left shoulder. I struggle with day to day tasks such as cooking a meal, taking our dogs for a walk and life in general is not a bunch of roses for me as I very quickly get tired run out of steam and offend fall sleep in the afternoons. I suffer with low mood to chronic depression every day and some times I get thoughts of ending it all, as I see no point in continuing in this way. I used to be a hard working man no task was to big for me, I enjoyed doing physical things in my work and in play. I played rugby and very much enjoyed the training and the games at the week end. My life used to be so so busy,but now I am reduced to a crawl and I am hating every minuet of it.

2 So what is this about?

Well it all started back in 2012. Our second property was left in a bad state by the tenants and my wife and I elected to move out of our bungalow and into the house to do the renovations over time. We could then rent our bungalow out, with a view of moving back when the time was right. We made the move and renovated our bungalow to a very high standard and advertised it on Gumtree.

3 Why don’t you advertise it on Gumtree?

There were a few people interested in our bungalow, but sadly many had large pets, or other lets say not very desirable attributes. Our bungalow was empty for about three months as we sort the right people to take it over as our tenants. A very nice chap named John was very keen and became the favourite, John had a young family and John and his wife were both working. John agreed with the rent and bond and almost every thing was set. But little did we know dark clouds were on the horizon.

4 The day you meet the devil and never realise it.

In the mean time I received an email from a Sarah Bolam ([email protected]). Before I go any further, when you reply to a Gumtree advert, your reply goes to Gumtree, then Gumtree forwards the reply to you the advertiser. This is done to protect the advertiser from scams. So in Miss Bolam’s email it said this.

5 A dark shadow comes over you fear the shadow for it is evil.

I made a reply to Miss Hillam giving her my home and mobile phone numbers to contact us. Miss Bolam replied.

6 Sadly I took the bait hook line and sinker.

Well I made contact with John and told him about Miss Bolam and her predicament. John understood and agreed with me Miss Bolam should have the property.

7 Down the rabbit hole we go.

Ok so Sarah Bolam phoned me, she said she was currently living in Doncaster in her boy friends house with his mother. Then Miss Sarah Bolam dropped the bomb shell. Sarah Bolam told me. She had an inoperable brain tumour and only had an estimated eight months left to live. Devastating news to us. So in her stead Miss Bolam’s Mother and Father came to view the bungalow. John and Mary Bolam arrived and viewed our bungalow, they were very happy with what they saw and duly reported back to Sarah Bolam. Miss Bolam was very keen to move in ASAP. We were also happy to be helping Miss Bolam to be near her parents for the last few months of her life.

8 Lower the rent and the bond.

Do you recall Miss Bolam asked if we could reduce the rent and bond as some one possibly Miss Bolam was on long term disability, as stated in her email. So we have a person with just eight months to live, desperate to be near her parents for the last few months of her life. With out a second thought we lowered the rent from £135 a week to £114 a week. We lowered the bond to £500 and agreed to allow them to pay the bond off in instalments.

9 Sarah Bolam & Aaron Hillam become our tenants.

As the weeks passed by, we kept our distance only going to the property to pick up mail. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years. Yes years? But wait Sarah Bolam only had eight months to live. During the tenancy Sarah & Aaron got married. Mr & Mrs Hillam were our tenants for 5 years 6 months.

10 Fast forward 5 years 6 months.

The Hillams are they are now wanted to quit our property. They gave us proper notice to quit on 2nd January 2018. The tenancy would end on 31st January 2018. But is this the end of this sad tail. No it is not, we must now go back in time to December 2012 to the CO2 incident.

11 CO2 incident the first time my alarm bells rang.

It was the evening of 14th December 2012, I was out of the house delivering pizzas and kebabs for a local outlet. My wife phoned me and said I better get to the bungalow immediately there has been a gas leak. I dashed to the bungalow where I saw a fire engine and an ambulance with their blue lights flashing. As I approach the bungalow Mr Hillam was wobbling around on the front lawn as if he was very drunk, in close attendance was a paramedic. I asked the medic if Mr Hillam was ok? He replied he was. I went into the bungalow all the windows were open the front door was wide open and all the lights were on.

12 Miss Bolam are you ok?

Sarah Bolam was laying on her settee in close attendance was a very worried looking paramedic. The medic was holding an oxygen mask over Miss Bolam’s face. I asked the medic is she ok? Miss Bolam opened her eyes, let out a muffled moan then closed her eyes and moaned again a bit louder this time.

13 The head fireman.

As I turned a fireman was coming out of the kitchen. He introduced him self to me as the senior fireman, I in turn said I was the landlord. The fireman said there was no CO2 leaks from the cooker hob in the kitchen. He asked were was the boiler. I told him it was in the attic. We both went around to the back of the bungalow to inspect the boiler flu to see if it was blocked. I told the fireman the boiler was about three years old. We could see there was no blockage and we then went back in to the attic entrance. I short ladder was used and one of the firemen cracked the attic door and pushed his hand and a CO2 detector into the attic space. Shortly after he reported not CO2 was found. A fireman then crawled to were the boiler was and said there was nothing out of the ordinary with the boiler. In the hall way underneath the attic door was the CO2 detector that had gone off.

