Average UK House Price Data & Graph

Here’s a graph showing what the average national house prices are according to Nationwide and the Land Registry.

Nationwide gather their data from the amount of Mortgages they approve.

Please note, I only have data from September 2006 for the Land Registry.

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MonthNationwide Avg. PriceLand Registry Avg. Price
Jan 19£211,966N/A
Dec 18£212,281£230,776
Nov 18£214,044£230,389
Oct 18£214,534£231,557
Sep 18£214,922£231,711
Aug 18£214,745£232,194
Jul 18£217,010£231,164
Jun 18£215,444£228,208
May 18£213,618£226,931
Apr 18£213,000£225,844
Mar 18£211,625£223,637
Feb 18£210,402£224,792
Jan 18£211,756£224,425
Dec 17£211,156£225,164
Nov 17£209,988£224,287
Oct 17£211,085£224,927
Sep 17£210,801£224,729
Aug 17£210,495£225,572
Jul 17£211,671£224,554
Jun 17£211,301£221,670
May 17£208,711£219,792
Apr 17£207,699£218,481
Mar 17£207,308£215,078
Feb 17£205,846£215,539
Jan 17£205,240£215,084
Dec 16£205,898£215,500
Nov 16£204,947£215,113
Oct 16£205,904£214,107
Sep 16£206,015£214,816
Aug 16£206,145£215,145
Jul 16£205,715£215,127
Jun 16£204,968£212,887
May 16£204,368£210,872
Apr 16£202,436£208,443
Mar 16£200,251£207,339
Feb 16£196,930£205,590
Jan 16£196,829£205,462
Dec 15£196,999£204,920
Nov 15£196,305£204,223
Oct 15£196,807£202,664
Sep 15£195,585£202,389
Aug 15£195,279£201,973
Jul 15£195,621£200,142
Jun 15£195,055£196,802
May 15£195,166£195,313
Apr 15£193,048£193,225
Mar 15£189,454£191,537
Feb 15£187,964£180,252
Jan 15£188,446£179,271
Dec 14£188,559£177,328
Nov 14£189,388£176,832
Oct 14£189,333£176,865
Sep 14£188,374£177,441
Aug 14£189,306£177,462
Jul 14£188,949£175,943
Jun 14£188,903£172,011
May 14£186,512£172,035
Apr 14£183,577£172,069
Mar 14£180,264£169,124
Feb 14£177,846£170,000
Jan 14£176,491£168,356
Dec 13£175,826£167,353
Nov 13£174,566£165,411
Oct 13£173,678£165,515
Sep 13£172,127£167,063
Aug 13£170,514£164,654
Jul 13£170,825£164,098
Jun 13£168,941£162,621
May 13£167,912£161,969
Apr 13£165,586£161,458
Mar 13£164,630£161,793
Feb 13£162,638£162,606
Jan 13£162,245£162,441
Dec 12£162,262£162,080
Nov 12£163,853£161,490
Oct 12£164,153£161,605
Sep 12£163,964£162,561
Aug 12£164,729£163,376
Jul 12£164,389£162,900
Jun 12£165,738£161,777
May 12£166,022£161,677
Apr 12£164,134£160,417
Mar 12£163,327£160,372
Feb 12£162,712£161,588
Jan 12£162,228£161,545
Dec 11£163,822£160,384
Nov 11£165,798£160,780
Oct 11£165,650£159,999
Sep 11£166,256£162,109
Aug 11£165,914£162,347
Jul 11£168,731£163,049
Jun 11£168,205£161,479
May 11£167,208£161,823
Apr 11£165,609£163,083
Mar 11£164,751£160,996
Feb 11£161,183£162,215
Jan 11£161,211£163,177
Dec 10£162,249£163,814
Nov 10£163,133£164,773
Oct 10£164,279£165,505
Sep 10£166,757£166,769
Aug 10£166,507£167,423
Jul 10£169,347£166,798
Jun 10£170,111£166,072
