List Of Online Letting Agents & Reviews

What is an Online letting agent?

Simply, they’re letting agents that don’t have shop-fronts, they operate purely online.

The most reputable (and recommendable) online agents have a fully-dedicated support team which can be easily contacted via phone or email, so you’re not just dealing with a dormant website and automated responses- you actually are dealing with real people with experience in the field.

Online agents will market a landlord’s vacant rental across several (if not hundreds) of the biggest UK property portals. The landlord simply needs to pay a small fee, upload their rental property details onto the agent’s website, and they will then Advertise Your Rental On Rightmove and various other property portals. The aim is to generate as many enquiries as possible for the landlord. When a prospective tenants makes an enquiry, the landlord will receive that enquiry and is then expected to arrange a viewing.

It used to be a model which catered best for landlords that wanted to take care of the management side of letting; the online agent’s role was to purely source the leads. However, a lot of online agents have evolved their services by offering a fully-managed package, which includes overseeing rent collection and maintenance issues. Having said that, I would probably only use an online letting agent if I wanted the tenant-only service, and I’ll explain why further down.

So if you’re a landlord looking to find tenants, and willing to manage the property, then I would highly recommend using an online letting agent. It’s a much cheaper option than using a high-street agent.

List of online letting agents for landlords

There are a buttload of online agents out there, and more and more are opening up shop every day, but here’s a list of online letting agents that I personally recommend, because I’ve either personally used them, or because they have received awesome feedback from the community:

AgentPriceDurationNotes / Includes
£80Inc VAT
An exclusive price with use of the discount voucher. Normal price: £120
3 months.
Notes / Includes
Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more.

Upad have given our readers a £40 discount that can be used for any Upad tenant-find service. This is a limited running offer.

I’ve personally used Upad’s fantastic service to find tenants, and you can read about My Experience With Upad To Find Tenants.

More Info
£40 Discount Voucher
FREE Trial
No strings attached, no hidden fees, no credit card details required!
5 days / 3 months*
Notes / Includes
Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more.

No payment details needed for trial – it really is free! Yes, it’s possible to market your property on the likes of Rightmove & Zoopla to find tenants… without paying a penny. If you’re not convinced, read the full OpenRent review.

*5 day free trial, then option of continuing service for 3 months for £29 (Inc VAT)!

Try Free Trial
£49Inc VAT
3 months.
Notes / Includes
Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more, but check which package advertises where.

  • Free tenancy pack (over 40 documents)
  • Free tenant referencing
  • Free advice for customers on all aspects of letting from tenant selection to eviction
  • For more information, here’s a review on Visum
More Info
£89Inc VAT
An exclusive price with use of the discount voucher. Normal price: £99 inc VAT!
2 months.
Notes / Includes
Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more.

More Info
£10 Discount Voucher
£49.50Inc VAT
An exclusive price with use of the 50% discount code. Normal price: £99 inc VAT!
6 months.
Notes / Includes
Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more.

50% Discount code: lovethelandlord

More Info

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each agent up-to-date, but I still recommend you read the T&C’s from their website for the most up-to-date information.

What are the differences between a high-street letting agent and online letting agent?

These days, in terms of services, online letting agents can offer most of the services high-street agents can. However, they differ in the following ways (in my awesome opinion):

Local knowledge – high-street agents operate locally out of their shop-front, while online agents operate nationally (so lack local knowledge of specific areas) from an office. High-street agents pride themselves on local knowledge, and feel they have an extra edge with that useful information. Granted, local knowledge is useful in some ways, but in this internet driven world, the importance of local knowledge is declining by the day. Moreover, most agents generate most of their leads from property portals like Rightmove anyways, and local knowledge isn’t even required for a tenant acquisition sourced by Rightmove.

Shop-front / Face-to-face service – high-street agents can offer a face-to-face service. So, for example, if you get really pissed off with their service, you can storm into their shop and punch your agent square in their stupid-looking face (assuming the intoxicating scent of their Old Spice aftershave doesn’t choke you to death first. Only joking). With an online letting agent, you’re limited to communicating via phone and/or email- assuming you’re not a psychotic maniac and prepared to track down your agent, the biggest threat in your arsenal is a string of harsh words, like, “you’re a cunt, mate!”

Price – this is where highstreet agents and online agents become drastically alien from one another.

When you start looking at the pricing differences you almost have to wonder if they’re selling the same service (they essentially are!).

High-street agents have massive overheads in comparison to online agents, so they NEED to charge more for their services, and believe me, that they do! That’s a fact. Those fabulous multi-coloured Mini Coopers don’t pay for themselves.

High street agents generally base their fees on the percentage of rental income achieved over a one year duration. For example, if you receive £1,000pcm for rent, they might charge you 10% of of the annual rent (£1,000 x 12 = £12,000) to find you tenants, which would cost £1,200. That’s a horrendous amount of money.

