How Landlords Can Advertise Rentals On Rightmove

Are you currently in the process of looking for tenants for your rental property? Are you looking to bypass extortionate letting agent fees by trying to directly list your rental property on the biggest rental portals in the UK, like Rightmove? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of websites that will market your rental property on the biggest UK property portals, such as Rightmove, Property Finder, Primelocation, Hot Property, Globrix, Think Property etc. If you want to find tenants quickly, and pump juice into your marketing campaign, then you need to list your rental on these websites, especially Rightmove.

I’ve personally used several of the sites listed below, and they’ve always managed to find me tenants quickly and efficiently, saving me thousands on letting agent fees over the years.

Websites that allow landlords to advertise their Rental property on the most popular UK property portals like Rightmove:
Website Prices Period Marketed on Notes
£59Exc VAT
An exclusive price for this website- claim your FREE £40 Upad eVoucher. Normal price: £99 + VAT
Until tenants successfully found (max period 3 months) Over 100 portals, but the most significant and powerful portals being (in my opinion) Rightmove, Gumtree, Zoopla, Propertyfinder, Lettingsearch CLICK FOR £40 EVOUCHER – Upad have given our readers a £40 discount that can be used for any listing service. This is a limited running offer. I’ve personally used Upad’s fantastic service to find tenants, you can read about My Experience With Upad To Find Tenants
£39Exc VAT Until tenants successfully found (‘fair usage’ cap of 12 weeks) Rightmove, Primelocation, Findaproperty, Zoopla, Homes&property, Homes24, Globrix, The Times, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, London Evening Standard, This Is, AOL, MSN, and Talk Talk.
  • Free tenancy pack (over 40 documents)
  • Free tenant referencing
  • Free advice for customers on all aspects of letting from tenant selection to eviction
£57.50Exc VAT
Claim your exclusive £10 promo code, just for our readers. Normal price: £79 inc VAT!
6 weeks All the major portals including Rightmove, FindaProperty, Prime Location, Propertyfinder, Zoopla, Globrix, Hotproperty, Ebay, UpMyStreet, Gumtree (posted daily). They say that they also get around 100,000 visitors to their own website too.
£59Inc VAT Until let Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree, Prime Location and more.
  • Different packages available, including tenant find, tenant find and admin, tenant find, AST and rent collection.
  • Organise Your Viewings
  • Tenant Referencing
£49Exc VAT
Claim your exclusive £10 discount code, just for our readers. Available to use for any of their packages.
One month Rightmove, FindaProperty, Primelocation, Propertyfinder, Fish4homes, Globrix, Zoomf, Yahoo, Sky and many more Claim your exclusive £10 discount code, just for our readers. Available to use for any of their packages.
£49Inc VAT 6 weeks. Rightmove, Globrix If for any reason the property is not let within 6 weeks you can renew for half the original price.
£99Exc VAT Until tenants successfully found Rightmove, Zoopla, Findaproperty, Prime Location, Gumtree, Fish4homes..etc

The portals I mentioned, such as Rightmove and PropertyFinder, don’t deal with private landlords directly, they only deal with letting agents, so you can’t just go direct to the portals looking to market your vacant property. That’s why you need to use the “online letting agents” I mentioned above as a gateway to upload your property details onto the portals.

Most high street agents use websites like Rightmove and Findaproperty to market their properties, and a large portion of the times, that’s where they get their leads from. The only difference is, high street agents take the viewings and charge a shitload more.

Please be assured that I can’t guarantee that any of these websites work or will successfully find you tenants. All I can say is that I’ve used Upad and DirectLetting in the past, and they both worked for me. So I can conclude that these types of gateway websites actually do work.

Did I miss any websites out?

If you want to be listed above, please read through the requirements right over…here.

Want to SELL your house on Rightmove?

If you want to list a property for sale on Rightmove and bypass using a high-street estate agent, then here are a list of companies that will Advertise your house for sale on Rightmove.

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Danny2011-08-26 13:44:15

Thanks Raydon,

Yes up to now it has been fine, hopefully it will remain the same going forward (if not our prices will tell a story).