May 10£169,162£165,314
Apr 10£167,802£165,596
Mar 10£164,519£164,288
Feb 10£161,320£164,455
Jan 10£163,481£165,088
Dec 09£162,103£161,783
Nov 09£162,764£161,554
Oct 09£162,038£159,546
Sep 09£161,816£158,377
Aug 09£160,224£155,968
Jul 09£158,871£155,885
Jun 09£156,442£153,046
May 09£154,016£152,497
Apr 09£151,861£152,898
Mar 09£150,946£152,895
Feb 09£147,746£153,862
Jan 09£150,501£156,753
Dec 08£153,048£158,946
Nov 08£158,442£161,883
Oct 08£158,872£165,529
Sep 08£164,654£168,814
Aug 08£164,654£174,493
Jul 08£169,316£178,364
Jun 08£172,415£180,781
May 08£173,583£183,266
Apr 08£178,555£183,626
Mar 08£179,110£184,798
Feb 08£179,358£185,616
Jan 08£180,473£186,045
Dec 07£183,959£184,469
Nov 07£183,959£186,009
Oct 07£183,959£184,346
Sep 07£184,131£183,896
Aug 07£183,898£182,914
Jul 07£184,131£181,460
Jun 07£181,810£181,039
May 07£181,810£180,594
Apr 07£181,810£179,935
Mar 07£175,554£178,423
Feb 07£175,554£177,099
Jan 07£175,554£174,827
Dec 06£172,065£173,717
Nov 06£172,065£172,006
Oct 06£172,065£171,709
Sep 06£168,460£169,569
Aug 06£168,460N/A
Jul 06£168,460N/A
Jun 06£165,035N/A
May 06£165,035N/A
Apr 06£165,035N/A
Mar 06£160,319N/A
Feb 06£160,319N/A
Jan 06£160,319N/A
Dec 05£157,387N/A
Nov 05£157,387N/A
Oct 05£157,387N/A
Sep 05£157,627N/A
Aug 05£157,627N/A
Jul 05£157,627N/A
Jun 05£157,494N/A
May 05£157,494N/A
Apr 05£157,494N/A
Mar 05£152,790N/A
Feb 05£152,790N/A
Jan 05£152,790N/A
Dec 04£152,464N/A
Nov 04£152,464N/A
Oct 04£152,464N/A
Sep 04£153,482N/A
Aug 04£153,482N/A
Jul 04£153,482N/A
Jun 04£148,462N/A
May 04£148,462N/A
Apr 04£148,462N/A
Mar 04£140,225N/A
Feb 04£140,225N/A
Jan 04£140,225N/A
Dec 03£133,903N/A
Nov 03£133,903N/A
Oct 03£133,903N/A
Sep 03£129,761N/A
Aug 03£129,761N/A
Jul 03£129,761N/A
Jun 03£125,382N/A
May 03£125,382N/A
Apr 03£125,382N/A
Mar 03£119,938N/A
Feb 03£119,938N/A
Jan 03£119,938N/A
Dec 02£115,940N/A
Nov 02£115,940N/A
Oct 02£115,940N/A
Sep 02£110,830N/A
Aug 02£110,830N/A
Jul 02£110,830N/A
Jun 02£103,501N/A
May 02£103,501N/A
Apr 02£103,501N/A
Mar 02£95,356N/A
Feb 02£95,356N/A
Jan 02£95,356N/A
Dec 01£92,533N/A
Nov 01£92,533N/A
Oct 01£92,533N/A
Sep 01£91,049N/A
Aug 01£91,049N/A
Jul 01£91,049N/A
Jun 01£87,638N/A
May 01£87,638N/A
Apr 01£87,638N/A
Mar 01£83,976N/A
Feb 01£83,976N/A
Jan 01£83,976N/A
Dec 00£81,628N/A
Nov 00£81,628N/A
Oct 00£81,628N/A
Sep 00£80,935N/A
Aug 00£80,935N/A
Jul 00£80,935N/A
Jun 00£81,202N/A
May 00£81,202N/A
Apr 00£81,202N/A
Mar 00£77,698N/A
Feb 00£77,698N/A
Jan 00£77,698N/A
Dec 99£74,638N/A
Nov 99£74,638N/A
Oct 99£74,638N/A
Sep 99£72,362N/A
Aug 99£72,362N/A
Jul 99£72,362N/A
Jun 99£70,010N/A
May 99£70,010N/A
Apr 99£70,010N/A
Mar 99£67,478N/A
Feb 99£67,478N/A
Jan 99£67,478N/A
Dec 98£66,313N/A
Nov 98£66,313N/A
Oct 98£66,313N/A
Sep 98£66,366N/A
Aug 98£66,366N/A
Jul 98£66,366N/A
Jun 98£65,221N/A