14 CO2 Detector lies.

The fireman took the CO2 detector off the wall and pressed the set button. The detector actuated and gave the alarm. Then he shock the detector and it made a faint bleeping sort of noise, but not the same as the alarm. He announced there was no CO2 leak and it was a faulty CO2 detector. He asked me if I had a spare to install rather than leave the place with out a detector just in case. I went home and got the CO2 detector from my house and brought it back. When I arrived. Miss Bolam and Mr Hillam had made a full recovery and was talking to the head fireman. The fireman shock this spare CO2 detector it did not make any sounds, so I placed it on the wall in place of the faulty detector. Then every one left and I went back to work. As I walked out I saw Bolam and Hillam standing in the front room looking very sheepish. The firemen and I had a bit of a chuckle at their performance of almost chocking on nothing more than fresh air. A short time later we had another gas safety inspection done and all was found to be ok. EXCEPT! The gas inspector found a small gas leak on the gas meter out side the property. Keep that in mind.

15 The first time Mrs Hillams police statement.

There came to pass, a situation where the now Mrs Sarah Hillam (was Bolam) gave to the police a statement which was presented to Swansea magistrate Court in an alleged Harassment trial. I’ll go into this more later. This statement was taken by a PC Maclean at Penlan police station on 9th February 2018. Let us go back to Miss Bolam’s inoperable brain tumour and only eight months to live. In the police statement Mrs Hillam states.

16 It all seems simple enough.

Well lets take a look at what Mrs Hillam is saying in this section of her statement. Mrs Hillam agrees the time of renting our bungalow. She states she made her replies to Gumtree. She makes claims to be living at the time in Doncaster. But there is now a change to her story. Mrs Hillam now claims she needed to be closer to her parents because her father had a brain tumour. So from this we now know 100% some one had a brain tumour.

17 Let me introduce to you Louise Bolam Borough.

Louise Bolam Borough is the ex sister in law of Mrs Hillam. Louise Bolam Borough was married the Mrs Hillams brother Steven Bolam. There is no love lost between Mrs Hillam and Mrs Bolam Borough. Below is a small section of a Face book conversation I had with Louise Bolam Borough.

“I have had my own experience of her fraudulently using my identity to obtain credit but the police said it was not it the public interest to pursue a prosecution”

John Bolam had a non cancerous tumour behind his eye which was removed in an operation and no further treatment. I would say this was between 12 and 15 years ago, certainly before my son was born and he is 11. He was perfectly fine during 2012.

This is what I have heard and not been directly told by Sarah. She has claimed over the years to have had numerous miscarriages, cancer and being on a list for a heart transplant. I have no reason to believe any of this was true and the fact she had a baby about a year ago makes it all less believable.

18 Well a few bubbles have been burst there.

In Paragraph 4 Mrs Hillam states in her email she has cancer. According to Bolam Borough this is a regular thing for Mrs Hillam to lie about. Mrs Hillam says some one her or her partner are on disability benefits? Well I know that’s not true because Mrs Hillam said while under oath in court she has only ever been unemployed and never been disabled, her husband is not disabled so Mrs Hillam has lied in her email not a crime unless you consider it a scam to defraud some one out of money. Oh dear Mr John Bolam has never had a brain tumour and was perfectly find in 2012. Another lies by Mrs Hillam but this time in a police statement, Oh dear that is perjury? Then Bolam Borough tells us Mrs Hillam is an identity thief as well. Hold on a second was Miss Bolam as she was then living in Doncaster? Lets see shall we?

19 Bolam Borough tells us.
“I believe when she first moved to this area she lived in a caravan on her parents drive until she moved to a bungalow. The reason she had to move here was arons mother threw them out because of lies she told there.”
Oh dear so when Miss Bolam's parents came to view the bungalow they did so knowing full well their daughter was lying to us.

20 What about the CO2 leak.

Well Mrs Hillam gives mention to the CO2 leak in her police statement.

I made enquiries with South Wales Fire about obtaining the head fire officers report on this CO2 incident. When it arrived it tells a different story to the one Mrs Hillam lies to the police.

21 Time to recap.
Miss Bolam (Now Hillam) deliberately lied to us to scam us into lowering the rent and bond.
There has never been a brain tumour, Mrs Hillam lied to us at the very start also in her police statement. Mrs Hillam also lied about this while under oath in court. John Bolam has not come forward to tell us his daughter has told a lie in court, this makes Mr John Bolam complicit in the lie and guilty of aiding in fraud.
Mrs Hillam has lied about having cancer in her original emails.
Mrs Hillam has lied in her police statement about the CO2 incident. She compounded these lies in court while under oath.
Miss Bolam (now Hillam) lied about living in Doncaster when sending us emails, she was living in a caravan on her fathers driveway, about quarter of a mile from the bungalow. Which makes both of her parents complicit in the lies.
Remember the gas leak discovered after the CO2 incident. Well it was discovered during the final meter reading when the Hillams finally left, that the readings we gave to the gas or electric was lower than one taken by their own meter reader some months before. So some one has been fiddling the gas or electric meter.

