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Before diving into the core of this blog post, my Upad Review, let’s get to the good stuff first! Straight off the bat… if you already know and love the online letting agent Upad.co.uk (which I know a bunch of you do), and you’re only here for the discount voucher… then you may just want to bypass my drivel and quickly claim the goods…

This blog post is admittedly long overdue, and I apologise for that to the kind folks over at Upad.co.uk. If I need to make it up to anyone from the Upad headquarters, let me know. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Even if she’s short, overweight and covered in hairy pulsating boils. Lovely.

A few months ago I blogged about how My Lazy, Greasy, Worthless Tenant Gave Me Notice (Hallelujah!), consequently I needed to find new tenants (that preferably weren’t so dirty/greasy/vile/filthy/gross/hideous).

In true fairy-tale fashion, a knight in shining armour, in the form of Upad.co.uk, caught a whiff of my dilemma and kindly offered me a free trial of their service. Amazing!

Of course, Upad wanted me to review their service in return. And… there’s the catch! I knew there was one! There’s definitely no such thing as a free lunch!

But then I said, “hang on, my review is worth more than one lousy free trial… what else can ya’ give me?” That’s when they agreed to give you lot (the readers of this blog) an exclusive discount codes. So I said…DEAL!

Page contents:

Quick intro to Upad

For those that haven’t used Upad and/or are considering using an online letting agent, let me give you more details…

Upad are an online letting agent (if you’re unsure of what an online agent is, you should definitely check that link out, you could potentially save a bundle), which means they make it easier and cheaper for landlords to market their property across the most popular UK property portals in order to generate tenant enquiries. However, the biggest selling point is that Upad, like most other online agents I’m aware of, stick to a “fixed-fee” policy, so unlike the traditional high-street agent, you won’t be inundated ridiculous fees, and there’s no strings attached, no hidden fees! In fact, once you pay for their service, that’s pretty much it.

Upad are one of the biggest Online Letting Agents in the UK (they say they’re the biggest.. but hey, until I’ve seen what’s hanging under the kilt…). They’ve been established since 2007 and are well-known for their high level of customer service they provide their customers, which is backed up by their impressive TrustPilot rating/reviews.

I officially had GIGANTIC expectations.

Where Upad will market your property

Upad are affiliated with over 500 sites (i.e. they will market your property across those 500+ websites for maximum exposure), which is more than I’ve seen any other agent affiliated with. Granted, most of them are junk, but the key-players are firmly on the list, like Rightmove and Zoopla, and they’re the places you want your property listed if you’re looking to find tenants quickly!

So far I’m hearing and seeing all the right things!

Upad are actually one of several online agents I have now used to generate tenant enquiries. Over the recent years, dozens and dozens of online agents have emerged from the woodwork, so landlords are now spoilt for choice, but of course, that creates a nasty case of consumer confusion. Who the bloody ‘ell should I use? Perhaps that’s why you’re here, because you’re bloody confused.

If you’re unaware of your option, take a look, here’s a list of websites that allow Landlords to Advertise on Rightmove – all similar to Upad (but not necessarily better or worse).

Since there are so many online agents competing against one another, it’s become difficult for landlords to decide which online agent to use. So hopefully this review will help you understand what to expect from Upad, especially if you’re contemplating whether or not to put your trust in them.

I just want to clarify, because sadly, many ‘online reviews’ are as reliable as a chocolate teapot these days, because they’re generally loaded with ulterior motives. I’m not afraid to swing punches; if I think a service is total bullshit I will categorically say so. I have been pursued by several snotty Solicitors in the past because someone didn’t like my feedback about their cumbersome product. But just as equally, if I genuinely believe a product/service is all rainbows, fairies and sunshine, I won’t hesitate from reducing myself into a starstruck melodramatic wuss.

My thoughts and and experience with Upad.co.uk

Available Upad packages

Upad have a couple of “tenant-find” packages available, the most popular one being the UChoose. Although, I’m told their newly introduced “on success” package is growing in demand (for the obvious reasons).

Upad pricing table

I opted for the “UChoose” package without adding on an of the extra add-ons available. However, if you want more support, like a tenancy sign up service (i.e. Upad will arrange the tenancy agreements and get them signed for you) or deposit protection (i.e. Upad will protect the deposit on your behalf), you can upgrade during checkout.

Essentially, the UChoose package is the bear-bones package, and landlords can then add-on whatever extras they require.

Did I find tenants with Upad’s service?

I guess this is what boils down to, and what most people will give a crap- the end result.

Did I find a tenant?



How many enquiries did I receive?

Genuinely, I received 3 missed calls from prospective tenants before 9am on the day my advert went live across the network of sites Upad advertise on. I was actually surprised it worked so well, so quickly.

