My Tenant Is Ignoring My Text Messages And Phone Calls

Ignoring the Landlord

If you’re a landlord, and you’ve been in the situation whereby your tenant either flat-out ignores you or takes forever and a day to respond (particularly to important issues), I know you’ll understand my current frustrations.

*Deep breathes*

I dare you to ignore me

From a landlord’s perspective, there’s very little else that can elevate frustrations to these dizzy heights. It’s one of those situations where if you’re not in it, you probably won’t ever understand. So while the rest of the world may think we’re overreacting money-grabbing bastards, we bloody know our anger and frustrations are justified. Oh, WE KNOW!

Generally, tenant’s miraculously turn mute when they’re late on rent or refusing to vacate after being served notice. FRUSTRATING, FRUSTRATING, FRUSTRATING!

But then, on those extraordinarily rare and mind-boggling occasions, you’ll be haunted with one of those absolute nut-job tenants, the ones that ignore for no apparent reason other than pleasure. Now, they’re the dangerous pricks you really want to be careful of, because they’re unpredictable, and clearly act belligerent for no rhyme or reason. It’s frightfully confusing. Alas, I’ve bagged myself one of those assholes.

Although, it doesn’t really matter why they’re ignoring you, the fact it is they are, and it’s frustrating beyond belief. Whatever the reason.

My tenant continually tests my patience

My tenant is slowly starting to grind away at my patience, and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen when there’s nothing left to grind away at. But it will be ugly.

I’m not entirely sure if he enjoys fucking with me, or whether he has a legitimate disability preventing him from responding to any of my attempts of communication in a reasonable time frame. Either way, his lack of common courtesy is getting right on my tits.

My idea of a reasonable response period is 48 hours. For example, if I send a text message to my tenant, I expect a response within 48 hours. Anything beyond that is deemed as inappropriate, rude and extremely irritating. Of course, the usual exceptions apply, like a life-threatening illness.

It shouldn’t take more than 48 hours for a regular human with a regular functioning brain and regular functioning fingers to respond to a text message, right? Last I checked, my tenant ticked those boxes, although I didn’t initially realise he also ticked the “I can be a frustrating little cu*t” box.

Responding to a text message or phone call takes literally seconds, right? Either of those actions can even be accomplished while multitasking. For example, while taking a dump. So it’s not like any precious time even has to be lost (if that’s a concern of his).

Even if I’m busy beyond belief, I still manage to respond to people pretty quickly (because it doesn’t take long). Am I exceptionally nice? No, I’m just bloody normal.

Granted, sometimes I may genuinely forget to respond, others may too, and that’s perfectly fine. However, this particular tenant ALWAYS ignores my initial attempts of communication, and that’s no coincidence. I literally ALWAYS have to send him multiple text messages and phone calls before he responds. And it literally takes him a minimum of 7 days to respond. It’s beyond boring and irritating.

When the slimy cockroach does eventually surface and respond, I’m greeted with a lame excuse that I could have done without hearing (e.g. I left my phone up my dad’s arse over the weekend), because my urge for wanting to hack his penis off with a rusty blade is only heightened by his pitiful excuses. Spare him!

I swear he just gets a kick out of the chase. It’s almost as if he wants me to “earn” his attention. JUST REPLY LIKE A NORMAL PERSON! Know what I mean?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s generally a good tenant; he pays his rent every month, even though it’s consistently late. But that’s actually why I have to contact him EVERY month, to remind him to pay.

The reason I’m ranting about this now is because I text my tenant 2 days ago and he hasn’t responded yet. I’m now about to embark on what he has made into a routine journey, which consists of me chasing his dumb arse with more text messages and missed phone calls (he never picks up). I have no doubt that he’ll eventually respond with his routinely shitty excuse, which appears to be more and more creative each time, followed by his plans to pay the due rent.

I’m grateful he pays rent; I understand the situation could be a lot worse because he could just ignore me altogether. I also appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, the situation isn’t all that bad. Nonetheless, it’s still fucking irritating. If anything, his attitude is just plain rude and unnecessary.

Have you been in a similar situation?

I’m pretty sure this is a pretty common issue for both landlord and tenant, because I hear about it all the time. Obviously it’s not just tenants that like to play the silence game; landlords are also known for being dip-shit mutes, especially when something needs repairing and money needs to be spent.

