Problems & Complaints against Estate Agents

The law of averages dictates that if you’ve tangled with an estate agent to conduct business, you’ve most likely been burned (whether you realise it or not).

Unfortunately, there are very real reasons for why complaints against Estate Agents are consistently high and often record breaking year after year.

I’ve dealt with many agents over the years; some of have been pleasant and professional, while the majority have been total idiots, providing terrible services at extortionate prices. Sound familiar? Yeah, you’re definitely not in the minority, so just join the queue.

If I documented every bad experience I’ve had with an agent, this website would be consumed by my misery, and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone. However, I have documented a few, and in this section is where you’ll find them.

I’m actually an extremely positive individual, but there’s something about estate agents that get on my tits! Perhaps it’s their cheap suits, slimy persona, and their relentless habit of lying.

Fortunately, high-street estate agents are providing a service that’s slowly becoming obsolete. Or at least replaceable. That means they’ll either need to do the unimaginable and base their business acumen on morals or roll over and die while more and more vendors opt for self-service online estate agents. My money is on the latter.

If you genuinely do wish to make against an estate/letting agent, refer to the agent complaint post.

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