Go make a brew you’ll need it, as I’ve only scratched the surface.

22 A bogus address.

Mrs & Mrs Hillam gave us a months notice to quit our property. Mrs Hillam gave to me a forwarding address of 25 Wern Road Llanelli. On the 9th January 2018 I was no longer able to contact Mrs Hillam by phone, text or email. I went to 25 Wern Road Llanelli and discovered the Hillams were not living there. On 10th I paid a visit to Mrs Hillams parents house Mr John Bolam is the guarantor on the tenancy agreement. The Hillams had done a runner leaving all their mess behind them, for us to deal with. Just to set the record straight. On 17th January 2018 I asked our local post man if he knew where the Hillams had moved too he then gave me their new address, 17 Brenig Road, Penlan.

23 Enter the Dragon.

Mr & Mrs Hillam put forward a lady named Mrs Angela Chaplow to act as an agent as Mrs Hillam was almost full term with her pregnancy and was feeling stressed by it all.
The first contact with Mrs Chaplow was at 08.30am 15th January 2018. Mrs Chaplow phoned my mobile phone. She informed me she was a solicitor working for Winn solicitors of Newcastle upon Tyne. I told her to writ me a letter and ended the phone call. Through the day Mrs Chaplow persisted in phoning me saying she only wished to come to some sort of agreement of the repairs and redecorating of our property. Mrs Chaplow suggested the bond of £500 be realised to me and then Mrs Chaplow would pay any costs above the £500. That same evening Mrs Hillam realised the £500 bond to us on Mrs Chaplow’s say so. I phoned Mrs Chaplow and told here there would be an extra cost of £400, to complete the renovations. Mrs Chaplow took this as an opportunity to barter and offered £250. I refused and some one on Mrs Chaplow’s side started to hurl personal abuse at me. I ended the phone call. Later Mr & Mrs Hillam have made claims of me obtaining the Bond by deception. It would seem as if a very cunning plan has been put into action to make me seem to be the bad guy. Later In her police statement Mrs Hillam stated this.

I have been unsuccessful in locating this Claire person. In the court documents provided by the CPS there is a collection of documents called Unused Material in these pages there is a statement made by Mrs Hillam to a 101 operator. Clearly Mrs Hillam in unaware 101 operators record every thing you say. Mrs Hillam states in these papers “HE HAS ALSO BEEN HARRASSING MY COUSIN WHO IS OUR SOLISITOR AND HELPING US WITH ROBERT” Mrs Hillam told us in court while under oath there is only one cousin helping her and that is Mrs Angela Chaplow. Is this confirming Mrs Angela Chaplow was pretending to be a solicitor?

24 Mr & Mrs Hillam go to America.

Oh yes these two people who have been on unemployment benefits for the entirety of their tenancy of 5 years and 6 months went on holiday twice too the good old USA. You can see photos of them having a good time on their Face Book accounts Sarah Hillam and Lord Max (yes Lord Max). So Mrs Hillam makes special note in her police statement of a discovery when returning from one of these holidays.

During the harassment trial Mrs Hillam named Mrs Jan Rich as the neighbour who told here of me entering the property. Naturally I spoke to Mrs Rich who is once again our next door neighbour about Mrs Hillams claims. Mrs Rich confirmed what we know to be a lie by Mrs Hillam in her police statement. Mrs Rich told me she never said this to Mrs Hillam.

25 Jumping on the roof playing “monkey games.”

During 2016 I was alerted to damage to a bedroom ceiling. I saw the ceiling sagging and looked on the roof sure enough there was a broken tile. I removed the broken tile and replaced it with a new full tile, this fixed the roof leak. In Mrs Hillams police statement she says.

So 10th December 2015 to 4th January 2016 so three weeks four days. So is it possible this roof tile became broken during this time? Or is it likely it was broken before these dates and only discovered on their return from holiday. The big question is how much rain had there been to make enough water to sag the ceiling. Was it sagging before they went on holiday? Who knows? But the one thing we do know Mr & Mrs Hillam have gone to a lot of trouble to tell us why it could not have been broken by them. A simple I don’t know how or when it was broken would be enough surly. I smell a rat.

26 The bathroom flood.

The cause of the flood in the bathroom and hall way, came by way of a nut coming lose on a set of mixer taps. The images below show this nut undone. What I saw after being alerted was this tap leaking water was the mixer taps covered in wet towels. I started to remove the towels and water started spurting up the tiled wall above the bath from the cold water side of the mixer taps. I turned the cold water tap on to relieve the water pressure on the leak and to divert the water into the bath where it could drain down the plug hole. The water was then turned off at the mains tap out side. After removing the towels, I saw that some one (person or persons unknown at this time) had wrapped the lose section of this tap in gaffer tape. After removing the gaffer tape. I saw the nut that is undone in this image was still attached to the thread but very lose almost fully off the thread. I wrapped PVA tape around the thread as seen in this image then using an adjustable spanner tightened the nut. This solved the water leak. This took me about 10 minuets to do. As I understand it Mr & Mrs Hillam at the time of discovery placed towels over the leak and returned to bed.