Great link and good healthy debates


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Visum2011-08-27 10:22:58


LOL. We keep a few people employed on a living wage at £50 an advert. The question is why others need to charge more! We're not trying to be Richard Branson, just give good value to landlords.

Default Avatar
Danny2011-08-27 10:24:34

Id say it was more people not falling in line or acknowledging competition than greed.

Maybe I'm being kind....

We advertise on ALL major portals, many who are a fraction less miss out zoopla, gumtree, Rightmove or others (or a combination). Indeed some who are more expensive advertise in less places. That's each businesses choice.
Undoubtedly it is best to increase your exposure and be on all the sites, but if you don't deem it necessary then your pay should be according.

It is definitely in the landlords court (the ball) at the moment.....which as a landlord myself was a large reason for starting the business.

Good hunting :)

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raydon2011-09-14 07:45:30

Owners of Rightmove have recently cashed in their shares.

Rightmove subscriptions are currently being increased.

This will increase online agent fees over the next few months.

Would private landlords pay just to advertise on findaproperty, primelocation and Zoopla ?

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-14 08:09:37

It is true, I had my price increase letter yesterday, and as much as RM are trying to shine things up with their "special offers" it is just an increase......

However I don't think the level of increase is going to impact at all, and is quite easily absorbed, but I do predict agents will be up in arms and promoting the periodical Rightmove walk out......
Their market share on an enquiry basis is reducing, but not quite quickly enough to consider walking away.

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Mark2011-09-14 08:13:03

We at don't currently advertise on Rightmove we advertise on over 500 other sites including Zoopla, Findaproperty, Primelocation and Gumtree. We only charge £40+vat.

The main reason we don't advertise on rightmove is because we don't need to. We generate on average 6 tenant enquries per property per week. We let over 40 properties per month.

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-14 08:19:49

Have your prices at iigloo recently changed?

I have seen the site before and I am quite sure that it was £29?? Was this just an introductory offer?

Personally I would, as an informed Landlord pay an extra tenner to get on Rightmove as well.

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-14 08:20:32

Apologies if I am mistaken on the pricing history front

Default Avatar
Chandra2011-09-14 08:30:46

We have seen a large increase of enquiries from Zoopla over the last 2 months on some weeks bypassing findaproperty but not RM as yet.

Also be careful on saying/advertising how many sites you will advertise LL properties on (not saying u don't just a kind word of caution)especially large figures like 500.

See here:

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-14 08:38:44

We did use to charge £29.99 but due to joining Zoopla and investing in to our customer service team we decided to put the price upto £40.

We do not intend to go past this price bracket and until we get a high demand from new customers asking if we are on Rightmove we will not be advertising on their.

However I have requested a price fee for joining Rightmove over 4 weeks ago and they are yet to respond. Their customer service is one of the worst I have dealt with and have no urgency in signing up new leads.

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-14 08:40:24

Thanks for the warning Chandra, how did you come across this as this is not something upad would advertise in their blog

Default Avatar
Chandra2011-09-14 08:45:19

I was trying to search on google for different terms i.e, online letting agents, etc for our own advertising purposes and came across this, that was a few weeks ago. But just now to give you guys the link I just searched their name on google and it came up 3rd on the results.

Default Avatar
Visum2011-09-14 08:52:04

Interesting comments. We advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla, Findaproperty, Primelocation etc., and the vast majority of leads come from rightmove.

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-14 09:18:50

Kind of shows the bigger you get the more problems you run into.

Upad have been banned from Gumtree, reprimanded by ASA, what will be next??

Default Avatar
raydon2011-09-14 09:20:18

Why were upad banned from gumtree ?

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-14 09:22:18

Gumtree saw them more as a competitor than a customer, thats what Upad told me any way.

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-14 09:22:31

Recreating email addresses to post adverts in order to not have to subscribe and pay would be my guess.

When we joined the people at Gumtree told us that they were hunting down and banning peoples IP addresses that were doing if you are I would consider paying before they ban you and are not willing to let you even pay to advertise......

