Angry DSS Tenant Walks Away Fuming

Angry Tenant Running Away

Another day, another bitter email from a dribbling Neanderthal that ruled out the “thinking” process before making contact.

I found the following email piled up in my inbox last week, or perhaps it was the week before. Either way, destiny intended for the nonsensical piece of shit to find me.


To whoever it may concern.

I have just read your ‘Tips for taking on DSS tenants’ and I am fuming!

Me and my husband claim DSS as he has just lost his job and as he is in trade he is finding it hard to find another!

We have 2 small children so I can’t go to work as we can’t afford childcare, but when there both in school I will go back to work!

My husband has been a joiner for 17 year so this is a massive blow for him and his pride!

I am disgraced that you have said all DSS tenants are irresponsible and we all take the piss!

Well I have news for you, some people don’t want to claim DSS but we have to to keep a roof over our childrens heads!

People like you need to be knocked down a couple of notches and find out just how hard it is for us to live day to day!

I agree with you on 1 thing though you are just a ‘simple landlord!’


Why is this psycho “fuming”?

Even though I just answered my own question, I’m still compelled to ask some vital questions that may help me understand the situation a little better. I don’t like things I don’t understand, and to say I don’t understand the reasoning behind Katie’s email is an understatement of epic proportions.

After I pissed my pants and recovered from the initial giggling fit the email generated, I asked myself, “What did I actually say in the ‘Tips for taking on DSS tenants’ blog post that was so offensive to DSS tenants?” – because I didn’t have a clue, but I was certain I never said any of the things she claimed.

I’ve written hundreds of brilliant blog posts over the years, so I can’t remember the exact content of them all from memory. But if the post title was any reflection of the content (it usually is, go figure), then there was my reason to be unsure of Katie’s irrational sentiments. If anything, that was one of my more positive blog posts about DSS tenants. She would haver probably had a nosebleed and passed out if she got her grubby little mitts onto my FACT: Landlords Refusing DSS Tenants Is Well Justified blog post. I’m inclined to believe that she was already at the brink of self-destruction, consequently needed someone innocent and beautiful to relieve her frustration over in the form of bullshit. But I wanted to make sure.

I quickly navigated to the blog post in question, Tips for taking on DSS tenants, and read over what I had written. If you can’t muster up the energy to read the post (don’t worry, I probably wouldn’t care enough if I were you), here is a summary…

Summery of the catalyst

Source: Tips for taking on DSS tenants

I mention how I don’t have a problem with DSS tenants, but I do have a problem with how the Government have designed a system which makes life difficult for any landlord that takes on DSS tenants. No, it’s not the DSS tenants (for the most part), it’s the system that isn’t functioning! And, in order for any landlord that is considering taking on DSS Tenants to stand the best chance against the system, they should be aware of a few elements.

Then I proceed to provide several tips to help landlords with DSS tenants. Some of the tips include, finding out the tenants rental history, ‘how’ and ‘if’ the DSS tenant can realistically pay the rent, and also for landlords to request their housing benefit to get paid directly to the landlord (it often goes to the tenant, who is then expected to pay the landlord).

I end the blog post by saying this,

DSS tenants are ultimately like any other tenants, they both come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a few rotten apples amongst all. However, there are just a few extra aspects landlords should know when taking on a DSS tenant. Don’t get me wrong, taking on DSS tenants can be extremely fruitful; I know a lot of landlords have no problems with taking on DSS tenants.

I will say one thing though, if the Government tightens up their system by offering landlords a better service, they’d be a hell of a lot more people willing to accept DSS tenants.

So, the question has to be asked, why is this semi-evolved, shit-throwing chimp “fuming”? I said DSS tenants are as worthy as any other tenant. I don’t think there was any negative light thrown onto tenants receiving benefits.

“I am disgraced that you have said all DSS tenants are irresponsible and we all take the piss!”

While this fruitcake was sitting there disgraced and hyperventilating like a moron over something I never said, I was sitting there, equally like a moron, scratching my arse in a state of confusion.