What’s your story? Please share…

What should you do if your tenant doesn’t respond to your attempts of communication?

These are my rough guidelines and tips…

  • Firstly, try to contact your tenant with phone calls and/or text messages. Try to be a little patient, and don’t go overboard with the texts/phone calls. Apparently there’s a fine line between trying to get someone’s attention and harassment.
  • If the above fails, write a letter, sent by recorded delivery so there’s proof of receipt. Always keep copies of the letters for your own records.
  • If there is no response within 14 days, try writing another letter. Again, keep copies and send it recorded delivery.
  • DO NOT attempt to enter the property on your own will unless it is an emergency e.g. health and safety issue (it is best to seek professional advice on what constitutes as an “emergency”).
  • If you’re still not getting any response, seek professional advice. The best place to start is contacting a professional tenant eviction company like Legal4Landlords, who are currently offering free legal advice to landlords with problematic tenants.
  • From what I’m told, the court will look for evidence that demonstrates that the landlord tried his/her best to contact the tenant. So it’s important to keep logs of all communication attempts e.g. letters, phone calls, text messages.

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Guest Avatar
andy sheppard 11th January, 2011 @ 08:56

Why are you bothering to text to remind the tenant to pay? A firm letter telling them that the are breaking their contract and that if it continues then you will have no option to seek increased rent payments to cover the interest lost by their actions. Be polite then kick em out and get someone else in your property

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 11th January, 2011 @ 09:37

Hey Andy,

The guy still pays rent (even if it isn't on time), he's just a useless twat when it comes to communication, and it's irritating. I don't think there's any reason to rock the boat too much just yet. Increasing rent would be a little too harsh, and would cause me more hassle than needed.

I've had far worse tenants e.g. they didn't pay the rent at all. I know how easy it is to end up with worse tenants.

Guest Avatar
andy sheppard 11th January, 2011 @ 09:55

understand your point but I have found that as soon as the tenant thinks they have the upper hand then they will continue to play you. Nice guys do win in life but soft guys tend to get shafted! Be nice but not soft!!! Great site by the way always enjoy reading and love some of the reactions.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 11th January, 2011 @ 10:00

Cheers. Appreciate your comments.

I agree with you. I know what you're saying actually. I'm going to talk to him and remind him that it's crucial I receive rent on time without having to chase him. But I won't be too formal initially. If he continues to play the cat and mouse game after our informal chat, I may write a letter to him, so he takes it more seriously.

Guest Avatar
benji 12th January, 2011 @ 01:31

This attitude winds me up to fuck. Wherever I am, day or night, I do everything possible to respond to my tenants within the hour. I expect a similar curtesy in return. I dont always get it.

Phoning from a different, new number sometimes works.

Youve got to keep right on top of it or they take liberties. To keep sane, bear in mind that youre the landlord, which is why you have this type of mindset- theyre tenants and often view things very differently.

Good article btw.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 12th January, 2011 @ 09:00

Hi Benji,

I hear exactly what you're saying. I ALWAYS respond to my tenants as quickly as possible, and I expect some common courtesy in return. In fact, it's not even with tenants, I'm like that with most people that contact me!

Some people are just plain rude, and they think the world should wait for them!

What's worse is that no one actually gains anything from delaying. So it's just pointless.


Guest Avatar
Andrew 14th January, 2011 @ 14:05

There's a clause in the contract that I use that states what the payment is, when it is due, AND the fact that it must be paid by standing order.

A monthly chase-up is such wasted effort and unnecessary stress. I've had it before with a guy who was always "paid late" and in fear of redundancy. I would have been more impressed with the "phone up the arse" excuse as at least I would have had a smile.

great site btw

Guest Avatar
andy sheppard 14th January, 2011 @ 15:14

Re comment by Andrew:

You can state that you would like payment by standing order but under law the tenant can pay by whatever means he/she so wishes, you cannot turn down cash and so accept standing order only. I have a similar clause as well but if the tenant wants to give you a load of notes then I'm afraid you cant do anything.

Guest Avatar
Jon 28th January, 2011 @ 09:58

2.Direct Debit.


