My Tenant Has Absolutely Hideous Taste In Decoration & Furniture

Tenants disgusting furniture

A few days ago I begrudgingly conducted a viewing with a prospective tenant (generally, always a miserable experience).

My initial plan – as prearranged with the current tenant – was to take the viewing with the prospective tenant, and then immediately after take a few new and glamorous snaps for marketing purposes. Needless to say, high-quality pictures are critical to maximise enquiries and ultimately reduce those pesky void periods.

Okay, so, the property itself was in fabulous condition; my tenant is clean, the property is clean, so we don’t have any hygiene based concerns.

HOWEVER, my tenant’s taste in furniture and presentation, fuck me sideways and call me Sally, what a diabolical disaster of epic proportions! Someone scratch my eyes out with a blunt spoon.

As a general rule, I don’t provide furniture with any of my rentals, so it’s left in the capable hands of my tenants to organise.

Or in this case, tragically incapable hands, and evidently, eyesight to boot.

I’m still bemused at how someone can have such disgustingly sinful taste and a requirement for such little free space! The furniture was timelessly awful, straight out of a seedy motel from the 60’s, and it was occupying virtually every square inch available. The key pieces of furniture were positioned so awkwardly that movement around the house was challenging. I occasionally had to turn sideways and suck my stomach in just to navigate through certain areas.

I doubt I’ll be able to articulate the horror – not sure if that’s a good or bad thing – but I’ll give it a whirl.

  • Total mismatch shambles! There was absolutely zero consideration, theme, rhyme or reason for the assortment of furniture and ornaments that had been tossed together.

    You’d think that a room full of mis-matched junk would look like a theme in itself, but somehow she managed to make a room full of junk seem ill-fitting next to one another. I don’t have a clue how she managed to pull it off, but she did.

  • Unusual clutter – I’ve had a few hoarder tenants in the past, so hoarding alone doesn’t particularly phase me, although I did think it’s fucking weird. In all fairness, this tenant isn’t the most excessive, but the rooms definitely felt cluttered. But that wasn’t what alarmed me, it’s what he chose to clutter the house with.

    I’ve had tenants’ clutter with crockery, books, paintings, figurines, candles, the stuff you’d expect, really. My tenant is hoarding tupperware (more on that next), plastic plant pots, espresso machines (I must have seen at least 6 of them), unopened packs of biscuits (literally in every room), and wicker baskets, not to mention cabinets, all varying in colour, shapes and sizes, filled with figurines and ornaments.

  • Tupperware. Everywhere! – this was bizarre and I don’t know how anyone could explain it. There were empty tupperware containers stacked up in almost every room. All different sizes. EVERYWHERE!

    Why the fuck would anyone want to keep tupperware in a bedroom? WHY, for the love of God?

  • Hideous focal points – walk into the main living room, and your eyes will quickly draw towards the floor, which features a bright red Persian rug, with silhouette donkeys on it. I’m not joking, donkeys! No, not cute donkeys either.

    The rug covered every square inch of the floor, and actually crept up two of the walls, removing all signs of the beautiful hardwood flooring.

  • Over sized furniture – the living room is swallowed by an enormous computer desk that was located in the corner of the room, but reached into the centre of the room, creating a nicely inconvenient obstruction for well intentioned passer-byers.

    I must have bumped into the edge of the table at least three times.

  • Polyester wardrobe – ordinarily, I wouldn’t have an issue with a polyester wardrobe, because they might just be the result of budget constraints. So if that was an isolated feature, then fine.

    But because all six of their polyester wardrobes are part of an overall bombsite, it really was, ironically, eerily fitting to the story.

  • Waterproof sheets – the dining table and one of the sofas in the living were covered in transparent waterproof sheets.

    I’m lost for words.

