Landlord Maintenance & Home Emergency Cover Insurance

Landlord Maintenance, Emergency & Boiler Cover Insurance

What is Landlord Maintenance & Home Emergency Cover Insurance?

Some landlords call it a gift from the high Heavens, others stroll by it like it’s withering banana peel on the side of the road.

So that begs the question, do YOU really need it?

And how much does it cost?

Let’s talk about it…

“Landlords are parasites, they do bugger-all and just get someone else to pay off their mortgage!!”

I WISH that was the case! Perhaps I wouldn’t be such a miserable sack of potatoes then.

I lost count of the times I’ve had to deal with maintenance issues requiring an active response, and even more active wallet, a very long time ago.

To add insult to injury, it’s a given that everything, including the kitchen sink, falls to pieces at the worst possible time. I’ve frequently dealt with maintenance issues during holidays, and even worse, during the latter end of the year when the weather takes a turn for the worst, and apparently getting hold of a unicorn is more likely than a plumber.

So with that in mind, please kindly welcome Maintenance & Emergency Insurance– a landlord insurance policy designed to ease the pain of all of our maintenance and emergency woes. So appealing is the idea of not having to deal with emergency maintenance issues (e.g. leaking pipes, boiler breakdowns, electrical issues), these wonderful little policies have become quite the attraction among the landlord community.

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What is landlord Maintenance & Emergency Insurance?

While there isn’t a shortage of Maintenance & Emergency insurance plans available, ranging from bog-standard to comprehensive, they generally include the following:

  • 24-hour helpline for your tenants to call in the case of a covered emergency (e.g. gas, electricity, water, leaks, security of doors and windows etc)
  • Quick response time to assist with emergencies by qualified contractors
  • Covers up to a certain amount of costs for each incident
  • Unlimited callouts
  • Labour + Parts

Note, these policies won’t cover general maintenance, ’cause you ain’t buying a handyman service e.g. someone won’t pop over to apply a lick of paint to your tired old front door. These policies are for emergencies and breakdowns e.g. boiler repairs and pipe leaks!

How much does Landlord Maintenance & Emergency Insurance cost?

Prices can vary depending on the level of service you require, but a ballpark figure is £20 – £25 per month. However, it really, really, really does vary depending on the amount of coverage you want.

Here are some reputable providers and an example of their mid-tier policies, that tick a few sweet-ass boxes…

Landlord Maintenance & Emergency Insurance Cover


TrustPilot Reviews
‘Home Plus’ Plan
  • No excess or call-out fee
  • Annual boiler service
  • Landlord gas safety inspection
  • Gas boiler & controls
  • Central heating system
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Home electrics
  • Taps, toilets & drains
  • Unlimited number of call-outs
  • No limit on the value of each repair including all parts and labour

More packages and options available from Your Repair, starting from £12 per month.


No excess fees

£33Inc VATPer month

More Info
15% Discount Code: PVL15


TrustPilot Reviews
Your Home Plan
  • No excess or call-out fee
  • Annual boiler service
  • Landlord gas safety inspection
  • Gas Boiler & controls repairs (radiators, cylinders, or valves related to your central heating)
  • Wider Central heating
  • Plumbing
  • Drains
  • Home electrics
  • Includes all parts and labour
  • Unlimited number of call-outs
  • 90% of call-outs within 24 hours (including evenings & weekends)

More packages and options available from Hometree, starting from £17.45 per month.


No excess fees

£42.49Inc VATPer month

More info
10% Discount Code: AFF10


TrustPilot Reviews
‘Landlord Home Care’ Cover
  • No excess or call-out fee
  • Boiler Breakdown
  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Central Heating System
  • External Plumbing & Drainage
  • Internal Plumbing & Drainage
  • Electrical Emergency
  • Home Security
  • Pest Control
  • CP12 Certificate
  • 24 Hour Call Outs
  • 24 Hour UK Helpline
  • Unlimited Call Outs
  • Unlimited Claims (up to £1,000 per claim including parts & labour)

More packages and options available from 24/7 Home Rescue, starting from £11.99 per month.


