Why Do The Council Side With Rent Dodging DSS Tenants?

Rent Arrears Welcome

Why is it that when a DSS tenant falls into arrears, the local council ADVISE them to stay in the property until they are able to be legally evicted?

And they say “tenant’s have no rights”… mind blown.

A landlord cannot serve an eviction notice on rent arrears grounds until a tenant is 2 months in arrears, and from my experience, the council are only too eager to point that out to the tenants – and even more shockingly – actually encourage the rent-dodgers to sit tight until they have exhausted the entire 2 months.

Whichever top-management piss-stain conjured up this formality needs to be peeled like an onion and tossed into a bowl of vinegar. Harsh? Nah. Why? Because…

  1. The council are paying DSS tenants housing benefits, which is intended to contribute towards their rent. So when a tenant is evidently spending their allowance on other shit, the council shouldn’t advise them on how to prolong the eviction process, and consequently facilitate in maximising the financial loss for the landlord.
  2. Landlords are actually doing the government a favour by housing DSS tenants. Eventually, as more and more landlords get screwed over in this fashion, there will be very few of us left that will accept DSS tenants. Those that do accept are already limited in numbers.

The council can argue that they are merely informing the tenants of their legal rights. But I’m saying that’s bullshit, because I know based on experience that they “advise” the tenants to stay in the property until they legally have to vacate, and that’s pretty different than “informing”

DSS Tenants and The Council

If there was any flipping justice in the world, the council would:

  • Revoke all benefits for the rent-dodging shithead until the balance is settled.
  • Tell them to get the fuck out of the property immediately if they can’t settle the balance, as opposed to advising them to remain in the property until they’re at least 2 months in arrears (and therefore racking up even more debt).
  • Tell them to stop fucking taking the bloody piss, because there are genuine people out there that actually deserve benefits.

But no, apparently patting the parasites on the back with cotton gloves and providing them with guidance on how to cause as much damage as possible is the way forward!

I remember when one of my asshole DSS tenants fell into arrears; I made it clear that I had full intentions of starting the eviction process after she had fed me bullshit excuse after bullshit excuse for months on end. The excuses were high-up on the leader-board of being the dumbest junk I ever heard. And believe you me, I’ve heard some dumb crap in my time.

She relayed my intentions of evicting her to the council, at which point she was advised by them to obtain an ‘eviction letter of intent’ from me, because she was told that if she could provide evidence that she was on the verge of becoming homeless (which she claimed she would be if I evicted her), she could be fast-tracked onto the council house waiting list.

Seriously, WTF?

If you feel confused, don’t be! You probably understood perfectly fine, you just don’t want to believe the reality of the situation: Yes, she was being rewarded for spunking her benefits on shit she shouldn’t have been.

Ok, so if I follow the logic correctly, I can break your legs with a shovel and in return you will give me a fiver? *scratches head*

If it were up to me, and it’s probably a good thing it’s not, I would happily provide rent dodgers in receivership of housing benefit, with a sleeping-bag and a few empty boxes, and wish them the best of luck… as I have them dragged out of the warm home they were given the money to pay for!

When someone is receiving benefits, yet fails to pay rent and continues to receive support from local authorities, you know something is grossly jacked up.

The fact this is standard practice and happening on a daily basis is excruciating.

The saddest part about it all is that the people suffering the most are the genuinely decent claimants who are being tarred with the same brush as these parasites.

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NS 8th April, 2010 @ 18:10

i do love a DSS rant, thanks LL.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 9th April, 2010 @ 07:06

Ha, thanks! Although, it's not really a rant about DSS tenants per'se - it's a rant about the system! :)

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Lucy 9th April, 2010 @ 08:17

I couldn't agree with you more. Makes my blood boil. The whole system acts like landlords are evil land barons who have pots of money and are evil for evicting people who don't bother to pay rent. Some of us (in fact probably quite a few) are hard-working people who have been forced into renting our properties out due to negative equity and can't afford to lose rent payments. This country does nothing for the people who keep it moving with their hard work and tax contributions and I'm sick and tired of it.

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Sam 9th April, 2010 @ 10:26

At least now, the recent court case means that we can start the arrears from the day the rent was due, rather than the day the council system decides to pay us! Means we don't have to wait 8 weeks any more to get paid direct

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adam 25th April, 2010 @ 12:17

Sam, what court case is this? Do you have a link to it. Thanks.

