The Ugliest House In The World

Me and a few of my loyal companions decided to embark on a challenge- to uncover the ugliest house in the world. What an ambitious challenge, aye?

We put together a list of guidelines to help us unravel the unfortunate piece of shit that is destined to top the poll of being the ugliest house in the world. The guidelines were put in place to enforce some kind of legislation to ensure that we really do crown the bottom of the barrel.

The Criteria for the ugliest house in the world

  • 1) The property must be habitable and occupied by a proud owner. There’s no point choosing a property that’s been half destroyed by Bambi (or whatever dumb name hurricanes are given). This isn’t just about finding a pile of rubble, this is about finding something so hideous that it will make your pile of rubble look like a castle.
  • 2) We have to take taste and financial circumstances into consideration. For example, simply choosing a shed in the middle of Bangladesh isn’t going to cut the mustard. Some people have no choice about what conditions they live in, so their taste isn’t necessarily reflected by their home. We want to find a property that was consciously purchased/designed out of taste by a keeper. A truly foul monstrosity will have a truly distasteful keeper.
  • 3) While chipped windows and rotten paint maybe a sight for sore eyes, they’re not cancerous enough to bring down the house. We need to look beyond the attributes that can be easily healed. Let’s face it, if a house can be cured with a lick of fresh paint and a new set of window frames- how ill could it have been in the first place? For those reasons, we couldn’t crown this foul creation:

    Ugly House Looks absolutely horrendous, right? However, it’s all superficial. It can be healed with a lick of paint.

The bottom line is that we need to look beyond the visual pleasantries and find a shell that is suffering from a disease that has no known cure besides from demolition.

As you can see, we’re not fucking around here. We’re deadly serious about finding the ugliest house in the world. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you Property Investment Project’s winner for the ugliest house in the world…

The Winner

Ugly House Ghastly, isn’t it? This offensive piece of work is located near the 18th hole of the Bighorn golf course in Palm Desert, U.S. “Only in America” comes to mind.

It took me about 5mins to untangle the visual to actually workout what’s going on. I’m still a little confused- how is that not a skateboarding park? Or maybe it is. It looks like a wonderland for any skateboarding enthusiast and/or a perfect hideout for anyone that wants to escape and smoke some weed in a cave.

It would make an ideal snap for a “where’s Wally” insert, right? In this case, the Wally happens to be Duane Hagadone, a publishing tycoon and zillionaire from Idaho. Apparently, Hagadone wanted “a residence that blends into the mountain, that is very subtle, not a pinnacle seen from all angles.” That’s a beautiful vision, but you know what? The end result looks like…shit, and someone clearly has the word “subtle” misconstrued with the word “painfully abstract”. Some may say that the building has character, and I say some people are lost in a world of insanity.

So why is this our winner, besides from the fact it looks Hurriclae Kristina had chewed it up and spat it back out?

  • Duane Hagadone designed this heap himself. He didn’t inherit it, he didn’t win it, he didn’t lose the cruellest of all dares to obtain it, he actually designed it. No, I’m being serious. Money can’t buy taste, nor a good architect, apparently.
  • Now here’s the real winner. It cost $30million to build. 30 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS!
  • Not even a lick of paint can cure this serious case of inadequacy. This truly is the Leprosy of the architecture world.

Does this 32,016-square-foot monstrosity actually blend into the mountains as intended? I’m not convinced. What do you think? Hagadone built the “Neverland” of Palm Desert to retire. Odd, right? He could have saved himself $30million and committed a series of crimes and just moved into Alcatraz for a similar living experience.

The $30million pad has all the ordinary features you would expect from any mansion (I feel a little uneasy calling it a “mansion”). It has curving walls, swimming pools in the shape of human eyes and bat wings for roofs. That’s normnal, right?

As for the local community, the real victims, what do they think of it? Well, apparently there was complete uproar, and they’re still in disbelief that Hagadone got approval to even build the house. Upset residents flooded the city with e-mails, branding the house “an unsightly scar on the hill,” “a blight,” “a monstrosity,” “a pimple” and an “abortion” of city planning. Residents complained that their views of the Santa Rosa Mountains, which enfold the city like a clamshell, had been ruined.

I don’t know why they’re complaining, they’re living near a piece of history- Property Investment Project’s ugliest house in the world. They should be honoured. Ungrateful cry babies.

Here are some more visuals:

Ugly House 1

Ugly House 2

Ugly House 3

We’re open for further suggestions, so if you think you know of an uglier house, or perhaps you even live in an uglier, we’d love to hear from you.

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Guest Avatar
Ann Hill 9th May, 2008 @ 10:25

Absolutely disgusting

Guest Avatar
J.W. 5th June, 2008 @ 16:33

I’m truly glad that you were not an art critic (or credible architecture critic) in the times of most of the representative works of art of the last century, but several simplistic truisms can be applied in defense of your own brand of elitism: “One man’s meat…”; “…eye of the beholder”? But in that case I could apply your own incredible quote, “A truly foul monstrosity will have a truly distasteful keeper.” to your own website and remarks with impunity. In your search for the Ugliest House in the World, why isn’t that unfinished-looking ‘box’ on the top of your pedestrian web page in the running?

