List Of Professional Tenant Eviction Services 2022

When dealing with problematic tenants and evictions, many landlords decide to take matters into their own grubby little hands, and yes, they can and do have successful outcomes. However, in many other cases, it results in further delays and expenses, especially when dealing with particularly complex cases.

So, should you use a professional tenant eviction service to help with evicting your tenant, or should you be the hero? Let’s look into it…

I’ve been mere whiskers away from stampeding into one of my properties with the incentive of throwing a tenant and all her belongings onto the street after she fell 3 months into arrears, and continually fed me lousy excuses. I’m sure many landlords can relate, and if you can’t, it’s only a matter of time. The law of probability dictates that we will all eventually end up with a dud.

In retrospect, it’s a miracle that she wasn’t limping around with my foot firmly wedged up her ass. She will probably never appreciate how I spared her. While I don’t condone illegal and aggressive tactics to evict rogue tenants, I can fully understand why some landlords have taken matters into their own hands.

The wrong & right way to evict tenants

Unfortunately, there is a wrong way of evicting tenants rogue tenants, which often results in the landlord paying hefty penalties. Yes, it’s unfair.

In many cases, the landlord will truly believe they’re taking the right legal steps, but they’re usually not. The typical mentality is, “My tenant is late on rent, so I can walk into the property and kick him/her out”

While I understand the logic, it’s not how the whole thing works. Alas, tenants continue to have rights even when they cross over to the dark side.

Not only is Landlord law frustrating, but it’s also an extremely complex area, and each case generally varies by circumstances.

Common reasons for eviction

From my experience, these are the most common reasons for eviction…

Starting the Eviction process…

Eviction should always be the last resort; communication and compromising usually always works out better. It’s always best to ask yourself if eviction is really necessary before starting the process, or even uttering the possibility to your tenants! If there are’s an alternative solution, it’s always worth exploring it.

But obviously life isn’t always peaches and cream, and evictions can often be the most practical and sensible solutions for landlords, unfortunately.

In many cases, it is relatively straightforward to ‘start the process’ of eviction by serving a simple eviction notice, and that’s usually enough to scare tenants into submission. So there’s no need to call in the professionals. However, failing that, things can start to get tedious. You can read more about the process of how you can evict a tenant here.

Should you use an eviction service? When to seek professional help…

Just my humble opinion…

  • When you want the quickest resolution (which often results in the cheapest solution)
  • When you’re dealing with a particularly complex case
  • When you have no idea or confidence to do it yourself
  • When you just can’t be assed to deal with the hassle

Also, I just to make a quick point by sharing my experience with an eviction service…

I had a tenant that fell into arrears (not the same tenant I mentioned earlier, the one fortunate enough to escape without being kicked in the ass), so I served him with a Section 8 eviction notice. I was hoping he would 1) pay his arrears 2) vacate the premises sharpish. But to be honest, I would have been satisfied with just the latter – just to get him out of my hair! He was very draining (as every tenant that falls into arrears is).

Like I said, serving a notice is usually enough to resolve these matters.

Painstakingly, he ignored the eviction notice. As you can imagine, I was not only pissed, but also worried.

I then decided to seek the help of an eviction service. They advised me to use their ‘eviction notice service’, which is typically the first step to an eviction, and a step I had already taken (which was ignored)! But they said when the notice is sent by a proper eviction service, tenants usually take the situation A LOT more seriously!

Long story short, a branded eviction notice served by a professional eviction company did the trick. The tenant soon packed up his crap and rolled out.

So, the point is, the message can be a lot stronger when you use a professional eviction service, because it shows the tenant you mean business, and you’re willing to spend the money!

Make of that what you will.

It’s often cheaper to use a professional eviction service

If you feel out of your depth and/or lack experience, my advice is to seek professional help from a service that actually specialises in evictions. Taking the professional route may sound expensive, but it can actually work out to be the cheaper option because unlike you, they know what they’re doing and they know the quickest and most-effective routes to take.

Many landlords try to tackle the eviction process themselves but end up shooting themselves in the foot because they take the wrong turn somewhere along the process, consequently delaying the entire process, which ultimately may result in further loss.

For example, if you make a mistake with your paperwork, and your case goes to court, the judge may kick out your case, which means you would have wasted potentially several months while waiting to get to a court hearing. You will then probably have to wait another several months before you can get another court hearing.

