Tenant Eviction Services

If you need advice, or if you’re not sure how to evict your tenant, my advice is to use a specialist eviction company. They will know the most efficient way of evicting tenants, and it’s often the most cost-effective solution.

Word of warning, there are unregulated and unqualified eviction services polluting the space, resulting in huge errors and costs for their clients (landlords), so it’s critical to use a reputable and qualified solution.

The services listed below are regulated, and have been providing eviction services for many years.

Eviction ServicePrice FromNotes
Price From

I've started to get inundated with enquiries from landlords requiring assistance with problematic tenants, so I reached out to one of the leading tenant eviction specialists in the country, LegalforLandlords - they have agreed to give Property Investment Project followers free legal advice and special discounted rates!

Here are some of the perks...

  • Our legal services can help you avoid the expense of solicitors' fees.
  • PIP landlords can access key services FREE of CHARGE or at special discounted rates.
  • FREE legal advice service.
  • FREE pre-court-action letters.
  • Additional paid services:
    • £20 off Step 1 procedures (that's issuing Section 21 or Section 8 notices) - normal price £99
    • £20 off Step 2 procedures (that's applying for standard or accelerated possession orders) - normal price £449
    • £10 off Step 3 procedures (applying for a warrant for possession) - normal price £219
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Call for Free Advice on: 0333 240 8255
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Discount Code: PIPLANDLORD
£120Inc VAT

  • Stage 1: Service of Notice(s) to tenant £120 (Inc VAT)
  • Stage 2: Preparation of Court Papers and advocate attendance at Court £685 (Inc VAT)
  • Stage 3: Officials arranged to remove tenant (price not listed on website)
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£89.95Inc VAT

  • Stage 1: Notice of Intent £89.95 (Inc VAT)
  • Stage 2: Service of Possession Notice(s) to tenant £109.95 (Inc VAT)
  • Stage 3: Eviction Package (Event my tenant) £899.95 (Inc VAT):
    • Obtaining a possession order – instructing Legal Team to apply to the courts for proceedings to be issued against tenant.
    • A court date is arranged for the hearing (typically 6-10 weeks following instruction)
    • Legal Team will attend the court hearing on landlord’s behalf and obtain the court order.
  • Stage 4: Officials (bailiffs) arranged to remove tenant £260.95 (Inc VAT)
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Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each service up-to-date, but you should read the T&C’s from their website for the most up-to-date information.

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