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Here’s How NOT To Tell Your Tenants To Be Cleaner Latest:

Here’s How NOT To Tell Your Tenants To Be Cleaner

08 Apr 2014 / Managing Your Rental Property / 13 Comments

Here's a real life example of how NOT to tell your tenants to be cleaner. Learn from this Landlord's mistake

Do You REALLY Need To Increase Your Tenant’s Rent?

Do You REALLY Need To Increase Your Tenant’s Rent?

13 Mar 2014 / Landlord Finances & Saving Costs / 28 Comments

I recently discovered that my tenant is paying 20% less than the current rate for similar properties. But that's cool with me

You Should Hear What My Landlord Says…

You Should Hear What My Landlord Says…

24 Feb 2014 / Tenant Advice / 12 Comments

Here's a disturbing story about what a perverted live-in landlord is saying to their tenant.

Tenants And The Loose Tap Syndrome

Tenants And The Loose Tap Syndrome

10 Feb 2014 / Tenant Advice / 28 Comments

Ever had a tenant report a maintenance issue that a mentally impaired chimp could have resolved? Then your tenant is probably suffering from the Loose Tap Syndrome

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Landlord FAQ- Have You Got The Answers?


Terminating Tenancies

I am now on a periodic tenancy and my landlord has given me 2 months notice. Do I need to give him notice back or can I leave as soon as I like?


Tenancy Security Deposit

My landlord has returned all of my deposit back to my account. However, now he is claiming that I have broke something which I haven't, and he is asking me to pay the damage. What are my rights?


Tenants Rights

My landlord has cut the boiler and we have to heat up a bath via boiling a kettle as we have no hot water! Is this allowed?


Tenancy Agreements

Are there any laws regarding smoking in a rented property? Is there a standard clause that can be inserted into the AST to prohibit smoking inside the house?


Tenancy Security Deposit

I was ten days late putting my tenants deposit into a scheme, they have now moved out and have had deposit back. They are now threatening to sue us for being late entering the scheme unless we give them more money. Is there anything I can do?

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