How Landlords Can Avoid Gumtree’s ‘Bump’ Fee And ‘2 Free Rental Ads Per Year’ Limit

Chaps, ladies, children… I think I finally know what it feels like to be happily married for several years, only for the marriage to result in an unexpected divorce because it became apparent my bitch of a partner only wanted me for my money. The experience is every bit painful as they say it is. Every last inch (2 inches on a superb day) of my penis is telling me to go out and get a hooker right now; they say it’s a natural step in the healing process.

Either way, I’m wounded. Truly wounded.

On the 8th of Feburary 2011, it was a sad, sad day for all landlords, but especially me (I’ll shortly explain why i’m the biggest victim of all).

Gumtree, the classified website owned by Ebay, decided to stick a rusty blade in the backs of all landlords. I don’t know what happened, but they must have watched one too many episodes of Dragon’s Den or some shit and become inspired, because they have now put a premium price tag on their once FREE service. I think the technical expression is, “squeezing every penny”, but on the streets, we just call it straight up “jacking”

For those blissfully unaware, Gumtree was a place where landlords could easily create adverts for vacant rental properties for free. As a result, more often than not (from my experience), find tenants quickly and efficiently. It was awesome.

Gumtree’s OLD pricing structure

Back in the golden area, Landlords were able to post as many adverts as they wished at no cost. So if I had 10 vacant properties, I could list them without needing the last 3 digits of the security code on the back of my VISA debit.

Gumtree lists their properties in descending order based on the creation of the advert, so from newest to oldest. Landlords who want to stay visible at the top of search results need to “bump” their ads frequently to push themselves back to the top.

Before, *bumping* was a simple case of logging into the advert control panel, and then resubmitting the advert. The ad would then automatically get pushed to the top again because it gave Gumtree a clear signal from the landlord that the property was still available and alive.

The *bump* feature was imperative, especially in areas like London, where hundreds of vacant properties are added to the Gumtree system every day, consequently even adverts that were added an hour ago are probably dead and buried by now. Without the *bump* feature, an advert trying to attract tenants in an area with lot of choice becomes futile soon after it’s been approved, which makes Gumtree kinda’ pointless for a landlord.

Clearly, the old pricing structure was beautiful. It’s the very reason why the Gumtree head office received jiffy bags full of my semen and unconditional praise on several blog posts i’ve written.

Gumtree’s NEW pricing structure

This is their horrifying new pricing structure, and their justification for it:

In order to maintain the high quality responses you expect from Gumtree, we need to continue our extensive investment in marketing.

To do this we will be charging to post rental ads nationwide from February 8th. But don’t panic, each year your first two ads will be free and just £9.95 thereafter.

Plus, if you’re posting multiple ads, sign up for an account which will give you unlimited ads for as little as £49 per month.

Essentially, they’ve capped each landlord to 2 free listings per year, whereas before there was no limit! For the average Joe landlord, the 2 adverts per year is probably adequate. However, there’s also a kicker for the average Joe…

Gumtree have revoked the FREE *bump* feature. Yes, they’re going to charge us for the privilege of bumping our ads. Outside London, that will be £2 per day. In London, it’ll be £7.14 per day– that’s £49.98 a week if you want to do it every day, as you’ll probably need to…

Arse Rape

My relationship with Gumtree, and why i’m the biggest victim

Let me give you all a brief summary of my relationship with Gumtree; it may shed some light on why I’m filled with psychotic rage and have a jiffy bag addressed to Gumtree that now contains dog shit, as opposed to my semen.

My regular readers will know i’m an avid fan of Gumtree. I’ve used Gumtree for years to find tenants for FREE, consequently I’ve dedicated several blog posts praising their service; encouraging other landlords to use their awesome FREE service. I literally must have sent them thousands of landlords over the years.

There was genuinely no other free service like Gumtree that performed so well for landlords, which is why they stood out from the rest. Now, sadly, whether they realise or not, Gumtree have thrown themselves amongst the rest of the property portals that charge a premium. Dime a dozen.

Not only have Gumtree taken away a service which I once adored, but they have now put me into a position where I have to go through every blog post I’ve published (there’s about 20 of them) regarding their FREE service and update it with their new pricing policy. Needless to say, I won’t be so enthusiastic about their service anymore.

I wonder why bad things happen to good people. I’ve been good to Gumtree, and they know I have! We had a good thing going on. I adored them, they probably adored me more. I didn’t deserve this.

