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Redecorating & Finding New Tenants In-Between Tenancies Latest:

Redecorating & Finding New Tenants In-Between Tenancies

15 Sep 2014 / Managing Your Rental Property / 11 Comments

I just had an awfully stressful experience of redecorating in-between tenancies. Here's my experience and a few of the key decisions I made

What Is ‘Fair Wear and Tear’?

What Is ‘Fair Wear and Tear’?

25 Aug 2014 / Landlord Legal Issues / 26 Comments

I just had a final property inspection, so I'm covering the ambiguous topic of what constitues as 'fair wear and tear', and how to minimise it.

Landlord Building Insurance Renewals

Landlord Building Insurance Renewals

11 Aug 2014 / Landlord Finances, Taxes & Saving Costs / 13 Comments

I recently had a couple of Landlord Building Insurance policies that required renewing. I decided to get off my lazy ass and get some quotes. Saved 50%!

My Tenant/Lodger Paid Her Deposit But Didn’t Move in

My Tenant/Lodger Paid Her Deposit But Didn’t Move in

30 Jul 2014 / Marketing & Finding Tenants / 22 Comments

So what happens when a tenant pays a deposit, signs contracts, receives a set of keys to gain access, but then doesn't move in? It's a pretty odd situation, no doubt.

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