Sarah Beeny

I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Beeny for many years. I remember how captivated I was when Property Ladder used to appear on TV.

I don’t quite remember exactly when, but I’m sure she was one of many inspirations for getting into the game. The prospect of investing in property just seemed like fun… and profitable. How many of you got suckered in the same way?

Are you a Sarah Beeny fan? Want to know more about her? Well this could be the place for you. This archive is full of both useful and useless crap about the Beeny. But ultimately, it’s all relative.

Perhaps you’re a rabid fan of Channel 4’s Property Ladder, or perhaps you’re an undercover pervert that only knows her for her most admired assets (.)(.)’s. Fortunately, there is enough ongoing material on here to clench the thirst of both equally honourable fetishes.