The Basic Guide To DSS Tenants

With so many properties available to rent these days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for landlords to fill vacancies, consequently landlords are having to be more flexible than ever.

A lot of landlords, especially when looking for tenancy through an agent, get offered to house a DSS tenant. There’s a lot of controversy when it comes to DSS tenants; a lot of landlords just simply refuse to house them. In my opinion, a few bad apples have given all DSS tenants a bad reputation.

What is a DSS tenant?

DSS stands for Department of Social Security. It’s basically people that are receiving housing benefits from the council for either being unemployed, single parent etc. Essentially, the local council will give DSS tenants a monthly allowance for living expenses, which should contribute towards rent.

DSS is now DWP (Department for Work and Pensions)

DSS (Department of Social Security) is now officially known as DWP (Department for Work and Pensions). From a landlord’s perspectove, it’s essentially the same thing- it’s still people receiving benefits.

However, most people are still more familar with the term DSS. So i’m going to go with that, for the sake of ease and familiarity.

The DSS set-up process:

For a landlord, the setup process for a DSS tenant isn’t much different than taking on a regular private tenant. Most of the work is done “behind the scenes”

The viewing process is as normal; the DSS tenant will typically arrive at the property and take a viewing. If the prospective tenant likes the property, and an agreement is made with the landlord, then a Pre Tenancy Determination form needs to be completed and handed to the tenant’s housing officer. The only extra step required for taking on a DWP / DSS tenant is only that, to fill in a form or two.

The council will then determine the house value and then access the situation of the person requiring the rent and make a rental offer. Once this has been received and accepted on both sides, a regular Tenancy Agreement should be drawn up (the landlord is responsible for this).

At this point, the tenant’s housing officer will typically ask for a copy of the tenany agreement, or at least request to view it, at which point the process of setting up the payments will begin. Each local council operates slightly differently, some allow direct payments to the landlord, while others still pay directly to tenants.

Why landlords don’t want DSS tenants:

There are a lot of reasons why landlords refuse to house DSS tenants, but here are a few of the most common reasons why:

– Some local authorities have a claw-back clause, which the landlord must agree to if the landlord accepts housing-benefit tenants. This basically enables the local authority to claim back from landlord if any over-payments that may have been made to the tenant. i.e. if the authorities discover that the tenant has for example, been falsely/under declaring income or has taken black economy work etc. It will be the landlord’s responsibility to repay money the tenant may have falsely claimed.

– DSS tenants are entitled to a certain amount of allowance per month, which is dependent on individual circumstances. Some DSS tenants rent a property that actually costs more than their monthly allowance, so then there the tenant is required to pay the shortfall. So basically, the landlord could be looking to claim rent from two different sources per month, the council and the tenant. It can get a little confusing some times.

– DSS tenants generally have a bad reputation and that throws a lot of landlords off. A lot of landlords assume that because DSS tenants claim benefits, they must be doing something wrong.

– The landlord is not getting the rent paid by the tenant, the housing benefit are paying (unless there is a shortfall- then both parties are paying). In a lot of situations, it’s not even the DSS tenant that is causing the problems; it is in fact the council. It’s not unheard of for the money transfer to the landlord to go without teething problems to start with. Dealing with the local authorities can be rather tedious to say the least.

– Payments from the council are made in 4-week cycles. A lot of landlords prefer payment on a pcm (per calendar month basis).

– Common problems that landlords experience from DSS tenants are late payments, arrears, and mistreatment of property.

Advantages of housing DSS tenants:

– The council guarantees their tenants allowance payment. Private tenants don’t guarantee payment.

– Letting agents charge a lot of money to find landlords tenants. Going direct to the council for DSS tenants is completely free.

Things to remember:

– Landlord insurance for DSS tenants is available. This can cover any legal expenses and default on rent payments.

– It’s entirely up to the landlord who stays in his/her property. Often, a lot of letting agents will only offer DSS tenants; landlords shouldn’t feel pressured by the letting agent. A landlord has the right to stipulate that they only want private tenants.

– If a letting agent finds a DSS tenant, the landlord is entitled to meet the tenant before agreement to providing tenancy. It’s often a good idea to meet the tenant, so the landlord can make some decision based on instincts.

– it’s always better to get a DSS tenant with rental history, so you can check whether they’re good with payments.