Yes, in many cases, tenants vacate once they receive notice (invalid or otherwise) so no one actually realises an invalid notice has been served, but the risks of serving an invalid notice is best avoided.

Here’s a list of Tenant Eviction Services

Just to clarify, I’ve not used the majority of these services, but they’re services I’m aware of and have been highly recommended. Each company offer various eviction services and vary in prices. Look through the list and see which company offers the most appropriate service for you.

Tenant Eviction Services
Eviction ServiceRatingPrice FromNotes


TrustPilot Reviews
Price From

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  • FREE legal advice service.
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  • Additional paid services
  • Step 1: Service of Notice(s) to tenant - £159 + VAT (£139 with £20 discount)
  • Step 2: Applying for standard or accelerated possession orders which start from £694.17 Inc VAT (£674.17 with £20 discount)
  • Step 3: Applying for a warrant for possession - £384 + VAT (£374 with £10 discount)
  • Step 4: Debt recovery, tracing services, enforcement of judgment - £69 + VAT (£59 with £10 discount)
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£89.95Inc VAT

  • Step 1: Notice of Intent £89.95 (Inc VAT)
  • Step 2: Service of Possession Notice(s) to tenant £109.95 (Inc VAT)
  • Step 3: Court Proceedings £899.95 (Inc VAT)
  • Step 4: Bailiff:
    • £260.95 (Inc VAT) County Court Bailiff
    • £1305.95 (Inc VAT) High Court Sheriff
More Info


Google Reviews
£120Inc VAT

  • Step 1: Service of Notice(s) to tenant £144 (Inc VAT)
  • Step 2: Preparation of Court Papers and advocate attendance at Court £910 (Inc VAT)
  • Step 3: Bailiff:
    • £325 (Inc VAT) County Court Bailiff
    • £1250 (Inc VAT) High Court Sheriff
More Info

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each service up-to-date, but you should read the T&C’s from their website for the most up-to-date information.

Only use regulated and qualified eviction services

Word of warning, there are unregulated and unqualified eviction services polluting the space, resulting in huge errors and costs for their clients (landlords), so it’s critical to use a reputable and qualified solution.

The services I have listed are all regulated, and have been providing eviction services for many years.

Did I miss any out?

Want to be added to the list? Read details on how to get listed.

Has anyone used a professional eviction service that they can recommend? Moreover, anyone used a service which was shit? Name and shame.

Good luck!

Whichever route you decide to take, whether you decide to ‘lone wolf’ it or seek professional help, good luck. I know how difficult and frustrating these situations can be, especially with all the waiting around.

Dealing with dead-beat, unscrupulous tenants is the worst aspect of being a landlord. I’ve been there, it’s absolutely gut-wrenching at times. There’s nothing I can do or say to relieve you from the pain, all I can say is that the frustration and fear is normal, and the situation WILL get resolved if you take the correct procedures.

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Guest Avatar
Dougal 20th February, 2010 @ 19:28

Hey Landlord

I am beginning to understand now why there is something like a MILLION EMPTY HOUSES in the UK

I mean, for many property owners the risk of letting to tenants is just too much and the rewards too small. Leave it empty, fund the place out of capital and sit back and relax and wait for the market to turn up - as it always does.

Failing that, if you must rent the places out - look forward to big rent rises this year: no new houses built for 2 years, social housing in decline, owner occupancy in decline, all spells rising demand for rental props and rising yields - time to celebrate!



Guest Avatar
marion 23rd June, 2010 @ 18:06

I had the tenant from hell in my property,paid rent irregularly for three months then stopped paying, I had a mortgage on the property, no money coming in so unable to pay anyone to help me, citizens advise do just that advise you to pay out money to evict them and go thro' the courts, or you cant do any thing at all, she finally done a runner owing £2000 and completly wrecked my house so badly loads of repairs had to be done and a new suite had to be burned,she had given me false references, I did my own investigation and found I was not the first person she had done this too, and since leaving my property she has gone on to con three more landlords, she ran up bills bought cars, TV, loans, it goes on and on and NO ONE can stop her she just moves on, and you cant broadcast her name and alias's because that would be wrong I just have to stand by and see her do it again, tenants seem to have all the rights....the police say she is only trying to put a roof over her head,I would like to put one on her head.