Guest Avatar
Tina 11th February, 2011 @ 09:26

My bitch of a tenant has been ignoring me ever since she had decided to buy a house, now she did not re -knew her contract and now has used her security deposit and every time I callher or send her a text message she does not respond, I am getting feed up with her attitude I dont know what to do, she is due to pay her rent soon, as she has agreed. So I really dont know what if she says she won'nt pay. Please give me advice. Thanks

Guest Avatar
Mike 11th February, 2011 @ 13:07


I sympathise, but getting fed up doesn't solve the problem :)

Always remember, you're running a business not a charity.

I'd recommend a process something like:

1) Rent late by 1 week

Dear tenant,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your rent payment of £x.xx due on the xth of monthname has not been paid.

Can you please investigate, and arrange to make this payment as soon as possible.


2) Payment is 2 weeks late (Red ink) (CC: Guarantor if you have one)

Dear tenant,


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your rent payment of £x.xx due on the xth of monthname has not been paid.

This is the second reminder. Can you please investigate, and arrange to make this payment immediately. If this is not possible, please contact our office (number, Contact times) to discuss.

Whilst we understand that these issues occur occasionally due to errors and oversights, if rent is consistently late this may lead to difficulties in contract renewal and in our ability to provide a reference to any subsequent landlord.

We would recommend that if these late payments are a result of money worries, that you make contact with a debt counsellor at the Citizens advice bureau (local number) or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (number) who can provide a FREE service to help you control your money.


3) 3 weeks late (Red Ink) (CC: Guarantor if you have one)

Dear tenant,


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your rent payment of £x.xx due on the xth of monthname has not been paid.

This is the third and final reminder. Can you please arrange to make this payment as a matter of urgency. If this is not possible, please contact our office (number, Contact times) to discuss.

Where rent is late for 2 consecutive months, this is regarded as a breach of your tenancy agreement and, regretfully, will result in legal action being taken to reclaim the property and the outstanding debt. If your payment does not reach us by (Date) then we will also have to add the cost of legal fees to the amount owing.

We would recommend that if these late payments are a result of financial issues, that you make contact with a debt counsellor at the Citizens advice bureau (local number) or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (number) who can provide a FREE service to help you control your money.


4) 2nd month's rent missed (black ink), (CC: Guarantor if you have one)

Dear tenant,

Regretfully, your account is now £x.xx in arrears, which equals two months rent. We have been unable to contact you to arrange payment (or, your arrangement to pay has not been honoured) despite several reminders. As a result, we have no option but to commence legal proceedings to recover the property and the arrears due.


If I read things correctly, it's now time to talk to your solicitor. (Happy for anyone to correct me if you have a better knowledge of the legal process behind these things)

This may seem somewhat harsh, but you have to pay your bills even if your tenent refuses to. A tenant who does not pay is not a customer, s/he's a thief (just as much as if they'd gone into a supermarket and walked out without paying) The only thing is, the supermarket can just call the police, you have to wait for the seemingly interminable court system to grind into motion.

The tenant may well give you some good flannel about what a difficult financial situation they're in right now, and how it will all be sorted out shortly. You should treat this the same way the supermarket would - anyone caught attempting this on more than one occasion would almost certainly be barred from the store! The tenant has certain priority bills (Home, Gas/electric, council tax, food) and a number of other things that are more flexible (sky tv, credit cards, overdrafts) they can be taken to court for anything except the priority bills without being left homeless.

Of course, during this process if the tenant DOES contact and make arrangements to pay back the arrears, all's fine with the world. Some people habitually do not pay ANY bills (including electric/gas) until the 2nd red bill.

The sooner you begin the process, the less you will lose out financially, and the sooner you can get yourself a real tenant who will pay their way.

Guest Avatar
Carla 26th February, 2011 @ 17:19

I too have to call my tenants several times lately every month to get them to pay, there's 4 adults living there so they always blame the other one, now they do not respond to my phone calls. They suck. Leaving them there because they have always paid the monthly rent for one year and never have to go there to do repairs. Can't wait to evict them in a few years or have an agency collect the rent.

Guest Avatar
David Booth 10th December, 2011 @ 14:45

Is your tennant DSS or LHA and wont pay then try our service no gimmicks no catch have a look if you like the idea give us a go!

