My Journey to becoming a Landlord

This archive of blog posts is where it all started. It’s the root of what you see before you.

This was my very first category, where I started documenting my amateur steps into propertyhood/landlordhood.

I discuss every step I took from buying a property all the way to becoming a landlord.

Along the way I had to deal with idiot mortgage brokers, incompetent estate agents, lying letting agents and a stupid bitch of a tenant whom I eventually evicted. Ahh they were the good old days.

If you’re looking for good, practical advise on how to become a landlord, I definitely wouldn’t (yes, wouldn’t) pay any attention to this section. I was way too naive and inexperienced to even know what I was doing or getting myself into.

Most of the articles in this category are the ramblings of an idiot, and if there wasn’t any value in retaining the roots of my journey, I would have deleted 80% of the articles a long time ago. They’re pretty embarrassing. Sad, but true.

Having said that, if you want to learn about the process and the steps I took to becoming a landlord, then this is a good starting point. But for a better understanding of what it takes to become a landlord, I would recommend reading my guide for new landlords.

The journey of how I became a landlord…

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