No excess fees

£44.99Inc VATPer month

More Info

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each supplier up-to-date, but you should read the T&C’s from their website for the most up-to-date information.

1) When getting a quote, ensure you check if there is an excess fee! The policies listed above have NO excess, but you can get the same policy for a lower cost if you’re happy to pay an excess when making a claim.

2) Most suppliers will offer a saving if you pay one year upfront, as opposed to monthly!

3) Annual gas safety check (CP12 Certificate) is worth approximately £70 by itself.

Maintenance & Emergency Package on steroids?

I’m going to throw a bit of a curve ball your way. Brace yourself. is one of UK’s most reputable and popular online letting agents, and they happen to offer a package which I’ve not seen offered elsewhere. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium management package, including maintenance & emergency insurance. But surprisingly, that’s not the show stealer, it’s in fact the “Rent on time” feature, which is an insurance policy that guarantees you’ll be paid rent on time every time, even if your tenant is late or falls into arrears. It’s kind of like Rent Protection Insurance, only better, because you don’t need to go through a tedious claims process before you’re paid.

I don’t know how to describe it, other than an extremely robust package which is sure to appeal to any landlord that wants all their bases covered, and wants to make life easy as possible.

Anyways, thought I’d mention it, in case anyone is looking for a Maintenance & Emergency Package on steroids. Details below!

Complete Protection Package
Letting AgentRatingTermIncludes / NotesPrice
Google Reviews
12 months
Includes / Notes

Complete package

This is for those that want complete peace of mind, from repairs & maintenance management to guaranteed rent on time (even if your tenant doesn't pay).

  • Key features
  • Tenant-find service
  • Rent collection
  • Rent protection / guarantee
  • Repairs & maintenance management
  • Eviction support
  • Legal compliance & assistance
  • Complete rent cover (Rent always paid to you on time - even if the tenant doesn't pay!)
  • Complete rent cover (Rent always paid to you on time - even if the tenant doesn't pay!)
  • Money-back guarantee - let you property in 28 days or get a full refund of your setup fee.
More details

More features included

  • 2 x tenant references
  • Deposit registration
  • Digital Contract Maker
  • Legal & eviction cover
  • Rent payment recovery
  • Property damage protection
  • Criminal prosecution defence
  • Contract disputes protection
  • Deposit dispute assistance
  • Repairs & maintenance management
    • Recording and responding to property issues
    • Obtaining competitive quotes
    • Instructing contractors
    • Monitoring progress
    • Confirming job completion

*Payment Options

£149 upfront setup fee, and then either:

  • Annual payment option (£240 saving): 4% rent + £1188 (equivalent to £99 per month) inc. VAT deducted from initial rent
  • Monthly payment option: 4% rent + £119 per month (inc. VAT) deducted from monthly rent

Portfolio landlord discounts available, ranging from 10-50% off monthly subscription fees. Book a call to discuss.


Discount available

PER MONTH*4% rent +£99 Inc VAT

FIRST YR TOTAL4% rent +£1327Discount included

Visit WebsiteBook a call to discuss£10 Discount Code: PIP10

Do Landlords need Maintenance & Emergency Insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement or anything like that. It’s 100% optional. So in that sense, it’s hard to make an argument for “needing” it.

However, whether it will save you money and/or provide convenience is another question altogether, and it’s those very possibilities that make Maintenance & Emergency Insurance very popular among landlords.

I obviously can’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t splurge on this type of insurance, because the reality is, it is a luxury But what I can say is that if any of the following sounds remotely appealing, it might be worth considering:

  • One point of contact for emergencies, saving you from having to source and negotiate with different contractors
  • Avoid delays in getting repairs attended to (tenants will likely appreciate it)
  • 24/7 maintenance assistance
  • No additional charges for labour and parts (excess may apply on claims)

Objectively, I honestly don’t know what’s not to like, especially for long-distance/overseas landlords, so the issue usually boils down to a combination of the following:

  • Price (duh!)
  • Value. As in, are you going to realistically benefit from all the fab perks? For example, if you’re a proud owner of a modern property with new/reliable products (which often are already covered by their own warranties and guarantees), insurance may not make sense. But if you’re frequently shelling out on maintenance fees, or if you simply the reassurance of knowing you won’t have to go through the agonising pain of having to tracking down local tradesmen to quickly resolve problems (e.g. a burst pipe or broken boiler)… this could be the solution for you.