I agree this new DSS 'paying the tenant' system is outrageous . The minimum councils should do is ban these DSS claimant from receiving rent directly if they have abused the law before. Secondly Landlords should be allowed to check with the council if their future tenant has had problems paying in the past.

DSS tenant a few years ago were considered guaranteed paying tenants as the landlords received the rent directly. Also so long as the DSS tenants had any sense of respect and manners, they were easy to deal with and problem free tenants. However as a result of this new system where the council pays the tenant, this security and peace of mind has evaporated.

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Sam 26th April, 2010 @ 18:15

i can;t remember off the top of my head - have a look at NLA website think one of the cases was Doncaster Vs. ??

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Moses 24th May, 2010 @ 18:41

This website supports wicked landlords and cruel landladies. Some landlords prefer DSS tenants because they can be sure of payment, that is if it is paid directly to them. The hitch is that the landlord then starts to play God and refuse to repair the property etc.

If you are on DSS never allow the rent to go to the landord. Let it go to you and you then pay him. Landlords are a nightmare. They hire thugs to bully tenants out of properties in London. They are also excellent character assassins. The neighbourhood is likely to believe them. If you are bullied report to the police for safety and seek legal advice.

Some Council officials engage in property fixing with landlords. They meet at local pubs for deals. Beware! Your council caseworker may be a friend of a 'criminal' landlord or gang. Let us hope that the Cameron/Clegg government will sort things out.

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Twattybollocks 25th May, 2010 @ 11:52

Oh fuck off Moses!

If you have proof that some council officials "engage in property fixing with landlords" then provide it. If you have proof that "They meet at local pubs for deals" and "Beware! Your council caseworker may be a friend of a 'criminal' landlord or gang" then again provide the evidence.

Grow some bollocks and back up what you are saying or are you too scared of being sued?

Otherwise shut the fuck up and stop wasting our time.



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chantell 9th June, 2010 @ 12:17

I think this is jokes.
I am a university student living off a student loan and have a 12 week old baby. i don't get any benifits all i get is £75 a week to pay rent with. but i can't find any where to live cos i off that 75pw cos apprently i'm on dss nevermind that i have to pay for the other 100 odd pound myself. how is that fair?
feels like i'm being punished for trying to get an education and get a decent job. yeah i made mistakes and i know having a child while studing probably wasn't the best idea but i wouldnt change it for the world.
i've always had a job since i was 16 paid tax i pay tax on my loans and wen i graduate in a year i will get a job and pay tax for the next 40 years. and now that i ask for something bk i get nothing. yet people that have lived here for less then year and people who have no reason not to work other then they can't be bothered get 6 bedroom houses and rent paid for them.
I think landlords are being unfair sterotyping everyone on dss. but also the council need to sort themselfs out and pay on ti,e and people will be more inclined to rent to people on dss.
sorry rant over

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Twattybollocks 9th June, 2010 @ 16:39

Fair enough Chantell, BUT you chose to have the child.

Who is trying to punish you? Get the father of your child to pony up the dough and provide for you and your baby. You say you would not change it for the world but you chose this route and have to live with the consequences of your actions.

I totally agree that it is disgusting that people get homes for doing F*** all but my job is to provide a roof for MY family and at the moment the risk of taking on DSS is too great.

Example. You get your rent paid to you but suddenly your baby gets sick and needs extra food/nappies/care etc. What is going to come first? Baby or Landlords rent? Go figure why DSS get a bad name. Now that is a HUGE stereotype and I apologise for using it, and I am sure you are different, but the fact is it happens. And yes, before you all get your pantyhose in a twist, I know this can happen to private tennants too.

Is it right? NO
Is it just? No
Is it going to change? No


PS: Hope you and your baby are well - good luck in your studies.

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CouncilsSuck 24th June, 2010 @ 22:16

I do feel sorry for landlords, seems like the system is totally messed up. However the council seem determined to make people completely poverty ridden until they will actually help some people (like advising them to sell their house which they have no reason to do in order to pay the bills as they refuse to give them benefits that they may be entitled to ie) incapacity benefit, not someone who's just a lazy b*stard) so I can't blame those DSS recieptiants who FINALLY get it to keep it.
In my case, I've finally convinced the council to give me something towards private rented accom after 6 months of living with relatives with my new baby (horrah!), shame it doesnt actually afford anywhere to live as everything went sky high.