Guest Avatar
anita 15th July, 2010 @ 14:41

yes am going through same problems they also think they can use deposit as rent have wrecked the place being constantly late with rent even though we have kept it low and now resorted to verbal abuse and threatening physical abuse i feel sorry for next landlord i dont see why tenants should be protected

Guest Avatar
Mischief2 28th August, 2010 @ 14:39

My boyfriend is in a similar situation, he rented his flat out for the third time to a family friend last year and in April this year the tenant stop paying rent, stating that he was having problems with getting the council to pay. This has gone on for months, and finaly after using the Section 21 (thank you Landlord, for your help), we issued them, but now he has gone to evict them to have them say that because the Section 21 is a download off a website it is not legal. The thing is, their tenancy agreement has expired and we still cant get them out of his flat, things stink as he is now going to have to try and get legal help whilst paying mortgage and the rent to keep a roof of our heads, any chance we can stop paying the mortgage and tell the mortgage company that we have squatters in there or do they have more rights than he does......?

Guest Avatar
Eddie Morgan 24th November, 2010 @ 23:26

We are highly professional and succesful eviction practioners with a great following and I believe well worth having on your list

we have been going for 4 years and have succesfully evicted thousands of tenants.
also Adrain who runs the guild is one of the most learned and knowledgable practioners in the UK

Guest Avatar
claire 27th October, 2011 @ 14:28

We're going through hell, with a young proffessional who moved his girlfriend in, always late with payment, then stopped all together paying rent. Letting agent served section 21 and section 8. The day he should of moved out we recieved email, saying they had no were to go, cab had advised them for landlords to evict them then the council would find then a council property !!! oh and they're damaging the house also. Cab will not help us cause we're landlords with very little rights.

Guest Avatar
josen 31st December, 2012 @ 12:11

I was not the first person she had done this too, and since leaving my property she has gone on to con three more landlords.
property for sale in Beeston

Guest Avatar
mavis 18th February, 2013 @ 21:27

Hi the tenancy agreement expired about three years ago. So I can say they have been a sitting tenant However they owe about 9 months of rent and have refuse to leave the property when given three months notice.

Guest Avatar
McLovin 3rd March, 2013 @ 15:59

I've just used Landlord Action and they were a very helpful and professional service. As well as getting the documents done very quickly they made sure I had met the DPS obligations and EPC etc so nothing would trip me up later in the process. They offered plenty of common sense advice and also encouraged me to consider solutions in the event that the tenant could meet their obligations. They also emailed the day of eviction to see if I needed their further support.
I did try another service on the list first and had a poor experience but that might have been a one off.
I would suggest a newbie landlord like myself uses a service the first few times as the paper work must be presented in a very specific way to meet legal standards. Landlord Action is worth a look.

Guest Avatar
monika 3rd April, 2013 @ 21:30

I had rent a flat from a landlady and she ask me for references and I told her I don't have one and I don't earn a lot of money but I was happy that she looks beyond that and decided to let me her place instead. When I moved in, the place was well and truly decorated in the best possible way which was my taste. I paid my deposit and I lived in that place for almost 10 years and never missed a payment.

I took her by surprise because she had made a comment once to someone that I don't seems like the person she should let her place to, I am a very simple looking person but you never see my mind or my heart, I know what my responsibilities are and I kept that flat just the way I would some one to keep mine.

That place was my pride and joy, I kept that place in a prestige condition that the only thing that was change since I was there is a washer and a toilet tank which was there when I moved in. My rent is ALWAYS on time and we developed a relationship over the years.

It was such a calm and peaceful environment that I had created , it was a blessings to be in contact with her. I had eventually bought my own flat and eventually after 10 years we had fallen out and I was ask to move. When she handed me the notice she came back the next day to withdrew it but I felt so betrayed I told her I will be moving.

I moved on the very day I was given I clean the flat out and nothing was out of place apart from the wear and tear of the carpets, I even press her drapes and hang it back up, I left that place in such a prestige manner that someone could have moved in right away.

I could not dismantle someones property but then you have other people believe that you are responsible to put a roof over their head. You have to respect other people's propety and don't carry and grudge for it by not paying your rent when it's due.