I’ve NEVER said what she suggested (read the blog post if you don’t believe me), but Katie still managed to make me question my own beliefs. I know for a fact I would NEVER have said anything like she implied because I 100% don’t think all DSS tenants are the same, yet she wrote her email with such conviction that it lead me to reread my blog post 4 times over just to make sure there was no truth in her words.

After repeatedly soaking myself in my blog post, it was obvious she didn’t read what was written in front of her, and her imagination went into autopilot and decided to waste my time and abuse the amount of memory my inbox is limited to. Science can learn a lot from someone that stupid. On that basis, I’m “fuming” – the tables have turned. I should be the one sending her hate mail smeared with feces.

“People like you need to be knocked down a couple of notches and find out just how hard it is for us to live day to day!”

I’m sure Katie is right, but what in God’s name would that prove/resolve (even if I did say all DSS tenants are scum bags)? I’m not denying the difficulty of anyone’s life, and I never have. In fact, I can very well imagine – given Katie’s proven intelligence – that her day-to-day life is a bloody nightmare. I imagine simple tasks like ciphering the difference between her strap-on and her husband’s penis is like a Krypton Factor challenge (I actually have no idea why I said that. I think I need sleep).

Point is though, wanting my life to get tougher so I can relate to her life has nothing to do with anything.

Final thoughts

I’m so bored of DSS tenants lunging at me because they didn’t bother properly reading what I wrote. Katie isn’t the first, and she won’t be the last. I’m bored of their premature statements like, “You should try living my life”- WHY should I? What is that going to change? Am I going to suddenly not-write what I already haven’t written, which you think I’ve written?

Some people, Katie for example, actually make it transparent to understand why some people receive benefits. I’m sorry, but when someone demonstrates how irrational and incompetent they are, they’re automatically showing me why they’re in the situation they’re in.

I genuinely don’t have the patience for people like Katie. If someone doesn’t agree with my opinion, they’re probably wrong, but that’s no justification for senselessly conjuring up scenarios because they’re too angry/lazy/stupid/ignorant to understand what’s written in front of them, and then argue over phantom “she said’s” and “he said’s”

Although Katie’s email contained zero credibility when it came to her “facts”, her apparent struggle was heart-warming and it’s something I never want to personally experience. That’s exactly why I’ve set up a charity, which I’ve named, “The united fight against being a benefit claimant.” All proceedings will support my lifestyle and ensure I never become a benefit claimant.


Please dig deep and donate generously to this worthy cause (the button actually works). Anyone that donates £2 or more will get an honourable shout out in this blog post. Anyone that donates £40 or more will receive a backlink in this post!

Right, I’m done. I’m off to go DSS bashing- that’s when I launch heavy, thick wads of £50 notes at DSS tenants until they’re knocked unconscious.

The Simple Landlord.

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Guest Avatar
Loz 31st August, 2011 @ 07:17

Ok, I'm lowering myself here but I have to ask...

"Me and my husband claim DSS as he has just lost his job and as he is in trade he is finding it hard to find another!

We have 2 small children so I can’t go to work as we can’t afford childcare, but when there both in school I will go back to work!"

If he's struggling for work as a joiner (I work in the construction industry and hence can appreciate that find working isn’t as easy as in the “good times”,) why doesn’t Katie and her excellent grammar (me and my husband? Shouldn’t it be my husband and I?) get some part time work, whilst the husband stays home and enjoys some time with the kids.

I know! Crazy idea and I possibly just don’t understand, but i just felt the urge to share!

Guest Avatar
Lou 31st August, 2011 @ 07:38

It did not get that either...
If hubby cannot get a job and is at home, why can't she get a job and the hubby look after the house and the kids?

My current DSS tenant is the best tenant i have had, due to the fact "she cannot work otherwise she loses her benefits and she is so bored that she is constantly cleaning the house!
The property has never looked so good with a tenant insitu!