By the way, the "you chose to have the child" stuff,...Get off the high horse as life generally ain't that simple less those life altering decisions are as easy as deciding who your evicting.

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studaples 8th July, 2010 @ 13:18

you greedy money garbing b*****Ds deserve all you get, if you can afford more than one dwelling then take it like the fat greedy f***er you are :-)

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 8th July, 2010 @ 13:54

Studaples - if you are going to have a go, do have the decency to at least spell and use your grammar correctly. It's 'grabbing' not "garbing" and 'f***ers' not "f***er" as you are intimating plural.

Oh yes - do try to start your sentence with a capital letter.

x (big kiss just for trying)

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ll001 24th March, 2011 @ 16:46

Happened to me too. Many years ago now. Wirral Borough Council refused to help my tenants find somewhere smaller when some of the kids became adults and left. They said that I'd have to start court proceedings before they even started helping them and in the end we lost rent and paid court and bailiff fees.

Landlords are easy targets to help fund the welfare system.

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nick 12th June, 2011 @ 20:02

I have a tenant who has made up his own tenantcy taken it to EEDC council to claim benefits saying his company are the landlords and are refusing to pay me any rent until I prove its fraud they would not look at any of my evidence at a meeting I had with them he has since been arrested for fraud but I still can not get the rent until we have the outcome of his arrest has any body had this before

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david franklin 6th September, 2011 @ 07:32

as someone on benefits not through choice im disgusted with landlords shitty attitudes towards d.s.s tenents as we all get tared with the same brush ! i am a carer for three of my daughters who are disabled two i might had caught meningitis b from a school teacher and were left sevearly disabled , both myself and wife work long hours with our children starting at 5 am and sometimes not finishing til the early hours on little enough benefits .
up until this happening ten years ago i worked 18 hours a day but since being on benefits our local council wont house us and landlords wont help either as they think we are all like rab c nesbit , im now looking at taking a landlord to court for discrimination and hope the shit gets took to the cleaners not for the cash as im not interested but to get across to landlords your not above the law ! ive known landlords charge stupid money for the shityist of properties to folks on benefits so its not all folks on benefits are bad landlords are too so if you want to slag of those on benefits look in on landlords aswell .
there are alot of genuine folks who need good landlords not money grabbing shits who are only in the game to bleed folks dry.

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Garfunkle 24th September, 2011 @ 23:27

People are generally good honest people, however I support TwattyBollocks in his/her comments. Unfortunately the issue is that when it comes to 'money' the 'majority' of even these good people are still prepared to 'get away with whatever they can'.. I know this from experience. They'll avoid having to pay their dues if they can at the cost of others.. why would they care? they don't know the landlord and the majority certainly don't give a toss about the hand that feeds them (council). This society is 'take take take'!

Most of us were not dealt aces when we dropped on this planet.. most of us are in fact dealt quite the opposite.. this does mean you do not pay what you owe and does not mean you get a free ride!

Those people who 'scam' their way though life usually deserve the unhappy life they have got... period.

Money for DSS tennants should be paid direct to landlords (there is not debate here).. rent needs to be 'guaranteed', if the mortgage isn't paid the landlord can lose the house!. If rent can't be guaranteed then get the fuck out of the property the day you know you can't pay.

Irresponsible landlords should be prosecuted for neglecting their responsibilities if they have been paid their rent.. it's that simple!

p.s. anyway.. why shouldn't a landlord be able to evict you immediately if you don't pay your rent????? the banks take houses off landlords if they don't pay their mortgages!!!!

Do me a favor rent dodgers.. fucking grow up!!

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Henna 14th October, 2011 @ 20:08

My DSS tenants from hell have even dodged the utilities in my property, first they set up gas, electric, water in my name, defaulted them by not paying any bills and now they have changed all the bills to few other fake names. I havent received rent for 4 months. I am in the process of evicted them.(but they want me to evict them so they can get their council house, this is their dream come true:-)) does anyone know if i can get them done!! for stealing my identity and running up bills in my name.

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Chris 23rd November, 2011 @ 13:57


You can try and have them done for fraud.