After speaking to our friends who previously owned the property these mixer taps had been in place for around 20 years when they lived there. They were in place when we took possession of the property. We lived at the property for around 6 years. So in 26 years this tap had never come lose.

Mr & Mrs Hillam have claimed that they did notify me of this leaking tap and they then claim I ignored them until such time as the bathroom was finally flooded. But just for a moment let us consider. “What could Mr & Mrs Hillam have done to avoid the bathroom flood, all by them selves”.

At the time of discovering the tap in full flood mode, if Mr or Mrs Hillam had simply turned the tap on. The water would have been diverted into the bath. I understand their reluctance to do this as the property has a water meter, doing this would of cost them about 50p or even as much as a £1 to have the tap running over night.

After turning the tap on and diverting the water into the bath Mr or Mrs Hillam could of then hand tightened the nut, This I am sure would of reduced the water flowing from the loose nut to a minor drip, the water flowing from the tap could of then be reduced to a trickle to reduce the pressure on the loose nut, with a bonus of reducing the water meter cost to around 25p or may be 50p for having the tap running all night. But again I understand this expense may be to much to bear for Mr & Mrs Hillam.
After doing all the above, the next day Mrs or Mrs Hillam could of used an adjustable spanner to tighten the nut further and possibly cured the water leak completely. But Mr & Mrs Hillam may not have had the for thought to have purchased an adjustable spanner when the tap first started to drip from the joint, that finally failed. After all it is most defiantly not the responsibility of Mr or Mrs Hillam to fix water leaks, that was the domain of their despicable landlord. So why should they go to all the expense of buying a £3.00p adjustable spanner to fix a leaking tap, that is in their opinion not their problem?

But most important of all. This nut would not of become as loose as it did in a single instance. In my experience of leaking taps and pipes, I am reasonably confident in saying. I suspect, the leak would of started as a minor drip. This drip would of become a larger drip over time. Then a small water leak. Then if still not attended too a much larger leak, to the point where the nut fails and the bathroom is then flooded. Causing £13,084.60p worth of damage, and then making our insurance policy go from costing £175.00p a year to £425.00p a year. All for the sake of a £3.00p adjustable spanner. I have to ask Mr & Mrs Hillam, why would I willingly ignore Mr & Mrs Hillams calls for me to fix this leaking tap knowing the problems resulting from not fixing it before it grew into a major problem. Mr & Mrs Hillam are making claims that are bordering in stupidity.

It is my understanding that Mr Hillam has been studying Manufacturing and Mechanical engineering at Swansea Metropolitan University, between 2004 to 2018. But Mr Hillam ( aka Lord Max on Face book) did not know how to tighten a nut on a leaking tap in the bathroom with an adjustable spanner? Electing instead to use gaffer tape? I am left dumb founded by Mr & Mrs sheer stupidity in making the claims they have, in their crazy attempts to pass the blame for the bathroom and hall way flood at my door step.

Below is a screen shot of Mr Hillam (aka Lord Max) Face book page.

I find it utterly unbelievable that Mr & Mrs Hillam have made what can only be described as, such ludicrous claims, fully in the face of so much over whelming evidence to show it was all so easy to avoid, I am left flabber ghasted at their sheer stupidity.

27 A massive mould infestation in the bedroom.

At the end of Mr & Mrs Hillams tenancy I was shown a massive mould infestation on a bedroom wall. Mr Hillam has made claims of this mould being from the roof leak or from the bathroom leak. Given the pattern of the rising damp from the bathroom flood. The positioning of the roof leak. I can not attribute this huge mould infestation to any of the water leaks. The mould was on a wall that joined the bathroom wall. In front of this wall was a small wardrobe. The wall and wardrobe mirrored the huge mould infestation. Where the slight mould in the bathroom and hallway was rising damp between 2 inches and 8 inches up the wall from the floor. The roof leak damage was to the ceiling only. The mould on the wall was about 4 foot from the ceiling damage and totally different to the rising damp on the other side in the bathroom. So what caused this huge mould infestation. This is where Mr Hillam makes the mistake of thinking every one is stupid. If some one was to place a small humidifier into the space between a wall and a small wardrobe in time you will have a large mould infestation in the shape of a fan, fanning out from the location of the humidifier. Guess what the huge mould infestation on the wall and wardrobe was in a fan shape. Later when we took over the renovations, we stripped the wall paper off the wall and washed the wall which showed this large mould infestation was on the surface only. We did the same with the small wardrobe the Hillams had left behind, simple washing the mould off the back giving the inside a quick wash over. Then sealing the back with a mix of water and PVA in a spray bottle. Apart from the back the wardrobe looked new. Sadly the Hillams had abandoned it later claiming it was to bad to be used again. So I dismantled it and added it to the rubbish the Hillams had left behind. Sad really how every thing is so disposable to the younger generation.

