Property Ladder With Sarah Beeny Is Back. Tell A Friend!

Sarah Beeny, Property ladder 2008Just a quick reminder for all you Beeny/Property Ladder fans, a new season kicks off tonight: 20:00, Channel 4. I was nicely reminded by one of my wonderful forum member’s. Which leads me to also remind you all that we’ll be continuing to get our claws out after each episode and get our bitch on in the property ladder forum. Last season proved to be quite entertaining, as a lot of our frustrated forum members (including myself) watched a lot of episodes with our hands over our eyes and mouths wide open, while witnessing a barrage of school boy developing errors. One case was particularly unforgettable; Property Ladder: 20th November- Chiswick; the developers tactics and taste was so bad that it nearly put the nation off property ladder for life. The developers heard the racket from over the pond, and decided to take a stab back at the comments made in our forum, in hope to walk away with some dignity. They failed, and their project was still ultimately shocking. On a brighter note, the forum thread made a great read.

Well, now it’s 2008; It should be an interesting season as the market was starting to get tough at the back of 2007. The market is unpredictable as ever, with house prices falling after a long lasting boom; more and more people are starting to back away from the market. My only hope is that more dumbass developers surface from under the woodworks thinking they know more than the Beeny. Lets face it, it’s the people that can’t (but think they can), who make the show most interesting.

Is there still money to be made in the property market? If so, there’s no better time for Sarah to guide developers through the choppy waters in a new series of Property Ladder.

I’m sorry, but the innocent male in me also has to mention that I’m looking forward to seeing Beeny’s late 2007/2008 look. I’m sure she won’t disappoint her many fans, unless she’s been under the chopper and removed her holiest of assets.

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m002008-04-14 20:55:26

You're right. I am wonderful.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2008-04-14 21:03:54

And modest too, I see :)

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Simon2008-04-17 07:12:44

I love the programme, have fancied sarah since the beginning.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord2008-05-08 08:42:39

We all have, Simon, we all have :)


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