If your rent is going to be late, you need to let the landlord knows about it so he or she can put things into place where their mortgage is concern, communication is very important so theirs no reason to avoid the landlord.I would want to treat someone the way I am expecting to be treated, but I wont denied the fact that you have some really bad and rouge landlords out there but am happy I never fall into their hands.

Guest Avatar
David French 22nd August, 2013 @ 15:05

I have used both AND both for rent arrears (opposite ends of the country unfortunately). I am just glad that I don't have to waste time dealing with hearings and stupid tenant excuses for not paying. Actual defense to the one dealt with by Evictions South East was that the tenant had developed severe agoraphobia and had to stop working as they wouldn't let him take his dog to the office with him. Seriously.

Guest Avatar
ric 16th October, 2013 @ 19:56

Well to be a landlord you have to be on the ball all the time .do not slack on your late rent or inspections . yes there will always be ass holes how break the rules so you must break them to and play them at there own game’s. a friend of mine had tenants not paying rent
He knew a team of people how you pay to move in with there suff while there out and live with them. When police ring about these people. landlord tells them they moved in with the other tenants have records of them paying joint rent. It then becomes a civil case for your none paying tenant. They don’t like there own shit when other people eating there food costing them money and making life uncomfortable. Other things you have to put in place two cover your ass but that’s the basics. They lasted there weeks found some where else .

Guest Avatar
Karen 6th November, 2013 @ 07:59

"I had the tenant from hell in my property,paid rent irregularly for three months then stopped paying, I had a mortgage on the property, no money coming in so unable to pay anyone to help me, citizens advise do just that advise you to pay out money to evict them and go thro' the courts, or you cant do any thing at all, she finally done a runner owing £2000 and completly wrecked my house so badly loads of repairs had to be done and a new suite had to be burned,she had given me false references, I did my own investigation and found I was not the first person she had done this too, and since leaving my property she has gone on to con three more landlords, she ran up bills bought cars, TV, loans, it goes on and on..." When you make a deal all the documents should be notorized and all the information varified. So where is the police? You can't obscure the identity without any consequences. And talking about other problems described here, when you are going to rent YOUR house to unknown person you should verify his documents 100 times! Ask him about his work, the ability to pay, everything you need and don't be shy! It's your property and the tenant should be a reliable person that can be trusted.

Guest Avatar
Ang 27th April, 2014 @ 20:40

We have a tenant - without an agreement in place. He is a relative and we never imagined the problems we are now having. Having done everything to help him when he said he'd lost his job, he then just did not pay any rent whatsoever!
Having had enough of his behaviour we decided we want to sell the property and informed him. We then could not get any access at all and he cut us off from any communication with him.
A month ago we sent him a 'Notice to Quit' stating he had to leave the property by 26.4.2014. A week later we had a call from the police stating they had to break in to the property and were looking for him to arrest him for growing cannabis in our property. We were further horrified to learn that he had also tapped the electric meter to void the token meter service. The police said they changed the locks and we asked the police not to return the keys to him when they eventually found him. However, the police returned the keys to him without our permission. As far as we are aware he is on bail.
We have been told by the police that he now lives at a different address. He still will not return the keys. He now says he has 'lost' them.
The notice to quit expired on 25th April and he does not live at the property but we do not know how we can get access.
Can anyone advise us please?
We actually have a potential buyer for the property.

Guest Avatar
Louise 29th April, 2014 @ 11:45

Theres never a dull moment in property.

Guest Avatar
Sarah Jones 23rd August, 2014 @ 21:26

We have a bad tenant on our property who refuses to leave and her contract has already expired.

We approached Landlord Advice who took £783 to issue a section 8, and until now, nothing has been done.

Landlord Advice is a rip off, be aware and pass this message to any landlord in difficulties with their tenants. You would only get worst with Landlord Advice and would feel more depressed.

Guest Avatar
Harassed Pete 25th September, 2014 @ 18:57

AT LAST a site where we can "tell it like it is" and not mince our words. I have two abusive assholes in my place £2200 arrears, a solicitor proving to be useless, the courts half asleep (can't disturb the beeks siesta!) and a council that hammers me for full tax even when empty! Another a/hole disappeared owing £2700 energy bill! It's my belief that councils enrole private l/lords so they don't have to "build and maintain" their own properties plus the government turns a blind eye to it all to prevent anarchy on our streets ! PS the tenants are still there.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 26th September, 2014 @ 10:13

Hi Pete,

I feel your pain! Been there. It's so frustrating because there's literally nothing you can do but wait for slow moving assholes to get off their asses and allow justice to prevail.