Clearly I’m the real victim here. Some of you may be hurting, but not as much as I am.

How Landlords Can Avoid Gumtree’s “Bump” Fee And “2 adverts per year limit”

Somewhere in the midst of my anxiety attack (which I’m still experiencing, by the way), I asked myself, “how are Gumtree actually limiting landlords to list 2 adverts per year?”

I couldn’t think of any technical solution, especially since they don’t require landlords to register before they can list an advert. So how were they enforcing the restriction?

With the risk of losing my generous serving of 2 whole FREE annual adverts, I added dummy adverts to see how they were going to restrict the amount of properties I was going to list.

I filled out the standard form, listing all details of the vacant property and then submitted it. Just before confirming the advert, I was shown this disclaimer:

New Gumtree Fee

I confirmed the listing, meaning in theory, I should only be allowed to post one more advert this year. I filled out another form, listing all details of a different vacant property and providing all the same personal contact details as before. Again, before confirming, I was returned with this disclaimer:

New Gumtree Fee

So yes, they were limiting the adverts as my credit had reduced. However, I was still alluded to how they were monitoring the amount of adverts I was listing (remember, I didn’t have to register in order to submit an advert). I imagined they had implemented something extremely clever; a solution beyond my comprehension.

Knowing I had run out of credit, I tried adding a third advert for a vacant rental property. For the third time, I filled out the form, listing details of another dummy property. But this time, I did one thing different; I provided a different contact email address…

New Gumtree Email

Low and behold, before confirming the listing, I was given this disclaimer:

New Gumtree Fee

My credit count had changed, and I was able to post a 3rd listing with in minutes of each other! So actually, from what it appears, Gumtree are controlling the “2 free rental ads per year” limit by email address. I was pretty surprised by the lack of complexity of their solution to policing their policy. Seems conveniently lousy, unless I’m missing something here?!?

From what I can make out, all we really need to do is provide a unique email address for each property and we can have as many listings as we wish. I’m still in disbelief because it seems so stupid, like sticking a cork up a baby’s arse to stop them from shitting themselves. Regardless, most people have multiple email accounts. If not, it’s not much hardship to create new accounts.

Moreover, instead of paying out of our noses to “bump” an advert, we could just delete a property and relist it again with in minutes, on a daily basis, which would affectively give the same result as a bump… FOR FREE.

Gumtree is NOT value for money (in my opinion)

Let’s forget we can avoid Gumtree’s fees for a moment…

Gumtree is actually not value for money when you compare them to rival marketing opportunities for vacant rentals. To “legitimately” bump an advert for a week in London (which is where you’ll most need the bump feature), it costs approximately £50. Fiddy bones per week ain’t no joke.

Your £50 would be much better spent on a service which allows you to list your vacant property on several portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. Gumtree’s pricing structure simply doesn’t make sense when you make that kind of comparison. And if it’s free you’re looking for (which most people using Gumtree are), then, in my opinion, there are better free alternatives than Gumtree.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for tenants outside of London where constant *bumps* aren’t necessary, Gumtree will still be useful (and I’ll still continue to use their FREE service in that circumstance). However, in London and other popular areas, I’d rather invest my money on websites that allow landlords to advertise on Rightmove and the alike.

Peace out.

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Ruth Phillips 11th March, 2011 @ 10:33

Great post - and yes, you just need a string of email addresses and you can continue listing.

I also think that by editing the advert it automatically bumps it up. Just change a few words, add some more information and it goes back to the top. This may have changed but in past experience that's what happened.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 11th March, 2011 @ 10:36

Hi Ruth,

Many thanks.

Yeah, in the past, editing the post would have "bumped" the advert back to the top. But as mentioned, they are charging for that privilege now! You can't bump an advert unless you pay...

Outside London, £2 per day.
In London, it'll be £7.14 per day

I'd rather just delete the advert and create a new one every few days :)


Guest Avatar
Fredo 11th March, 2011 @ 18:50

This is the thin end of the wedge - it starts with limiting it by email address, but they know that's easy to get around. Soon you'll need to create an account and they'll take it from there. I'd be very surprised if gumtree doesn't completely change of the next couple of years.

Once they were bought by ebay it was obvious that this was going to happen sooner or later - in fact they left it alone for quite a while. Eventually they'll probably let you pay for the adverts from paypal and maybe tenants will be able to give landlords ratings (which would be interesting)...