From my experience, ALL online letting agents work on a fixed-fee basis (i.e. the £45 price on the tin is what you pay, unless you opt in for add-on services e.g. gas safety certificate, EPC, professional photography etc), so there are no hidden fees or sneaky extras that sneak in, which are notorious of the traditional high-street agent.

You do the math… and then tell me online agents aren’t worth a punt (if you’re not a believer yet, that is).

Enquiries / Viewings – from what I’m aware, this is the one of the few services that online letting agents don’t/can’t offer, and that’s the whole procedure of enquiry handling and taking viewings. High-street agents will receive all the enquiries and arrange/take the viewings, and show the prospective tenants around the property. When you use an online agent, the enquiries are directly sent to the landlord for him/her to take action upon (e.g. arrange viewings). So if you reduce into a wheezing, nervous, anti-social hermit when you’re around strangers, you’re probably going to need the presence of a physical agent.

Inspections – bringing us onto the second feature online letting agents can’t offer, and that’s landlord property inspections. Most high-street agents include a quarterly inspection with their fully-managed service. Inspections are imperative, as they can weed out any distasteful practises shown by the tenants at the early stages of the tenancy. Alas, a lot of agents methods of inspecting has yet to be desired- they may as well have walked in with a blindfold on. On the flip-side, it really isn’t much hassle for a landlord to arrange an inspection- plus, you’d probably be more thorough when inspecting your own property, so it actually works out more beneficial in my opinion.

Tenant fees – most landlords neglect the horrendous fees agents actually charge tenants, most commonly known as “tenant admin fees” But they shouldn’t, because the tenant fee (particularly the cost of the fee) will have a direct impact on how many enquiries are generated. Tenants are less likely to use agents that charges them the world, consequently the landlord loses a potential lead.

Some landlords may not even realise that agents also charge tenants. So this is might be a gentle wakeup call :)

High-street agents are notoriously guilty for charging tenant admin fees at an alarming rate. I personally think it’s a disgrace- agents shouldn’t be charging tenants at all, because the landlord is the client, NOT the tenant, but agents charge BOTH. It’s ridiculous.

Most online agents ONLY charge the landlord, and not the tenant. However, there are a few Online Agents that do also charge the tenant, but it’s generally NO WAY near as much as what a high-street agent will charge.

In any case, whether you use an online or high-street agent, it’s always worth enquiring how much they charge tenants, because it WILL impact the success of your let.

Which is the best online letting agent?

I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but I can’t. However…

I have used several online agents in the past (and continue to use them every time I need to find tenants quickly), and as you may have noticed I’ve written reviews for each of them. Every online letting agent I have used delivered exactly what they said they would; they marketed my property on the biggest property portals in the UK, generated a shitload of enquiries, and assisted me with finding tenants quickly, all for a very reasonable fixed-fee (i.e. no hidden costs). They did exactly what I wanted.

In my opinion, as long as you use an online agent that will put your BTL on Rightmove and Zoopla, you stand a good chance of achieving your goal efficiently, if that is to generate enquiries from prospective tenants.

Where some online letting agents differ is the level of additional services they provide, beyond the basic tenant-find service. For example, while Visum and OpenRent are GREAT for throwing your property onto Rightmove and generating enquiries, other online agents like Upad and LettingAProperty offer managed-services, which include rent collection and dealing with repairs and maintenance.

All the agents I have listed have received a remarkable amount of positive feedback. So as far as I’m concerned, picking the right online agent for you really boils down to determining what level of service you’re after, as some offer more than others. If you’re unsure, I recommend reading through a couple of the agents’ websites, and learn more about what they offer, and go with what feels most suitable. But in reality, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them (unless you’re trying to flog a deadhorse, and in that case, it’s probably your fault). It could just boil down to which online agent is currently offering the best deal.

I will say one thing though, online agents are generally a lot more flexible and forgiving than high-street agents. What I mean by that is that they don’t tie you into contracts, so you’re not forced/contracted to continue using a service you’re dissatisfied with.

The tenant-only package is where it’s at!

Currently, the average price for using an online letting agent to generate enquiries across the biggest property portals is £45. Last time I checked, my local high-street agent wanted to charge me £500 for a tenant-find service. And seriously, they are a bunch of inbred wankers, so I would have begrudged giving them money anyways. I’ve personally saved thousands by using this kind of service from online agents. It’s a no-brainer.