Default Avatar
raydon2011-09-14 09:22:48

Don't you think all the online agents should get together and have their own agent portal, all these poweful well optimised online agent websites linking to one online portal

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-14 09:23:54

oh....we were told different things haha

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2011-09-15 17:59:08


Upad are offering a 50% discount (from £99 to £45.50) until 1st November. I wonder if they have noticed a significant drop in sales since they hiked their prices, and this is their way of testing the market. 50% seems like a massive slash for a random special promo.

The voucher code is NSL50, if anyone is interested.

Default Avatar
Danny2011-09-15 18:14:28

How interesting.....probably trying to bring back former customers, although will a temporary price drop do that going forward?
Are they allowed back on Gumtree now as well? As I have seen the gumtree symbol plastered on their site? Maybe they have kissed and made up now?

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-15 18:21:50

I think they realised how greedy they was being, with regards to the Gumtree I have noticed they are placing private adverts which Gumtree haven't seen as yet.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-09-16 07:30:58

UPAD 50% also back on GUMTREE, new site ...subsidised to let boards....they're going for it...whose got the biggest pockets!

Default Avatar
Mark2011-09-16 07:44:17

I heard a rumor on the grapevine that they have had an investment of £1 million maybe that's the reason.

I've also noticed that Makeurmove has over taken them on market share. Makeurmove currently have 612 properties for rent and Upad have 490. I know Makeurmove over their services for free until a tenant is found but this must be making an impact on Upad.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-10-18 10:52:42

Rightmove maintain high user experience, by checking agent listings are up to date, ....comments please

Default Avatar
Danny2011-10-18 11:34:32

Not too sure about of our properties that we manage we were competing against another agent (and won naturally :P) the other agent has left their listing up for 8 months. Doesn't bother us as the tenant is highly unlikely to leave. I know of agents that advertise properties (mainly high end) that they have not even been instructed on in order to get payment by contacting the agency that has been instructed saying they have a tenant, or in some cases calling the landlord ad hoc........naughty!!!

Rightmove are the most common portal contacting agents in their defence, but usually regarding price hikes, new services, sales pitch etc.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-10-18 11:39:02

Terms and conditions are important, agents who do not comply with portals will be found to be in breach just like any other industry.
EG: a bit like an employment contract. Employers can give a number of written warnings then have grounds to end an employment contract. Obviously some employers need to be careful of unfair out agents

Default Avatar
raydon2011-10-18 11:42:07

Any other online agents get suspicious, please blog

Default Avatar
raydon2011-10-28 12:28:14

how can online agents stop fraud ?

do they check property ownership before advertising or any other checks, you hear of some horror stories

Default Avatar
Visum2011-10-28 12:44:04

We check the identity of all users. If they cannot verify themselves then their ad does not go live.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-10-28 14:02:34

thats a good precaution

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Angus Shield2011-11-10 16:39:34

It’s heartbreaking reading some of the comments in this, and other posts, as it appears many have had such a rough deal from letting Agents.
We offer advertising to independent landlords for £50+VAT (on our website, all the portals we use and in our window), and feed the 'first vetted' applicants (i.e the ones that fit the LL's beief) onto the LL who undertake the viewing.
We can reference the applicants (£50 each incl VAT and paid by the applicant), and can produce the Tenancy Agreements for £65+VAT (its 16 pages and not from WH Smiths!).
Come on guys some letting agents try very hard to be human but we do all have to pay extortionate compliance fees, etc.
We are NALS, SAFEagent and have a fully protected client account and have been in business for over 23 years!

Default Avatar
Mark2011-11-11 18:16:30

Well I nearly just had a heart attack, just been speaking with Rightmove about there fees and I'm astonished.

Its ridiculous how much they charge online lettings compared to the traditional high street agent.

The question is do they add as much value these days now zoopla are on their way to become the leading portal.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-11-12 08:11:25

Rightmove will price out larger online letting agents, in the future online letting agents will not be able to rely just on the Tenant Find model, it is just not worth it as a business model with Rightmove must offer other services income streams.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-11-12 08:14:41

Rightmove are very much the wnner in the portal battle, however online letting agents may have to back the new Digital Property Group plus Zoopla just on pricing...this way private landlords would find it hard to secure a route to Rightmove advertising in the future

This makes Rightmove even more elite !