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 11th March, 2011 @ 19:54

I agree Fredo. I doubt they'll limit it by email address for long!! I was actually thinking that.

However, in theory, I think the only way Gumtree could completely tighten it up is if they charge for EVERY advert, as opposed to giving away 2 free adverts per year. That would mean they would have to make everyone register and pay before adding an advert, and I think they'd see a massive decline in properties if they did that.

And I think they realise that.

It actually makes sense that they only limited it by email, because even if they limited it by other fields e.g. landlord name, address...etc. They can all still be faked. Gumtree probably don;t want their system filled up with completely rubbish data.

Guest Avatar
Stevie Boy 12th March, 2011 @ 11:15

How many of you guys let tenants stay in your houses for free? No? None? But you still feel entitled to use someone else's resource (to make money for yourself) forever gratis?

How about paying the TINY fee to list your property on a fantastic online resource or fuck off and advertise elsewhere? I am not one to waste money, i am all for utilising free resources, no doubt.

I use GT to rent my rooms, sell concert tickets, buy second hand furniture etc and i cant fault it. Will i continue to use it now they are starting to charge? Yes. Will i post as often? No. Will I be smarter about when (and how often) i post? Definitely.

Google "Supply and Demand" and take a minute or two to read the articles you see before you. I recommend Wikipedia, its free and shouldnt give you miserable fuckers too much to worry about. Unless you wanna fret over how a free resource could POSSIBLY use such a silly font / poor pictures / etc whatever. Google is free too, but i guess y'all know that too.

I guess your 2 inch cock is weighing (metaphorically) heavy on you.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 12th March, 2011 @ 11:40

Stevie Boy,

The difference is, I've never let my tenants stay for free and then suddenly started charging them! So your analogy is, well, stupid. Here's a clue...."Try using an example when a FREE service suddenly has a price tag."

Additionally, my point is, there are BETTER services out there for the amount Gumtree are charging. AS I SAID, "Gumtree is actually not value for money when you compare it the rival marketing opportunities for vacant rental properties"

Thanks for the tip about looking up "Supply and demand" - I looked it up and this is what I learned...

Remember when property was REALLY in demand, and house prices rocketed and crashed the market? You should GOOGLE it. Because it showed me the dangers of "supply and demand" and how it's not always a good thing to increase prices!!

My 2 inch penis sounds like it would rival the length of your comprehension skills (literally).

Guest Avatar
Suzi 12th March, 2011 @ 12:04

lol banter!

I must have missed something. I dont see a problem with trying to be savvy by trying to save money. heck, i'm on moneysavingexpert all the time looking for tips like this. it's not about being tight its about being smart. Last I checked buy to let was a business. go figure

great post by the way.


Guest Avatar
Andy Mills 12th March, 2011 @ 18:19

I can understand that they are a business and need to pay their own rent, etc., but I do think they have possibly shot themselves in the foot here and are being a little bit greedy.

Guest Avatar
Fredo 12th March, 2011 @ 19:03

Stevie Boy,

I like gumtree too and have used it for finding flats and selling bits and bobs. But I think it's likely that the more gumtree tries to make money, the further it will get from what made it great in the first place. I really hope they can make some money and still keep the website as good as it's always been, but that's a hard path to tread.

Your wikipedia recommendation is a good example - how would you feel if people could buy the rights to edit certain pages? or for product placement in the content? or charges for viewing? Monetising websites is very hard to do without affecting the quality of the site.

But they will be happy that they have loyal customers like yourself.


P.s. Supply and demand isn't about how consumers and business people make informed decisions. How about "you pays your money and you makes your choice"?

Guest Avatar
Ginster 2nd June, 2011 @ 12:48

Speaking of Gum Tree, has anyone had problems with dealing with them?
I listed a property recently and paid for my ad'. Then as my ad was about to expire I paid an extra £33+ to have it featured for another 14 days (as my email from them suggested so).
After a day or two I checked to see if my ad' was live as I hadn't received any interests - only to find that it was not live because it had 'expired'.
It then took me nearly an hour and a half of faffing around trying all the different permutations in the drop down fields on their 'help' and 'contact us' pages until I finally accessed a way of emailing them.
The obscurity was just pathetic!
Although they responded quite quickly after I managed to contact them, they then proceeded to tell me that my ad' was not live because it had expired. But then if you're sent an email to have it re-featured for a nominal fee and if they are able to take payment straight away, surely it is part of the service to make it live again?
It really takes the p*ss!
I'm not too impressed with their service. It seems like since they've started charging they just can't get it right.