As said, I would only use an online letting agent if I was a landlord that wanted to fully-manage my own property, which would mean I would arrange the viewings, take control of collecting rent and handling any maintenance issues. In the defence of high-street agents, if I wanted to use a third party to manage my property, I would want the peace of mind of knowing that I could strut into an office and discuss any issues face-to-face if I was having real issues with my tenant and/or the agents service, so an online agent wouldn’t cut the mustard. Additionally, I’d like to think that a high-street agent would be prepared to physically engage with the tenant if shit really hit the fan, because often a physical presence of an agent can be fearsome.

Either way, from my experience, even when a problem has occurred with one of my properties/tenants, there’s never been a scenario which has been out of my means to resolve. As long as you’re vigilant when screening a tenant, problems should be minimal. It’s never a case of being unable to resolve a situation, it’s a case of whether you can be bothered to resolve it or not. If you ever run into problems, there are plenty of resources online to help you, websites like LandlordZone are brilliant for problem-solving. I would say you could always contact me directly for advice, but i’d be lying- but by all means, make use of my landlord forum, because there are some really cool and knowledgeable folks creeping around in there. If you can’t be bothered with the whole problem solving aspect, use a high-street agent and snap up their fully-managed package. If you slip them a fiver, they’ll probably wipe your arse for you as well.

Ignore the cynics. Online letting agents are awesome

I read an amusing article last week over at ‘Estate Agent Today’ about angry high-street letting agents bitching about online letting agents.

Essentially, you have a bunch of high-street letting agents complaining that Online Letting Agents (e.g. Upad, LettingAproperty, OpenRent) shouldn’t be able to advertise their properties on Rightmove. I don’t really understand the argument. I’m not even sure there is a problem, beyond the fact that high-street letting agents aren’t able to compete with the low prices online letting agents are charging. But that’s tough shit. They should either change their business model so they can compete; focus on building their “fully-managed” package….or roll over and die.

The consumer (landlord) should be able to choose whether they want the service of a virtual or high-street letting agent. Despite common misconception, neither service is better than the other and they shouldn’t be compared, because they’re different services all together, designed for different types of landlords.

So, comments like this, “Some landlords will always be prepared to cut corners and avoid paying a good letting agent. In my experience, many live to regret it” are the remarks muttered by a petulant child. If I don’t need the extras that come with a high-street agent, why the hell should I bloody pay for one? It’s genuinely not a case of “cutting corners”, it’s a case of assessing my needs, and choosing a service that will meet them. Simple.

You don’t need to be a salesman (at the moment)

Since you’ll be taking the viewings, you may have concerns over your ability to ‘sell’ your property; you may not have the gift of the gab or be a natural salesman, or you may just be incredibly shy around strangers. Understandable.

Many landlords actually shy away from using an online letting agent because they don’t want to take the viewings, even if that means paying a crap load more by going down the traditional high-street route and getting the agent to do it.

While I won’t be able to cure any anxiety issues you may have about taking the viewings, I do want to say the following two things about ‘selling’ your property, which may make the situation a little less daunting:

  • The reality is, if someone falls in love with a property during the viewing, they will most likely put in an offer as long you come across as relatively friendly and reasonable. There’s not much ‘selling’ required- the product is in front of them, they can see what’s on offer.
  • In today’s climate, where demand for rental properties is massively out-striping supply, houses are flying off the shelf. When you’re in a climate like that, you don’t really need to push a sale, the selling happens in cruise control.
  • So I wouldn’t over worry if you’re concerned about the ‘selling’ aspect; the sales pitch will mostly boil down to showing prospective tenants around, and answering a few questions about the property and tenancy agreement.

    You can ALWAYS use both an online agent and high-street agent

    When people talk about online agents and high-street agents, I always get the impression they think it’s an either/or situation. That’s definitely not the case. Actually, I’ve probably given that impression myself, but I’m about to set the record straight.

    For anyone that’s reluctant about using an online agent, but wants to give it a whirl by ditching a high-street agent and their fees, I would recommend doing the following…

    Use an online letting agent- invest £45 (or so) into their service, and see if you can bag yourself a tenant, but at the same time use a high-street agent to find tenants. May the best greaseball method win.

    Most high-street agents don’t charge unless you actually USE the tenant they source (but double check that with your agent, and get it in writing to be safe!We’re dealing with agents here. Enough said, right?). If the high-street agent sources the tenant, then the worst case scenario is that you invested an extra £45, which isn’t a big loss in the grand scheme of things. Alternatively, you just saved yourself a few hundred quid, and finally recognise how awesome online letting agents are. Congratulations.

    But let me expand on how you can still use both online and high-street agents together. If you manage to find a tenant through an online agent, and take on the fully-managed role, but then realise taking on the responsibility isn’t suited to your lifestyle, then you can easily just approach an agent to take over the management. It really isn’t a case of either/or as far as I’m concerned.

    Still adamant on using a high-street agent? Then cut a deal!

