Landlord Tax Advice, Finances & Saving Costs

Being a landlord is often expensive, especially if poor decisions are made (which is often the root of all frivolous spending in this game).

I’m not just talking about the initial capital required to put money down for a mortgage, but I’m also talking about the ongoing costs of being a landlord, which includes repairs and maintenance, and allegedly the most concerning expense of all, landlord tax (which only seems to be getting increasingly expensive for landlords)!

There’s no doubt about it, this can be an extremely expensive business. Yes, a business! This is a profiteering ‘past time’, which means landlords are liable for income tax from any gains.

This section of my blog focuses on an array of issues related to landlord expenses, but most notably how to keep the costs down, which entails keeping our tax liabilities to a minimum.

For an ultimate guide on how to keep costs down, I would recommend heading over to the Best Ways For Landlords To Cut Costs & Save Money article.

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