Read The Tenancy Agreement Before Signing, Idiot!

The title of the article seems like an no-brainer, right? Well, apparently it’s not to everyone.

Ok, unfortunately i’m going to make an example out of a user that came onto my site looking for advice. But believe me, it’s for the greater good, this way more people will hopefully learn.

Earlier today someone left a comment in the Tenant Guarantor Form article, saying the following:

I have recieved a Tenancy Agreement document to sign but the actual tenancy contract hasnt been attached.. Should i be concerned? Also, they sent my mum the guarantor agreement to sign ..without stating the proerty address, rent amount, tenancy agreement etc! On both agreements they want Bank acc number, sort code, N.I number, passport number, drivers licence number, employee number and all employer deatils!! Is this all a bit much? They said they wont accept the agreement unless all these details are given, which will means losing the deposit! Is their any type of law thats states a min amount of details is sufficient?

Ok, I’m going ignore the bulk of the comment because I’ll be concentrating on a very specific part of the situation. From that comment, it’s apparent that the prospective tenant has agreed to a tenancy and paid the security deposit without actually reading the Terms & Conditions in the Tenancy Agreement. That’s like accepting a mortgage agreement without understanding the payment terms. BIG MISTAKE!

Tenancy Agreements vary drastically, and some of them are plain bogus, that’s why it’s imperative that they’re fully understood before accepting tenancy. Additionally, the tenancy agreement states how much rent is and when rent has to be paid. What if the finer details don’t match with what was verbally agreed?

Essentially, don’t sign or pay for anything until you’re fully aware of the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement. Make sure the agreement is completely filled in- don’t sign a tenancy template that still requires details to be filled in.

On a sidenote, I’m assuming she’s dealing with a Letting Agent. They sound like fucking morons for sending the tenancy agreement without attaching the T&C’s. I wouldn’t advise ANYONE to sign in that situation- you could be signing your life away.

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