Which Landlord Software Is The Best?

I’ve been looking around for landlord software management systems, that handle small to medium sized property portfolios for private landlords. There are plenty out there, and new packages are continuously being made available, so there’s a small issue of cutting through the shit in order to find anything useful.

I haven’t had extensive experience with many landlord management systems, but I’ve tried a few out. I used to use a regular, custom Landlord Management Excel Spreadsheet, but the flaws of that quickly became apparent as my portfolio started to expand. The spreadsheet’s features are basic; it only calculates my income and expenditures. It’s fine for someone with a small portfolio, so I welcome anyone to test it out, and even make improvements. However, there are piles of more advanced packages out there that calculate all kinds of cool stuff, like forecasting, annual rental income tax using HMRC guidelines (extremely useful) and financial reporting. Some of the systems make life a lot easier, as you can quickly see a snapshot of your finances, so they’re worth the investment, especially if you’re a landlord juggling multiple properties.

While there are free landlord software packages available, it definitely is a case of getting what you pay for. I’ve tried a few free packages out, and they weren’t all that impressive, even for a free service. But again, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying them out. The paid products can be pretty expensive, but can also be worth the investment…

And remember, landlord software is tax deductible :)

Paid Landlord Management Software
Software Price Description
Property Portfolio Software £49.97 + VAT, per month
£397 + VAT, one off payment
My personal favourite, and naturally, it’s the package I use. You can see how it works by going to the Property Portfolio Software Website and clicking on the “demo” button. It’s probably the best one I’ve seen so far and it comes with an unbelievable amount of features, including income tax calculations (using HMRC guidelines), and access to a Legal Document Centre, where you can create and download all your Tenancy Agreements, Guarantor forms and Section 21s.
Suitable for landlord and/or letting agent.
90 day money back guarantee.
Landlord Vision (cloud based) £19.97 + VAT, per month The newest product to the list- and I must say, it looks impressive!
Landlord Vision is an online property management software tool. You can access it from any web connected device. The software produces reports that show cash flow, rental income, expense, taxation and equity reports. There’s also plenty of videos on the website so you can see exactly how it works.
30 days Free Trial. No payment details required to sign up.
Property Manager Online £34.99 per month
£399.99 Outright package

One of my readers’ actually recommended this one, but I have no idea how good it is, I’ve never used it, but it looks OK! I wouldn’t be my first choice. There is a 30 free trial
Free landlord Management Software
Software Price Description
Property Hawk Landlord Software Free I’ve actually tried this software. It was ok, but a little too old school for my likings. There were a lot of forms on different pages, so it made simple things like adding a new property/tenant long winded. Most of the forms could have been combined onto one page, saving a lot of user time. But it’s free, and it works, it also generates a lot of useful landlord forms E.g Tenany Agreements.

According to the owners, it’s the best landlord software in the world…probably. Yeah, I’m not sure about that.

I must clarify, this is a web based package (you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection), and not downloadable software, like many of the others.

Smart Property Manager Free Another web-based application which offers a free service, amongst premium versions which come at a cost. But the free version is perfect for single landlords with less than 100 properties.

I’ve not used it, but there appears to be a load of features. You can see details and screen shots on the Smart Property Manager Feature Page.

Any other recommendations?

If anyone is aware of any other product, please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list. Also, if anyone has had any experience with any of the above, or similar products, please let me know! I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Anyone out there use any landlord software management system? If so, which one?

I’ve actually been tempted to develop my own free, web-based software for Landlords. Hmmm. It’s certainly something to think about. The other providers should be a little scared =]

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Richard Mason 28th October, 2013 @ 02:15


I've tried ezpz, landlord manager,tas books, quick books, sage etc over the years for various businesses and my property portfolio.

My basic test is can you enter the rent amount the tenant actually paid, rather than what the software says they should pay?
If you can't, then is the software working for you or are you working for it?

Can you download your bank statements into it and allocate/reconcile them?

Does anyone know if there is a package that can deal with the accounting and management of a personal hmo portfolio, as well as leasehold and freehold management issues of being limited company managing agent for small block of flats?

