How To Privately Sell Your House On Rightmove

Want to privately sell your house? Are you looking to escape extortionate Estate Agent fees by listing your property on Rightmove in order to achieve a private sale? Well, you’re not the only one, and you’ve come to the right place.

More and more people, both home buyers and sellers, are starting to ditch the traditional high-street Estate Agents because it’s become so easy and cheap for home sellers to privately market their property on the biggest UK property portals like Rightmove via Online Estate Agents.

The truth is, most high-street estate agents use websites like Rightmove, FindAProperty, Hot Property and PropertyFinder to market their properties, and a large portion of the times, that’s where they get their leads from. So why not just bypass high-street estate agents and advertise on Rightmove and the alike via an Online Estate Agent for a fraction of the cost? High-street agents charge a whopping 1-2% + VAT commission (approximately) of the sale price achieved. That’s A LOT of money. The online agents listed below charge a fixed rate which doesn’t even come close to high-street agent fees. Why are high-street agents much more expensive? Well, because high-street agents have a load more overheads to cover e.g. staff, premises, utility bills..etc.

The “online estate agents” will market your property-for-sale on the biggest UK property portals, such as Rightmove, Property Finder etc. If you want to sell your house privately with the best possible chance of succeeding, then you need to list your house for sale on the biggest UK property portals, especially Rightmove.

Online Estate Agents that will allow private sellers to advertise their house-for-sale on the most popular UK property portals like Rightmove:
Website Price Period Marketed on Notes

£29Exc VAT

4 weeks

Rightmove, Primelocation, Findaproperty, Globrix, Zoopla, Gumtree, Ebay etc.

Vendors control the ad content, photos and price and can edit these things at any time. Vendors do the viewings and there is no commission to pay on sale – it’s purely an upfront fee for advertising.

£425Exc VAT

12 months

Rightmove, Look4AProperty, Fish4homes, FindaProperty, Property live, Zoopla, Prime Location, Globrix, Nestoria

Guide on how House Network works

£345Exc VAT

12 months

Rightmove, Look4AProperty, ebay, FindaProperty, Property live, Zoopla, Prime Location, Globrix, Gumtree

Guide on how 121 Move works

£295Exc VAT

12 months

Rightmove, fis4homes, FindaProperty, nestoria, Zoopla, Prime Location, Globrix, Property Live, plus more

The price includes a home visit and photos and measurements taken from a local estate agent.


The portals I mentioned, such as Rightmove and PropertyFinder, don’t deal with private home-sellers directly, they only deal with estate agents, so you can’t just go direct to the portals looking to market your vacant property. That’s why you need to use the “online estate agents” I mentioned above as a gateway to upload your property details onto the portals.

Please be assured that I can’t guarantee that any of these websites work or will successfully find you a buyer. All I can say is that I’ve used similar services in the past, and it’s worked for me.

Did I miss any “online estate agents” out?

If you want to be listed above, please read through the requirements right over…here.

Want to advertise your rental on Rightmove?

If you’re a landlord wanting to market your rental property on Rightmove and the alike and bypass the cost of using a high-street letting agent, then you may want to visit the Advertise Rentals on Rightmove page.

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Chris Hall2011-12-19 10:33:16

Good luck to anyone trying to sell their most precious and expensive asset privately in this market. What you and every other commentator misses when singing the praises of selling privately is that any good estate agent earns his or her commission by negotiating a sale to EXCHANGE OF CONTRACTS. Anyone can agree a sale privately but once you get embroiled in a chain, or there are issues with the survey or one of a thousand other potential issues who will then roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to sort it all out?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2011-12-19 11:17:52

"in this market" people are trying to save money. If that involves a bit of extra work, and not getting it exactly right, I don't see the problem.

Thanks for your (facetious) best wishes, I'm sure everyone selling privately appreciates it :)

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Chris Hall2011-12-19 11:41:19

In our 40 years of experience, unnecessarily losing a buyer through bungling a private sale and then potentially forfeiting an onward purchase can cost dearly. Not just survey charges, solicitors fees etc. but in a FALLING MARKET this can cost thousands and thousands of pounds. Or in other words, an awful lot more than you would have saved in agent's fees!

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you've got a £1000 car that you want to sell then the Auto Trader is fine. If you've got a £50,000 Rolls Royce to sell you need a SPECIALIST to maximise it's potential and to make sure everything goes smoothly. In theory, as someone with no knowledge of the motor trade, yes I could place an advert and sell a second hand Roller, but would I get what it's worth? would I get ripped off? who knows, I'm not an expert at selling cars!