English is obviously not your strong suit, either – “Me…decided to embark…”? “While chipped windows and rotten paint maybe a sight for sore eyes…” What the hell is a “lick of…paint”? Makes we wonder what grade you’re in and why none of your loyal companions pointed out the blunders that any amateur proofreader would’ve caught. But I guess that’s YOUR ‘style’ and also says a lot for your companions.

I don’t know where you’ve gotten your information (building cost, design by owner, etc.), or whether it’s accuracy is even relevant to your masturbatory quest to do anything but inform and enlighten, since relevancy does not seem to be your strong suit, but “ambitious challenge”? How egotistical can you get? That’s probably a redundant question since it’s fairly obvious in the rest of your rant.

But thanks for the photos. I see this work of architectural art from a distance almost every day on my way down into the Coachella Valley, but this is the first chance I’ve gotten to see it closer up. I think it’s beautiful in all its abstract glory. Once you get down to the valley floor, it’s very difficult to notice the house, especially since the ridge it’s on is a minor ridge that is not part of the local mountain’s silhouette. So I’ve never understood any of the complaints about the project ruining anyone’s view of the Santa Rosa mountains. If you’d like to see an inexcusable ‘unsightly scar on the hill’, take a drive down Highway 74, to Vista Point and beyond, and look at the previously bulldozed road on the side of a nearly plantless city-owned hill that greets everyone who passes through the south entrance to the City of Palm Desert! I’d much rather see an artful rendition of human handiwork than the backside of a big pile of disturbed and scarred dirt.

Although Mr. Hagedone may have had some or many of the major design issues in mind, the designer who put everything together on this project is one of a very few sought-after award-winning designers in the local well-healed community’s desire for architecture-as-art. I’ve heard that Mr. Hagedone wanted a museum-quality finished product, which I believe your pictures show he has gotten, at least from the views you show that the public will never see otherwise. I could give you a list of various prestigious museums worldwide that would similarly fit your description of, “the leprosy of the architecture world.” Like those, I would love to tour this home and see the rest of it close up.

Since you did not claim any knowledge of this designer, and I don’t know him nor Mr. Hagedone personally, I won’t include his name or company in my comments. The project is highly interesting visually, as you attest to in taking “about 5mins to untangle the visual…” and is highly technically complex in the ways that the designer and all of the contractors involved must have had to deal with practicality to make it come together as a functioning residence. Since when is “normal” a good thing in art or architecture, or much of anything else? You’re right about this being a piece of history – it will be around a long time after you, I, or Mr. Hagadone are long gone.


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 5th June, 2008 @ 16:47

J.W: I like how you focused a lot of your argument towards an issue totally irrelevant- English. Talk about pety.

"lick of paint" is a figure of speech (perhaps not in your region- but that's your problem for being so uncultured), Why don't you ask Google?

Who the fuck gives a shit about English anyways, you blubbering fool? I don't rehearse my blog submission in a text editor (e.g MS WORD) before submitting. It's pretty sad that you used a text editor to conjure up that little outbreak of yours. You probably did it just to avoid embarrassment of making a spelling error, knowing that your English was also open for error. HEAVEN FORBID!

The point still stands….it’s the ugliest house in the world. Get over it.

Guest Avatar
J.W. 5th June, 2008 @ 16:48

By the way, I don't know how this house meets your criteria since the pictures you display show the house and grounds in its still unfinished state.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 5th June, 2008 @ 16:59

The house is beyond repair, that's how.

Now please, spare me from your tears. You're being a drama queen over nothing.

You try to give the impression that you're a wise and open minded individual, but all you're doing is coming across as pety and bored.

The house IS the ugliest in the world, however, you don't think so.

Ok, cool. Settled.

Guest Avatar
J.W. 5th June, 2008 @ 17:06

Snappy retorts.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 5th June, 2008 @ 17:08

I followed your lead, J :)

Guest Avatar
hudz 12th June, 2008 @ 16:49

it looks like a giant plate fell from the sky

Guest Avatar
peter 8th December, 2008 @ 13:07

shut up everybody it is a nice house and i would like to live there

Guest Avatar
katty baby 9th January, 2009 @ 23:08

well well well ugly aint it ewww!

Guest Avatar
RM 8th May, 2009 @ 02:19


Granted, you're completely entitled to your opinion. But before you go blasting others about their lack of English skills, make damned sure what you post is 100% correct. You wrote:

"...very few sought-after award-winning designers in the local well-healed community’s desire for architecture-as-art."

For wealthy or well-off people, the correct term is WELL-HEELED.