  • Deer skulls – at least, I think they were deer skulls, which were hanging on the kitchen wall, NEXT TO THE FUCKING DINING TABLE.
  • Long, black velvet curtains – every window initially came with blinds when they moved into the property. No idea where they are, but they have been replaced with thick velvet curtains that drag across the floor. It reminded me of the Adam’s Family.

To each their own, I guess!

Really, I don’t care how people live as long as their hygiene and cleanliness is of a reasonable standard.

It should come as no surprise to learn that while I was showing the prospective tenant around the property, I was drowning in embarrassment. As we entered each room, I was mortified by the prospect of what might appear, and I think he may have felt the same. In some weird and wonderful way, we bonded that day. I’m sure it’s a day neither of us will ever forget.

I was actually thinking there is no way this dude – or any other human – would want to rent this junkyard, while hoping that he could see past the clutter, and focus on the potential space. But that seemed like a tall order for any mere mortal with partially functioning vision. I’m sure he’s gone for good, but the memories will last forever.

Anyways, there was NO WAY ON GOD’s GREEN EARTH I was going to take photos of that monstrosity!!

So the plan now is to wait until my tenant vacates with his junk and ill-fitting props. Fortunately, I didn’t plan on taking anymore viewings until my tenant vacated because I plan on undergoing mild restoration in the kitchen.

Don’t suppose this has happened to anyone else?

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jools 24th June, 2010 @ 09:34

My letting agent took on a house that was recently vacated due to a bereavement and the family wanted to rent it. I saw a picture of this place and it was pure 60's/70's complete with white plastic moon chairs, laminate cupboards and surfaces in wiered colours, psychodelic lampshades et al. Soda syphons, bowl champagne glasses

The family were going to clear the place until we suggested they market 'as is - a retro delight'. Place went within 3 days for more rent than a similar 'normal' property!

No accounting for taste!


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 24th June, 2010 @ 10:10

hahaha @ retro delight. Nice spin!

At least that place had a theme and consistency - I don't have that luxury!

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Pauline 26th June, 2010 @ 19:48

I think you should be in your knees every night, saying a prayer of thanks that your tenant paid his rent on time, kept the place in good condition and was clean in his habits. Taste comes a long way down the list.

I was talking to my chum the estate agent today and she told me about a house they recently sold.

It had previously been let out. The landlord took the view that if the rent was paid on time, the tentants could do pretty much as they liked.

She said the carpet was like the ones in a very down-market pub, where your feet stick to the carpet as you walk. And apparently the tenants bought a pig, thinking it was some small, domesticated thing that they could keep in doors. Of course, if was just an ordinary pig, so as it grew, they built a sty in the garden (small terraced house in a built up area). But they also used to let the pig come into the house and there were bits of straw and pig-poo through the house.

When they moved out, the landlord did very little to the place but still wanted a top price for it and wondered why people were put off.

Funnily enough, I had noticed it on the Estate Agent's website and wondered why it wasn't moving. Now I know why.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 26th June, 2010 @ 22:06

Hey Pauline,

Don't get me wrong, my tenant was great. I'm extremely grateful that he paid rent on time and kept the place clean. And you're right, taste does come a long way down the list. However, I just wanted to highlight the problems bad taste can cause a landlord!

I think the example you highlighted picks at a very common mistake landlords make - they believe everything is ok as long as the tenant pays rent on time! It's an extremely naive approach. A lot of landlords have been stung by tenants that put down several months of rent in advance just to keep the landlord happy and away from the property. In the mean time, tenants have been farming cannabis in the properties. It's becoming more and more common!

But that's why it's important to always perform quarterly inspections!

Keeping a pig in the property, that's the first time I've heard that one :)

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Pauline 26th June, 2010 @ 22:22

Yup - it was definitely a wipe-your-feet-on-the-way-out property !

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TML 12th July, 2010 @ 07:14

And the problem is?

What the tenant does with the property while they pay their rent is up to them. They also have no obligation (no matter what the tenancy agreement says) to allow you access for viewings. So what you do is wait until tenant leaves, and then take whatever photos you need of an empty property (thus making it look bigger).