Guest Avatar
sara 3rd May, 2012 @ 16:24

I have nothing to add to said situation, but must say ur 'rants' have cheered up a gloomy afternoon otherwise searching the web..researching 'being a land-lord'.
Love it....had me in tears..and actually helpful to a noob wannabee like me


Guest Avatar
T Wood 23rd March, 2013 @ 11:06

Your situation is exactly like mine. I too have a tenant who has an inability to respond to texts, he is currently 2 weeks overdue with his rent, and acts like he's doing me a favour by paying it. He says he is leaving in two months time, and my worry is he won't pay anything now till he leaves. How do I get him out before that? I'm afraid he will sabotage the flat or something. He's quite aggressive. Any ideas?

Guest Avatar
Joanna 28th September, 2013 @ 14:56

I thought it was just my tenant that was doing this. She is sooo rude, doesn't even respond at all. Reports a repair need to property then does not bother to respond when I need to send contractors round. Never seen anything like it before. It is so stressful, no communication and then I'm labelled the bad landlord. It's totally unfair system :(

Guest Avatar
Ben 30th October, 2013 @ 07:17

Here's one for you... I'm trying to buy a house at the moment, with vacant possession, pretty much ready to go but the managing agent is ignoring the owners calls so that the tenants have not been given notice and are refusing to leave. The managing agent has changed his number and cannot be contacted. The owner is still getting rents paid each month but wants to sell the house...
I have tried personally to get the managing agents number off the tenants but they refuse...
What can be done? Please help!!!

Guest Avatar
Godfrey 15th January, 2014 @ 10:33

Why don't you break his windows? That'll show him.

Guest Avatar
Tenant & landlord 13th February, 2014 @ 15:13

well I'm glad I'm not renting from any of you. BTW I'm a landlord too.

Of you who think they are getting into an instant regular paid business, forget it!! NOW!!

When you get into this business so to speak you have a duty of care too. Yes people take the piss and don't pay so get rid of the the lawful way. Simple.. Expect it, budget for it insure against it and Simple.

Remember this what you have now you might not have in the future as shit happens. So when you start calling everyday for the rent that you know you are either going get or your not. just don't do it. WHY? what would you do if the tenant constantly knocked on your door to get things fixed every day spoke to your wife/partner with the same frequency. You wouldn't like it! I'm not saying all landlords are bad. I'm saying don't Lord over the little guy. it WILL bight you back believe me. I've seen it happen to a friend with 92 properties.48 statutory notices. The condemned houses killed his business through cash flow. if the tenant tells your insurance that you have been negligent with repairs... Your're NOT insured.

Finally. Don't think you have power you don't and definitely don't think people are cueing up to rent from you. You know and I know the rent bubble will burst it did 20 years ago. Communication about landlords are becoming more prevalent (lovemylandlord)etc. yes there are sharks in every business. Just don't be one.

Guest Avatar
PRachman 25th March, 2015 @ 12:40

Actually, my tenants DO constantly phone me up with things (mostly imagined) that need fixing, and I do my best to sort them out. I therefore don't think it unreasonable to expect them to fulfil their side of the the bargain, by paying their rent on time and responding to communication.

Thank you for your timely warning about power and the little guy, though. I have shelved my plans to take over the world as a result.

Guest Avatar
Landlady 12th October, 2015 @ 17:55

@Tenant and landlord .. Who the hell do you think you are? Dictating the rules that are already clearly stated in your average agreement? Rent paid on such a date ... Keep place tidy. That's all MOST landlords ask. We have NO desire to play the big shot .. In fact most of us just want the rent paid on the day specified in the legally binding contract, and to be left in peace. To defend anything else .. Is absurd .. Obnoxious .. And ridiculous! There should be late fines introduced in ALL agreements .. Rent is a basic requirement .. Like paying a mortgage .. If you don't have it to pay .. Don't move in to someone's property .. To intentionally cause problems.

Guest Avatar
Kimnhi 20th May, 2016 @ 18:42

OMG. I feel you. I have the same situation. I have to babysit my tenant to pay rent. Now my tenant moved out. A lot of damage beyond tear and wear but I still return almost half of her deposit. I email, text, call but she ignored me. I know that the law landlord have to return deposit to tenant with in 21 days. But my tenant ignoring me not responding. I am very stress full and don't know what to do. Please advise!!

