Being A Landlord Has Been Totally Shit So Far

Landlord Life

Dear Lord, so far being a landlord has been a pile of crap and bought me nothing but grief. Damn this landlording crap! Damn it to hell and back, and then to hell again.

Anyways, I’m going to have a quick little whinge-up.

Letting agents charge too much

Seriously, how on earth do letting agents justify their prices?

They charge between 10% to 15% of the annual rental income, but for what? FOR WHAT?

Yes, they find us tenants. Big whoop. The demand for rental properties is so high right now that any idiot can do it, including myself. Funny enough (because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry), once you actually need their help (after they’ve received their sweet commission), they’re nowhere to be seen and they’re less than helpful when you eventually manage can get a hold of them. Totally useless.

Why don’t letting agents ever call back?

After complaining to my agent yesterday about a payment issue, I was told that the manager of the branch would call me back so he could personally address the issue.

For a moment I felt important. Like a someone.

Of course, the idiot never called.

My tenant was too stupid to accurately declare how much money she earns

I received a £250 cheque from the social benefit on behalf of my DSS tenant. I assumed I would get another cheque in a week or so, because housing benefit payments are often split into seperate payments with in one month (God only knows for what reason. Perhaps just to piss landlords off. It works!). So for example, on the 15th of one month I receive £250, then on the 25th I would receive an additional £250, and my tenant pays the shortfall (the amount that’s left to pay).

It’s such a stupid system for a landlord.

In any case, the second cheque never arrived.

I contacted my management agent, only to be told that when my tenant filled in a form incorrectly when applying for her benefits. She had declared that she was earning more than she actually is. Smart, aye? So, that meant the council was never going to send me the second £250, because my tenant was only entitled to £250 support per month.

So I’m now at the mercy of my incompetent tenant (who clearly doesn’t know how much she earns) and the local council to get matters resolved. Needless to say, I am not filled with confidence.

Right, that’s my day done, folks!

Hope yours is better than mine.

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Chris C 22nd April, 2007 @ 15:46

Private tentants who are not claiming benefits will give you much less aggravation if you are a landlord. One way another you'll end up out of pocket when dealing with social services. Trust me, been there done that, NO DSS, NO BIG ASS DOGS (that will bite you when you go to collect), NO DAMN FERRETTS and NO HOOKERS! I've had all of these in my time and would never , ever , ever allow a DSS tentant in a property of mine - ever!

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Azize mehmet 6th March, 2008 @ 14:56

I have been searching for a place to live now for the past year and cant get any landlord who accept dss which i think is completly wrong, I am 19 with 2 babys and this has put an huge stran on me , i have the deposits housing benifits will accept me so whats the problem i feel i am being desriminated on just because i claim benifits i am very clean and will not "mess up the property"
i just cant get my head around it?

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The Landlord 6th March, 2008 @ 15:00

Hey Azize,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I have housed a few DSS tenants; I'm actually currently housing one. I have had both good and bad experiences. But the thing is, I try to stay clear from dss tenants, not because I think they will be trouble, but because I don't like the way the local authorities handle dss tenants. Payments are all messed up, and if anything ever does go wrong, they are pretty useless when it comes to helping out.

That's just from my own personal experience. I don't descriminate against the individuals claiming benefits, but I do descriminate against the actual DSS setup, which is unfortunately out of your hands.

I wish you the best of luck.

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kaz 24th November, 2009 @ 10:36

My experience as a landlord has been one of pure crap for the past year, my 1st tenants did a runner without paying me my rent and then decided to use an agent who I pay a great deal to monthly,they put dss tenants in my house who has basically been a nightmare and they have only been there 3 months.The rent is always late, Have had to provide new carpets and to top it off they had a house fire and blamed it on my oven, which the fire brigade then confirmed there was nothing wrong with it. My agent, I feel, has not supported me whatsoever and yesterday told me he was evicting this couple, leaving me with no money and not sure if I am entitled to my bond as am sure they will not leave my house in the same way it was received. Could anyone give me any advice as to whether I am entitled to any rent as they paid upfront and I have been paid in sure my agent is going to say am not so if anyone could help, this would be great. Regards

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kim 25th March, 2011 @ 09:37

The trouble is you landlords are all ameteurs.You are starting a BUSINESS not a hobby and you need to know what you're doing BEFORE you start. Take courses, take advise from experienced landlords and put an infra structure in place. Firstly if youre buying a property, do a business plan:you need to have enough capital, not just for the deposit but to cover getting the whole house to a high spec.will your rents leave you enough after paying the mort to cover ALL your costs (including building,rental guarantee insurance and legal cover and will they allow for interest rate rises,void periods, maintenance etc. dont expect your business to show ANY profit for a minimum of 2 years-5 is more realistic. If you are a reluctant landlord ie you already have a house that you are forced by circumstances to let out cos selling isn't a option,you need to wise up quick to running a business and count yourself lucky if you break even.
Remember you are running a business (whether by choice or not_and the only way to success is to offer top quality merchandise.Never make the mistake of your property being less than perfect and offering it at a lower rent.Good tenants expect to pay market prices. Only turds will live in a toilet.
Be a professional, get a lease drawn up by your solicitor, dont use an off the shelf one, get proper references, (financial and previous landlords) and CHECK them, get Guarantors for students and first time renters and NEVER take dss.

















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