– The landlord should always find out how much allowance the DSS is entitled to, so they’re fully aware if the tenant has to cover a shortfall (there is typically ALWAYS a shortfall a DSS tenant is expected to cover).

– Landlords have the option of going full-management with a letting agent. Full-management involves the letting agent handling everything- there is no need for the landlord to make any contact with the tenant.

This can be costly, but the letting agent will collect payments and chase up any problems. If the tenant has any problems, they will contact the agent directly, and then the agent will contact the landlord.

My personal experience and opinion:

I’ve personally given tenancy to DSS tenants in the past, and still am housing one. I’ve had one nightmare and one success story (my current DSS tenant).

I’m not promoting DSS tenants, and I’m definitely not saying that DSS tenants are perfect, but I’m saying DSS tenants are essentially no different than private tenants, besides from the payment set-up. There seems to be an awful myth that implies that private tenant can do no-wrong. At the end of the day, you can get bad private tenants and bad DSS tenants just as easily as you can get good.

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Jools 20th April, 2009 @ 14:22

I've been reading this link with great interest.

The problem is in order to facilitate change the councils have to listen and act but as we all know, councils work on a completely different plant to the normal person and normally have systems that dont talk to each other.

Somehow, soneone has to change the perception of the benefit claiming tenant. When I see DSS I immediately see CHAV. Completely wrong I know but there seems to be more of them than the honest hard working claimant. This recession will see more and more families breaking up and losing their homes and we have to find a way of ensuring that the landlord who looks after his properties and tenants is not left at the end of the month with no rent and a mortgage to pay. I know that there are terrible landlords out there who deserve to be shafted but in the same way all benefits claimants should not be stereo typed, the landlord needs the same respect.

How do you find a decent landlord? Word of mouth or recommendation is the best way I suppose.

Will I accept DSS - not until the councils pay me directly and I am indemnified from any overpayment clawback because the claimant's circumstances have changed. If you want to be different and impress me - write out a CV or give me reasons why I, as a private landlord, should accept you. I won't discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender etc - I just want to know how, at the end of the month, I am going to feed my own family. If I have paid £100k for a property - I am not going to put just anyone in there. I need to know that my investment is safe and is not going to be turned into a grow house or appear on youtube!

Maybe we can't change the attitude of the government or the councils but at least we may be able to understand where both sides are coming from!The old saying that you never get a second chance at making a first impression is as valid now as is was when the saying was first coined!



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jessica h 17th July, 2009 @ 15:10

I'am a single mum of one child and am workin part time and and also studyin,im a currentley in a council property which is in a poor state of repair i have not been offered any other house by the council and am only on priority,i am wantin to private rent but cant afford the months rent up front and also a bond do's anyone no any landlords what would be willin to accept housin benefit and be willin to come to a arrangement with the bond..

Guest Avatar
Michelle 20th October, 2009 @ 08:25

Hi everyone,

Myself and my partner have two children, we are currently in a council property in a really bad area. Been here for 4 years this month and it is unbareable. I have had no help what so ever from the council with reguards to a move, they are not interested and i am at my wits end. I have never rented a property privately before and don't really know hoe to go about it? I am currently in reciept of housing benefit as myself and my partner are finding it really hard to get decent job to support our kids. I have been searching online for 3 bedroom properties in my area (renfrewshire) but it's no use, most adverts for private lets are "NO DSS". I feel trapped with nowhere to turn. I'm desperate to get out of here. I am not a "chav/ned", "junkie/druggie", "alcoholic", etc. I am a mother who just wants a quiet life away from the riff raff, i do not belong here with the "undesireables". Please, if anyone knows of or is a landlord with a 3 bedroom house/flat in the Renfrewshire/Glasgow area and is letting at £500 pcm please let me know. Thank you. x

Guest Avatar
shaza 25th November, 2009 @ 10:28

i am single parent with 3 children and want to know if i move into a privet let how much the dss will pay for a 3 bedroom flat or house for me..

Guest Avatar
kris-hargreaves 4th December, 2009 @ 11:09

could anybody tell me what i would be entitled to from dss as a single person?

Guest Avatar
aaron.L 7th January, 2010 @ 04:00

Dose anyone know how much dss I would be intitled to as a single 21 year old ??? Please help

Guest Avatar
Twattybollcoks 7th January, 2010 @ 08:52

For fucks sake - don't be so damn lazy. Call your local councils housing benefit office and ask them!