I only had my property live for about 2 days before I had several viewings lined up, so that’s when I decided to pull the plug on my advert (although, I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to do that until a tenant is confirmed e.g. passed the referencing, signed tenancy and paid the deposit). If I had left my advert on longer I’m pretty sure my phone would have blown up with enquiries and I would have got frustrated by the sheer volume. I managed to get receive 10 calls with in those 2 days. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Final result

Short & sweet answer: I bagged a pair of professional tenants that passed the tenant referencing process with flying colours.

The viewing process did become a bit tedious, because I had applicants rescheduling and often arriving late. It proper got on my tits. But I mean, that is part of the viewing process, and it had no reflection on Upad’s service, it was just the failure in humanity I fell victim to. But that’s the trade-off with using an online agent Vs a high-street agent. Either way, when you compare the price between the two, I’d rather use an online agent and take viewings ALL day long. To put it into perspective:

I haven’t spent more than £80 on finding tenants since I started using online letting agents like Upad. Before then, I was using high-street agents and spending £800 (+ tenancy renewal fees) on average!

One final and important tip on viewings: try to schedule all the viewings over the duration of a couple of days. I made viewings available on a Tuesday and Sunday (which is what I also specified in my advert description). For example, I allocated 4 viewings on Tuesday evening. That meant I got it out of the way relatively painlessly, and because I had tenant’s in situ, it made their life easier as well, because understandably, they didn’t want to be constantly disturbed every night of the week with different viewings, and I wouldn’t want to put them through that either.

What I liked about Upad

  • It’s crazy easy to upload an advert. An idiot can do it blindfolded. The interface is extremely user-friendly. This was a massive plus for me because I’ve had battles with a few of their competitors’ cumbersome software, and it was a horrendous experience. As a landlord, I just want to upload my property details quickly and start receiving enquiries. Upad allow for this. No fuss.

    Upad upload property
  • My property was live across all major platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla extremely quickly. I think mine went live with in 24 hours.
  • The enquiries came pouring in quickly. There was no waiting around
  • They target a large number of websites. Like I said, they will list your property on over 500 websites (which include 5-10 of the best portals online). Many of their competitors only advertise on a couple of the portals.
  • Awesome customer service. Unlike a lot of the alternative online agents, Upad provide a great customer service experience. They’re helpful, friendly and easily accessible by phone- yes, can actually talk to a real person in the same country (which is increasingly becoming a rare novelty these days, as every idiot seems to be migrating their support to a ’email-only’ service to save costs). They have a phoneline that’s open 7 days a week.

    Admittedly, I didn’t manage to ‘stress-test’ their customer service capabilities – probably because I’m a relatively experienced landlord that had a pretty straight-forward experience. I was an easy case. However, the interaction I did have with my dedicated ‘account manager’ (every landlord gets one, so you’re not passed around like a hot potato) was as positive as it could have been, and I’m sure he had more to offer.

What I disliked about Upad

  • Sadly, I really can’t fault them for much; I know good news doesn’t grab the headlines, but that’s nearly all I got. After my experience, I could only walk away with one gripe.

    Coincidentally, the aspect I disliked most about Letmatch (another online agent I trialled, which no longer exists) is also Upad’s Achilles heel. That is, there is no communication when the advert goes live. As a advertiser, I want to know when my property goes live on a websites like Rightmove. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an email informing me. Instead, I had to continually search for my property on Rightmove, hoping it would appear, and rechecking again and again in case my decaying eyes missed it.

  • UPDATE: Upad have just emailed me the following: “I noticed in your blog about Upad that you were concerned about not being notified when properties go live. It may interest you to know that we now scrape all major portals to see when our new properties appear, and then send landlords a confirmation email containing links to the property on the portals. We’re the only agent that does that.”

    Ok, right. I really have nothing to complain about now. That’s terribly idealistic. How annoying.

Would I pay to use Upad?

100% yes.

I genuinely would.

This time I got the service for free, but next time I wouldn’t hesitate to unfasten my dusty wallet and pay for the service. I’ll probably need the service in a few weeks time, so unless I give another online agent a whirl (purely out of curiosity), I’ll definitely use Upad again.

UPDATE: since writing this review I’ve used their service a couple of times. Needless to say, their service is still awesome.

Are Upad the best online agent I’ve used to date?

I’m not going to mince my words. The answer is… Yes.

Final verdict

I would not hesitate to use or recommend Upad if you’re a landlord looking to generate tenant-enquiries.

Upad Discount Code / Voucher

So, you may have seen the mentioning of the 56% Upad discount voucher at the top of the page, but let me tell you more about it – because it’s proven to be insanely popular.