    You’re not convinced by the whole online letting agent thing.

    No problem, I understand.

    But here’s a tip. It’s always worth mentioning to your high-street agent that you’re looking into online agents because they’re so much cost-efficient and offer the same services. Once you drop that bomb, many agents have been obliged to lower their initial rates.

    Needless to say, online agents have been causing many problems for high-street agents!

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Guest Avatar
Jeremy 30th December, 2011 @ 23:25

Hi Mr X,

I guess he is either:
- bonkers
- trying to sell you what he wants to supply you, rather than listening to what you really want. I'd guess the tenant only fee at 10% is what (I recall) marketing type people call the "creating baseline value" price. It's like the full price is £19.99 but it's in the sale for £9.99 idea. Too many plonkers buy the goods because they think they've saved £10 rather than stand back and say "lets ignore the hype - it is really worth a tenner?".
So once he thinks he's created a baseline, he's ofering lots more value for almost no extra price, hoping he'll upsell you to full management.

Buy simply by asking if he's bonkers, you may have already cut through his tactic.

Before I tell you who it it, just a quick caveat, please: I normally use only top auality local tradesmen who stand or fall by word of mouth recomendation, but these folks are a national firm where each local branch is a franchise. So I've got no idea how they guarantee quality (or even if their Head Office try). My local branch are OK. Not great, or rubbish. But OK.

It's Northwood.

Guest Avatar
Jeremy 30th December, 2011 @ 23:35

Hello Landlord,

At the risk of boring the pants off everyone else here: What extra overheads do you think local branches have over one central office? Yes, I agree local offices have to have, by definition, a local branch network. But large call centres or Head Office type environments tend to have overheads of their own, just because they are a large collection of people, e.g. departments for HR, Health and Safety, Marketing, Risk, Legal, Compliance, IT, Finance, etc. It is hard / impossible for a compay to avoid employing these specialists as they get bigger. A little firm with just a few people can easily "get by".

And a genuinely small firm will be small enough to avoid VAT registration, which takes 20% off their costs just like that.

Just a thought..

Guest Avatar
Mr X 31st December, 2011 @ 00:08

Thanks for confirming chaps. It is now clear the agent was a nutjob

NS1 - Those are the type of fees I'm after ;)

Jeremy - spot on about those dodgy salesmen thinking they're doing you a favour. He did the typical "now its normally 12% (shows me company paperwork showing 12%) but for you I'm gona do it for 10% (crosses 12% and writes 10%) - what the fuh, why for me? lol its funny how these people actually think they're the dogs bullocks when it comes to sales.

He did chat a lot of waffle and i just wanted him out the door, its only when he left, i had a proper look at the fees and thought "hang about..."

Thanks for revealing the agent, no local Northwood near me, but its ok coz I've actually decided to go with Upad's full tenant find service for £299. This seems very attractive and have heard a lot of good things about them. I accompany the tenants to viewings and do my own inventory, but can't complain for £299

Guest Avatar
Bah 3rd January, 2012 @ 16:24

Very informative post.

I learned a painful and expensive lesson about how useless high-street letting agents can be. As we were busy moving out of the house that we were letting, and didn't have much free time, we thought that using a high-street agent would make life easier for us. How wrong we were.

After contacting about 6 local agents to come by and value the place (I came up with the same number myself looking on Rightmove), the best deal I could get was 7% tenant find (they also have the balls to ask for at least 4%, then 3%, 2%, etc. for tenant renewals). So in some areas (London) there is not much competition if you are looking for a local agent. I'm not really sure if there is price fixing going on or what.

I did speak to Discount Lettings (why such cheesy company names?) and they have a Let Only service for about £500 which uses agents from a branch of ReMax to do the tenant filtering and viewings. What turned me off Discount Lettings (other than the name), was that their picture upload tool posted crappy small images to Rightmove which doesn't look that professional.

So in the end I called the full-service agent but I took my own pictures of the house (for future lettings) and got the gas/electric/EPC inspections myself.

The first day of viewings comes, and Mr. Dull Agent goes around telling the prospective clients genius things like "this is a bedroom" and answers most of their questions with "I don't know". So my wife essentially kicks the agent out and does the next set of viewings herself. The second tenants make an offer for full asking price.

The next two months were spent chasing the agents to get their finger out and get the contract written. The tenants were also completely pissed off at the agents as well for never answering the phone. Fortunately we exchanged numbers and email on the viewing day (didn't trust the agents) so communicated directly with them. In the end we had to make multiple corrections to the contract (provided last minute of course), and got the keys to the tenants on their move-in day as the agents couldn't find the copies.

The agents were pretty quick to contact us though for the balance of payment which came to nearly £2000 for them doing f*ck all and antagonizing the tenants.