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Lee 13th December, 2011 @ 21:36

I'm in the same situation at the moment. We let out our 4 bedroom flat to a DSS person and her 5 year old (they weren't DSS when they moved in). We're really only renting it because it was on the market for a year and didn't sell, and we had to keep up with mortgage payments. We've moved into a smaller rented place in the meantime but are coming to the end of the lease.
My tenant hasn't paid her rent for almost 2 months and asked us to serve her notice so that she could get a council house. She is due to move out on 9th January but the council has (typically) advised her that she should stay on until we get legal posession, which can take months.
We've now given notice on our own flat and intend to move back into our place on the 10th. We have a 1 year old son and will be homeless if she doesn't go. What the hell kind of society do we live in???
I'm turning up at her door with my bags on the 10th and moving in regardless. It's my flat, and whilst legally I can't evict her I'm not sure what the law says for 'sharing' the place :-)

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Benji 14th December, 2011 @ 01:29


Good luck with the sharing idea mate but you havent a hope.

Quickest route is under ground 8 (2 months rent arrears). 2 weeks notice before applying.
Also look into mandatory grounds for possession, ground 1: owner-occupier. 2 months notice before applying.

Three points to help on ground 1;
1. Did you serve notice that you once lived there and may need to move back in.
2. Is it included in the wording of your tenancy agreement- it sometimes is.
3. Did you verbally tell your tenant you were an owner-occupier and might be moving back.

Even if none of the three apply, if you put up a good case, a court may decide its 'just and equitable' to grant possession on this ground.

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James _disability 30th April, 2012 @ 02:42


I am a former executive who has developed a severe and chronic disability aqnd whose wife died - leaving me a single father. However - that was to one (brilliant ) daughter who has, by competitive examination, won a fully paid Scholarship to one of London's top private schools.

I have 12 years of impeccable housing references
all in Kensington & Chelsea : no disputes at all - and perhaps it helped that I have always insisted the rent be paid in full directly to my landlord - after all, to
be straight - HB tenants shouldn't regard that as their own money - it is Housing Benefit, it is strictly for the payment of rent to a landlord. Why should they be allowed to see it all ? - besides, I imagine many of them are rather poor at handling money - since , although perfectly healthy , they seem unable to organise either working or the proper raising of their children.

I completely agree with the sentiments of the landlords on this site. Many of these tenants are awfully selfish and ill-mannered but these councils become far too 'tenants-rights' sensitive whenever some yobbo is served notice. The real reason for this is because that council just wants to postpone the problematic rehousing of problematic people for as long as possible.

In 12 years on Housing Benefit, I have never had one altercation with a landlord; indeed, - albeit briefly - my daugher and I entertain our landlord and his wife for drinks at Xmas - this is called civility.

Now my daughter and I have to leave RBKC because the newly introduced CAP (300 ish) on LHA means we must move : but so what !? It isn't the end of the world !
To move from Notting Hill Gate / Kensington is not a punishment - it's simply being subject to market forces -as are All People. No one is being victimized ! - the language of the far ' left ' is risible.

Tenants whose rents are being paid should be at least a little respectful, even if they are too ignorant to be a little grateful to their landlords ... or they could

Anyone here who is a landlord or who knows of one who has (2 bed) property in West or North West London and would like 2 impeccably behaved, highly educated tenants with decent values, for £1350 - £1400/ month and 3 months cash deposit - please e mail me.



e mail : [email protected]


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James _disability 30th April, 2012 @ 02:49

ps from James

Dear Lee

I read your problem about 'sharing' your own home with the tenant and her child.

Are you aware that under the new housing benefit regulations, since you say it is a 4 bed place - your tenant is legally over _occupying and can be made to move that way . Contact the Housing Benefit department from whom she is ( now illegally ) claiming and they will be keen to move her out.


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Joe 9th May, 2012 @ 23:04

Dude, after 8 weeks of no rent you can write to council and they will put money directly into your account, problem solved.

Guest Avatar
Lizzy 9th May, 2012 @ 23:38

Joe, I'm afraid that's not strictly true. They don't always pay the arrears.

And as for comments about Landlords being greedy having more than one dwelling, it's not always the case. I moved in with my husband when we married & my property was in negative equity so I can't sell. I have to rent it out & the rent barely covers the mortgage payments.

Since I have been a landlord I can tell you now, I've had no end of troubles. If I could sell, I would love to. But I can't. I'm not greedy, I just don't want to go bankrupt or sell my property and still owe the bank a few thousand after I worked so hard to buy myself a home in the first place.