Guest Avatar
David Potts 5th July, 2011 @ 22:07

First it was Sky Sports News now it is my beloved Gumtree who just want to shaft me for money Gumtree have lost there edge now a gap in the market has being created.

Guest Avatar
Ross Jones 6th July, 2011 @ 16:08

By the way...I tried using all the different email addresses'll get caught cos they now track phone numbers....names...and IP addresses as well far I know. So unless you wanna be logging in from 101 different laptops with 101 different names and phone better pay or go elswhere.

I think we are all just a little pissed off cos we were making thousands every month without having to pay anyone, now it might cost £50 were moaning. Did we REALLY think it was going to free forever ? What in this world do we make grands from that is not free.

To be honest if you know anything about business you would have seen it coming. Plus the fact that a load of cheapskates will stop using the site will benefit people less competition...more let quicker...better value for money...

and going on Rightmove etc....HIGHLY SATURATED.

Good post, but things arent that simple Mr Blogger.


Guest Avatar
Chandra 22nd August, 2011 @ 11:12

Post your property on my website - and we'll put it on Gumtree plus all the other major portals - rightmove, findaproperty, zoopla and a few others. PLUS WE WILL RE-POST IT ON GUMTREE TWICE A DAY! We only charge £59 at the moment, and you'll be on many other sites not only Gumtree.

Guest Avatar
Ausvaldo 8th September, 2011 @ 17:58

You say - Supply and demand?... How about if we don't "supply" gum tree with the fees they wish and see how well their new business model works...

Guest Avatar
tomelders 18th October, 2011 @ 17:12

If it's worth using, it's worth paying for.

Guest Avatar
Adam 25th October, 2013 @ 23:48

Why don't you guys all try other websites buysellanything which is absolutely free for any ads listing.You can list flats,houses,cars,helicopters or whatever you like.Google buysellanything and you will be able to see it on top of the list.

Guest Avatar
Andy 29th October, 2013 @ 15:19

I agree Gumtree is finished as far as I am concerned they tried to charge me £15 to put a free car advertisement in!
Imagine, nope from now on it is freeads for me.
RIP Gumtree

Guest Avatar
SMT 29th October, 2013 @ 21:54

Wow! How can anyone think that charging without warning is acceptable.

I am a small car trader working from home and have been part of gum trees growing success for over 5 years, paying A reasonable amount for bump ups and features but also taking advantage of the free adds. Now call me silly but is it not the fact that because us traders used the site so regularly that the buyers then came to find their car and then enabled gumtree to charge for larger advertising campaigns? Pretty sure that gumtree car sales would not be so popular had we not of used the site.

I can now not afford the 15 pound charge for every car plus a bump up of 8 pounds that's ridiculous and that would only keep me at the top for maybe 48 hrs! Do we all use the featured option? Well surely this will only result in the "speedy boarding syndrome" everyone does it!

Rude gumtree very rude to kick the very customers that made your business so successful, even a consultation with business's might have been a good idea, at least a warning it was happening. Then to talk to so called customer service peeps .....well immediately they are on the defensive ..........perhaps they are twitching at such a mistake.

Also GUMTREE IF YOU ARE READING OCT, NOV, DEC are the worst months for traders and car sales full stop. Slow sales from your adverts now is going to result in even the average joe seller being very disappointed.

Rude rude rude!,

Sorry to go on about cars on your landlord site :$

Guest Avatar
Jimmy 30th October, 2013 @ 23:01

I am also a small car dealer (around 5"-7 and this charge has greatly affected my height.

I fully expect to be 5 feet in my socks before Xmas.

Damn you Gumtree !!!! DAMN YOU!!!

Guest Avatar
Tim Johnson 1st November, 2013 @ 21:37

I post jobs (construction) on gumtree fairly regularly and think its only fair that they charge the poster to put the advert online. THEY ARE PROVIDING A SERVICE. I think they have made big changes to their website recently and improved functionality.

I think it is owned by the same people that own ebay. Problem with ebay is it is very expensive and eats away a good deal of the profit. Sames going to happening to gumtree.