If you’re aggressively scratching your head and contemplating whether Maintenance & Emergency Insurance is worth it for you, perhaps it’s worth bearing in mind that you can always cancel your policy after a year (or two) if you feel it’s not pulling its weight.

(Of course, it’s Sod’s Law that as soon as you cancel it you’ll need it).

So over to you.

Why it’s important to deal with maintenance issues efficiently in rentals

I shouldn’t really to do this, but I will.

Many landlords have this terrible misconception that delaying or completely avoiding emergency maintenance issues, particularly when it involves gas, water and electricity, is a money-saving tactic that preserves cash flow. It’s not. In fact, it does the complete opposite, hence the utter misconception.

While human decency and morals should be enough to encourage every warm blooded landlord to take hold of their obligations by providing their tenant with a safe and clean environment, it’s sadly not always enough. So here are a few other reasons…

  • Increases tenant turnover
    Providing poor service will likely increase tenant turnover.

    In reality, it’s usually more cost effective to resolve maintenance issues quickly as opposed to forcing tenants to wave the white flag and surrender their tenancy.

  • Problems can manifest
    Generally, problems don’t get better with time. For example, a broken boiler is not like a glass of red wine, it won’t get better with age; it’s not going to progressively start improving its heating efficiency. On the contrary, it’s more likely to deteriorate day-by-day until it has nothing left to offer.

    It’s usually always better for the wallet to attend to gas and electrical issues before they manifest into serious problems.

  • Legal obligation
    It’s amazing (and scary) how many landlords either fail to remember or simply don’t care that it’s their legal obligation to keep their property in proper working order, that includes water, heating, gas and electricity.

    Needless to say, failing to comply can lead to hefty penalties and even imprisonment.

  • Tenant safety
    Ah, and finally, we arrive at the most important reason of them all.

    By failing to meet your legal obligations to repair and maintain your property, particularly in emergencies, you could be putting your tenant in danger. The consequences of that could be fatal… and unbelievably expensive, not to mention irreversible!

  • Creates bad relationship with tenant
    There’s nothing worse than a sour tenant/landlord relationship, it makes everything infinitely more difficult.

    One sure-fire way of creating tension between you and your tenant is by failing to maintain and repair. And believe me, a disgruntled tenant can do a lot more damage to your pocket than you could ever do to theirs.

Do you need anymore convincing? No? Good.

Do I need Maintenance & Emergency Insurance if I use a letting agent?

So, this is an interesting point of contention.

If you’re already paying through the nose for a property management service, do you actually need Maintenance & Emergency Insurance?

While they’re not mutually exclusive services and clearly serve different purposes, there are definitely some overlaps. For example, management companies manage maintenance and emergencies, and usually source their own contractors. So in practice, landlords should get the same level of convenience.

However, I do want to list a few differences between the two, and admittedly, by doing so I won’t necessary give you any real direction, but hopefully I will provide food for thought:

  • Generally, management companies won’t get you the best rates for maintenance work.
  • Maintenance & Emergency insurance includes callouts, and can also include labour and parts. Nothing is usually included when a management company deploys a contractor, and those bills can quickly add up to gut-wrenching amounts.
  • I’ve heard of many cases whereby management companies will only use their own contractors, so if you’re not happy with the quote for any work, it’s hard to get out of it. This will of course be dependent on the terms of agreement with the management company, but it seems to be a common restriction.

So what are your options?