In the few years I've been a landlord I've been scammed out of rent by a DSS tenant, never got the arrears back, had furniture trashed, had furniture stolen, been taken to court by the council for council tax arrears because they didn't believe the property was an assured short hold let because the rent was 'too cheap', and had to deal with flood damage due to a tenant leaving the bath to run over. All the while, I've been paying money on top of the rent to cover the mortgage and maintenance payments on the property.

I'm sick to death of people moaning about 'evil' landlords when most of us are just people who are trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads like everyone else.

There are good and bad landlords and there are also good and bad tenants. However, the point still stands, and that is that the housing benefit system is ridiculous. If you are on benefits, and you are being given money to pay your rent, you should not spend it on anything other than the rent. Like my mother always told me, make sure you pay for the roof over your head before you even think about paying for anything else. It's just a shame the system is set up so it puts landlords at such a risk of ending up severely out of pocket.

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nicky 21st July, 2012 @ 17:14

my partner has been of for 2 months but in last two weeks we are short of 144 pound weve contacted council not much help now been told one week and section 8 notice given can any one help

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leane c 2nd August, 2012 @ 22:33

Hi i just want to say that not everybody on dss should be made to feel like scum of the earth! I have worked a ful time job ever since leaving school. I have 3 children and kept up with full time hrs. I was recently made redundant in april and had no choice but to go on income support and dss. I have to contribute 100 pound towards my over the odds rent and have never fell late for 1 single payment. I have lived hear for 3 yrs and have made updates out of my own pocket. In january this yr my heating system had broke leaving a house with no insulation freezing cold with no hot water! To this day it still hasnt been fixed nor even looked at. As to the 12 mth corgi check hasnt happened since the day i moved in. I have comtinued to pay my rent to this disgrace of a human being my so called landlord! So before you do all the big high and mighties and play the god damn victims grow the fuk up and realise that your not all good and people on dss are not all bad. Fucking moorons!

Guest Avatar
leane c 2nd August, 2012 @ 22:44

James disability
I think housing benefit doesnt work like that you only get allowance for per person not off the property. In a council property they can make you move but not private. They just wouldnt recieve full benefit to cover rent if rent exceeds maximum allowance obviously.

Guest Avatar
Chris 3rd August, 2012 @ 09:49

With those new rules on how much you can get towards your rent. A lot more people will be in the mire including the landlords. So all you DSS out there that have been wronged you are about to see your day with those scumbag type landlords. It is all about KARMA. Rejoice. That is all.

Guest Avatar
Benji 5th August, 2012 @ 11:10

You would be right except that demand and rents are increasing. Landlords are laughing, the only ones in the mire are the DSS tenants. I feel sorry for the genuine ones, no KARMA going on there.

Guest Avatar
leane c 5th August, 2012 @ 22:31

Do you know what i have just realised that now i am on dss my landlord can have his whole house insulated free of charge. But i suppose having a dss tenant is nothing but trouble!!! Lol

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Chrissie P 21st August, 2012 @ 11:59

reading all this is very good for me rite now.
i have a lovely DSS tenant in my flat at the moment and i have given her her notice to leave as i am selling.
but the council have told her to stay, that she has 8 weeks grace.
as they are DSS would i still get rent money, does anyone know though.
plus i also want to know as i am getting kicked out of my place i was going to live in my property while it sells and i find another place to rent. what i want to know is, is it legal for me to move into the property, even though she is still in there but the tenancy agreement is now finished as she has been given her notice.
someone let me know please as im getting more confused each minute about all this, lol.

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Mike 1st November, 2012 @ 13:50

I have a tenant refusing to leave on the advice of the local council. I have been a good landlords - sorted any problems, not raising rent over the two year period of the tenancy (in fact, reduced it to help them out).

I served a section 21 notice 2 months back - I need to prepare and sell the property. I have behaved responsibly and correctly. since when has it been OK for local councils to advise tenants to break legally binding agreement, entered into (in good faith?) by both parties??

An absolute disgrace. A one way street then - the Housing act?

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Cardifflandlord 2nd November, 2012 @ 16:51

Guys, whilst I love bitching and whinging on here and helping where I can, I can't help thinking that a lot of the questions being asked by landlords could easily be answered by the landlord joining a nationally recognised landlord association where legal advice is (usually) offered free of charge. Their advice can be really helpful and of course, if they get it wrong, you have recourse to them. They are not expensive to join and can be used as a business expense for tax purposes.