May 98£65,221N/A
Apr 98£65,221N/A
Mar 98£62,903N/A
Feb 98£62,903N/A
Jan 98£62,903N/A
Dec 97£61,830N/A
Nov 97£61,830N/A
Oct 97£61,830N/A
Sep 97£60,754N/A
Aug 97£60,754N/A
Jul 97£60,754N/A
Jun 97£58,403N/A
May 97£58,403N/A
Apr 97£58,403N/A
Mar 97£55,810N/A
Feb 97£55,810N/A
Jan 97£55,810N/A
Dec 96£55,169N/A
Nov 96£55,169N/A
Oct 96£55,169N/A
Sep 96£54,008N/A
Aug 96£54,008N/A
Jul 96£54,008N/A
Jun 96£53,032N/A
May 96£53,032N/A
Apr 96£53,032N/A
Mar 96£51,367N/A
Feb 96£51,367N/A
Jan 96£51,367N/A
Dec 95£50,930N/A
Nov 95£50,930N/A
Oct 95£50,930N/A
Sep 95£51,334N/A
Aug 95£51,334N/A
Jul 95£51,334N/A
Jun 95£51,633N/A
May 95£51,633N/A
Apr 95£51,633N/A
Mar 95£51,084N/A
Feb 95£51,084N/A
Jan 95£51,084N/A
Dec 94£52,114N/A
Nov 94£52,114N/A
Oct 94£52,114N/A
Sep 94£51,731N/A
Aug 94£51,731N/A
Jul 94£51,731N/A
Jun 94£51,362N/A
May 94£51,362N/A
Apr 94£51,362N/A
Mar 94£51,327N/A
Feb 94£51,327N/A
Jan 94£51,327N/A
Dec 93£51,050N/A
Nov 93£51,050N/A
Oct 93£51,050N/A
Sep 93£51,746N/A
Aug 93£51,746N/A
Jul 93£51,746N/A
Jun 93£51,918N/A
May 93£51,918N/A
Apr 93£51,918N/A
Mar 93£50,128N/A
Feb 93£50,128N/A
Jan 93£50,128N/A
Dec 92£50,168N/A
Nov 92£50,168N/A
Oct 92£50,168N/A
Sep 92£52,243N/A
Aug 92£52,243N/A
Jul 92£52,243N/A
Jun 92£52,663N/A
May 92£52,663N/A
Apr 92£52,663N/A
Mar 92£52,187N/A
Feb 92£52,187N/A
Jan 92£52,187N/A
Dec 91£53,635N/A
Nov 91£53,635N/A
Oct 91£53,635N/A
Sep 91£54,903N/A
Aug 91£54,903N/A
Jul 91£54,903N/A
Jun 91£55,418N/A
May 91£55,418N/A
Apr 91£55,418N/A
Mar 91£54,547N/A
Feb 91£54,547N/A
Jan 91£54,547N/A
Dec 90£54,919N/A
Nov 90£54,919N/A
Oct 90£54,919N/A
Sep 90£57,245N/A
Aug 90£57,245N/A
Jul 90£57,245N/A
Jun 90£58,982N/A
May 90£58,982N/A
Apr 90£58,982N/A
Mar 90£59,587N/A
Feb 90£59,587N/A
Jan 90£59,587N/A
Dec 89£61,495N/A
Nov 89£61,495N/A
Oct 89£61,495N/A
Sep 89£62,782N/A
Aug 89£62,782N/A
Jul 89£62,782N/A
Jun 89£62,244N/A
May 89£62,244N/A
Apr 89£62,244N/A
Mar 89£59,534N/A
Feb 89£59,534N/A
Jan 89£59,534N/A
Dec 88£57,245N/A
Nov 88£57,245N/A
Oct 88£57,245N/A
Sep 88£54,352N/A
Aug 88£54,352N/A
Jul 88£54,352N/A
Jun 88£48,932N/A
May 88£48,932N/A
Apr 88£48,932N/A
Mar 88£45,091N/A
Feb 88£45,091N/A
Jan 88£45,091N/A
Dec 87£44,355N/A
Nov 87£44,355N/A
Oct 87£44,355N/A
Sep 87£44,434N/A
Aug 87£44,434N/A
Jul 87£44,434N/A
Jun 87£42,987N/A
May 87£42,987N/A
Apr 87£42,987N/A
Mar 87£40,882N/A
Feb 87£40,882N/A
Jan 87£40,882N/A
Dec 86£39,593N/A
Nov 86£39,593N/A
Oct 86£39,593N/A
Sep 86£38,251N/A
Aug 86£38,251N/A
Jul 86£38,251N/A
Jun 86£37,015N/A
May 86£37,015N/A
Apr 86£37,015N/A
Mar 86£35,647N/A
Feb 86£35,647N/A
Jan 86£35,647N/A
Dec 85£35,436N/A
Nov 85£35,436N/A
Oct 85£35,436N/A
Sep 85£34,700N/A
Aug 85£34,700N/A
Jul 85£34,700N/A
Jun 85£34,174N/A
May 85£34,174N/A
Apr 85£34,174N/A
Mar 85£33,200N/A
Feb 85£33,200N/A
Jan 85£33,200N/A

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