28 Large dehumidifier.

When Mr & Mrs Hillam first alerted me to the roof leak, after making repairs to the roof I gave them a large dehumidifier to dry the property out. I also alerted our insurance as I am no longer able to do such a large repair to a ceiling. I informed our insurance on 16th June 2016. Take note above in Mrs Hillams police statement she makes claim to have discovered the ceiling damage on the 4th January 2016 when returning from holiday. Odd that in it. Any way I loaned them a large dehumidifier to dry the property. Not long after the bathroom flood occurred. So they kept the dehumidifier for almost a year. When they gave us notice to quit, the levels of damp in the property showed they had not used the dehumidifier. They claimed they had used it and said they thought the property was dry. We used the dehumidifier from 6th Jan to 31 Jan 2018. Later the insurance install an even bigger dehumidifier into the property for a further 2 weeks. Only then did the insurance declare the property dry.
The insurance did the repairs and redecoration to the property at a cost of £21,000. All this was so easy avoided by Mr & Mrs Hillams. BUT! did Mr & Mrs Hillam committed criminal damage to our property by deliberately flooding it twice to make it damp and uninhabited. I think the evidence more than points to that being the case.

29 A visit to Mr Bolam.

Mr John Bolam is the guarantor on the tenancy agreement. As I have said I paid Mr Bolam a visit on 10th January 2018 after I discovered I could no longer make contact with the Hillams as they had given me a bogus forwarding address. Yet Mrs Hillam states in her police statement.

30 The heavies LOL

Mrs Hillam turns a simple mole hill into a mountain here. Mrs Hillam gets carried away with lie after lie. He father is still the guarantor not was. Mr & Mrs Bolam knew the Hillams had attempted to vanish. I told Mr & Mrs Bolam a story of a chap who also tried to vanished off my radar, thinking he had got away with not paying me the money he owed to me. I told them of a couple of friends of mine who paid him a visit after I had found him. They returned with my money. The men who paid the chap a visit were professional debt collectors. Some how Mrs Hillam neglects to add that part.

31 Meeting the Bolam’s at the bungalow.

I met with Mr John Bolam & Mr Andrew Bolam at the bungalow on the evening of the 11th January 2018. My son was also in attendance. I showed the Bolam’s what needed doing and gave the a tour around the property using the black UV light to show them the pet urine stains on the carpets and the seamen stains on the bedroom walls, they both seemed to find the seaman stains very funny.

32 The Bolam's attempts of painting and cleaning.

I say Bolam senior and junior were at the bungalow on the 12th & 13th as I did not attend the bungalow on those days. I thought it best to allow them to get on with it. However when I arrived on the 14th I could see some one had painted the walls in the box room with magnolia emulsion. Who ever this was had used a three inch brush to paint these walls. Well as you can imagine who ever it was did a terrible job. How do I know they used a three inch brush. The brush and pot was on the path way by the back door the brush and pot had magnolia paint on and in them, some of the paint had spilt onto the concrete path. That was the full extent of The Bolam’s attempts at doing the refurbishments of our property.

33 Mr & Mrs Hillam attempt at cleaning the of our property.

It is a fact that Mr and Mrs Hillam did very little by way of restoring our property. There was an attempt where Mr & Mrs Hillam sent two cleaners to the bungalow on I think the 14th January 2018. I arrived at the bungalow around 16.00 and met with the cleaners who had been at the property supposedly cleaning all day. They had done very little apparently they had spent all day just in the kitchen and had still only scratched the surface of what needed doing. They had not even managed to vacuum clean the carpets when I arrived. I started to vacuum the carpets by way of lending a hand. Around 16.45 Mr & Mrs Hillam arrived. They were not very happy about how little the cleaners had done. The cleaners left at 17.00. I had to stop vacuum as they took the vacuum off me. I am fairly sure this was on the 14th as Mr Bolam senior and junior had been to the property and attempted to do some decorating and cleaning on 12th and 13th. the but it is fair to mention that Mr & Mrs Hillam had sent these cleaners in before attempting to do any redecorating. Kind of the wrong way to do things but that was their choice. An interesting point being made recently by Mr & Mrs Hillam is. Mr Hillam is claiming to have started the decorating, but as he did the work I was apparently hovering over him constantly critiquing his efforts. I look forward to asking Mr Hillam about this during the county court hearing in October. Mr Hillam in a recent statement to the civil court makes claims of wanting to do the refurbishment work but not being allowed to by me. In simple terms Mr & Mrs Hillam were the tenants up until 31st January 2018, Mrs & Mrs Hillam could of come to the bungalow with the police in tow and insisted we leave the property. We would of had no other choice but to comply. That is a fact the Hillams are conveniently ignoring.