The next time we will use a service like Upad and arrange for an "Open House" weekend where we can take viewings on a Saturday and Sunday, screen the tenants, and then make our selections (after financial checks pass).

The only problem I see is if we leave the country and have to resort to using a full-service agent again unless we can find an independent agent to manage the property and find tenants for us.

The uncertainty I have about Rightmove is how many prospective tenants, especially the ones in our local demographic, bother setting up Rightmove alerts rather than registering at a local lettings agency. I guess they would if they were smart as I know that local agents will jerk around prospective tenants by holding back some properties, and other such tricks.

Guest Avatar
Beth Gaynor 21st February, 2012 @ 14:59

Yep, I have been contacting estate agents and there prices all seem to be in the thousands. I don't have the money for that especially since I am downsizing! I am moving with my family from London to, hopefully, Bristol. Living in the city has crushed our finances and we just can't afford it anymore, even though I am going to miss the buzz of the city. But it is time to settle down!

But, anyway, I have been doing some research and found out about online estate agents. I felt so old fashioned when I found out that that online agents exist, but I suppose everything is turning online now. I found this blog and article and it has been really helpful. I found some other online agents that looked good, one called eMoov, but I am still in the research process so I can't be sure which one I will choose.

Has anyone else heard of them, or do they know if they are credible? They are in my price range, but I am sceptical of anything new nowadays.

Thank you!

Guest Avatar
Eric Walker 27th February, 2012 @ 14:24

I've used Upad before, was very impressed.

Never heard of eMoov. In fact, never heard of any of the others. Didn't even realise there was such a big market for this kind of service. Good to know though, lots of opportunity to save plenty of money :D

Guest Avatar
Graham 17th April, 2012 @ 21:01

To all land lords ect. Im putting out loads of add even on free sites looking for a house or flat for rent for my self and another disabled person. We are both on dss and we have seen for our selves how hard it is to try to get a private let as it takes too long to get the generlal housing. I do understand wby home owners and landlowreds who rent out propertys add advance rents and deposits ect to the task But at the end of the day ITS BETER FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR PROPERTY OCUPIED RATHER THAN VACANT ATRACTING VANDALS ect. It would be good if we all worked together and more flexabiolity was added . to help people like and including us get a place. PLEASE PASS THIS ON. but if any one can help us then please reply to this also. Thank you.

Guest Avatar
Jeremy 17th April, 2012 @ 22:14

Hello Graham,

Do you think you'd get a better response from people if you told us the city / town / county you want to live in?

Guest Avatar
Graham 17th April, 2012 @ 22:34

Point taken Jeremy but I just thought if i put with in Scotland any one who can help can reply to me offering some thing saying where it is then I can concider it. Im willing to live in or near Kelso Jedburgh Galasiels Berwick upon Tyne Bathgate Falkirk Stirling Fife areas .Kircaldy Dunfirimnine Dalgety bay . Most Glasgow areas. Paisley Lanarkshire areas Linlithgow East Kilbride Whitburn. But may concider others like Kilmarnock St Andrews Dundee and so on

Guest Avatar
haaris 6th July, 2012 @ 00:02

I advertised my property with visum online letting agent and had no response for almost a week so I rang them and got put on hold for over 10 minutes on many occasions so I started thinking this must be the reason why I am not receiving any tenant calls because the agent is not picking up the phone,so i set up a sting operation to check what thier upto and had my friend send an email to them for my property saying he wanted to view the property asap and they never got back to him or me with any details so they must be doing this with all prospective tennants.
I phoned them to speak with the manager but cant get hold of him.

basically im fed up with their crap just want my money back.

be carefull with these dodgy online agents their not doing the job apart from collecting money from landlords!

Guest Avatar
JoC 27th April, 2013 @ 00:16

If using Upad please note the fee does not cover advertising until let, but only for the first 3 months. You will be charged the full fee again if you haven't let the property by then. Good service though and certainly better than the others I have tried. It's my third time using Upad. I'd say it's worth the extra money although it is a shame the Landlord's details are released to applicants that don't want their details passed to the Landlord.

Guest Avatar
JoC 27th April, 2013 @ 00:50

Has anyone found a decent inventory company? If so please tell me! I have just spent nearly £200 on a report that didn't even manage to document the correct number of bedrooms.

Guest Avatar
Shonia 23rd July, 2013 @ 12:32

Visum only advertise on rightmove for £39. If you want all the portals you have to pay £53.95

Guest Avatar
JoC 27th October, 2013 @ 00:32

Not sure why my last comment was removed. I wanted to post praise for AdvancetoGo which is an excellent free service and a really good alternative to the other options (I have tried upad and visum and wasn't happy). I have also tried rentify with no success as the adverts never seem to go live notwithstanding a whole series of hoops to jump through before getting to the end of the process.