  • Claim your Discount Voucher RIGHT NOW! I can’t stress this enough, this voucher could get pulled off my website at any moment, but it can be used at any point with in 12 months of claiming. So even if you don’t need to find tenants now, or even if you’re not sure if you will use Upad or an online agent in the future… just claim the voucher by registering, and use it at your own convenience (if you ever need to, that is).

    The discount will remain in your Upad account until you decide to use it. You with me? Perfect!

  • Exclusive– you won’t find this discount voucher for Upad anywhere else!
  • The UChoose package + Rightmove Premium Listing is normally £239, but you can get it for £104 with this voucher!
  • Rightmove Premium Listing– Upad usually charge an additional £90 for Rightmove premium listings!

    A Premium listing is a listing which is highlighted, and more prominent than regular Rightmove listings. In practice, when a prospective customer sees a list of properties in their search results page, the premium listing will be highlighted in a different colour (green) from the regular listings, so it grabs more attention and leads to more enquiries! Nifty!

Claim your Upad Tenant-Find 56% Voucher →

The best way to find tenants…

My opinion? Use Upad (or an online letting agent like Upad) to get your property on Rightmove. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s on Rightmove. Oh, and read through my ultimate finding tenants guide :)

Share your experience with Upad (or any other online letting agent)

If anyone has used any other service like Upad, or even Upad itself, please tell me how it worked for you.

By the way, does anyone plan on using a website like Upad in the future?

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1 out of 5 rating2 out of 5 rating3 out of 5 rating4 out of 5 rating1 out of 5 rating4 customers have rated their Upad.co.uk experience.4.3 out of 5 Stars.Leave your Comment / Review
Guest Avatar
Lesley 5th September, 2010 @ 09:02
1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 1 out of 5 rating

I've used Upad before and I have to say generally very pleased.
* Advert uploaded quickly,
* Received in excess of 30 enquiries....stopped counting then,
* You can include lots of photo's,
* One off fee....until you remove advert.

* £59 way too expensive
* Unable to amend advert to say "Let Subject to References" so enquiries kept coming. Very annoying for me & applicants,
* Customer services responded quickly but did not resolve this problem.

I would probably use again but would definitely like some kind of 'holding' option while you're checking potential tenants references. Once you remove the advert that's it...Unless you want to pay £59 again :(

Has anyone been able to amend their advert?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 5th September, 2010 @ 21:52

Hey Lesley,

Many thanks for your feedback!

I never tried to update my advert, so I can't comment. However, I remember LetMatch had the exact same problem - updating was an issue!

A "suspend" option would be handy, but policing a feature like that may be difficult because landlords could keep reusing the same advert over and over. Would be good if Upad came up with a good solution for that issue though!

Guest Avatar
Ginsterlam 6th September, 2010 @ 15:41

I've used Upad too and I have to say they're pretty good.
OK, The £59 seems a little bit steep, but the ad is live until let!
There are other companies that offer a cheaper rate but will only advertise on a couple of the portals for a limited time only.

I also had a few queries along the way and I emailed Upad about them. They responded pretty much immediately. You can't complain with service like that!

I definitely recommend them!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 6th September, 2010 @ 17:43

Hey Ginsterlam,

Did you find tenants from using their service? If so, how long did it take?

Guest Avatar
Simple lord 7th September, 2010 @ 09:13
1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

Hey guys,

Tried them a few months ago, can't fault them. Saved me so muh money compared to a normal agent.

I got enquiries and I managed to find tenants extremely quickly.


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 7th September, 2010 @ 09:59

Hey Simple Lord,

Thanks for sharing. It's good to know which services work for people.

I'm actually planning on using Discount Letting next (in a few weeks) to see how their service compares to Upad. They have the same pricetag as Upad (£59), so it will be interesting to see the differences.


Guest Avatar
Ginsterlam 7th September, 2010 @ 10:01

Hiya Landlord,

It took about 3-4 weeks to find a Tenant using their service which in my opinion isn't too long considering the property I advertised was a big house consisting of 6 bedrooms.

For smaller properties I still maintain that Gum Tree is the most effective and cost efficient way to go about advertising them - even if you pay to keep the ad at the top of the list until let.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 7th September, 2010 @ 10:07

Hey Ginsterlam,

Thanks for that! 3-4 weeks isn't too long at all for a 6 bedroom property. In fact, that's pretty damn good!!! I can't imagine how many people are actually looking for something so large!

Gumtree is an amazing tool for landlords/tenants, I cannot argue with that. I ALWAYS use Gumtree as part of my campaign, that's my bread and butter marketing tool!

Guest Avatar
Gin Brazier 7th September, 2010 @ 12:16

@ Landlord.

It was actually my first experience of marketing something so huge. The property was my first family home and to be honest I didn't know what I was up against.

luckily I come from a photographic background and managed to take some good shots of the place which in one of your articles you clearly illustrated attributes to the selling and renting aspect of the business.