Does anyone have an old copy (before they stopped supporting UK market) of quicken property manager or quick books/pro I can buy or copy ?

Thanks Richard

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Neil Thomas 2nd November, 2013 @ 09:49

I too have tried Property Manager, but it is lacking too many important features - I can list them if you wish, as it may give the people at PM a chance to respond.

I have used Quicken since it was first released in the UK. Currently on 2003(yes it does work in Win7), I also have Quicken XP but it seems to have changed for changes sake - if you know what I mean.

I too would like the UK add Property Manager add on, although I don't think we're missing much if we don't have it. You tell me.

I believe it's legal for me to pass on a copy of Quicken XP as the company gave me an enduring serial number, before they pulled the plug.
So let me know and I'll try to work out a way to get it to you - Dropbox or Skype would probably work.

Don't get confused with Quickbooks, that's a totally different animal and probably not so good for our purpose!...

Best regards Neil

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Chris Horne 2nd November, 2013 @ 12:05

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your comments and I'm glad you have given our Property Manager a go. It is a FREE resource and from comments we get from users many landlords find it perfect for their needs. However, we always see it as work in progress and are constantly evolving it's functionality. Please let us know what extra features you think would be useful and we can always look to incorporate them in the next round of upgrades.

Kind regards
Chris Horne
Property Hawk

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Neil Thomas 2nd November, 2013 @ 17:45

My apologies guys. The software that I bought and hoped to replace Quicken 2003 with was called Landlord's Property Manager (M.D. Amer Siddiq) - not as previously stated. There were many shortcoming in this software, but the company returned my money with no quibbles whatsoever.
The National Landlord's Association do a free online package that sounds good.I'm a member but haven't yet tried it....
I'd still like to get my hands on the UK Quicken Property Manager add on though!

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Richard Mason 7th November, 2013 @ 21:41

Hi Neil.

I would appreciate any UK version of Quicken/Quickbooks with or without Property Manager.
Does the last UK version you have allow bank statement downloads etc?

My email is richone@callnetuk.com and i can give you a skype id/similiar from that . .
Im Currently trying Buildium


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william 21st November, 2013 @ 12:33

Rental Pinboard (www.rentalpinboard.com) is a new take on property management that is also free and includes tenants in the process. Demo here: www.rentalpinboard.com/demo.

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Phil 14th December, 2013 @ 13:52

Smart Property Manager is really good. Accessible when out and about to capture all expenditure.

Highly recommend and support is first rate.


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Mahnaz 16th January, 2014 @ 13:33

I use Brilliant Landlords software. Free software, free tenancy agreement with no obligations.


have a look

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Dave the Landlord 31st January, 2014 @ 06:45

We manage 70 of out own units and in the end we wrote our own tablet/mobile based application as we wanted to be able to run the whole portfolio real-time where ever we were. It's called www.Arthuronline.co.uk - Have a look and see what you think. It's the first of its kind as the tenants and contractors also have an app

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Nick Roberts 4th February, 2014 @ 17:20

We're HMO landlords based in Worcester, and like many other users on this site, we also could not find suitably user-friendly software, so set about writing our own.

It's a free, online (cloud-based) service mainly focussed on property accounts and the SA105 Property Tax return - but it'll also keep track of important dates etc.

Feedback welcome!


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James Hunt 19th February, 2014 @ 18:18

We use www.evaproperty.com at our company
It was launched not long ago but I really loved this software from the first time.
Bulidium and Appfolio seemed too complicated and expensive for me, lots of tutorials and set up fees were required to start using these softwares.
Evaproperty has all features I wanted ( online accounting, online rent collection, free personal website(!), work orders, leasing, vendors, tenant and maintenance portal and much more.
But the main thing I like about this software, that Basic Account is free! So I had an opportunity to have a look first, without purchasing (no payment info was required).
Property management process is much faster and easier now! Like it
You should try!
Hope it helps

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Chris Horne 4th July, 2014 @ 11:33

It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that I was posting about our last upgrade to Property Hawk's Property Manager software. This time we are really flying. Slick, quicker, cleaner. It won't be the last upgrade but it's really worth landlords checking out the new PM3.0s. I can't believe it's free to use but it is & will remain so. As always we do value your comments so please let us know what you think.