You don't want a void? Then be greatful the tenant let you do viewings and stop moaning about something that is b**ger all to do with you.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 12th July, 2010 @ 08:28

So, after writing an entire post on what "the problem is", and using the title, "My Tenant’s Disgusting Taste In Furniture Has Ruined My Life" you still ask the brain dead question of what the problem is.

To make it clear, I never disputed:
1) my tenant doesn't have the right to decorate the place how he pleases
2) my tenant "HAD" to allow me to take viewings.

And NO, what the tenant does with the property while they pay the rent is NOT up to them, hence why there are terms and conditions in the Tenancy Agreement.

Now, because you were focusing your time on trying to "attack me", your simple mind managed to fabricate the situation with shit that is completely inaccurate.

Simply, my tenant's taste in furniture has delayed the "old to new tenant" transition, which isn't ideal for ANY landlord. If that's too difficult to comprehend (which it clearly is), then I can't help you.

Quit wasting my time, idiot.

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TML 12th July, 2010 @ 11:14

Thanks for your kind words, I am pleased you agree that your tenant was being generous to allow you to do 'viewings' and that you are obviously very grateful to him/her for doings so - possibly saving you a few weeks worth of rent void.

I am not really sure why you say that your "tenant doesn't have the right to decorate the place how he pleases" as this wasn't what I suggested, indeed quite the opposite. So long as the property is returned to you in the same condition it was in when you let it (less wear and tear) then he can do what he wants in the mean time - build furniture out of empty Pizza Boxes if that is his whim! It's the principle of exclusive occupation and (in it's legal, not literal sense) quiet enjoyment. It is all well and good having terms in your agreement that insist the tenant can only have decor and furniture that you like - but not everyone can afford 'classy furniture' and not everyone will share your tastes. Sure, the terms may be there, but in the real world they are unenforceable and therefore a waste of ink.

I do, of course, realise that you do not want a void betwen lets. Who would? But you are ranting about something that is pointless. You can't do anything about it, the tenant isn't doing anything wrong. So live with it, put a plan together to deal with it, or suffer a coronary before your time.

Sadly, you have no idea of my inteligence, other than a single forum post, so it may be a little early to make the blanket statement of calling me an idiot. On the other hand, I have had a little time since my first post to study some of your other pages.....

I look forward to commenting on some of your other posts shortly - just as soon as I can put some reasoned and intelligent observations together. I think you'll like my new pseudonym.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 12th July, 2010 @ 12:00

Dear God. Read what i said properly...

To make it clear, I never disputed:
1) my tenant doesn’t have the right to decorate the place how he pleases
2) my tenant “HAD” to allow me to take viewings.

So the fact you failed to read the words in front of you properly, again...has made you the idiot again. Well done.

Sorry, you were talking about your intelligence. Please, continue...

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Twattybollocks 12th July, 2010 @ 12:06

You go girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Landlords Pet Idiot 12th July, 2010 @ 12:39

To make it clear, I never disputed:
1) my tenant DOESN'T have the right to decorate the place how he pleases

So you dispute the tenants right to redecorate? I thought this section of your first post was a humerous typo - but you have repeated it verbatim - not a typo, it is obviously what you think.

You are wrong - and some day a tenant will stand up to you and explain just what your rights - and his - are.


Of course, if I have mis-interpreted your meaning, I apologise. When I went to school double-negatives equalled a positive. However, language evolves and it may now be different - perhaps my English isn't what it was. Maybe one of us needs an english language course at night school!

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Landlords Pet Idiot 12th July, 2010 @ 20:24

Sorry about the link - it works for me.

Friends again? Until the next time ;)

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Sandra Watson 11th June, 2021 @ 08:10

My new tenant has covered the once charming stone paver back yard in astroturf including a small raised flower bed.

I suppose its tidy but its also aesthetically nauseating!

















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