Any self-developing ideas to resolve the problem that makes any sense are usually illegal!

Are you using a general solicitor or one that specialises in evictions? Solicitors aren't often the best route, I always recommend using a specialist eviction service i.e. like the ones listed in this post.

Out of curiosity, which council? The legislation regarding council tax exception has recently changed, albeit most councils at least give a discount or a grace period.

Guest Avatar
Karen Longworth 10th November, 2014 @ 12:07

Hello All,

For Free Advice in relation to any tenant issue you maybe facing, give my team a call on 0800 840 7133 or 0333 577 9050. Or ask for myself, Section 8's, Section 21's etc. Just mention the Property Investment Project. No catches, just free advice, as we offer for all partnering agents across the UK. Legal 4 Landlords.

Guest Avatar
patel 30th March, 2015 @ 00:22

I am new landlord and renting for last 6 months....and already my tenant have destroyed good house especially - bathroom, condensation in the window/ house - by only doing twice a day heating in winter - putting up temperature at 20 degree (according to them this 3 bed house is too expensive to heat compare to last 2 bed flat or the bigger property- uneducated - They should have thought that before going )

When you go in the house no curtain open, leave in dark just with TV light or deem light.
Not keeping the vent open or switching fan in bathroom, drying the clothes in the house without ventilations, putting wet towels on the radiator, not opening curtain, steaming in kitchen and not opening window + back door+ covering corner vent saying draft is coming. (Observation -but when I try to make them understand by giving printed information on condensation - then the excuses & declining- even after pointing at towel on the radiator)

First time today, after all this I started searching and tumbled across your website…LOVED it…good advice, found 100% truth after personal experience…But I am surprised how they are getting away with it …and why we as a Landlords letting this happen to us…If we don’t pay council tax then council straight away threatens us with red letter then why we have very less rights getting our rightfully owned money.

WHY we as a landlord have to put up this from …so called expert tenant who knows how to play with system and leave us to deal with their debts and move on to other landlord…SCAMER

WHY these kinds of tenant have upper hand… and make full of the system… and gets away laughing?

WHY the landlord association can’t fights for tougher rules so these people goes in black list and do not operates same scam again & again…..

WHY company like DPS + court + landlord association can’t track those people down as they will be getting similar incident reports to them over & over….. I know they have to support Tenant under data act but same time there must be a way to set up a tracking system like police have to identify this fraud tenants where landlord can search their past records/ disputes ground such as rent errors or damaging property purposely through deposit scheme organisation. ( Is there something like this please correct me if there is)

We all work hard for our good life and invest money for good return but the lack of legal system support makes us bagger in front of this cheater - who you providing roof over their head by giving your good furbished property....WHY.....WHY.....

Guest Avatar
boudj 4th May, 2015 @ 07:15

Hi I rented my 2 bed house to this couple with two kids for one year their contract ended this 31/03/15 rent was never paid on time & always some money missing so we decided to give them two months notice..the problem is they not responding to our calls & messages or emails..& we didn't secured the deposit TDP witch I wasn't aware of but in return we used that deposit as for their last month of rent will this method can save me from hefty penalty my Tennant r due to move out on 10/06/15...I need some advice pls..thankx

Guest Avatar
Margaret 10th December, 2015 @ 17:22

Where do I start with tenants that just stopped paying rent? They say waiting on housing benefit and other benefits.

Guest Avatar
Katrina 22nd January, 2016 @ 21:07

Where can we get tenant advice on landlord issuing Section 21 Notice to Quit?

All sites appear to be for landlords (BAD ONES INCLUDED!!!) but no help for tenants who have been sent this Notice because they refuse to sign a new tenancy agreement to raise the rent by £250 per month when the current rental market dictates otherwise in a particular area.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 22nd January, 2016 @ 22:26

A landlord doesn't need a reason to serve a Section 21 notice (even if it is on the basis of you not agreeing to the new unfair rate)...

In any case, the blog post on rent increases might be useful.

Good luck (your landlord seems unreasonable)!