34 I have to in clued this it is so so funny.

Mr Hillam has claimed that while he was doing this renovation work, I was stomping about the place telling him he owed us lots of money. Brace your self. Mr Hillam states, that I said to him, He deliberately broke the roof tile and there for Mrs Hillam now owes me £3,000 to replace the whole roof. I shit you not it is in his statement. Wait I’ll copy paste it.

I have looked at document marked as C2 and there is no reference to £800 or £3000 on the highlighted sections of this letter. It’s bloody laughable.

Refill your brew now comes the most despicable thing you’ll ever see.

35 A case of harassment

Shortly after I got phone abuse from Mrs Chaplow, I started to writ letters to Mr & Mrs Hillam as part of the protocol leading up to a small claims hearing. Then I got a visit from the police. Mrs Hillam had complained to the police that my letters informing them they owed us money for the refurbishment of our property were in some way harassment. I explained to the police lead police person was a PC Maclean. I explained that my letters were part of the process of starting a small claims hearing. The police advised me to use a solicitor. I told them there is no need for expensive solicitors in a civil matter. I continued to keep Mr & Mrs Hillam informed on the fluid situation by letter. My health situation at the time was I was recovering from a three hour heart operation to have an ICD fitted into my chest. That was on January 25th, the advice I was given was to relax not to lift any heavy objects and to avoid any stress. On 11th February 2018 I was arrested by PC Maclean, this is just 17 days after my operation. A very stressful experience. I was later charged with the harassment of Mrs Sarah Hillam.

36 Court papers used and unused.

We received the CPS court papers there were two sets used and unused. As my wife and I read these papers we quickly discovered that the harassment was not just about the letters it was claimed by Mrs Hillam that I had been out side her new home and allegedly sent her abusive text messages. The letters were simple enough to explain as they were a part of the civil matter. During the trial my solicitor did a brilliant job of dismissing the letters as harassment. In the process of doing so PC Maclean walked out of the court like a whipped dog with her tail firmly between her legs. How that woman is still a police officer after what she did to me is baffling.

37 He’s out side my house….OH NO HE ISN’T!

Mrs Hillam states in her police statement.

All I can tell you is Mrs Hillam is blatantly telling PC Maclean a lie. The truth is at this very time, At this exact time I was in fact picking my wife and her work mate up from Gorsinion hospital where they both work. On their way into work that morning our family car broke down close to the hospital. We went to Euro parts to pick up the parts to repair the car and then I first took my wife work mate home then we went home. My wife and her work mate were attending the court to give evidence under oath to this being a fact. Mrs Hillam your pants are ablaze.

38 He’s out side my house again….OH NO HE ISN’T!

Again Mrs Hillams nose grows with this little lie. Before I go into it My solicitor spotted some thing that contradicts Mrs Hillams statement. Apparently Mrs Hillam had phoned 101 and made claim she had seen me drive past her home some thirty minuets before she phoned the 101 number. Mrs Hillam all most fainted with the strain of keeping her self intact as she got exposed. But on that day my wife and I went shopping for cleaning products to use at the bungalow. We then spent most of the day at the bungalow working. Around 16.00 we went home had some food got changed. Then picked my mother in law up and we all went to see my grand daughter who was in the dance troop at the Pantomime at the Furnace theatre Llanelli. Mrs Hillam your pants are now fully ablaze.

39 He’s out side my house again HONEST!….OH NO HE ISN’T!

Well fair play to Mrs Hillam if you are going to tell lies you may as well go for broke. In her statement to PC Maclean Mrs Hillam states.

This is very interesting as in Mrs Hillams phone call to a 101 operator Mrs Hillam is recorded as saying.

Some how this stark contradiction is missed by PC Maclean and the CPS. But what is the truth here. The Truth. To offer some explanation as to why both accounts given by Hillam are a blatant lie. This letter was delivered by hand at the Hillams address during the morning of the 30th Jan by my good friend Gareth Bowen (witness). My wife was driving our car she dropped Bowen off near Hillams house, then drove off to turn around. In the mean time Bowen approach the house and posted the letter then walked away and was then picked up by my wife. As this was going on I was located at the bungalow doing some one handed renovations. My wife and Bowen then returned to the bungalow where we all carried on doing the renovations for the rest of the day.
In this letter I invited every one to the bungalow at 08.00pm on 31st Jan for the final meter readings. Yes it was going to be dark but we had torches with us so no problems with the light. The letter was delivered by hand on 30th because of the short notice.
Hillam paints a scary tail here of me laying in wait for her to turn up. Question where is her husband during all of this he never gets a mention, what is he doing while I am supposed to be sitting out side their house in my van?

40 There is one other fly in Mrs Hillams ointment.

On 25th January 2018 I had to undergo an operation at Morriston hospital. The operation was a three hour long ordeal where a device called an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) was implanted in the left side of my chest. I spent the night in hospital and I was allowed home on the 26th Jan, with strict instructions to rest, not to pick up any thing heavy, to avoid stress full situations and not to drive for one month. I have documentation to back this up. So as you can see it was impossible for me to be parked out side Hillams address at 07.20pm on the 31st Jan, I also had a five inch gash in the left side of my chest, I had to take very special care not to get the wound infected as an infection would of travelled down the leads going to my heart and infect my heart. My driving licence was suspender and my left arm and shoulder was still black and blue with bruising it was still very painful to move and kept in a sling even using Co-codamole 30/50 pain killers, I was in a lot of pain. More proof if any more were needed of how Hillam blatantly tells lies.