If you have a serious question please ask it otherwise get off your fat lazy arses and find out yourself - no wonder DSS get such bad press!


Guest Avatar
Khalid 8th January, 2010 @ 10:43

I am a DSS tenants from 3 years ago and I am living in Edinburgh, now I want to move to London, somebody can tell me if my DSS can be transfer to London as a change of circumstance? or have I to do a new claim?

Thanks a lot.

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 8th January, 2010 @ 11:35


Once again, pick up the phone and contact the London borough you wish to move too. They will be able to let you know. Given that Scotland has it's own parliament I doubt it though.

If you found this site then its not too much of stretch to actually find the telephone numbers you want.


Guest Avatar
9999 16th February, 2010 @ 19:43

hi im 21 and woundering ho much dss i would get with non dependants??

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 17th February, 2010 @ 08:13


Read the above, pick up the phone and call your local housing benefits office at the council you lazy fuck!


Guest Avatar
Mdog 24th February, 2010 @ 20:14


Ive recently seperated from my partner. I have moved out but there is no mortgage on the property as it is owned by a family member who purchased the property short term, whilst we were arranging a mortgage.

My question is, will the DSS pay the rent to the family member ?? Or will my partner have to sell ??

Guest Avatar
miss E 5th April, 2010 @ 13:10

hello how do i find out how much dss im entitled to for a property to rent im a mother of two my partner is disabled in a wheel chair and needs constant caring, council will not rhouse me so considering private renting.

Guest Avatar
Natalie 6th April, 2010 @ 16:20

at the very most, how much is one person entitled to DSS a month?

Guest Avatar
Nikki 21st April, 2010 @ 19:47

Its no wonder landlords see many DSS tenants as a bad thing when they can't even take the simple advice of picking up a phone and making their own enquieries!

Peeing them off even more by continuing to ask the same question is just childish and will never change peoples opinions! If ever there is going to be changes to bad attitudes against DSS tenants, it is on sites like this where opinions can be voiced by both sides!

Pick up the phone and ask!

Guest Avatar
lisaq 22nd April, 2010 @ 14:40

@ twatty your name says everything you silly cow grow up these people are asking for help and all you can do is talk shit get a fucking job you fat horrible cunt :)

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 22nd April, 2010 @ 15:12


OooooooooH - potty mouth!

If they can use a computer and the internet they can find the number of their local authority who will know exactly what they are entitled to. Not rocket science. We will do our best to help people but, for fucks sake, lets get them of their lazy arses first and at least TRY to find out themselves what their beneift entitlements are. Why the fuck should I try to help someone like 9999 or Natalie when they obviously can't be arsed trying to find out the most basic of questions themselves first.The government calls it 'Empowerment'!

So, before you start having a go why don't YOU answer their questions? Could it be because you are as thick as they are? If you are going to try to insult me do try to make it more interesting and expresive than "you fat horrible cunt", cos it really does not bother me! Be expansive in your insults - use the wonderful language available to you - be like Shakspere and set yourself free.

Heres one for you: May you develop a yeast infection in your secret lady garden and lose the use of your arms so you can't scratch it! See what I mean? Or "may maggots of a dead cockroach infest your arsehole" I do like this - beats having a go at the munters.

Now, off you go little girl and YOU try to help the fuckwits above.

Love Twatty.

PS - You on DSS too?

Guest Avatar
Nikki 22nd April, 2010 @ 17:20

fao twattybollocks

Why are you wasting time renting out houses...your talents are wasted! There are politicians who can't come up with witty comeback like the lady garden statement etc.

They would probably pay loads for someone who with that sort of mentality...although you would probably have to tone it down a bit....can't see Gordon Brown telling David Cameron he hopes maggots of a dead cockroach infest his arsehole... well not in public anyway!

I find it difficult to agree with many of the landlords statements on here, but I know that it can be frustrating from your point of view too, especially if people can't even take a bit of advice... all I ask is don't tar all of us who are in need of help from the DSS with the same brush!

I have nothing but contempt for many of my past landlords, as I have been the one who ended up taking them to court for their the reality is, even tenants can get peed off at times and with just as good a reasons as landlords seem to think they have for slagging off all DSS tenants!

Remember, just because a person owns some property, it doesn't always make them the ones with the better morals...hence the reasons why legislations were and still are being introduced to protect tenants from rogue landlords!