Guest Avatar
Louise 5th February, 2016 @ 22:06

Hi my mother is 64 and is trying to get her tenants out - as she needs to live back in her property following retirement and caring for sick relative- the tenets said they have no where to go and that if she served them an eviction notice the council may help to house them - seeing as they were her friends she did so the judge now states she hasn't provided enough reason to need her property back WHAT the fact that she is technically homeless at 64 and in poorest health is no reason what has the world come to ? Help need to know where to go say the right things to judge to help her it's ridiculous tenants seen to get better rights than owners of their own property.

Guest Avatar
Benji 8th February, 2016 @ 10:40


Serve them a section 21 (no reason) notice.

Guest Avatar
Mick O T 16th February, 2016 @ 21:06

I've a tenant who I need to get out before I lose my mind with his feeble excuses and blatant lies. £1500 down and counting . The law is an ass , these people need prosecuting. Some one earlier in the thread said council use private tenants to do there job for them with the law stacked against the landlord. Just my old terraced house i rent out after my divorce, not a business decision really. Anyone got a solicitors number in Nottingham i could use? Thanks

Guest Avatar
Billy Fullerton 4th May, 2016 @ 22:17

I had all sorts of excuses from one of my tenants to the point of serving a section 21 and go through the process. I got told about the Eviction Organization and things changed almost within the week.

I got in touch with them online and they took the matter in hand. I had my property back with vacant possession the following Saturday. No courts and no lengthy process. I couldn't believe it at first they just moved so fast to bring it to an end.

There are people out there that can help and put you wise as to what to do next when you've had enough.

Guest Avatar
Karin 15th August, 2017 @ 09:08

I have just got rid (S21) of.the most horrendous tenant, she literally wrecked my property in the last 12 months (she was actually a tenant for 3 years but split with her bf last year and turned into tenant from hell) I'm now really wary of renting again 😢 as its costing me about 3k to sort the property out (including front wall rebuild, that she drove into with her car!) Feeling like selling up completely. Has anyone else had bad experiences like this how do you come back from it? Seems like the law is all for the tenant even if they are complete twats??

Guest Avatar
tailor 16th December, 2017 @ 00:02

Pending situation, had couple with 5 kids all under 16. Been privately renting with me last 2 years no arrears.
I am now told husband has left her and she is applying for housing benefit.
She tells me council require to have tenancy changed to her as sole occupier before they help her.
The existing tenancy expires in 2mths.
She has told me as she is non earner she cannot afford the rent and will go into arrears unless i agree to tenancy change to sole.
Concern is if she starts defaulting and by changing to sole the husband is not liable anymore and i will not be able to evict as 5 kids involved.
If i allow sole tenancy she will go on benefits then all my rent insurance becomes invalid.
Any advice on what to do appreciated with possible pitfalls envisaged.

Guest Avatar
Jason 11th September, 2018 @ 06:28

As a new private landlord I was unaware that prospective tenants needed to have the how to rent guide and EPC, they've been in just short of 2 years and have been a pain from day one!! From bitting and bobbing payments to now not paying, we have a mortgage on it and also a mortgage on the property we reside in and cannot afford to keep paying 2 house's out, so enough was enough and hoped the quickest and easiest way to get them out was a section 21 6a, but we've only just given them the guide and EPC, how long do we have to wait now before doing it as I read it won't be valid to use as they didn't get it at the start of tenancy?

Guest Avatar
Claire 25th April, 2020 @ 21:46

Please please help I’ve been trying for a long time can’t seem to get anywhere my tenant has not paid for months and has run up debts at my property and when I went there today she has taken everything from the house left the rubbish and a mess at the property could you please answer me 3 questions Can I and how do I recover the money owed
I have bailiffs at the door I know where she has moved too can I give them her
new address
The bills she has are under 4 different names does that debt stay at my address or does it go with her to her new address

Guest Avatar
Eric 25th April, 2020 @ 21:58

Why don't you contact one of the eviction specialists listed above? :S

Guest Avatar
Margarita 29th April, 2020 @ 07:47

My tenant stopped paying rent. I have already served s21. In the process of issuing s8. I think it makes more sense to talk to him and offer waiving the rent for 2 months if he agrees to vacate the flat at the end of the tenancy in 2 months. The tenant is not communicative. Can anyone advise me what is the best way to put it to him and at what stage now or later ?

Guest Avatar
Eric 29th April, 2020 @ 09:41

Contact Legal4landlords via the links about, they will give you free legal advice.

















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