Guest Avatar
Eric Dickinson 2nd September, 2011 @ 01:12

LOL that certainly gave me a good laugh. Good stuff. I agree btw :)

Guest Avatar
emma 4th September, 2011 @ 15:03

Although it must be a blow to anyone losing their job, winging and moaning about it won't put money in the bank and food in your childrens bellys.
Can't afford childcare - Well get a job working nights/weekends so that you can share childcare.
Because he's in a trade can't get another job - Well do another job until he finds one that would use his skills.
Too many people just seem to be sitting back and thinking "sod it, I'll go on benefits". There are jobs out there for those who want to work!!
If I lost my job tomorrow I'd go out and sweep the streets and clean toilets if it meant keeping a roof over my families heads.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 4th September, 2011 @ 19:52

Could agree more with the comments made!

There are jobs out there!! I remember when I first graduated from University with a degree (not a shitty one either), I was struggling to find a job immediately.

Instead of waiting around to find a job in the field I studied in, I got a full-time job as a waiter. I was earning minimum wage, but it didn't matter. I did that for 6 months until I got my break!

Guest Avatar
MrD 13th October, 2011 @ 13:12

I have been made redundant several times.
I have never claimed a penny in my life.

Last time I was made redundant, I simply started my own business.

O.K, so I didn't pay tax, but sui juris made that perfectly legal and lawful.
I'd rather avoid tax than beg money from the government!
Maybe my parents were backwards in teaching me that you don't get money for free.

I guess every society needs a bottom rung!

Guest Avatar
Pati 29th March, 2012 @ 00:26

since u find solutions to each and every problem, u might as well advise me, a dss tenant who is a single parent with child under 5 working for minimum pay a part time job i still need that hb to secure roof over our heads. or maybe if someone would rise a minimum pay to £12 an hour, or reduce rents to half of what landlords ask nowdays nobody who works would have to claim... just a thought...

Guest Avatar
Missy 4th May, 2012 @ 12:28


Guest Avatar
shikira 28th May, 2012 @ 16:28

Mr D,

You were a martyr to your own arrogance and the 'bottom rung' a less desirable place for many I agree.

The (very) and many wealthy I know had no option but to claim for benefits even though against their moral values: it helped them climb the ladder, not descend it. Yet, the world if full of hypocrisy isn't it?

Take a Landlord who pays their mortgage through loans and rent - how on earth do they excel in their professional capacity without the means to extract money from someplace other than their own pockets?

Not all Landlords are born into immediate wealth, yet a great many that aren't, certainly envisage themselves as multimillionaires just on the brink of dignitary expanse.

Guest Avatar
shikira 28th May, 2012 @ 16:50

Patti sweet,

No Landlord should discriminate you on the grounds of your income - wherever the money comes from. I don't have children, so can never understand the struggles you experience, yet once tried to get some Housing Benefit once I lost my job and waiting for money from other sources to come through. I had paid enough National In and so forth, yet unable to get anything due to the fact that I felt too ashamed to get Job Seeking Allowance back then.

I have met and known many people (even) those in great jobs, whose earnings were abundant, yet became homeless when their situations changed. I have met a Landlord who I liked really well and yet he allowed drugs and stuff to take place in the building/or ignored it happening?

You are amazing for bringing up your child the way you do as a single parent, no one can ever know how hard this can be for you nor judge your situation. If ever you need someone to talk to and need any legal advice regarding your tenancy, just email me and will be happy to do so.

Guest Avatar
Chrissie P 23rd August, 2012 @ 11:50

I dont think landlords discriminate on income.
im a landlord and to be honest i dont care where the money comes from as long as i get the rent.
My current DSS tenant is such a lovely woman and like i read above, because she is home all day my flat has not looked better. but unfortunately i have to sell the property and need her to leave.
what us landlords are bothered about is the way the system works. the council have advised her to carry on living there until i get a court order on her. again, i have nothing against her, she is only doing as she is advised. but because of this, i will never rent to another DSS tenant, ever. and a lot of other landlords are thinking along the same line.

















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