The last 3 or 4 years have meant that good, hard working, knowledgeable estate agents have had the opportunity to show their clients exactly what they do to earn their fees... Yes, in 2007 anybody could sell a house but sadly those days are long gone along with many of the so called 'agents' that popped up to cash in. If it's that easy why do seasoned developers, buy to let landlords and even the major housebuilders still use estate agents?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2011-12-20 21:21:44

It's not a question of who can do the job better, in my opinion. It's a question of saving money on fees- that's what people want. If a property is worth 100k, then the property should reach that sale price, regardless of how it is being sold.

People selling property privately is picking momentum, and I don't think you'll be able to stop it, regardless of whether you think you can do a better job or not (which I'm not doubting). And while people are choosing to do it, services are becoming available to help with the process. I don't see the problem with that. Additionally, a lot of these online agents offer the support and carry the expertise of an estate agent.

Agree to disagree, I suppose.

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Debbie Evran2011-12-23 10:45:07

I think the problem is that recession and current economy has created a whole new set of senarios both for vendors and buyers. And many estate agents are still selling the old way and have not adapted there solutions to meet the needs of these new senarios -

While selling through an estate agent bridges the gap for those who are not in a hurry and those who can get a mortgage. There are tens of thousands of people who need a solution that is tailored to their own personal situation. This is where dealing with an independent property investor can not only prove more affordable and being a little creative and utilising methods such as purchase options, lease options, joint ventures - processes that are already used everyday in both residential, commercial property and land buying and selling it is possible to offer sellers and buyers a greater range of solutions so that everyone wins.

Change is hard for everyone, but whether we like it or not the recession has changed the property landscape for good, a whole new perspective is required, you can either open your mind to it or get left behind.

Debbie Evran
Property Buyer and Investor

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Gareth2012-01-12 20:05:35

Can anyone explain why estate agent fees are a percentage of the final sale price and not a fixed fee?

At 1.25%+vat, the fee on a £400,000 house is £6000, on a £500,000 house it would be £7500.

Where is the justification for that extra £1500? - that's an awful lot of money at any time, let alone a recession. If you've bought and sold enough properties to understand some of the pitfalls and legwork you have to do then I fully support selling privately and the estate agents can get real.

Default Avatar
chris hall2012-05-01 18:45:28

The same old recycled anti estate agent diatribe. Good luck to you, and I hope you enjoy the brave new world. What's next I wonder... DIY surgery, cut your own hair, raise your own animals for slaughter? Why can't the British learn to accept and pay for a professional?

Default Avatar
Norbert2012-09-06 20:37:37

I agree with Gareth. Why do we pay a percentage?
It is the same job, whether a house costs 400K or 500K.
Perhaps it is unfair to charge the buyer of a small studio the same amount of money as you change a millionaire.
But maybe a sliding scale?

Default Avatar
Sooze2012-12-03 14:13:57

Both me and my mother have each sold a property privately (mine was through a simple advert in a supermarket!). If the right person sees the property forsale and it is of a reasonable price then it will usually sell without a hitch. The money saved from using an estate agency would easily cover short term storage and accommodation should you not wish to be in the middle of a long chain - and sell even if the house you are buying is being held up (a better house may turn up during the wait). I appreciate that estate agents are professionals - but the ones I have dealt with have stressed me out - threatening to pull out of the sale & readvertise as my solicitors were taking time to complete their conveyancing work. I ended up taking 2 weeks off work just so I would not lose the house I was buying! For information - the house I was buying was not in a chain and was empty so the attitude of the agent put me off all others. So if agents request recognition for their expertise they should also respect the professional job of solicitors who are engaged to see the sale through to completion. If I can sell a house privately - everyone can.

Default Avatar
Ken2013-04-13 06:54:23

It's a nice idea to market your home yourself by using a web site. Unfortunately, the big name in online properties is Right Move and they don't allow private sellers on their site. It's a closed shop for their Estate Agent chums.

So by all means go ahead and put your property details up on the Net. The only problem is... no-one will see them. :-/

Default Avatar
Matt Jones2013-07-09 13:16:04

I sold my home through a site called Nesthunter, that was completely free to advertise on. I didn't get it on right move but I printed a window card provided by the site and put it in the local supermarket and sold it within 6 weeks of advertising it.

Default Avatar
Chris Hall2013-07-09 13:24:18

But did you get it's true market value?