Guest Avatar
JoC 27th October, 2013 @ 00:35

I wanted to revise my complimentary post about upad. Used them again recently and was not at all impressed. AdvancetoGo is unbeatable as it's free!

Guest Avatar
John 29th January, 2014 @ 09:54

Thanks for the information! … Online agents will market a landlord’s vacant rental across several (if not hundreds) of the biggest UK property portals. The landlord simply needs pay a small fee, upload their rental property details onto the agent’s website, and they will then they will advertise your rental. - But what is the reason to do it if landlords can do this work themselves. Being a landlord for almost 6 years I know what it means. I make photos of my property that I’m going to rent and post them on some FREE classifieds services like where tenants who are interested in my apartment for rent can contact me directly without using online agents help. You will indicate your contact information and that’s all you need to do. Moreover, “The landlord simply needs pay a small fee” – I don’t pay for advertising my property. But, who knows, maybe other landlord will like this way.

Guest Avatar
Phil 20th May, 2014 @ 16:38

Cool article!
I'm moving overseas for a minimum of 2 years and want to let my property out. I'll be in Australia so popping back to sort problems out is not happening. I need to find the cheapest but best combination of options to find a tenant then have the service managed for me. What would you recommend? It's also my first foray into letting, what's the cheapest management fee % I would expect to pay, or are most the standard 10%?

Guest Avatar
Laura Khan 23rd May, 2014 @ 14:51


How would I go about being added to this comparison list? We have good trust pilot reviews and offer the same for £49 + vat. I'd really appreciate an add to this list if possible. I'm a member too by the way:)

Guest Avatar
David 9th September, 2014 @ 14:23

The problem with Upad is that initially they are just putting ads on Gumtree for their basic service, it is only if they get no response they put it on Rightmove.

You might as well save your money, you can also get referencing done via NLA who charge £8.95 for a basic check and £55 for a full one.

So I guess it depends on how much you want to do yourself.

What amazes me is that people meet the delinquent tenants and still let to them, I know any tenant can turn bad you can tell some are going to be bad them moment they open their mouth.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 9th September, 2014 @ 14:38

Hi David,

That's definitely not true. I've used Upad multiple times before, and they put the properties on Rightmove as part of their standard package. It may take 24-48 hours, while Gumtree might roll out a little quicker, but it's not a case of only using Rightmove if Gumtree fails.

That model would be terrible for any online agent, since Rightmove is where the majority of enquiries come from.

Guest Avatar
David 12th September, 2014 @ 09:46

Is a while since I used them but that is what happened, good to hear they have changed.

Guest Avatar
Shrimper 1st October, 2014 @ 05:47

I have just used Upad for the first time as a first time landlord and found them to be excellent. My advert was put on Rightmove straight away. I had 20 enquiries in the first 3 days from which I did 12 viewings myself and chose a prospective tenant. She moves in today. So much better doing the viewings yourself (if you have the time) and meeting them face to face (draw up a list of standard questions and keep records!). I left the advert running in case something went wrong with the checks and had 45 enquiries in total until I cancelled the advert last week.
Used this site for research and done everything myself - Tenancy agreement, inventory, tenant checks, references, deed of guarantee, tenancy deposit. Excellent advice from this site by the way.
My only cost has been for Upad which came to £70.80 (£59 + VAT) using the £40 off voucher which is freely available. Well worth it. I live near my rental property so will do the managing myself.
I'm afraid high street agents can't offer me anything I can't do myself (for free).

Guest Avatar
Steve 19th January, 2015 @ 09:49

Well I just used Visum for the first time after historically using high street agents. Very easy all went extremely smoothly, had plenty of interest and let within a week.

Visum offer a landlord pack free of charge with an advert and this has lots of useful info. They even have their own tenant referencing section at reasonable pricing if you so choose.

One point to note is I had differing reactions from the high street agents after telling them I was going with an online agent. Some were very negative and offish yet others instantly reduced their charges (for self managed) to half a months rent with tenant viewing, AST and inventory all included. This was a significant saving so if you really want to go with the high street then this may be a way of negotiation.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 19th January, 2015 @ 10:40

Great feedback Steve! Appreciated!

Good tip about negotiation.

I'v experienced the same mixed reactions, I just perceive it as bitterness. I've realised that highstreet agents can get very bitter when you use someone else's service over theirs! I've even had a highstreet agent frown in disbelief and act miserable just because I told her I was going to download a £4.99 tenancy agreement from online as opposed to pay their £100 fee to draw up new contracts. She was acting ridiculous, almost as if what I was doing was stupid/illegal.

Ignore the bitter agents!