This photo was taken about two weeks after the operation. Some of the bruising is still evident and the wound is healing well. The bump on the left is the ICD implant in my chest. I was not to drive between 26th January to 23rd February 2018.

41 Thrown out of court.

The trial came to an abrupt end after lunch. The case was thrown out of court. We did not even have to offer any defence. So the facts are this alleged harasment never happened Mrs Hillam made it all up.

42 PERJURY! I hear you cry!! Surly? But no…

After the trial I approached the police about taking Mrs Hillam to court for all the perjuries she had committed in her documentary evidence and while under oath. A PC O’Hara was in charge of the investigation. This officer bumbled along keeping me at arms length, when finally he said it is not in the public's interest to charge Mrs Hillam with Perjury. When he told me that you could of knocked me down with a feather. But wait it gets worst.

43 Mrs Chaplow pretending to be a solicitor.

Well I think a Sargent Lewis was investigating this, he simple said with out even speaking to me this is a civil matter.

44 Mr & Mrs Hillam serious fraud.

In charge of this investigation was PC Whitelock a part time lady police person. PC Whitelock took a statement from me at Gorsinion police station. If you recall from the start all the stuff about having cancer and brain tumours. PC Whitelock strung me along for months. She took statements from two independent witnesses, who said they had heard Mrs Hillam saying she had a brain tumour with just eight months to live. There are the gumtree emails where Mrs Hillam clearly states she has cancer to get the rent reduced. There is Mrs Hillams police statement where she very clearly states her father had a brain tumour at the time of her taking the tenancy. Then there is Bolam Boroughs comments on how Hillam tells lies for sympathy. Also Bolam Boroughs tells of how Mr John Bolam was perfectly healthy during July 2012. BUT! What matters is the police with out them nothing happens. PC Whitelock sent me a text message informing me, after her investigations the matter is considered to be a civil matter.

45 Complains fall on deaf ears.

I have complained but the police are doing every thing possible to brush all of this under the carpet.

46 Mrs Hillam has complained yet again

Mrs Hillam is once again claiming I am again harassing her. A PC Rooke is in charge this time. I went to the station and answered all his questions pointing out as I went Mrs Hillams lies in the first case and repeatedly telling him THE CASE WAS THROWN OUT! It is the same story as last time I’m supposed to be out side her house in my van la la la la. PC Rooke seems to have ignored every thing I said and he has handed the matter over to the CPS. If I were not living this I would not believe it possible.

47 Swansea County Court.

On august 1st 2019 The Hillams and I attended the Civil courts in Swansea for directions from the County Court Judge. Mr & Mrs Hillam asked for screens to be put up between us. They did they because They are so frightened by me. The judge asked Mrs Hillam why she was so scared of me. Mrs Hillam said. The harassment started in early 2018. OMG! REALLY oh yes she did. Mrs Hillams first words to the judge was a blatant lie. I was there and I am struggling with it. She really did it. Then she went on to say because of this harassment he daughter was born premature and almost died at birth as a result. The judge asked Mrs Hillam if there was a second investigation going on into harassment and she said yes. Based on this the Judge is keeping the screens up!

48 Baby being born premature.

By way of showing the Judge Mrs Hillams first words to him were lies I wrote him a letter. In this letter I explain that when a case is thrown out of court that means it never happened. Then I provided evidence, that shows Mrs Hillams baby was not borne premature. On Mrs Hillams Face book page there is an image of her baby in the whom clearly marked are Mrs Hillams name and the date. Also marked is the GA (gestational age) of the baby. It is marked as being18w 6d (18 weeks 6 days) using the date of the scan, the GA and the babies birthday, you can calculate the baby was born 38 weeks into the pregnancy.

Would you believe the Judge is not going to do any thing and the screens are to stay up.

49 I live in a place of sheer MADNESS!

This has to be a bad dream, surly this can not be reality? How is it possible I keep getting rebuffed by the police even when I bring positive evidence to the table. Yet Mrs Hillam can flutter her eye lids and the police come running to her aid IN FORCE! MADNESS!!!!!! I forgot to add Mrs Hillam now claims I am stalking her.

Guest Avatar
Bob 20th August, 2019 @ 19:08

In post 24 images of the statement have not been produced. Much of the sad tail is missing.

Guest Avatar
E-Jean 8th March, 2020 @ 09:51

Please can someone give sound advice.

My ex tenants owe over £3000 in rent. They paid their Universal Credit payments direct to me. They damaged the house and stopped paying their Universal Credit to me. They have now left.