About your long-windedness, my impression of you is that you appear to be pompous, combative, and without humor. Lighten up - this site seems more like entertainment than like a very serious author recording the home's existence as a major part of World History. It is not memorable in the least; it truly looks like a tear-down property where the value is in the land.

But those schmucks have to live there, plus they're 30M in the (18th) hole.

Guest Avatar
thomas okhilua 1st July, 2009 @ 19:29

i think he was creative

Guest Avatar
Brilock 8th January, 2010 @ 20:21

Although that house appears somewhat tacky I believe it holds a somewhat artistic value. (just my opinion)

I do think I have found a far uglier home which also happens to be the most expensive house in the over 1 billion dollars Antilla is a ugly tower of a home that almost appears to achieve more ugliness every second you look at it lol

Guest Avatar
Zoey klime 24th January, 2010 @ 19:09

cool but not the
lot of detal in the house.

but it is ugly.

Guest Avatar
egomaniac 8th March, 2010 @ 00:07

why not just appreciate the fact that Duane had the work ethic, thought process, and ambition to put himself in a position to drop 30mil on what ever he wanted. ugly or gorgeous...he had 30mil extra and none of you did.

Guest Avatar
londoninterest 30th March, 2010 @ 11:01

egomaniac wrote this on 2010-03-08 00:07:37
why not just appreciate the fact that Duane had the work ethic, thought process, and ambition to put himself in a position to drop 30mil on what ever he wanted. ugly or gorgeous...he had 30mil extra and none of you did

Why? Because people who have an extra 30mil are not worthy people *just* because they have aquired money. Why should we respect the rich?? What did he do to earn this money, was it morally justifiable, did it make the world a better place??

If he had sent just 5% of the money he spent, on a truly ugly (though brave and conceptual, I admit) design, to Haiti think how many families would now have homes.

Yes, the rich fund art and architecture and allow us the human race to be creative. However, this website's little example shows how ego-centric they often become in their quest for this money. That 30mil could certainly have been better spent.

Guest Avatar
nic 4th May, 2010 @ 14:38

god that is the ugliest thing ever.

anyone else get the impression j.w. is 'that' architect? lol. offended much? haha.

people really need to lighten up... and that guy really needs a bull-dozer.

Guest Avatar
amy 23rd May, 2010 @ 10:16

hey this house is cool, not ugly

Guest Avatar
dev 23rd May, 2010 @ 22:44

thats not ugly,thats cool.

Guest Avatar
ella bella 15th December, 2010 @ 08:10

Ek gaan soooo in afrikaans praat, doen bietjie moeite omte sien wat ek sê....vat 'n oxford woordeboek of iets. julle almal het dit nodig en julle almal is skynheilig!!!! uhw that's cool and it's ugly...wat de hel maak dit saak???? Hou jou bek en hou jou commen kritiek vir jouself. Jy bly nie in die huis nie, so jy het nie 'n flippen sê nie!!!! Ella oor en uit. Flippen Amerikaners

Guest Avatar
dhis sooooooooo cool 19th December, 2010 @ 06:53

this house is actually kind of cool
just my opinion don't criticize
one mans ugly house is another mans pretty house(one mans junk is another`s treasure)

Guest Avatar
allen robertson 7th January, 2011 @ 22:21

This is an example of a designer throwing every shape in the world at a project and calling it art. It's like a person who paints and uses every color on the palette. Many shapes don't make art and many colors don't make art. It's knowing how to use them, how many to use and how many not to use. Honestly my first impression was that this was a building that had been demolished in a landslide.

Guest Avatar
Lia 25th June, 2011 @ 23:35

What can I say? I really like it.... I don't think it's the least bit ugly.

Guest Avatar
C.P. 12th August, 2011 @ 13:13


ironic J.W. should mention poor use of Enlgish when 'a lick of paint' is an English saying - one would have thought being so 'educated' he would have got that ha!

Guest Avatar
Copper9 25th October, 2011 @ 20:08

Get a life J.W!

Guest Avatar
Copper9 25th October, 2011 @ 20:09

I bet the house looks great inside.

Guest Avatar
Olivia 19th April, 2012 @ 20:56

I'm an American, and I have to agree- only in America. I think I'm going blind.

Guest Avatar
Manda 25th October, 2013 @ 22:11

More pictures of it on here:

I kind of like the outside of it. I don't think it's quite Brutalism, but it looks a bit like it. Not much point in being rich and designing something that isn't excessively vulgar and over the top. Don't like all this open-plan beige shit and going to the bog in front of a window, though.

Guest Avatar
Barb 18th August, 2015 @ 02:40

After one toooo many, would you remember how to get in?

Guest Avatar
not 27th July, 2018 @ 02:34

palm springs rancho mirage has some of the ugliest things I have ever seen. I had never seen this. is it fun? probably, but its ugly from every angle aesthetically. UGLY.

Guest Avatar
Pew pew 22nd May, 2020 @ 23:54

Disgusting house, very poor 🤮

















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