Guest Avatar
David 21st January, 2015 @ 10:55

I would say ignore all agents, they are leeches.

I am dealing with one now who has 32 bad reviews on all agents, has done a phoenix, caused a Landlord to be responsible for paying s21 sanctions of up to 3 times the deposit plus deposit back. They actually tried to charge a tenant for their fees!

We used to all hate Estate Agents before Bankers came along.

Guest Avatar
Guy Fothergill 3rd February, 2015 @ 17:35

Hi, interesting experiences from everybody (have been taking notes!).
The online agent I have used is called OpenRent. About £30 to go on all Rightmoves etc and a very slick operation for enquiries, tenant checking and initiating a tenancy. Never had any issues but always open to others.

Guest Avatar
Joc 3rd February, 2015 @ 17:50

I have used Openrent a few times in all instances with brilliant results and excellent service. In my opinion the best of all online agents providing prompt and consistent answers to queries and very professional. Adverts are uploaded efficiently and accurately.

Guest Avatar
NS1 3rd February, 2015 @ 17:55

Thankfully most of us on here will recognise a 'real' review / comment and a fake one.

Guest Avatar
Joc 3rd February, 2015 @ 21:09

I can assure you I am a genuine user and have reviewed many times previously on this site which is why I provided my feedback in response to Guy's query. I am sure readers will draw their own conclusions about the veracity of my feedback when they have used Openrent as they will find the service to be excellent. I am just trying to help my fellow landlords. Fatuous comments such as yours, however, are not helpful.

Guest Avatar
Ryan 30th March, 2015 @ 10:19

Why Why Why use parasitic letting agents that do nothing but suck your profits dry?

I do everything myself. It is a pain in the arse at times especially when you have a few tenants vacating at the same time which has happened just this last month. i wish shitting myself in case I had empty flats sitting there for any length of time but I put the flats on gumtree and had a ridiculous amount of enquiries. The flats are now tenanted with only a one or two day gap in between,which was just enough time get the flats cleaned up for the new tenants.

Gumtree is great and costs nothing to advertise, you can pay extra if you want to make your add more prominent, but I have never had the need.


Guest Avatar
Martin Hill 14th April, 2015 @ 16:02

I am just in the process of setting up as an online agent,(website going live at the end of this month) I have been a landlord for the last seven years, and used agents in this period to manage and let my properties, with often disastrous results.
We do aim our services at landlords, who aren't sat at home waiting for an incident to occur with their property, how many agents close their door at 530 and if something happens, then they'll sort it the next day, online agents that often work from home, are contactable evenings/weekends or whenever you need them, boilers don't always break, or roofs blow off during office hours

Guest Avatar
Sandra 24th April, 2015 @ 12:52

Has anyone tried easyProperty yet? They're advertising a price to get onto Rightmove and Zoopla for just £10 for a week or £60 for three months. The second deal includes some bits like tenant referencing, contract and deposit. Would be good to know if anyone here has tried them out before we dip our toe in the water!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 24th April, 2015 @ 13:22

Hi Sandra,

It's worth bearing in mind that EasyProperty charges tenants a £49.99 admin fee, which may reduce enquiry levels. Many Online Agents don't charge tenants, only the fixed fee associated to the landlord.

Essentially, EasyProperty are passing on some of the costs to the tenant.

Most Online Agents will include referencing, contracts and deposits as part of the default package, at no extra cost.

I've personally never used EasyProperty, so I can't comment on their service.

Guest Avatar
ALAN 31st May, 2015 @ 23:10

Just added all my details to I am the Agent website and come to pay and found that the code "lovethelandlord" does not work. has it expired or was it just to get us to spend £99 not the promised £49.

Guest Avatar
Adam 6th July, 2015 @ 07:30

Great article. I have just found a tenant via and found their service to be excellent. I liked the fact that i met the prospective tenants and that i saved myself about £600 😆

Guest Avatar
louise macleod 6th August, 2015 @ 11:15

This just shows how the world of business is evolving. The internet has turned us into far savvier folk who won't settle for anything less than a bargain.

Fat cat agents beware.

Guest Avatar
I Am The Agent 18th August, 2015 @ 12:05

Hi Alan,

Sorry we have just seen this. The discount code 100% works, did you manage to upload your property? Do let us know and we will be happy to help 0333 4441007 or

Best wishes

Guest Avatar
paul 1st September, 2015 @ 14:03

love the blog, just used your know how to advertise house for rent on line, right move ect worked a treat ,thanks for the spade work ,hope I can help any others who are in the same boat ,especially if it springs a leak . wont be able to plug it, the last tenants took them , again Paul

Guest Avatar
SCJ 1st February, 2016 @ 15:35

Quick question: given that Upad now charges £120 incl VAT for the basic package vs. £51 on VIsum for Rightmove-only, is there any reason to use the former that I should be aware of?

