The £49 Tenant-Find Service All Landlords Should Know About!

Finding Good Tenants

Let’s discuss a Tenant-Find service that packs more nutrition and value than a ripe avocado. For only £49.

I’m not here to ‘sell it’, I’m just here to make sure you know about it, ’cause it’s pretty awesome!

My Landlord Newsletters currently has approx 60,000 subscribers (you should jump on board if you haven’t done so already. It’s 100% free). Do you know what that means?

It means that on a daily basis, sleazeball ‘marketing executives’ from various companies reach out to me with the objective of enticing me into sharing their [landlord related] products with my precious subscribers.

In most cases, the products are absolute dogshit, and you wouldn’t even have the stomach to recommend them to your bellowing mother-in-law. So fortunately, my wonderful subscribers never get to hear about them.

However, every now and then, I’m presented with an offer that isn’t completely useless, and you get to hear about some of those.

Today, I’m not going to share one of those not-so-useless offers that ended up on my desk. In fact, in a tragic and unexpected turn in events, I AM THE ONE that reached out to the company behind the nifty Tenant-Find service I’m going to discuss, because it’s a product I think every landlord should be aware of (even if you don’t need it!)!

What is a Tenant-Find Service?

Okay, so real quick – before we get into the details – just so we’re all on the same page.

A tenant-find service (frequently referred to as a “tenant find only” service) is a service offered by most letting agents to landlords that wish to manage their own properties. A typical tenant-find service will include marketing services to generate tenant enquiries and tenant-referencing services. Then once a suitable tenant is found, the agent will assist in arranging a tenancy agreement, and then leave the responsibility of managing the tenancy/property to the landlord.

The service is purely designed to assist landlords in finding tenants.

So what’s got me all excited?

OpenRent’s “Rent Now” package

As many of you already know (because I’ve talked about it previously many times), OpenRent (the massive online letting agent) offers an incredibly popular Tenant-Find service, which allows landlords to list vacant rental properties on Rightmove & Zoopla for free for 5 days (which is often enough time to generate enough enquiries to find a suitable tenant)! No strings attached.

Letting AgentRatingContractIncludes / NotesPrice
Google Reviews
5 days / 3 months*
Includes / Notes

Ultimate Advertising package
  • Key features
  • Rightmove listing
  • Zoopla listing

*5 days free, and then the option of continuing service for 3 months for £24 (Inc VAT) for new customers, and £29 (Inc VAT) for returning customers!


Free Trial

*FREENo hidden fees, no credit card details required!

Visit Website

Needless to say, that particular product flies off the shelf like…err, a free trial. It’s definitely not a bad product to consider for any landlord that’s in the market for a spanking new tenant.

Naturally, the Freebie receives a lot of attention, but as a consequence, OpenRent’s alternative premium “Rent Now” package – which sits on the same shelf – is often overlooked and considered to be the buck-toothed cousin that was the result of incest.

The truth is, the premium package has never been an eyesore, but it’s always tough to compete with ‘Free’. However, the “Rent Now” package recently went under the knife and received an upgrade, and now I can’t help but feel it would be foolish to bulldoze straight towards the freebie. So that’s why I’m here, to discuss and throw some much-deserved light onto OpenRent’s “Rent Now” package, which has obviously impressed me thoroughly.

Nope, it’s not a free service, so you’ll to put your hand in your pocket for this one, but the features stuffed into the parcel is impressive, and you may even wonder why it’s only £49 (inc VAT) like I did. The package includes the following:

[openrent_rentcollection_tablerow bg_colour=”true”]
AgentRatingContractNotes / IncludesPrice

Yes, the package includes an optional “Rent collection” service for only £10 per month!

The “Rent Now” product has been available for as long as I can remember, but it only recently included an optional ongoing “rent collection” service to its feature-list.

I’ve yet to see a cheaper find-tenant + rent collection bundle.

The first months rent collection is free, it’s included with the one-off £49 base price, but you have the option to continue the rent collection service for £10 per month for as long or as little as please, and you’ll only be charged the monthly fee when collection is enabled and paid in full by your tenant.

If rent collection is enabled, OpenRent will automatically send your tenants reminders of when/how to pay, and notify you of payments and arrears; plus they will automatically generate a rent statement.

If you’ve purchased a “Rent Now” package in the past and still have the same ongoing tenancy, you can enable the new rent collection service by logging into your OpenRent account and enabling the “Rent Collection Service”

Once the rent collection service is enabled, you can disable it any time.

Yup, it’s ONLY £49 (one-off fixed fee) + £10 per month

I genuinely believe it’s currently the best tenant-find & rent collection product in terms of value on the market, and that is precisely why I’m sharing it with you.

As said, no one initially reached out to me, encouraging me to share or promote this particular product, this is happening because I believe it should be shared. Of course, once I did notify OpenRent of my crush, they have been somewhat active in encouraging me to make me flap my lips and gossip. Expected.

Oh, and please, don’t get me wrong, I’m aware there are plenty of other awesome Tenant-Find services out there offered by competing online agents, such as Visum and LettingAProperty, and the others listed in my online letting agent comparison table. So if you’re loyal to any one of them, then I recommend you remain loyal. My only objective today is to make you aware of OpenRent’s “Rent Now” product, because it often unjustly gets overlooked, so perhaps it’s an offer worth considering the next time you’re in the market for a new tenant or two.

Right, I’m done.

If you have any questions, or if you have an itch that needs scratching (no matter where), hit me up!

Love & Peace xo

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Guest Avatar
Shawn 30th November, 2019 @ 17:01

Reading through various blogs after discovering your site. Fantastic information and insight. But no “dates written”, so not sure of some of your more time critical comments and advice. Otherwise enjoying the knowledge, it’s great.

Guest Avatar
Hot Rod 14th April, 2020 @ 21:35

I've been with Openrent for a few years from the start and they've been brilliant very approachable from the top! They've been very helpful and do what they say they're gonna do. Save hundreds, you'll need too with what's coming up re' the economy! The knock on effect will affect us all. All this plus the extortionate fines (£30,000) yes, (30000) if a LL gets it wrong! A lot of LLs will go to the wall, but look on the bright side, there's still a few shop doorways left but be quick!

Guest Avatar
Hot Rod 14th April, 2020 @ 21:54

P.S. I was a 'Landlord' member a couple of years ago but had to drop out for a while. I've always liked the 'strait to the point' style and say things many others wouldn't and give us the freedom to make our feelings known!

















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