I really think this helped without a shadow of a doubt! Good on you for pointing this out and producing an interesting article with tips and advice on this!

I eventually managed to rent my property to a family who moved over from the States - a customer I don't think I could've picked up from Gum Tree. I think this is where Rightmove and the other reputable portals comes in handy. Otherwise like you, Gum Tree is also my staple marketing tool. I pay them to keep my ad's at the top of the listing if they aren't rented out in 2 weeks.

Guest Avatar
Nick 28th November, 2016 @ 09:44

I can't fault my current letting agent for the peace of mind and hassle free life they give me. Not having to deal with tenants crap is priceless, plus when I switched to them, even with their commission, the price they achieved I am still in the plus over when I used to do myself.

Guest Avatar
Blackcloud 22nd May, 2017 @ 18:08
1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 4 out of 5 rating 5 out of 5 rating

New to letting but so glad I found the Landlord and his Property Investment Project first.With his weary advice,a years subscription to the RLA and a shot of Upad I have very successfully and speedily got a tenant into the property within a fortnight.Landlod blog provided the DOS and donts ,the RLA provided all the legal documents and legal advice and Upad got the house into international visibility.
The site was easy to use and you can upload your epc and a floorplan if you want I chose the standard plan and started getting discount codes immediately so my bill was 80£ for 12weeks.That was with 2 photos-if you want more then it's another ninety quid so make them count!The other point is you are constantly bombarded with offers of additional services or free guides with offered additional services,I suppose they have to make a living bless 'em. Once they had taken payment the ad was up on Rightmove and Zoopla instantly.
Within four minutes I kid you not I had a text from Upad asking me to arrange a viewing!.And another ,and another,etc,etc.Within a few days I had over forty enquiries,within a week I had done more than 30 viewings and 11 people offering a deposit.I had the fantastic position of vetting with gut instinct rather than letting a pretty boy from a local agent doing it for me.The toughest thing was telling two of the three lovely families I shortlisted that they didn't get the tenancy.Upad did the referencing which according to my tenants was very reasonably priced and they kept me informed all the way.The tenancy document TS and deposit legality was via the RLA service.
I hope this post will help others and I'm so glad to have saved hundreds of pounds on uneccesary agents fees.

Cheers Landlord!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 23rd May, 2017 @ 19:16

No, thank YOU!

What an awesome testimonial to this blog, Upad, RLA... and most importantly, to going it alone as a novice!! Thanks for sharing.

Really pleased that you had such success as someone new to letting. Just shows that anyone can do it with a bit of research (and common sense)!

I think most landlords that use an online agent for the first time are surprised by how quick the enquiries come pouring in after the advert goes live on Rightmove/Zoopla! It's at that point when a lot of people wonder why they even bothered using a traditional high-street alternative! Moreover, when you take the viewings yourself, you start to realise how crucial and real "gut instinct" really is!

Refusing good applicants is always tough, and I've personally found that it never gets easier. I always feel awful!

Thanks again for sharing!

Guest Avatar
Paul 23rd May, 2018 @ 20:13
1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating 3 out of 5 rating 1 out of 5 rating 2 out of 5 rating

Nice one, thanks.

I would personally vouch for openrent.co.uk as it works out about half the price, and what's provided for that puts them on another level altogether IMHO. I won't be moving from them, for that reason, short/thick of it - although good to see the positive comments for uPad, competition is always healthy!

Guest Avatar
Nikki 3rd June, 2018 @ 19:06

Hi, do you have any experience or reviews of the newcomer NoAgent? I've self managed my rental flat for 7 years, but am looking to use a cheaper property management agent/company rather than the usual estate agent. Comparing with Upad's offering too although the upfront cost seems crazy high vs their standard package etc, but NoAgent's monthly cost outside of London seems super low, worries me a little! Any insight appreciated.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 3rd June, 2018 @ 21:18

Hi Nikki,

Yup, I'm aware of NoAgent.

I've never personally used them, but I've heard positive reviews, and I actually liaise with them frequently. Incidentally, they've given me an exclusive discount (2 months free), which you can see the details for here: https://www.propertyinvestmentproject.co.uk/landlord-shop/online-letting-agents/

If you have any probs with them, please let me know!

Guest Avatar
Lois 8th March, 2019 @ 15:50

I've been reading your blogs which are incredibly useful but it seems though the discount code you mention for Upad for 56% off the Uchoose service, but when I follow your link it shows the price as £149 still, which is the same as if I landed on the site myself with no code?

Has the code expired?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 9th March, 2019 @ 09:46

Hi Lois,

Many thanks, appreciate it :)

Yup, the offer should still be available - the breakdown of the discount is shown on the link - it includes free Rightmove premium.


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