Guest Avatar
Eric Dickinson 1st February, 2016 @ 17:29


You'll get enquiries from both (as long as your property is on Rightmove) and you'll probably find a tenant by using either. But in my opinion, Upad do have better support/customer service and infrastructure. If you need that extra support then it's worth paying extra. But if you just want a bunch of enquiries, then Visum isn't a bad choice.

Neither will let you down in my opinion.

Guest Avatar
Ding Dong 7th March, 2016 @ 08:49

I have used OpenRent. The enquiries service was great. I used them for setting up contract and collecting deposit as well and wasn't happy that the deposit was handed over to Deposit Protection Service. I prefer to use the Insured option for deposits but this wasn't possible with OpenRent.

Guest Avatar
Maria 14th June, 2016 @ 21:28

Does anybody know about online letting agent that provide the full service (online ads +viewing) in Italy ?
The local aspect is still part of the letting business and so far none has digitalized it (waiting for the robot revolution for that!)

Guest Avatar
Christine 31st July, 2016 @ 20:44

Such a useful site, as I embark on this new venture.
Thank you for all the advice and tips.

Guest Avatar
Septic Knuckles 21st August, 2016 @ 12:00

I have used Visum for a few years and its a great service .But I still get most of my tenants from the BLOODY GREAT SIGN i had put up outside on two elevations of my property I leave them up even if i have nothing to let I just keep record of enquires. I would say the sign have been best money spent since I bought my properties. If your have a property on a main road its a no brainer.
Originally i tried to get planning to put advertising hoarding on my building but in the end the council said no ,obviously the prospect of planning fees and extra tax generated didn't appeal to them.
So I just put up some great big To Let signs, they have been up now for 15 years.
I am moving to Australia soon so anyone looking to increase property holding I have 18 units fully let in m46 post code and will sell for a good offer.

Guest Avatar
Daniel 17th October, 2016 @ 06:52

I wouldn't touch one of these anymore than I would gumtree. The class of applicants you used to pick up from sites like that have migrated to online agents dealing direct with the landlord in the last couple of years. I know two people who have fallen victim to it and have had to go to court. Just find a good letting agent, ARLA endorsed and well reviewed on all agents and you won't have a problem. Their also in a much better position to maximise your rent.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 17th October, 2016 @ 09:08

Have you ever used an online agent, out of curiosity?

From my experience, high-street agents are just as capable of finding bad tenants. Generally, applicants don't know they're dealing with an "online agent", because most people don't apply directly via the agent, but more so through a portal like Rightmove and Zoopla. So I'd have to disagree with your opinion.

Comparatively, I bet A LOT more landlords have problems with high-street acquired tenants than those acquired via an online agent. You know two people who have had a bad experience, I know of thousands that have had positive experience. In any case, the whole point of using an online agent is that it gives you, the landlord, full control of picking the right applicant.

Also, many online agents are ARLA endorsed.

Guest Avatar
Gail 25th November, 2016 @ 12:02

I use an online agent that provides fantastic fully managed service. Contact me if you want any details as more than happy to help any landlord. Will point out that I am a landlord and discovered this online agent mentioned in an online forum.


Guest Avatar
Bud 30th November, 2016 @ 16:59

@septic knuckles

You are probably sunning your self in Oz by now. Did you shift your portfolio yet?

Guest Avatar
Simon 13th December, 2016 @ 12:12

I use sites such as Openrent and Easyproperty often and find them to be both efficient and effective. Personally speaking, Openrent have always come up with the goods first, but that may be because I now have a habit of going to them first - maybe I should experiment more - who knows.

In my opinion, high street agents are a thing of the past that are still hanging around, like Wimpy bars and Woolworths, (oh yes, delete Woolies!).

I get the fact that most people manage their own properties here, but I would be interested in hearing other people's views on what they might like and appreciate from a truly effective online managing agent?

Guest Avatar
Marc 20th December, 2016 @ 06:30

I would love to know if anyone has tried ? I've been self managing from abroad (a couple of London properties) and thinking of switching to a fully managed lettings agent but balking at the fees. NoAgent appear to be relatively new so can't find any good reviews. However they (and PurpleBricks) seem to be the only online options that provides viewings as well as ongoing management of the property. My concern is how they ensure the quality of the tenants plus I wonder how comprehensive their managed services actually are.

Guest Avatar
Gail 20th December, 2016 @ 10:41

I use an online agent to provide a fully managed service and can recommend Better than any high street agent that I have ever used. 5% fees with no extras and money paid into bank immediately on receipt. Very, very user friendly. @JGailNelson Twitter for amore info.


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