If you want to be taken seriously as a landlord then joining an association like the NLA (other associations are available as they say) is a no brainer.

It makes good business sense to join (some offer free tax investigation insurance too) as well as discounted deposit protection membership rates and other offers.

Just saying like...............

Guest Avatar
Cardifflandlord 2nd November, 2012 @ 16:52

Sorry, last post should have read Guys and Gals!

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carly 20th June, 2013 @ 14:48

While i agree with people on benefits taking the piss, its not always like this, we moved into our private rent house all paid for by us, having been told it would be a long lease. A year later we have been given a section 21. We cant save to move and pay rent as our family has only 1 income, we were told to stay tjll court order as we eould get council help. Im sorry but 400pm council or 700pm private....with what we will save we can after a couple of years get our own mortgage and not have to psy someone elses.if its offered to you your not gonna say 'oh no sorry, i wouldnt want to upset my landlord' you have to do whats best for YOU

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Dunrentin 24th July, 2013 @ 16:48

Agree with Garfunkle - for some people being chased to pay is a way of life - I've rented with 3 other people all of us had jobs but I managed most bills, but evey month 2 of them would always wait to be chased for money, sometimes several times. And the bills that they were in charge of would always be paid late.

Also, I understand why the council advise DSS tenants to stay in the property as long as they can - the longer the landlord is housing them, the longer it's not costing the council.

Guest Avatar
Chris 24th July, 2013 @ 18:36

Back to the original question

"Why The Fuck Do The Council Side With Rent Dodging DSS Criminals?"

Because there are very few council homes available... that is why they tell the DSS tenent to "stay in there as long as possible". Takes the pressure of local councils and puts it onto hard done by landlords.

I still say the money should be paid direct to the landlord taking out the equation the "rent dodging".

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peed off pat 30th July, 2013 @ 18:16

Well lets for starters, council houses being bought by landlords in the hope to rent them out then whinge at the council for not having enough houses for DSS tenants Mmm !!!!!!!
then landlords grabbing cheap run down terraced houses then putting them up for rent knowing "desperate times means" some poor sucker will take it, Mmm !!!!!!!!!
and the most laughable ones are the ones who refuse to do the repairs and still expect full rent when the tenant
has paid out for repairs Mmm !!!!!!!!!!
Makes you wonder who is really taking the piss out of the system, certainly not the poor buggers putting up with crap landlords and being foced to live in aqualler
SO THE ARGUMENT GOES 6 OF 1 AND HALF DOZEN OF THE OTHER ps feel free to rectify any mistakes

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boby 29th October, 2013 @ 04:33

If you cant take the stress the abuse the aggro
and dont have time to chase around for rent
And are not prepared to be accused of harrasment, not willing to be taken for mug!

Do youself a big favour do not rent ur property to DSS!

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mikeymike 13th August, 2014 @ 01:48

i can see this is a long running debate, and i can see the issue from both sides. i have rented privately for the last 15 years, the last 2 have been on benefits through ill health. Now i haven't changed but the attitude of landlords has changed toward me. when i was working i was sometimes late with the rent, we all have unforeseen expenses come up, but while i was working this was not a issue, now i am on benefits i can not handle my money. incidentally while i was working i earned £40,000 a year and struggled to hold a penny in my pocket, on benefits i'm being given £10,000 a year and every penny counts. Unfortunately generic stereotypes are very much in evidence, either the thieving, scrounging benefit receiving bastards, or the ivory tower, money grabbing,scum that are landlords.What i'm trying to say is not every landlord is a prick and not every person benafits is a scrounger. It may be hard but try to treat people as individuals, a bit of benafit of the doubt. God forbid but as you yourself would like to be treated.

Guest Avatar
bex 23rd August, 2014 @ 00:59

How helpful to both landlords and prospective decent HB tenants our fabulous government is.

Having HB paid directly to the tenant turned some landlords away, throw in the helpful info given by local authorities as above on eviction, and decent landlords seem to be extremely reluctant, if not completely against HB tenants.

Enter the 'as yet unregulated' letting agents offering to protect the landlord by conducting tenant searches, which disregard income such as HB, student loans, income support and savings, regardless of affordability or unblemished history and surprisingly don't even look at outgoings... conducted by companies that also insure against liability but only if undesirables provide a guarantor that probably has no intention of paying.

