Letting Agent Is Trying To Rip Me Off

Ok, yesterday I wrote a blog post about how I encountered a rude, cock-face letting agent. Well, the saga continues…

Basically, the letting agent wanted £500 to find me tenants (EXTORTIONATE). Initially, I was like, “ok, cool, see what you can get me”. But using an agent was literally a backup plan, because I always find tenants myself these days. Paying for their services was literally PLAN Z.

When the agent came to view the property, before marketing it, he asked me a bunch of questions, like:

  • Will you accept tenants with children?
  • Will you allow pets?
  • Will you allow DSS tenants?
  • Will you accept smokers?

I said “no” to all those questions besides from allowing children. I have no problems with children as long as they’re potty trained, consequently don’t shit and piss all over the walls and carpets. I also mentioned that I only want working professionals, and I don’t want anyone too young. The agent noted this all down on a piece of paper, which was attached to a clipboard. So it was all documented.

Ok, so as I explained in yesterday’s blog post, the agent found me a tenant, and without my consent gave her false hope. They basically told her she can have the property, without even running the details by me. I told them that was unacceptable because only I can give them the green light. Now they’re all pissed off because they claim to have found me a perfect tenant, which I won’t commit to, and the poor woman is travelling 200miles to get a Guarantor (like that’s my fault), and she has impeccable references.

Well, I hope they’ve learned a lesson now. Before they gave the green light to the prospective tenant, they should have conversed with me. That’s their fault. But it doesn’t matter, because I already found a great tenant myself, so I didn’t need their services (but they didn’t know that).

Anyways, the agent rang me at 5:30pm last night, saying they’ll lower their rates, in attempt to push through the deal. They reduced to £325. That’s quite a big drop from £500. Times must be hard. Regardless, even though I had already found myself a tenant via Gumtree, I wanted to know what kind of tenant my £325 would have landed me with. I asked the following questions:

  • Who is the tenant?
  • How old is the tenant?
  • What does the tenant do?
  • Does the tenant have kids?

Do you know what the agent responded with? She’s a 25yr old single mother, that’s a part-time fitness instructor, and she receives social benefits.

WTF? How the fuck is that the perfect tenant? And what was the point of asking me those initial questions when viewing the property if you ignored pretty much everything I requested?

Why have you left it until now to tell me she’s on benefits?

The agent’s response was kind of smug, and was like:

Her references are great, and she’s a lovely girl. The DSS part is just a minor detail- I thought i’d surprise you with it.

I felt like saying,

You fuck her then.

Of course, the tenant might be perfectly legit, and might be great. However, she didn’t fit the description for what I was looking for at all. And the agent knew it. They genuinely have no right to be pissed off, because they didn’t even find me what I asked for!!!

Why the fuck would I pay £350 (or any money at all) for a tenant which I can get free off the council? I can go to my local social housing benefits department for FREE and ask them to send me a tenant. NO LANDLORD should need to pay for a tenant like that.

What a fucking joke. These guys are not only scumbags, but they’re SHIT at their jobs.

Anyways, later today I have to face them because I need to pick the keys and explain why I won’t be using their services. That should be fun. Odd thing is, I shouldn’t have to explain, because it’s apparent they didn’t do their job. Of course, they’ll probably sit there scratching their asses, wondering why the fuck I passed up on such a great deal. Dumbases.

This only highlighted the fact why I don’t use agents!!!! They should be used with caution, and as last resorts, in my opinion.

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Jools 4th April, 2009 @ 15:39


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Dan Harrison 4th April, 2009 @ 19:45

I'm not surprised at how bad their services are (and I'm grateful for you telling us your experiences!). I had a friend rent my property for the first 12 months, so I've got it easy for now.

I've had (insanely crap) customer services from 5 different companies recently (CeX, TNT, Apple, PlusNet and Royal Mail) in just 2 weeks. And that's just trying to use their basic services (for things they're supposedly good at!!!).

It's a recession, surely these companies need to realise that bad service can lead to a business going bust, and therefore leading to job losses!!!?? But they really don't understand that. No, really they don't.

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adam 12th September, 2009 @ 17:05

this is the same for tenants....

quick scenario:

I walk into letting agent.
(spikey gelled hair kid stands up)

I said "hello, I am looking to rent a 2 bedroom flat or house from the end of septemeber and my budget is £700 per month."

He's replies (picking up a leaflet)
"We've got a great one here that might be worth you looking at .. it is close to the city centre and in a purpose build block with shared gardens"

I say "ok sounds good - but it says there it's only available from the end of october.."

He says "yes , how does that sound?"

I honestly just walked out..

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damo 19th January, 2010 @ 09:49

why do youwanna rent your place out do you own another property...lucky you...no pets no kids no dhss...PROFETIONALS ONLY....YOUR AS BAD AS THE LETTING AGENTS...you no people arehomeless and desperate for accom in this country and were not all on dhss,but people like you just put up barriers so we cant rent if your on a lower income people like you and the lettings agencys sound like the perfect marridge WOT A SHAME FOR EVERYONE,GO COUNT YOUR MONEY AND STOP WHINGING....

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 19th January, 2010 @ 10:16

Sadly, Damo, it's people like you that make us landlords put up barriers...

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Michael 21st March, 2011 @ 12:12

I've just come across this feed. I am suing my letting agent because they did nothing to look after my property and let the guy wreck it. They even re-housed him and tried to tell me he had done a runner and didn't know where he was. They expected me to write off the debt. I managed to find out from the DSS that he was in another of their properties and they were still in receipt of benefits for him. It has taken me 2 years to get to court. I am owed for lost rent and damage to my property. Be very careful and make sure your agent is affiliated to some kind of regulator. They should only be used to find a tenant for you then do your own checks. I have used 4 agents, large and small and all have been poor. They are happy to take your money but want to do the minimum in return.

Guest Avatar
ady 3rd November, 2011 @ 18:29

Are you fucking kidding me you are the bigest wanker i have ever come across. you toffee nosed twat i hope your next tenant burns your fucking house down. Don't be a prick and as for a description of a person people like you are the ones that give people descriptions.

I own over 30 homes i rent out for over 20 years and i think you will find as long as you treat your tenant well they will treat you well.

I hate people with small balls yes thats you.

Tell you what i will buy your house and you can go and live on wanker street.

Guest Avatar
Missy 3rd May, 2012 @ 13:58


and a happy New Year.

Oh dear, I don't really have to comment any further. Very funny.

I hate a small 'i' though, does my head in that.

Guest Avatar
Paul 4th March, 2013 @ 14:04

Is it JJ FAOX by chance? seems they are the biggest cowboys out there!!

Guest Avatar
Nemesis 13th July, 2015 @ 13:01

"What a fucking joke. These guys are not only scumbags, but they’re SHIT at their jobs."

Now you know what it's like to deal with scumbags! As a tenant, I have to constantly deal with scumbags... like you.


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