Guest Avatar
Helen 30th May, 2016 @ 20:29

Thank god I am not alone, 6 months ago we bought a house that was already tenanted, she was desperate to stay and we were led to believe she was a model tenant! 1 week after signing a 6 month tenancy we received a message from her mobile saying that this was no longer her number and gave us a new number now when every we try contacting her the number is "currently unavailable" I have sent letters and today turned up to do an inspection and surprise surprise she wasn't home, having travelled 90 miles to get there and hanging around for 90 minutes to see if she turned up you could say I was less then happy!! My biggest concern is that the gas safety check is coming up and with no means of communicating with her this is causing me a great deal of stress to try and organise, does anybody have any advice please?

Guest Avatar
Helen Oliver 31st January, 2017 @ 20:13

I initially came upon this wonderful thread because like some of you my tenents are not communicating with me, they're 1 month in arrears I've got a section 21 served and I can't wait to be shot of them. However I am trying to be responsible and communicate with them over a gas boiler issue and to offer them fan heaters in the interim and they still don't come back to me.
Im just keeping a tight record of everything. Chances are I'll be 4 months rent out of pocket by the time its all over :(
Painful lessons learned eh ?

Guest Avatar
ThePinch 3rd March, 2017 @ 19:01

I have been doing this for 20 years.

If a tenant does not pay on time, I start proceedings THE NEXT DAY. 99% of the time they are on or ahead of time.

I learned the hard way that there is no point trying to work something out when the other party isn't interested.

Guest Avatar
Laura 20th June, 2017 @ 07:40

I have a problem with my lodger. He has similar attributes to yours... As per his contract, he is supposed yo keep his room reasonably clean and tidy but since day one it has been a cesspit. He comes home at ridiculous hours, if at all so i am never able to speak to him, he has empty cans, food packaging and stale food and rubbish bags in his room and whilst being reminded to clean the room every once in a while ignores me then makes a lame excuse and tries the sympathy card.Oh ad he leaves his shit all up the toilet and blood in the sink, which muggins has to clean... Ok he pays rent, but the room stinks and is taking over my house. He is rude and disrespectful and seriously unhygenic and unclean so I've now given him notice, which he has confirmed he has received, but he has stopped staying as far as I can see and is not responding to my messages about check out times. He accused me of being hostile towards him last week after reminding him that he was supposed to confirm a check out date/time a week ago, now he is not responding at all, no surprise. I literally haven't seen him for about 2 months, when he was coming back it was between 12-5am and when I am in the house (awake) he sneaks out. I have a security deposit, which to be honest I was going to use to replace all the soft furnishings in there and get it cleaned as its disgusting, but I'm worried he won't return the key to me on time then I think I'll have to chuck his stuff out and get the locks changed (no idea what that costs) leaving me out of pocket anyway. I've advised he needs to move out by next Thursday evening but he hasn't responded... Does anyone have any advice for this sort of instance? I've only been renting my room out for a couple of years and never had any problems. I appreciate its a little different to renting a whole house out, but I'm hoping someone can give advice. Thanks :)

Guest Avatar
Ann 13th July, 2018 @ 21:14

I have the same problem with you, Laura. The guy renting my room since 2015 had been late on rents most of the time. He finally gave up on paying rent. It is mid July and his last payment was May. I had to pressure him to pay EVERY single month since 2015, it is now mid of 2018. Some times, I admired my patience and sympathy for him. It is now to the point he doesn't come back home to his room for 14 days. He left bags of trash that's full of small flies and larvae all over the bag and wood floor. His room smells horrible that spreads to the main house, the flies came out to my kitchen. He doesn't respond to my texts or calls. I don't know what to do now. I never had anyone this bad before. If anyone has any suggestions/advice, please help me out. I can't even serve him any legal paperwork since he doesn't come home. I have no way of contacting him and can't just leave the room occupied with flies and nasty smell. What can I do?? Thanks.

Guest Avatar
Ann 13th July, 2018 @ 21:22

My bad, I meant I have the same problem like yours, Laura. Not with you. Sorry about my typo.