Chris Horne
Property Hawk

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Lina Manders 8th July, 2014 @ 08:24

I am trying to find a software that will make life easier for when completing my self assessment. I am a new landlord and have found propertyhawk very good with lots of information. however, I simply cannot get my head around the PM3! There are no actual good, simple instructions on how to use it so I will have a go with the other free software you recommended. I will continue to look around on this website though as also seem to have a lot of good valuable information. kind regards Lina

Guest Avatar
Chris Horne 9th July, 2014 @ 11:02

Hi Lina, thanks for the feedback about PM3.0. All I can say is that PM3.0s the revised version makes navigating around the software much much easier. Please do take a look. If you have any specific questions on how to use it have a look at the relevant section on the forum. Have a go with the new version and see what you think.

Kind regards

Chris Horne
Property Hawk

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David Tymms 14th July, 2014 @ 11:38

I've used BlueOrange Property Management Software (http://BlueOrangeCare.com ). Its cloud web based and comes with a free Mobile Web App that helps men and tenants manage properties. It handles all tenancies and service agreements. It creates all the invoices and has alerts telling me when rent is due and the status of service contracts. Well Recommended

Guest Avatar
David Bade 26th August, 2014 @ 20:50

TrueRent.com is what I use. Simple and Free.

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Sharon S 24th September, 2014 @ 11:25

Has anyone ever used Gnomen Property software and have any feedback, good or bad? Still trying to find best package for managing double entry accounts and admin/management of lettings portfolio


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Charles 8th October, 2014 @ 20:53


We've created a new iPad app which will hopefully help people manage their properties! Try it out by searching for Landlord Property Buddy on your ipad. Visit our website www.propertybuddy.net for more details. We are constantly looking for features to add :)

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gary 10th October, 2014 @ 11:48

I've just discovered this site and there is lots of good advise here, so I hope someone can help me. All of the software suggested seems to be tailored to people with rental property, however, we only own the freeholds and manage these freehold buildings with the flats owned by several lessees. So I'm looking for some software that allows me to input maintenance costs, building insurance, ground rent etc for a building with several lessees, but then allows me to split the costs among the lessees and send out invoices and remind me that they haven't paid etc. any suggestions? thanks

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Daljit Bhail 10th October, 2014 @ 13:10

Gary, BlueOrange Property Management software (www.BlueOrangeCare.com) does exactly what your after. It works for both letting agents and property owners. Its incredibly powerful and simple to use.

It allows you to assign 'several' landlords to a property, 'several' properties to a tenancy agreement and 'several' tenants to a tenancy agreement. Thus creating a complex tenancy model. It also handles service agreements and maintenance tasks inc. allocating the invoice to the right person i.e. tenant or Landlord. Its completely flexible and best of all its cloud based. It also handles HMOs i.e. rooms within a property. It creates PDFs of tenancy agreements and invoices. It also alerts you and sends out invoices by email. You can process inbound payments in batch i.e. upload a text file. If that isnt enough a complete Graphical Dashboard highlighting the status of your company.

It also creates all the invoices for you auto. including automatically creating them for periodic tenancies. You can define a tenancy agreement for a day, week, month year and also have the payment periods different.

Guest Avatar
Daljit Bhail 10th October, 2014 @ 13:16

Charles, BlueOrange Property Management Software has an in built APP for both agents, property owners, tenants and Landlords. It only shows the information relating to the user. It locks the information according to the suer role, profile and who created the data. Unlike traditional apps, you don't need to install it from an APP store. Our software can tell what type of device your using and serve you with either the desktop version or an APP version.