Furthermore charging the prospective tenant a non refundable (now illegal in Scotland) exorbitant amount for the privilege; which is then doubled when a guarantor is required, due to ignoring most of the income. Anyone that clearly understands the obligations of being a guarantor won't agree to undertake this, meaning only those with guarantors that don't expect to actually pay or don't understand can provide one.

Anyway long story short... I have always worked since having to live alone at 17 and have excellent credit history. 16 years on, I am now about to start year 2 studying at university and receive LHA due to being a student with children. My income from my student loan and grant, CTC and child benefit is 4 times the average rent I'm looking at before LHA is included (being the full amount therefore 5x) yet, I am either refused outright or asked for a guarantor either immediately in the process, due to being in receipt of LHA or, as LHA, Child Benefit and Student loans aren't considered income.

Due to this I ended up staying in a hotel for 2 weeks (funded by my final wage) last year, then when I could no longer afford, humiliated I went to the local authority as homeless and was put in a one bedroom flat with my children for several months. Now in a council house I really want to move into a private house due to my 11 year old daughter being scared to leave the house after being intimidated by a neighbour screaming at her in the street, a grown man I might add.

When calling agents, they all seem very happy to speak with me (My telephone voice does not match my benefit claimant status, I'm sure!) and then I almost feel the deflation bordering on outright rude when I mention HB. I have been advised by lettings agents to find a landlord privately as I am basically excluded from going through an agent, but this has been a totally fruitless search, do they even exist anymore?

Guest Avatar
John 23rd August, 2014 @ 06:15

Dealing with the social hardship and injustice side of things should be the government's role. Every change they make seems to put more financial risk on the landlord. I don't even think these changes are based on the financial mess we are in as a country, because they started many years ago. I think it's just that landlords are an easy target and everybody thinks we must be rich so it's fair enough.

Ultimately it boils down to successive governments being too scared to raise taxes and deal properly with social issues.

I was at a meeting with the Council and one of their staff agreed with the government stopping direct payment of HB to landlords. HB recipients needed to learn to deal with their own finances. I later thought "how would they like their salary or pension to vary, based on an individuals honesty, ability to manage their finances, and random misfortune to that individual"

A landlord will always try to minimise risk. People receiving help with their rent from the government are in general a much greater risk tenant than somebody earning a wage.

Guest Avatar
Mrs.R.T 24th April, 2015 @ 11:36

I had a council tenant from Brent. He was cheeky from the start the council paid him 13 instalment every year but he was paying the rent late each time to avoid one instalment every year. After the 3rd year Council reduced his rent by about £150. Even though I could have given the house for a better rent on the request of Brent and the tenant I agreed for the reduced rent. on the 4th year I went to my native place during winter. after coming to know that I was away he stopped paying the rent for 6 months. I didn't have access to my account during this period and I did not know about it. the rent was going to my account and my estate agent who was looking after my house did not know about it. on my arrival Estate agent couldn't contact him at all either by phone or in person. so I filled a case against him &also informed council who started paying the rent directly to me. The Tenant knew all the loopholes and his solicitor advised him for counter claims even though she knew he will not win the case for I had proof for all his counter claims were wrong. Solicitor is getting the free money from the council and the tenant is not losing anything. The court gave us time for a amicable settlement. The knowing that he will not get a good house like mine agreed that he was wrong but solicitor has asked him not to have any contact with us. I have told the solicitor that I want to finish this off as soon as possible and wanted a suitable date for the hearing. I have already submitted the proof of all the documents for his counter claims and am awaiting for the Judge Decision. The Only sad thing is that Because I was away and no lawyers were acting for me solicitor has been dragging the case to get easy money. I am a sickly old lady of 73 years old and have only one house which I rented only to live near my relatives. I am living in a rented house and no way they can ask him to stay in my house. The Brent Council know all what he has done and I am sure very soon the tenant will reap what he sowed. I don't blame council for this but only the LAW. If cheeky tenants can free lawyers why can't genuine landlords atleast get some advise free. Thanks. R.T

Guest Avatar
Sally 17th June, 2015 @ 22:57

It's difficult to decipher who the real parasites are. Those who thrive from those in poverty, or those unfortunate enough to have to claim benefits in the first place. I've certainly never met a decent landlord or one with any true morals yet. They're all bloodsuckers who do the bare minimum on the accommodation/property they provide, while bleeding the tenant or local taxes to achieve their wealth. Landlords by nature have an "elite" mindset..They think they're lords after all...not the scum of the earth they actually usually are. Of course there will be some good ones, or nearly half decent types.. I just haven't met one yet.
They continue to think they're a power above the tenant, often thinking they have right of entry when tenants are out and generally look down upon their tenants as some kind of vermin. It's born in from history. As you can see I've had some great experiences. But it's not confined to just me..It's the way it is. Maybe that's why some prefer agents. Unfortunately agents have the same greed infested minds as landlords though, but it's just easier and a little more clinical, even though you'll pay more. Of course everyone should be able to own their own home in an ideal world and the parasite landlord then wouldn't thrive. I live in hope.