Guest Avatar
Kelvn 11th April, 2019 @ 20:21

Nightmare I specified no pets Xmas her partner bought her a pet. I gave 3 options re-home per. Move or pay extra for pet deposit. We agreed on the extra money. I really did want to make someone homeless Xmas it’s goes against my better judgement allowing pets due to the damage etc.

However due to a family loss I was late in producing the new agreement some months later. I kept asking if she had the monies she said yes when agreement is given. I have since given the agreement and request the monies only to be paid a nominal amount. When I was expecting the backdated amount.
So I’ve been chasing this up stating the situation factually. She has now come back implied I’m an aggressive man and doesn’t want to face me .

Guest Avatar
Scott Barker 24th May, 2019 @ 03:26

It should work both ways. My girlfriend and I phoned/texted our landlord
4 days ago with no response. We know for a fact she is working in her office. Very rude for the landlord to ignore you also!

Guest Avatar
Kathrin 12th November, 2019 @ 18:32

Hi, I’ve had a wonderful tenant in my flat for one year, he always paid on time and everything worked well. Unfortunately he had to move out as he relocated to Germany.
So this is were the trouble started, my new ‚tenant‘ has not paid the rent for the second month in a row and I’ve served a section 8 on him. What makes it worse is that it’s a managed tenancy and apparently he was checked beforehand.
I can’t believe this is happening and find it disgusting that people move into other people properties, don’t pay and now cannot be contacted.
I hope we will get him out soon.

Guest Avatar
Paddy 19th January, 2020 @ 00:00

Funny because as a tenant, it’s normally the landlord who has the inability to reply when anything needs doing, which is far more irritating as I’m paying for the privilege of being ignored.

My landlord has not once replied to a single VM I’ve left, week one the washer wouldn’t work and would blow the electricity 4 weeks later I had to buy a new washer because they wouldn’t reply.
The taps are still leaking and now the front door lock is broken and we are entering and leaving the flat via the window because the landlord won’t answer their phone or respond..... landlords are the bigger CUNTs

Guest Avatar
Tenants have rights 31st January, 2020 @ 08:17

Why are you harassing your tenant like a nagging wife? If he's late you send a LETTER. You don't text him a zillion times that is HARASSMENT. You sound like a narcissist seeking attention.

Guest Avatar
Margarita 22nd April, 2020 @ 21:37

If it goes to court for unpaid rent does the judge ask to show emails between the tenant and landlord ?

Guest Avatar
John 8th July, 2020 @ 02:58

I ignore my landlord for the simple reason they send to many silly texts and emails. I've always been up to date with my rent. I'm quiet, don't smoke or take drugs, I don't disturb anyone, so if a landlord tries to think he is above me, I will certainly let him/her know they ain't.

Guest Avatar
Ben 12th August, 2020 @ 19:30

My landlord is so irritating, he arranged 50+ house showings throughout the year. I always pay on time and NEVER reach out to him for maintenance or other requests. I just want to have a commnuication-free relationship with my landlord. Why is this so hard to ask for???

In the first 20 showings, I was cooperating and very polite to whoever is coming to see the house. Then thing got worse, I remember he aggraded 5 showings within a week. I just want to live my life peacefully and don't want ppl coming into the house. He even arranges showings during this pandemic, arent we suppose to be quarantined?

Fuck this shit

Guest Avatar
Romy 18th December, 2020 @ 16:13

Hi. My Landlord told me 2 months ago that he gives me 3 months to leave his house. I told him he needs to issue a proper notice 21, of 6 months. Next day he sent an email asking us to leave in 6 months, apparently a proper notice...and asking to let him every week in the house with viewers (because he wants to sell the house, but we know it's not true). Later I found out he didn't protected my deposit paid 5 years ago. I told him I will not let him in, because we need peace and quiet to find a new accomodation. We are still paying rent, but now he issued a Section 13 with a rent increase...he is trying his best to make us leave, and for me without a proper notice of eviction this an illegal eviction. He still thinks that 21 Notice of eviction that he served me before protecting deposit is legal. I gave access for electric and gas check...but I think from now on I will ignore him...I tried to negotiate with him in a very polite manner....but he is not respecting us at all, he's just making accusations and treatening us and this is not fair. He is an unlawful bully.