Hopefully one day someone will see sense somewhere in the government and make Housing Benefit more simplified and then life can be made easier for everyone, but until then maybe its time to get something sorted to highlight the problems from both sides in order to show the morons who run the benefits departments just how poor their systems can be!

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 22nd April, 2010 @ 17:49


You my friend seem to be the one who should be an elected official. Eloquent, to the point and you like my musings. I'd vote for you!!

Seriously, if people like you and I could get together and talk then I am sure there would be a way forward. I totally agree, believe it or not, that the tenancy should be based upon fact and not fiction, and that every case should be treated on it's own merits. Unfortunately the genuine cases get lumped in with the detritus (thats general crap and rubbish Lisaq, just to save you putting down your bottle of white lightning to find out - what am I talking about - you wont have a dictionary and you won't have understood the irony!).

I agree about the morals comment however the tables have turned somewhat and the legislation is now protecting the rogue tenants! I too agree that if the Landlord is an idiot he/she deserves everything they get. I spend a lot of money and time on Landlord Accreditation and Development yet the councils still insist on legislating across the board which costs even more money whilst the rouges get away with it. The new HMO licensing scheme is so expensive because the landlords who undertake the renovations to improve their accomodation are funding the finding and so called prosecution of the rogues! Barmy!

So, what should we do? How do we get the interested parties talking and I mean those deserved parties. How do we screen them out from the rest and cherry pick the good ones? Someone is bound to say they are being discriminated against!


PS that last post really took it out of me! I myself was impressed with the secret ladygarden comment!

PPS Don't get me started on politicians..............

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 22nd April, 2010 @ 17:52

Actually, I should have used the insult "May you develop a yeast infection that would bake a thousand loafs in your secret lady garden and lose the use of your arms so you can't scratch it!

That's much more Shakspereian wit!

TB ;-)

Guest Avatar
Nikki 22nd April, 2010 @ 18:47

Hi Twatty,

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I would be awful as an elected official! I am the type of person who avoids political wranglings if I can help it, although I do end up being pulled into many discussions where I struggle to avoid them.

When I have a little bit more time I will sit and write a full response to your reply, but at the moment, I have a lot of studying I should be doing and my intention to take an hour out to relax for a while has drawn me onto here, only to get involved in more discussions!
This is part of the problems of being unemployed...
not enough to keep my mind occupied, so I end up trying to find things to do, but nearly always end up finding it hard to switch off! After all, there is only so much time you can spend watching the Simpsons on tv, before you start thinking like Homer! Doh!

It will be interesting to see if we can come up with something practical in order to sort out some of the issues we have mentioned. I certainly think it is something which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Unfortunately it is time for me to go and do something productive again and get some more studying done.


Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 23rd April, 2010 @ 16:38

Today is the great Bard William Shakspere's Birthday (and some would say death day) and I have had a brain storm.

I've decided to run a competition to find whoever comes upwith the most original insult. I don't care what you call me as long as it's original, expressive and descriptive. Don't want to be called a cunt - been called it too many times and it's a bit boring now. Same with twat, knob, dickhead, arsehole, doe eyed limpwristed donut puncher and cocksucker.

Will make a donation to 'Shelter' for the most original! Go on Lisaq - you know you want to......................Go ahead punk, make my day.

Twattybollocks. ;-)xx

Guest Avatar
Nikki 23rd April, 2010 @ 17:59

Official insult a landlord! Such an opportunity for anyone with built up frustrations to scream and shout at someone and it has a positive result, with a donation to Shelter!

I really wish I could think of something to put on here, but alas, I am just not that type of person. I am sure that given time though, there are many people who will oblige and hopefully your efforts to relieve peoples frustrations will be recognised.

Good luck!


Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 24th April, 2010 @ 15:25

Wot no one up for it?

Go on Nikki - just a little one to start off! It wont bother me - honest.

Bet if I was a politician you could do it!!

TB ;-)

Guest Avatar
Nikki 24th April, 2010 @ 15:56

If you were a politician, it wouldn't be insults I was wanting to throw at would be a brick! Politicians are the scum of the Earth and should all be slowly tortured to the point of death, healed till well again, then tortured again...just to give them a taste of what I think of these Power hungry morons deserve! Most of them couldn't even manage their way into a pack of crisps, let alone manage to run a country!