Default Avatar
Matt Jones2013-07-09 13:56:56

I had an agent valuation a few months earlier, I wasn’t completely 100% set on selling but when I came across nesthunter I thought why not give it a go. I put it up for 10k above the agents valuation and sold it for 2k above the original valuation so I ended up about £3,500 better off including what I saved on fees. I’m not saying people should do it without an agent because it wasn’t a total breeze but it was easier than I had imagined.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2013-07-09 14:23:26


Chris, don't be fooled by Matt Jones. He's using a fake name, and he owns the Nesthunter website.

This is such poor marketing tactics.

I'll never use Nesthunter or promote the website based on this pantomime.

Default Avatar
Chris Hall2013-07-09 16:07:08

...Ah, now you mention it his name does appear all over their website.

As you say, poor marketing.

Default Avatar
jim rice2013-07-14 21:00:05

We all hate paying fees but English agents fees compared to French agents are cheap. in France reckon on 8% + Notaire

Default Avatar
Anton2013-08-28 01:57:47

Very good point made by Jim Rice! Look at the fees you pay abroad, we all think it's just part of the deal when you buy in Spain or France to 'set aside' up to 10% for fees etc.
I don't have a problem with paying 1.5% IF the estate agent does a good job but to be honest, I'm having trouble finding one that's as polished as their fees suggest.

Default Avatar
Colin Carr2013-09-04 08:44:43

Great blog, thanks for blowing the gaff.

Default Avatar
Benji2013-09-05 00:02:43

A load of old bollocks point made by Jim Rice!

Although these total fees and taxes are often referred to as ‘notaire fees’ (frais de notaire), in fact the actual notaire fee itself is only about 1%. The rest comprises stamp duty registration taxes and disbursements.

If you choose the right French agent, then the same family firm you bought from will still be around in another 50 years time. Unlike the spotty English twat in the wide tie working for the HW.Willyfaxhox & sons franchise who is just doing it until something better comes along.

Default Avatar
Jacko2013-09-16 08:42:09

Ive been doing my own sales for years. I find EAs to be dim and unmotivated. I much prefer to do my own viewings too and get to the heart of things with a viewer. Ive also been told by them that they like to meet the vendor too. I use my solicitor to chase the other side...and also I use a heap of common sense. I reckon I have saved over 50k easily...and been in control too. Most EAs are dopey kids who have no life experience and basically cant be bothered. They will try and get you to drop your price without thinking about any other options available to get a sale. You take 98% of the drop...they take 2%...hmmmm. Dont be lazy...sell your own houses.

Default Avatar
Chris Hall2013-09-16 09:38:23

Thanks for your comment Jacko that "Most EAs are dopey kids". Just wondering what you are basing this on please?

Default Avatar
Den James2013-09-18 20:49:28

I have sold my last 2 homes via little house company in past 10 years. But I agree you have to do a lot of work yourself. I work from home so it was easier for me to manage. However overall I saved over 10k on fees. I honestly think that it took longer than using local agents. But if you can now use Rightmove things may prove different? I am now in the process of selling a grade 1 property and due to not living in it or the area I am currently using an agent.

Default Avatar
mrs jacey kinder2013-11-27 22:41:52

I'm trying to find the correct way to advitse and sell our property. Not convinced the repletley estate agent is correct at this moment. I feel they all have the same speiel and waffle about what they sold in 2007 ! Please can anyone give me advise if they have sold a property without an agent thank you for your time and information

Default Avatar
boboff2013-12-12 16:22:17

Hello Clever people.

How do you get your rental on Rightmove etc, is there a preferred "online" Agent to use for this please?



Default Avatar
QWales2014-01-10 08:53:48

I sold my first house myself about 17 years ago and could not believe how easy it was. Admittedly it was a sellers market at the time but the whole estate agent thing seemed to be a lot of money for very little work. They only start to look like they are worth their money if you don't have someone available for viewings or your property is going to be difficult to sell and you might be looking at long term advertising. For these reasons I have been with estate agents since but have never gone with anyone asking more than 1%.

Default Avatar
Helen R2014-03-17 10:12:31

I can't see any problems if it's advertised on right move, this is were most people look. If the photos are right and people look in that location, I don't think, people are bothered who sells the house, estate agent or not, if they like the looks of it, they will come. Once sold, the solicitors will handle the legal side of everything. So you'll have to make more phone calls but last time I sold my house, I had to make god knows how many calls to the estate agent and solicitors. If the buyer is mucking you about, he'll do it anyway. This time I'll sell my house without the agents and at least I'll know what's going on without being told all these lies and excuses the agents are coming up with.


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