Default Avatar
Mark2011-11-24 12:14:07 is now advertising their properties on

Our fee's are also staying at the cheapest rate of £40 plus vat per property (ADVERTISING UNTIL LET).

Default Avatar
raydon2011-11-24 13:01:28

join the club with all the others at around £40, Visum state they do for £39 including vat either this is the cheapest or do they limit the time advertising period to say just one month or something

Default Avatar
raydon2011-11-24 13:04:24

less stock available...less advertising required...more online agents competing....doesn't sound like a good business plan umless the agents increase their fees to landlords to a more realistic cost

Default Avatar
Mark2011-11-24 13:11:00

visum only advertise on Rightmove and Letmatch for £39. They charge £49 to be on the other such us Zoopla, FAP and primelocation.

Default Avatar
raydon2011-11-24 13:27:53

...that makes you the cheapest, ask THE LANDLORD to put you on the his agents list above.

...Also need to change the top listing according to what you say to show the portals Visum actually use in their £39 package

Default Avatar
Craig2012-07-17 14:57:40

I have seen your comments about using different sites. I use a company called Tenants4U who do not charge but they do charge the tenant so you don't pay anything. I let my property in 48 hours which I didn't think was bad and it didn't cost me anything. The tenant paid an admin fee to the company which they were happy with.

Default Avatar
Paul2012-07-19 10:09:36

The discount code no longer works on Upad, i think it ended in June '12
I've tried Visum this time. They put your ad on the same portals, but is not so slick as Upad - no text notification nor a log of interested parties for your property on their website, but they are a lot cheaper.

Default Avatar
raydon2012-08-03 08:24:15

Is upad going to become a landlord portal in it's own right, now it is backed by the London Evening Standard ?

Default Avatar
How to find tenants - quickly and easily (part 1)2013-02-05 04:59:49

[...] For single occupancy flats or family homes Gumtree can still work, but it’s worth sticking it on Rightmove too. There’s been an explosion of companies who’ll get your listing on Rightmove for a small fee, all with different models and levels of involvement – a good list is maintained here. [...]

Default Avatar
Mandy2013-03-10 19:53:18

Just thought I would point out recently used I Am .the Agent as their site was really simple and they have over 1,000 properties also just so you know the price above is incorrect it's 99inc vat and free board (when I last looked) . They are really communicative and the enquiries were very fast 6 in first 24 hrs.. Would use again and they offer 50% off for pro landlords.. Hope this is helpful

Landlady Essex

Default Avatar
Maz2013-09-30 15:16:53

Lets Rent Website - Beware!

Lets Rent claims to be ‘free’ and have no hidden ‘charges’…but as you register to advertise for 'free' it asks for a £30 deposit. Want to get your deposit back? Not a chance! We’re investigating and wondered how many others have been duped in this way too?

Default Avatar
boboff2013-12-12 16:23:35

I do wish I could learn to read first post second!

Thanks and sorry.

Default Avatar
Dan Hughes2014-02-17 11:50:40

Interested in trying one of these services as I'm tearing my hair out with Gumtree. Had been using them quite successfully to rent properties but suddenly their automated system started deleting my adverts, saying they broke their rules. When I actually got hold of a real person they apologised, agreed I'd done nothing wrong and reinstated the adverts, only for them to be removed again a day later. Now Gumtree are refusing to speak to me. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Default Avatar
Rebecca2014-03-13 17:18:46

Dan - I have had MAJOR problems with Gumtree deleting my ad (twice)then putting it back on. I had paid for a prime position and had asked for a refund or for them to put my AD back at the top.... Despite SEVERAL emails they have NOt answered me.... Very reluctant to give them any more of my money though....

Their Customer service is NONEXISTENT and as for asking customers to call a 0905 number - that really stinks! ..

Default Avatar
Tony2014-04-07 11:06:57

I used, FREE lisitng to all property portals and they found me a tenant within 5 days

Tony, Leeds


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