Its really strange, because I know you are asking for someone to come up with an insult and at this point in time, I genuinely cannot come up with anything original to throw at you. I guess I am not used to being given the option so freely and it has caught me off guard! And considering I am usually quite good in an environment where I have to think quickly and come up with fast answers, I am a little worried I am losing my touch!

Guest Avatar
tracey 19th May, 2010 @ 21:30

omg reading all this made me laf people are asking for help and all some of you are doin is calling them and pulling them down for god sake grow up the lot of u if u want to know how much rent u will get from the dhss go on this site and it will tell u theres no need for all the NASTY ness grown bloody up all of u !!!!!!!!!!

Guest Avatar
El Barto 10th June, 2010 @ 17:16

Here's the trouble with the label of being a DSS tenant - I live in a street of privately owned flats. It's a first-time-buyers' street though, so that must mean low on the private let scale, and so target for DSS placement. I have four neighbours dropped on me who are benefit claimants, and three of them are better described as tax thieves. Air thieves in fact. Not working, unemployable, foul mouthed trash, real underbelly of society. And of course they attract their beastfriends from the scummy now-torn-down housing estate from where they dragged themselves. 13 Year old girls barfing in the street, cars with apparently no exhausts, people doing the Methodone Stagger on Boots Handout Day. And for some reason they think it's OK to sit at their front windows gawping at everything outside. Jesus Christ.

And of course, the now rusted and weed-overgrown baby-swing in the front garden. Do these losers get a fucking manual on Stereotypical Loser Householding?

Uh oh, I've dropped the F-bomb. Should I edit it out... Nah, I'll keep it. It was well placed I felt.

These are my experience of what happens when benefit recipients move in. Did you hear that thump? Yep, that was our property values falling on their arse around here.

Reading down this thread, there's a few of exactly the same mold have posted here. People who write this kind of way: "How much iz I guna get fuh muh numerous kidz lol and me roflmao to livez in a streetz fo free wif doze ppl who iz wurkin for a mortgage thoze foolz why wd anywun work? lolololz hahahah" I thank Sweatybollocks for saying a lot of what needed to be said about those ones.

But now we come to Neighbour #4. A single middle-aged guy, a great fellow and a good neighbour. Of the old school where you actually give a shit about keeping your building and grounds in good shape. He's been here for many years, and he's been a perfect neighbour. He's had a few jobs over the years, and had a few periods of benefits. I welcome him to our building. I'd be sad if he left. I see plenty of folks posting who are polite and perfectly literate, and these must be the people like my Neighbour #4. There's those others who I'm actualy a bit surprised are able to use a computer at all going by their failure at basic English. Ah, maybe you can post on forums from the X-Box now. That would explain them.

Anyway, there you go. Three out of four nearby neighbours I'd love to see the 20p for a police-issue bullet spent on, one who's a brilliant, considerate and well mannered neighbour. This is what I see around me, so this is how my opinion is formed of private letting to DSS claimants.

OK, I'm done.

El B.

Guest Avatar
gaz 7th July, 2010 @ 06:30

lol i had to laugh at the retard at the top sayin hes ill and can work wonder how far hes go changing the law pmsl

Guest Avatar
Jaime Marie Lawrie 5th August, 2010 @ 11:34

Looking for a property to rent in Edinburgh and will be claiming housing benefit due to long term illness. I am an extremely clean and tidy female who will look after the property and maintain it to a high standard if required. Can anyone point me in the right direction to let a property that isn't a dump. Max. £500 pcm. Must be in good decorative order. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Guest Avatar
rennie 31st August, 2010 @ 10:11

mmmm very interesting. I think what you all have to remember is there are all kinds of people who claim dss. Myself a single working mum who has worked her whole life. but due to the fact ive i had to move 200 miles with my 5 yr old. has had to give up my job. so will have to claim dss till i find a job n have settled my little girl into school etc !!!! omg yes a single mum who puts her child first and her well being before hitting the grind of 9 till 5.

you all disgust me with your attitudes towards single mums ........ just because we arnt part of a couple dosnt mean we are the scum of the earth!! Iam hating not being able to work , but that what i have to do till i find a job, And a private let is our only option of housing as the council would put us in a bnb for god knows how long till the house us .....and this is just not good enough for a child ...myself yes i could cope but not a child! but again with landlords hating dss, wont have much luck i can see. oh and have been in a private let for 2 yrs in fife with no problems ..and a landylady who is an angel.