Guest Avatar
Nick Armitt 22nd August, 2021 @ 16:30

I am a student and was attacked and the attackers took all my possessions including keys. Landlord charged me £50 to change the locks and £9 for new keys. I am still waiting for the keys 6 weeks later and nothing from Landlord. He claimed I needed a police ref number and was a complete see you next Tuesday about it all, demanding the number straight away at midnight 5 mins after the attack had finished.

Since then we have had an inspection and everything. When I was £50 short in the rent due to the cost of replacing locks (something the landlord hasn't done either... Nobody else in the house has new keys or had any notification of work to be done) they were quick to email me saying I was in arrears and that if I didn't sort it out within 2 weeks of receiving the mail I would be facing court action.

They too ignored pandemic and often play on the edges of law (telling us there is a viewing at 7:0opm at 7:01 the day before. Which has to be done manually as booking a viewing wont let you book one that close because of giving notice via automated email and SMS!) another one of the housemates doesn't get any sort of emails and when he is late gets calls and texts.

I was late with my very first payment due to SFE and they had copies of every email and letter I got showing that I was entitled to the maintenance and that it would be coming. Even then they rang over and over. I am only still here because pandemic has made hunting for student accommodation hard as most were until recently still observing distancing and using virtual viewings.

There is very little information or rights it seems for a tenant when a Landlord doesn't reply. When it comes to repair there is a legal remedy and if you message them and give long enough you can just pay for repairs and then bill the landlord, but legally you need to satisfy that you have tried and prove that the landlord was given "fair and reasonable" time. But if it's like this then ... Then you are screwed. I stay over the summer as my Father died due to the virus and my Mother spends most of her time back in Ireland with family. So this summer I have stayed like I did during pandemic (my father was vulnerable in the first place due to pre-existing conditions.) I work and not having a key is... is really bad. Technically I am breaking the contract by borrowing my housemates front door key when I can. But relying on messaging someone in the house to let me in is not always viable, especially when I work close and might not get home until near 2am.

It doesn't help when you come on here and see how landlords talk about their tenants. Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth and makes you a little defensive. I will now look at my Landlord in a different light and judging by 99% of landlord comments hear I should be thinking the very worst and that this isn't simply a misunderstanding but that the Landlord is being a scumbag.

This country needs to really clamp down on landlords. We have people earning well over average annual wage that can't get onto the property ladder because these ****s drive up the costs.

The best advice for any tenant is the one I am taking. Save up and get a mortgage. Cannot wait as I see now why renting in England has such a bad rap. Tenants don't have rights when they have paid rent and kept the place clean and tidy. You have rights if you don't pay the rent and dont wanna move... But if you don't do anything wrong, play by the book and are polite, responsible and actually pay rent you are left with no power other than begging the landlord to do what they should be doing by law. I don't have the money for court. The landlord by virtue of owning multiple property does. How could I even win!

Actually angry after coming here and reading comments from ScamLords.

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Renter Sick of Landl 25th February, 2022 @ 07:47

So many landlords slagging off their tenants. So little help for the tenant when it's the other way round.

I've been renting for 16 years and I'm still yet to come across a half decent landlord. Some of us tenants actually do give a shit about the property we are renting and pay rent on time every single month. But if any repairs need doing or something god forbids makes you put your hand your pocket, you all shy away like it isn't your problem. Your property, your issue. Us renters don't pay you huge amounts of rent each month for nothing.

You all want tenants to reply quickly to calls and texts, but in my experience, it's the landlords that are slow to reply.

Some of you need to check your attitude towards your tenants. Or simply, don't be a landlord.

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The Landlord 25th February, 2022 @ 07:56

@Renter Sick of Landl

Landlords/people are allowed to vent their frustrations, it doesn't mean we hate tenants or hate being landlords.

Ironically, you literally complained about the very thing we're complaining about:

"You all want tenants to reply quickly to calls and texts, but in my experience, it's the landlords that are slow to reply."


"So little help for the tenant when it's the other way round."

Gosh, really? Did you even bother look at the "Tips & Info For Tenants" section, which has 5 categories of articles dedicated to helping tenants?

Honestly, I think you *need* to check something also...

















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