June 2005: Gumtree expands into Italy, with sites in Rome and Milan, Italy, increasing its coverage across 31 cities. THAT SHISAL isn't cheap!

However I think £17 per advert is too expensive, they do give you two free adverts yearly. I think about £5 per advert is more realistic.

SORT IT OUT GUMTREE! Until they lower the price I think its only fair

Until they lower the price, i ll be posting this construction job on

Its free for the tradesman AND job poster.

R.I.P Gumtree / R.I.P Ebay

Guest Avatar
FreeTheTress 19th November, 2013 @ 07:15

Don't pay anymore !
Use this

Guest Avatar
Jonny 27th November, 2013 @ 10:39

Good tips and great blog
But how do you change your e-mail address to start off
What if you are selling something else like a car
At the beginning it imposes a £15 fee.
End point the new e-mail changes do not change the charge

Guest Avatar
Paul 22nd January, 2014 @ 08:51

Hello, a similar situation yet slightly different.

I'm a start up business so money is tight, i wouldn't mind paying for ads but in all fairness i don't have the cash do to that weekly right now.

I offer with a partner our web design work, creating sites, ecommerce etc etc.

So.... i created around 11 new emails, wrote out a long add (explaining everything we can do, how much we charge, how long the turn around is) then found from 1 to 11 the post populated cities in the UK to post my ad, as it occurred to me that posting just in my city wouldn't be enough and because what im offering is virtual and has no substance in the real world i could be in Australia for all that it matters creating a web site for someone in stoke and the outcome be the same. After all, it isn't just Stoke that has websites right? Ha!

Anyway, i started creating Gumtree accounts and started posting this add, the title says something along the lines of 'Affordable Web Design At A Low Price' then it has all the context with 11 pictures. I then posted this same add in all 11 cities from all 11 different Gumtree accounts with 11 different emails. (Yes it took time)

Email 1. - Posted fine
Email 2. - Posted fine
Email 3. - Posted fine
Email 4. - Posted fine
Email 5. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 6. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 7. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 8. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 9. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 10. - Add removed because it's a duplication
Email 11. - Add removed because it's a duplication

So as the 5 - 11 ads started being deleted because they were duplications i assumed 1 - 4 would be deleted, after all they are the same ad all through out.

However 1 to 4 ads stayed and i started getting responses from people wanting web work from the 4 cities i had posted in, i had around 9 or so in the first week.

After the first week it died down so i thought, well OK i need my adds back up in all cities and back at the top, so i tried again and the ads were instantly deleted as being duplicates, i tried again with 1 changing the title, it was instantly deleted, so on and so forth.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Like i said i wouldn't mind paying if i had the money and i will as soon as the business is going stronger and making more money but at the same time, i don't really think that's relevant as its saying Gumtree doesn't support duplicate ads but i need the same (or similar) add in every city i can think of to branch out my business, like i said early, someone who wants a website made in Glasgow aren't going to check the ads in Stoke for a web designer. I need multiple ones.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. ( still don't know why the first 1 - 4 ads stayed online even though they were duplicates yet the rest were deleted)


Guest Avatar
Simon Hulse 23rd January, 2014 @ 22:47

Gumtree really are the pits. I posted an ad yesterday evening. The ad goes online. This morning I edited the ad (a simple price change) only to find that the ad was immediately taken down for "processing". They were processing the ad ALL DAY!! This means I missed out on a whole day's worth of calls. This evening I see the ad is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!! What the hell? Gumtree are supposed to take a MAXIMUM of 4 hours to process any changes - and they just lost the ad!!

I had paid good money to put the ad up and link it to my website. I was about to pay a further £60 or so to feature the ad for three days, but given their abysmal performance there is no way I can do this.

This is not the first time stuff like this has happened. In December I posted another ad and had real trouble getting it online. That time I paid a lot more money to feature an ad that simply never appeared on their site. I tried repeatedly to contact Gumtree but they did not respond to my emails and the the people I engaged on their chat app were more or less completely useless - that is when chat is not shown as busy (which is hardly ever). I asked for a refund in December but, of course, they simply ignored my request.

I also tried to phone Gumtree on their premium helpline number (35p a minute). A recorded message sternly informs you that you must be over 18 years old etc, only to cut you off once the message has finished. This happened repeatedly and I never got beyond the recorded message.