Guest Avatar
Andy 17th September, 2010 @ 21:31

I am a Landlord and have had many tenants but I can say that any DSS tenants that would bother reading or writting comments on a website like this are clearly not the type of tenant that most Landlords would worry about. A couple of my DSS tenants have let the property be flooded and burned around them before ringing the Landlord to let him now of an issue.
With reference to the Single mothers comments I have found them to be the most reliable tenants and would rather have a single mother than a young male tenant any day of the week.

Guest Avatar
soggie 74 28th September, 2010 @ 13:36


Guest Avatar
Beth 30th September, 2010 @ 21:50

well I am a student living in a shared house, and boy these guys on dss are very very scary so I am moving out. they dont wash, drink, smoke all day, bring back unsavoury characters who will propbably nick the tv. Also they moan alot about their self induced circumstances of not being finding work or having little money, whilst in reality doing very little about it. then i suspect it's all beer talk, eh? in addition to my studies I work 2 jobs as a cleaner (mon-fri mornings/evenings, sometimes weekends) so please dont tell me there are no jobs!There are if you wish to find them, trouble with the benefit system is that it produces champagne socialists and a culture where able people become dependant, whilst those in genuine need are often ostracized. Thank God that David Cameron is going to kick a lot of asses! As Norman Tebbit famously said "My father couldn't find work in his town, so he got on his bike and rode to the next town until he found work!"

Guest Avatar
annon 14th September, 2011 @ 13:46

I'm a single parent. Not by choice..after dealing with an ex-husband having muliple affairs..he was off..leaving me in a RUN DOWN PRIVATE joke..this house is a nightmare.we have 4 children together, ex had a good job though and I'm a full time mum, one of our children is disabled..Landlord is the house repairs for years, no gas checks, no heating or hot water for days on end(had to move in with friend). told council, they are NOT inrested because we have a roof over our head. Cant move as I have zero credit rating, ex is not intrested in helping as it's now my problem, he lives in 5 bedroom house with luxurys..I feel like we have no option, HOW ON EARTH DO I GET A DECENT HOUSE TO RENT?

No chance of working(son needs care)
Zero credit rating
No one avaliable to be guarantor
Yes I recieve Housing Benefit
No arrears, no noise, no mess

Keep bidding on council website for housing,
Told I have a minumum 10 YEAR WAIT
How is this fair???
House needs so much work!!

Guest Avatar
paddy 14th July, 2012 @ 11:33


u dont no wat its llike for us dss tenants just shut the fuk up and stop been so childish
maybe if you were i the same boat u wud no ow hard it is i dont like been on dss but some ov us aint got a choice atm

Guest Avatar
kevman 8th September, 2012 @ 16:17

My friends let their flat out to see.after a few months the woman stopped using her allowance to pay the took months to get her out all the while my friends were paying 2 mortgages.and when she had gone it took 3 of us a week to clean the it,it was ruined.why would they want to take this chance again.

Guest Avatar
Christian mcgee 29th October, 2012 @ 10:27

I have seen a cheap house that I want to buy and I have some one who is on dss who would like to rent it, would I have to take out a buy to let mortgage or could I just let it out straight away, the money from the dss tenant would also cover my mortgage, could any one help me out on what to do? Cheers. Dave.

Guest Avatar
Benji 29th October, 2012 @ 22:58


I dont understand your question.

If you dont take out a buy to let mortgage, how are you financing it?
Do you mean you are paying cash or are you trying to buy it with a residential mortgage?

Guest Avatar
Christian mcgee 30th October, 2012 @ 07:52

With a residential mortgage, sorry I just put the name of the email, can you take out a normal mortgage and still let out your house to dss? Cheers

Guest Avatar
Benji 30th October, 2012 @ 09:48

The short answer is no.
Under certain circumstances, you may get permission to let from the lender. However, if you havent lived in the property and have no intention of doing so it is highly unlikely they would give permission.
Failure to disclose puts your tenant at risk and would be fraud.
Take out a buy to let mortgage, if it doesnt stack up, walk away and find something else.
Many BTL mortgages have a 'no DSS' clause. What this means in practice would be difficult to enforce. Firstly, there isnt any DSS anymore. Secondly, if it means anyone on benefits, where do you draw the line? LHA, Working tax credits, child benefit?