How can I get money out of their Universal Credit? I heard it's almost impossible from Universal Credit.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 8th March, 2020 @ 10:42


I recommend contacting Legal4Landlords directly (either by email, phone or by booking a free case review) if you want advice from them. Details above!

Guest Avatar
Karen bourne 11th April, 2020 @ 15:12

My rental flat is empty and. Have a past good tenant wanting to rent off me from 25 th of this month
Is this ok to do this during the present situation

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 11th April, 2020 @ 15:43

There's currently no legislation in place which stops people from moving home. Here is the latest advice on moving from the Government.

Guest Avatar
Laura 15th August, 2020 @ 22:18

Hello, I just move out from room after 2 weeks living there only, problem is i sign contract for 6 months to live there, but house landlord was lying about house , i was looking quiet house to live and there wasn’t house she was promising... house mates was drinking always in garden, not let me sleep , they stealing food from me, I can’t even go in kitchen because is always busy, i was very disappointing and tell her I want move out and landlord said i have to pay for all 6 months rent anyway, but I can’t live there anymore because is mentally dangerous for me. Can you help me please what i have to do, and is is legal for her to ask me money for all 6 months... ?

Guest Avatar
Elaine 12th October, 2020 @ 13:49

What is my legal position. My tenant has got into arrears -- again. I am selling the property and the new owners will be landlords. My tenant says he is probably moving out, around 5 weeks time and he can't pay his rent because he needed the money for a deposit (!) He says if I proceed with asking for the rent I wont get any thing, and he will deliberately not pay me.
Other wise he will arrange to pay me in instalments in 6 weeks time when he has moved out But he prob. wont in reality.

Guest Avatar
Confusedbob 5th November, 2020 @ 00:00

Hi Landlord, my tenant is in arrears & his contract has come to an end. Police raided earlier in the year & chainsawed the door down.Tenant is out on a tag. He has broken most of the clauses in his contract. Since he has been out awaiting trial, he verbally abused my friend and made a threat to kill her. We thought notice had been served correctly but we've been told its invalid. How much notice do we have to give now? My friend is terrified of him.
What's our best move? Can you advise please?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 5th November, 2020 @ 10:17

Hi @Confusedbob

As the post suggests, I recommend getting in touch with Legal4landlords, they will be able to provide you with free legal advice. Everything is moving so fast at the moment and should be completely up to date with the latest procedures.

If you click on the "email support" button in the main blog post, they should get back to you.

All the best.

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Gilly Glenn 25th February, 2021 @ 21:17

I have a tenant who has constantly refused me entry with my electrician to fix a problem they say they have with an electrical socket. The council have told her she must let us in. She is ignoring them. We have had problems for the last year with them, lack of rent and late rent, breaking stuff in the flat constantly being abusive all the time refusing us access to do any repairs at all. and then getting onto the council to force us to do repairs!! The council are aware we have tried to get in to do repairs and their their constant refusals. Anyone any idea how we can gain access through a legal route, as we have never had to do this before as we need to get in and check the socket and also do an EICR Report. Help please !!! x

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 25th February, 2021 @ 21:24

Hi Gilly,

I recommend reading the following blog post on gas safety (specifically watch the embedded video), it covers the issue of gaining access, and the same principles will apply:

Ultimately, if the tenant is refusing access, then it's unlikely you can be held liable. But it's important to keep evidence to prove that you attempted to access the property to attend essential repairs and maintenance issues.

If you want to repossess the property, I recommend getting in touch with legalforlandlords (i.e. schedule in a free call with them, link is in the main blog post to do that).

Best of luck!

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GMS 8th July, 2021 @ 18:42

Rang last week re advice in respect of serving section 21 when not given appropriate details to tenant ie rent paperwork, gas cert, epc, although they were given retrospectively, the advice was well received, thank you

Guest Avatar
Nicola 7th October, 2021 @ 15:55

Has anyone heard back from Legal for Landlords? I have sent them a couple of message but no response so far? Do they normally take a while? Thanks

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The Landlord 8th October, 2021 @ 11:26

Hi Nicola,

That's strange, they're usually very responsive. How did you send them a message, was it through the contact form? Did you try arranging a free call back?

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Karen S 1st July, 2022 @ 07:13

A have served a sec21 on tenants who have been living in my property since 2013. They are aware that I need to sell it to pay off an interest only mortgage. They have contacted the council who have advised them not to move until there is a possession order and bailiff involved. When I filled in the court papers online they ask for every gas landlord certificate ever issued including the one prior to them moving in. The problem I have is that the certificate prior to then becoming tenants back in 2013 was given to the letting agent before they would proceed with signing the tenancy and one year, 2016, is just missing from my records. The tenants have been given the gas safety certificate every year including before they moved in, but I am missing two of the nine. My husband is a registered gas engineer and does the certificates, I know they were done, I just have lost one and was never given back the first. Will this prevent me getting a possession order? The HSE states landlords only need to keep two records before the latest issued certificate. It appears the law has been changed and has caught me out. Does this mean I can never regain possession of my property, which is under offer of sale.

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