Guest Avatar
Charles 20th October, 2014 @ 22:43

Thanks for your reply Daljit. Just to be clear to users, Property Buddy is a full native ipad app, not a mobile optimized site which means everything runs a lot faster :)

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Kurtis 12th January, 2015 @ 17:53

Hi guys, great website, cant see why I didnt join earlier

I am a residential landlord with 6 properties and do all my own Management and maintenance (I also develop property myself)and very rarely use any other contractors except for gas certification and the odd bit of electrical work. What in your expert opinions would be the best suited software for me, I am looking for something that can do all my accounts and tax returns and preferably non-cloud



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Marc 13th January, 2015 @ 10:23

Try Arthuronline.co.uk. Its the first mobile and web platform with the ability to invite your tenants, contractors and letting agent to your account. Each of the groups will have access using their own unique interface. The mobile apps are free from Apple and Android.Its made my business much more efficient and with the mobile app I can operate from anywhere. My tenants can`t believe I can offer them an app

You only pay for each unit you add. It`s incredibly good value.

Good luck Marc

Guest Avatar
Kurtis 13th January, 2015 @ 10:57

Hi Marc, I did have a brief look at your product but as I said I dont have any contractors or agents and want a non cloud solution. Is this any good for accounting and tax returns?

Guest Avatar
Charles 13th January, 2015 @ 11:19

Hey Kurtis,

If you have an iPad, we would recommend you give Property Buddy (www.propertybuddy.net) a test. Its very simple and you will be able to export to excel at the end of the financial year :)

Guest Avatar
Marc 13th January, 2015 @ 12:11

Hi Kurt
Unfortunately I don't know any non cloud related products that I could recommend. In answer to your queries you don't have to invite contractors or agents. You would only utilise this if you wanted to. With regard financials Arthur does income and expenditure related to the unit including reporting. We are currently integrating with Xero for those that want a full accounting package.


Guest Avatar
Kurtis 13th January, 2015 @ 15:22

Thanks Charles, I will give it a look

Guest Avatar
Kurtis 13th January, 2015 @ 15:28

Hi Marc, So can I do everything I need for Tax returns? I'm just starting to tackle my own accounting so am still not that savvy on the subject but dont want to start to learn a system just to find out it does not do everything I need and then have to learn another

Guest Avatar
Dave C 13th January, 2015 @ 15:45

Kurtis - Arthur won't generate your SA302 or any specific Inland revenue forms but it will give you an income and expenditure statement for each unit; ie you can apply charges and payments against a unit which are analysed to the respective income/expense codes and it will then give you summary and detailed analysis report - Does that help?

Guest Avatar
Diane Johnson 13th January, 2015 @ 16:40

I am a new landlord with 1 property and I am just looking for a simple easy to use downloadable system for recording my income and expenditure, etc. mainly for tax purposes; preferably a free one. I have however noticed that on all the web pages I have looked at, none of them seem to include work carried out to the property pre-letting. Advice anyone please.

Guest Avatar
Dave C 13th January, 2015 @ 17:37

Diane, for 1 property you may be better to use a spreadsheet

Guest Avatar
JimG 13th January, 2015 @ 18:52

I've been using smartpropertymanager. It does my SA102 and is free up to 10 properties, handles income/exp, etc.


Guest Avatar
Jo-O 26th January, 2015 @ 02:03

Folks, can anybody advise please?

I'm looking for a software package that will let me set a custom rent payment schedule. For example, 6 month tenancy, rent £600 p/m. Tenant wants to pay weekly though, so I have taken a first payment of £660 and rounded the other 21 payments up to £140. All the software I've looked at so far simply calculates the rent as 26 equal payments of whatever it is, £138.47 or something like that.

Is there any software that will allow me to tweak the rental schedule like this?


Guest Avatar
Nick 26th January, 2015 @ 06:52

Dear Jo-O,

A quick suggestion that you should try RentCentral.co.uk, which will allow you to set up monthly and weekly payment schedules automatically. You can also edit the payment schedule manually to reflect any discounts, pre-payments etc. as necessary.