Guest Avatar
Christian mcgee 30th October, 2012 @ 10:39

Cheers you have been a big help, I'm looking to buy for the first time and its all a little confusing thanks for the reply tho Benji.

Guest Avatar
Suzanne 17th June, 2013 @ 16:13

Hello I'm 23 and single I'm looking to get dss but I have found a 2 bed house for 425 a month I'm currently on income based ESA but i have just read online that if your single and under 35 I Wud only be eligible for a beds it or a room in a shared house. Can anyone advise me please many thanks

Guest Avatar
ann anderson 17th August, 2013 @ 23:24

im a private tenant with 2 young children age 4 and 6 my 6 year old has autism so he can be very noisy. The problem i have is my next door neighbour since i moved in on january this year has been to my door on several occasions complaining about the noise from my kids. She has on several occasions contacted my landlord as well then he is on my case about this as well. I need to find out my rights as i dont want to get evicted from my house as we are starting to get settled and my little boy brooklin needs stability so any advise would be greatfully received.

Guest Avatar
NatSyer 14th March, 2014 @ 16:16

im single 25, and im now looking for a place on there a limit to what kind of place I can have. n a monthly rent limit??? as I have been told by a coupe of friends im only entitled to a bedsit or shared accommodation. which I don't want. anyone here with better experience???.xxx

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jackie gear 16th April, 2014 @ 22:16

Why dont people who cannot afford the rent move to a different area. I have a house on the beautiful island of Anglesey.I dont mind DSS but I need my rent every time they get paid every four weeks. However, some people spoil it, by spending the money the council give them, and NOT paying their rent. Each time I have allowed a tenant on DSS this has always happened. If anyone wants to rent my house and agree to the DSS paying me direct then they can rent my three bedroom terraced house. It has a garden front and back and is near to a forest and the sea. It is perfect for kids and the rooms are big, the kitchen new and modern. Why not move away from your city into the country. It is good for your kids. Jackie

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Gillian 24th May, 2014 @ 22:50

That's not the case for everyone there are good people out there that always pay the rent if it dss the money can be sent from the council straight to the private landlord as well it's not fair I mean I'm looking for property in aberdeen I work but cos of my income houing benefit pay some of my rent not all of it and I work over 32 hrs per week I m looking for a landlord that accepts part houing benefit part my own money oh me lol nightmare how other spoil that for you!!!

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Farley 19th July, 2014 @ 00:57

Hi in need if a bit if advice I'm a single mum of six children 6 months to ten years 2 of my children are down as dissabled currently I'm in a 3 bedroom flat I've found a property that will accept dss but have to make a paymentc1250 as deposit I don't know if I'm entitled to help with that or even if I'm able to have the amount of rent from housing there askin have no idea wot imcentirled to I've updated all my information as housin asked me to sent all paper works in I've jus not heard from them ! My flat is a danger hazard I have light bulbs setting on fire an nobody will do anything about it we wet si badly cramped and I really need help !

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Lulu 22nd October, 2014 @ 05:47

I think the fact that DSS tenants have ruined places has more to do with personality than with the fact they're DSS tenants. If someone comes in for a viewing and is really that horrible and doesnt know how to wipe his own backside, I think a bit of general knowledge might prevent you from renting it out. I would like to hear all the stories about private tenants who were horrible and not on DSS.

I can honestly say me and my partner receive benefits. I studied and have diploma's but I am unable to work due to illness. But because we receive benefits we can't find a place to live. Therefore I had to give up my dreams of starting a family since I know we will never find a place suitable for children. The funny thing is my fiance does earn enough money to pay for rent, we just need the benefits to top up 30 pounds so we can pay the rest of our bills. With the benefits on top of the wage we have enough money to move to a bigger place but no landlord wants us.

So because I am sick I can not work, can't have children and I can not find a place to live. Explain to me, how that is fair?

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caggsy 6th December, 2014 @ 19:59

bunch of scummy twats that are always after free things,,, GET A JOB U LAZY BASTARDS!!!!!

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Sarah 10th March, 2015 @ 15:30

I'm aswell looking to rent and having no option at the moment to be on income support due to my young Sons need of care he's Autistic and has OCD, I have worked most of my adult life (starting the day after leaving school!), problem now being the above and my heart condition, I do find it terrible that people tar everyone with the same brush, there's good and bad in all sets of circumstances, some people don't have the option due to illness etc!!!


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