Guest Avatar
John King 19th August, 2017 @ 10:45

Anyone having property beyond their personal needs should be hung from the nearest lamp-post.

Guest Avatar
Dave c 20th February, 2018 @ 20:30

Fuck benefits tenants/lodgers 95% are the absolute scum of the earth. The latest pair i got (1 on universal credit) owe me 400 quid would have been much more if the other one wasnt scamming the incapacity or whatever bullshit initials its known by now, i got woken up by them arguing and had to throw the little cunt to the floor because he was going to punch his girlfreind AGAIN, they even knicked my fucking bedsheets when they left. Ive had one love to live in my house until he got a job and didnt want to pay for the roof over his head out of his own pocket so moved back to his mums without telling me. Ive had them piss and shit over my bathroom walls and floor bedroom carpets and the middle of my kitchen after downing bottles of vodka. Ive had blood from the latest scum sucking fucktards period all over my toilet seat for days. I had a family move in then get hit with the benefits cap, so ended up getting 1 weeks rent in 4 had to take them to court to get them out owe me over 3k in lost rent court fees and damages. Then found out these assholes have not paid any bills for the last 7 years but it didnt show on a credit report since they have used false names on their bills for years. The bailifs basically say its not worth pursuing cause everything they own is on hp even though they take home 23k in benefits a year, he started working then swapped to being self employed when he figured out that noone can touch him this way. No shit this family is taking home 3600 a month they dont pay any bills and always plead poverty where ever they go. They had the neighbours feeding them and their kids for weeks before they were moved on from mine And to top it all off they are still going round calling me a "dickhead" and a "cunt" to anyone who will listen. Im a good landlord i do repairs and make improvements to my houses. I tried helping people on benefits because i remember what being on benefits was like. Never again, im selling and thats me done finished and out of landlording and its all because people on benefits are scum of the earth. They have a totally different mindset to everyone else. I was chatting to one lady on benefits lately and said shit i need a job so i dont have to do this shit anymore and she said to me she could do with a big payout. Totally different mindset. If someone is on benefits and dont pay their bills they should have their families entitlement to all benefits stopped FOREVER. If you had a parasite on a dog you would kill it, same should be done for the parasites we have in our country thanks for letting me vent lol might actually get some sleep tonight.

Guest Avatar
Catherine 23rd November, 2018 @ 15:03

Goodness me Chantell, which uni let you in with written language skills like that?

Guest Avatar
dss ponse 12th October, 2019 @ 21:50

piss on you greedy scumbag lanmdlords.I hope you get the ass ripped of your sorry carcasses,you vile lumps of crap.The more you get your sorry asses ripped of by dss tenants,the better for everyone.

Guest Avatar
Ekc6129 18th January, 2020 @ 02:47

Ex DSS officer 23 yrs, housing benefits assessment officer 12 yrs. Don't ever let your properties to these scum. They lie and cheat and will wreck your house. Pick a tenant with references and a work record with at least 12 months with the latest employer. Most tenants are OK regular working people who pay their rent like the rest of us pay our mortgages.
The liberals call the benefits scum "vulnerable" -the most overused word in the English language to describe useless bastards who would rather spend their benefit money on fags, drink, and drugs, rather than rent and bills that normal people pay. They use food banks because they can't budget and cook proper meals and rather use ready meals and takeaways. Landlords pick your tenants wisely do background checks and when you get a good one-keep them-consider carefully before you raise their rent-better a good regular paying tenant than the expense of legal costs to get them out.

Guest Avatar
Mike d 24th May, 2020 @ 13:03

As an ex landlord i've never understood why councils continue paying housing benefit(taxpayers money) to tenants who have stopped paying their rent. One of my theories is, if enough landlords refuse to take dss tenants, then it will reduce the housing bill for that local authority.

















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