I Was So Close To Evicting My Tenant, But She Paid Rent Just In Time

Close To Evicting My Tenant

God damnit, I was so close to evicting my douchebag tenant, as most of you read from my previous blog entry, I’m evicting my tenant.

Unfortunately, she managed to scrape together the funds she needed in the nick of time, so she managed to remove herself from the 2 months arrears bracket, which would have give me valid grounds to start an eviction process!

I should be happy she paid, but I’m genuinely not because I’ve realised that she’s just a horrible human, and she’ll definitely cause me problems again. It’s in her vampire blood.

Two days ago I received a text message from my tenant, she said she will “definitely” pay rent on Friday (today), after a 29 day delay.

Right, famous last words.

This morning I received a text from her at 11am saying, “it’s in“,

She’s not one for words.

I assumed she meant her rent was deposited into my account. I’m also sure she intended to apologise for the delay in payment, too, but you know, it must have slipped her mind….or something.

It’s funny, in our previous conversations, prior to this whole incident, she never used to be lost for words, but since she hasn’t been keeping up with her rent payments, she’s had very little to say.

I get the impression she hates me after all this. Heaven forbid, the mean old landlord started chasing rent after it’s 4 weeks late!!

Of course, the problems don’t end here. She’s taken so long to pay rent (29 days late), that she’s pretty much lapsed her payments and now the next rent payment is due on Monday. Brilliant.

We’ll see what happens.

For anyone that’s just jumping straight into this blog post, there’s a good chance you might be gobsmacked by my horrendous attitude. I just to clarify that you’ve joined me at the butt-end of an ongoing saga, which essentially involved my tenant constantly lying and breaking promises, failing to communicate, and just generally being rude.

I don’t take evictions lightly and I firmly believe it should be the last resort. But when you’re dealing with someone completely unreasonable and is showing all the classic signs of a tenant from hell, there’s very little choice but to practise self-preservation.

Over and out xo

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Tanya 16th July, 2007 @ 19:25

hey... i knew you had a heart!

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narendra.s.v 18th July, 2007 @ 12:13

interesting blog n post :D

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Badger 19th July, 2007 @ 15:40

I love this blog well done, whats the jar up to by the way and get rid of part time job dude, time is for enjoyig not working. And get rid of shit tenant, sh is going to be stress all th way to the bank or not as the case may be

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 19th July, 2007 @ 20:07

Hey badger,

Thanks for your comment.

I'm on about 12k at the moment, I'll document how I've made the extra few grand since my last blog entry shortly.

Man, i'm really liking my part-time job. It doesn't feel like work. But i'll sack it in after the summer anyways. I still make time to party, so it's all good.

She received her eviction notice. I'm going to blog about that in literally 5mins.

Stay tuned...


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Badger 20th July, 2007 @ 14:34

Use the 12k as deposit on ya next place, you have 25 yrs to sort ya interest only / repayment out, lol, Its just me i think, i like the sound of me saying to someone, * i have over a million in investment dont ya know *lol
12k if there is one thing you have shown here bud, its your determination to do as you say.
Well done dude

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 20th July, 2007 @ 20:10

Hey Badgey, my boy,

My boss keeps telling me the same thing. He says I should keep pumping money into property while I can, and ignore the debt, because i'm still young. But man, going into heavy debt scares me.

But I actually have been giving it some serious thought. I might sack the whole plan off (switching to repayment) and just buy another property!

When do you plan on making your next purchase?

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Bill Kruse 21st July, 2007 @ 10:00

Bad tenants are the worst. You have great problems to come yet if she leaves the place in a mess. There's a lot to be said for buying up decrepit properties and selling them on because you don't have any of that ongoing hassle with tenants.


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Citizenz 2nd August, 2009 @ 09:53

You are lucky. I am getting rent direct from local authority now but tenant trashing the place. Seems I must let this go on for several months more.

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Sophie 24th September, 2009 @ 10:04

You call your tenant a "Bitch" !!!! no wonder you have a bad relationship with your tenants and it's no wonder landlords get a bad name with such arrogance (as a landlord I am embarrassed by your disdain for tenants).

I think your posting should be removed from the website.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 24th September, 2009 @ 13:40


I used to call her by her real name. But then she started doing bitchy things, so I started referring to her as "bitch" You're acting like I called her "bitch" from the start and for no reason, which is far from the truth.

But you're right. I'll remove this article asap.

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Citizenz 1st November, 2009 @ 01:10

I have a few names (None printable)for my ex tenant she has cost me £4000.

Seems the law is on her side and not mine. Finally she moved out and the place was uninhabitable.

Excrement on the walls. Everything broken or damaged.

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Kacey 14th December, 2009 @ 04:40

I just got a tenant who hasnt even paid rent yet, everytime i ask her for it she makes up some lame ass excuse that oh her rents will pay for it, or they are coming soon, blah blah blah i dont even think they exsist. She is constantly bitching at me as if it is my fault! Like WTF. She is constantly feeding me lies, and is a total pig, she is rude to everyone she meets but at first she is nice. Also she has a different guy here every fricken night. I dont know what to do, she is such a bitch! HELP!

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Kacey 14th December, 2009 @ 04:42

i aint the landlord really i pay the lease she pays me back. so i believe i have the right to call her a bitch. Sorry Sophie

















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