  • Stick with your management company (especially if you’re happy with how they have dealt with maintenance issues in the past)
  • Stick with your management company and get a Maintenance & Emergency Insurance to supplement the overall management (it’s best to discuss this with your agent to determine how this would work in practise, or if it’s even possible)
  • If you primarily use a management company to handle matters of maintenance, it might be worth replacing them with Maintenance & Emergency Insurance instead.

Top tips for buying your landlord Maintenance & Emergency Insurance

  • Inform your insurer of any changes of circumstance – Insurers are notorious for finding ways to withhold from paying out when a claim is filed. If they can find a reason not to pay out, they will, so it’s in your best interest not to give them one.

    If there’s ever a change in circumstance which your insurer should be aware of, inform them immediately so they can update your policy. Failing to do so could invalidate your policy and impede on your right to take advantage of your fabulous policy!

  • Call-out limits – many policies cap the amount of call-outs you’re entitled to per year, so be aware of what your policy offers. If you anticipate large volumes of call-outs (based on historic events), you may want to opt for an unlimited call-out policy.

    That said, a limit of 8 call-outs per year (for example) can still save you a butt-load.

  • Parts/replacement coverage – be clear on what your policy covers, particularly when concerning part(s) replacements (e.g. new for old), as opposed to only covering the restoration of old/faulty parts.
  • System modification – check to see if all your appliances are covered despite any modifications that may have been made since the systems were first installed, as this is often used as an excuse for insurance companies to void claims/policies. Getting written confirmation is advised.
  • Keep switching – as with car insurance, you may want to look for quotes from the same or different supplier at the end of the fixed term. That way you’re more likely to benefit from the best deals, including introductory offers.
  • Boiler only plan – If you’re looking for a plan that only provides boiler coverage (which many landlords are, since boilers are arguably the most important and expensive appliance to maintain), then a comprehensive home emergency plan might be a tad over the top, in which case I recommend looking into Landlord Boiler Cover Plans!

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Guest Avatar
Mike 3rd February, 2016 @ 12:15

I think the only policy worth having is the full package including unlimited call out ,parts ,replacement new for old etc. That's the only way you know what you are paying for a whole year ie 12 x the monthly fee but obviously those policies have the highest monthly fees.
The problem with all the cheaper options is in effect you are signing a blank cheque as the cheaper plans have upper limits on coverage , and all it needs is an inexperienced tradesman to make the wrong diagnosis and do work /replace parts that doesn't need doing and you are footing the bill for everything above the policy limits.
It's also important to get in writing or by e mail, confirmation that you are covered despite any modifications that may have been done since the systems were first installed as this is often used as an excuse by them to not to pay out when you have a problem .

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 3rd February, 2016 @ 21:42

Great points, appreciated it.

I've added them to the blog post, under the "Important notes to remember" section.

The only part I'm slightly in disagreement with is the "unlimited call out" restriction. Having a limit of 8 call-outs (for example) per year can still be financially beneficial. I think it depends on whether you anticipate high-volume call-outs based on historic events e.g. old Victorian houses, which are often prone to breakdowns.

Thanks again!

Guest Avatar
nasreen ahmed 20th September, 2019 @ 16:52

i am looking for landlord home emergency cover not landlord insurance. Please get back to be with some comparison quotes
kind regards

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 21st September, 2019 @ 16:24

You can try 24/7 Home Rescue - they offer a range of landlord emergency plans.

Guest Avatar
Himanshu 10th April, 2020 @ 16:06

Was planning to take out boiler and other maintenance cover with Corgi but it states:

• The policy does not cover landlords or tenants, you must be the owner of the home.

I am the owner and a landlord - am I covered?

Does anyone know of a policy which covers multiple properties for maintenance?

Thanks for your help.

Guest Avatar
Eric 11th April, 2020 @ 09:10


It says the policy doesn't cover landlords. I'm presuming the cover you're looking at is for residential properties.

Guest Avatar
Daniel Tasker 22nd October, 2020 @ 16:42

Hi, how do I have the 15% discount code applied above, with Your Repair? "PVL15" I've asked them and they told me to refer back to this site but how/who do I contact?

















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