Guest Avatar
Jo-O 26th January, 2015 @ 10:22

Cheers Nick, that looks like it might be the one... :)

Guest Avatar
Goose 31st January, 2015 @ 13:17

Has anyone tried and tested "Landlord Manager for Sage,Landlord Edition by Visionbase http://www.smeprofessional.co.uk/, I cant find anyone on this blog mentioning them

Guest Avatar
Leigh 6th February, 2015 @ 21:02

I have many properties and mostly HMOs. Landlord manager is terrible. Go rent Central. Quality. Nick you need an app though. Would be good to be able to submit work orders to my team and get feedback of how the job/viewing has gone. Well done though. Oh and I might add a very friendly and easy to get hold of team

Guest Avatar
Robert Downes 15th February, 2015 @ 17:38

I've a few properties in and around the West Country and I have recently discovered a great web based system for managing my property maintenance and tenants queries, it's called Cleardesk.
I think they are quite new on the scene but the software seems to work really well and it's very cost effective. cleardesk.co might be worth a look??

Guest Avatar
Elmar 16th February, 2015 @ 15:48

Try Bungaloow (https://www.bungaloow.com). I have tried all other software, from landlord manager by sage, property buddy, to landlord vision, you name it and finally decided to build my own software.

It's on mobile, tablet and desktop. Great user experience, simple and intuitive. No hassle. Just allows me to quickly log my expenses, link them to my properties and tenants, view documents on the go and much more.

Plus it's free to try and no credit card details required. No contracts, none of that. Just simple beautiful friendly software at your fingertips to get the job done quickly and get on with your life.

Guest Avatar
Clarie 16th February, 2015 @ 16:46

Have recently moved from Quicken to Property Buddy on my iPad. Customer services have been amazing and they have added a new feature that i requested.

Guest Avatar
Neilt 16th February, 2015 @ 17:23

Property Buddy looks interesting. Unfortunately I would never want to carry around my rental accounts on and iPad. Hopefully they'll build a package for Windows users.

Guest Avatar
Elmar 16th February, 2015 @ 17:49

Hi Neilt, with Bungaloow you are not tied into any type of system as it work straight from your browser. So if you have use any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome, then you can use Bungaloow. Give it a try, it's free and very simple to get started. Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me on elmar@bungaloow.com.

Guest Avatar
John Halliday 10th March, 2015 @ 15:07

Anyone interested in Landlord Vision can now get it free if they are an RLA member and it includes management of up to five tenancies. Handy for the smaller landlord.

See: www.rla.org.uk/landlord/property-management-software.shtml

Guest Avatar
Charles 25th March, 2015 @ 02:34

Hi guys,

Thanks to everyones support, we managed to reach top in the business charts with our landlord property buddy ipad app (www.propertybuddy.net)! Following on from this success, we received a ton of feedback from users wanting the app on an iphone so they can collect rent and instantly log a payment. We have since updated our app to also work nicely on iPhones. Automatic syncing between devices will be coming out shortly.

We hope anyone wanting a native iphone app will try it out. - http://itunes.com/apps/propertybuddy

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Neil 17th April, 2015 @ 08:34

Readyrentals.co.uk looks interesting, particularly as it enables you to Market your properties through Rightmove & Zoopla via the company. Check out the promotional video - it looks good. Then after registering, there is a trial period.
Anyone fancy a go? I'd love to see a review before I put my foot in the water...

Guest Avatar
Elmar 17th April, 2015 @ 10:29

Bungaloow doesn't charge anything and they are working on creating a whole solution for landlords that includes advertising on all major portals. Should give em a go. They are free and have a great interface.

Guest Avatar
jciba 22nd May, 2015 @ 07:00

As a self-managing landlord with few properties I love to do everything on my iPhone. Tried many apps, The Property app works fine for me http://property-app.com

Guest Avatar
Dave 22nd May, 2015 @ 07:41

Just trying out Bungalow, looks interesting!

Guest Avatar
Sam Newman 25th June, 2015 @ 09:03

Has anyone tried Tenantcloud? Their website says it's free and I love the concept, but I would like to hear feedback from a current user.


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