In December I had vowed never to use your site again but thought I ought to give it one more try. Gumtree charge quite a lot more than other sites and they provide incredibly poor exposure and service. In addition, I have spent a huge amount of my time trying to place and monitor these ads on their site - definitely a waste of my time (especially as I never got to see either of my ads online).

Please spread the word. Gumtree is COMPLETELY USELESS!!

Guest Avatar
Dave 6th February, 2014 @ 10:10

Appears the two ads per email (property and motor) also now needs a unique mobile number for use as verification. Gets more and more annoying all this changing, how long until two phones or TVs per year. Be as well as putting a car on ebay itself for more exposure at same price.

Guest Avatar
Jackie Efting 15th May, 2014 @ 11:24

Greedy landlords..... lol

Guest Avatar
Paul 6th June, 2014 @ 17:41


So I put an ad on Gumtree to get movers to help me because that was a good way of doing it last time I moved.

BUT Gumtree now charge £6 per ad so they are no longer a free community service like they used to be. Anyway I paid the £6.

THEN Gumtree deleted my ad for being in the wrong category and said I should post it in a different category. They used to automatically put it in the right category for you.

SO I phoned the helpline who said they couldnt repost it themselves and that I would have to repost it and pay £6 again. When I said I wanted my £6 back the woman on the phone, Julie, said I could not get it back. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I got put on hold while Julie pretended to talk to a supervisor, and was then told that I would get the money back in 5 to 7 days although Julie could not remember the name of the supervisor she 'spoke' to.

SO NOW I will have to keep phoning this call centre long-distance to check if they will ever give me back my money which they have STOLEN under false pretences.

MORAL OF THE STORY = Don't think of using Gumtree unless you are willing to see your money disappear into their black hole of unhelpful useless deceitful incompetence

Guest Avatar
Neil 25th September, 2014 @ 12:26


To all who have problem just use who has been going on for years without charging very popular in USA I put all my advertise there and get good response

Guest Avatar
adam 6th February, 2015 @ 20:47

mah Shut up , consider yourself lucky to own a house
complaining about not posting for free on gumtree...unbelievable .
I understand why your woman left you skinflint and....2 inch cockhead

Guest Avatar
Bob 29th March, 2015 @ 14:21

Im sitting here really,really,really!! trying to feel sympathy for a landlord,wait,i'll try again,ehhhheughaaahhheurgh...nope,i just can't do it,you can afford it,just pay it!!
Gumtree are owned by Ebay,now Ebay as you know are a bunch of robbing c*nts,can you see where the link is?
They are now charging you, eh??Because they can and they think they'll get away with it.
If all you landlords got together and complained to Gumtree guess where you'll get?,absolutely bloody nowhere,which their kin Ebay have got down to a fine art!!

Guest Avatar
Dave 10th October, 2015 @ 19:36


I first of all work for gumtree.

Guest Avatar
Dave 10th October, 2015 @ 19:40

Second I actually Dom t understand the complaints..

If you are a business get a business account avoiding paying bump ups and simply pay less for multiple ads😀

If you a sole trader just pay single ads if more economic.

Surely the point is if your s business making money well so our we st Gumtree. Believe me it works but there is no such thing a free dinner. Keep posting looks like most people enjoy making money through gt

Guest Avatar
Fabio 24th October, 2015 @ 17:45

In the past 6 months I am having very little response from my Gumtree adverts. I have had to resort to other sites to find tenants. The telephone just stopped ringing. Its was really weird. I used to sell second hand stuff on Gumtree. Even that does not work any longer. So I think Gumtree better watch out. The whole site could just become obsolete. I have now started using a Local Brica Brac page on Facebook which is very effective. I have managed to sell stuff within minutes. Maybe I should open a similar Facebook page just for rentals. Gumtree needs to watch out!.

Guest Avatar
Ped 28th January, 2016 @ 03:08

Just get the money out and pay for a service you want to use. Or dont use it. Your tenants are paying for a service to YOU. You are a landlord? And with your millions want to avoit a small advertising fee? Please...
I'll be your tenant ok? But yeh, i want to live in your property for free. Can i??

Guest Avatar
Dave Fennley 6th February, 2016 @ 19:40

Gumtree has gone down the toilet in recent months. I've posted countless legitimate ads for a room to rent and they have all been removed for various stupid reasons.

Recently I've had more luck posting ads in shop windows than I have had with gumtree. The quality of people calling has also been disappointing - it seems Gumtree basically attracts bottom-of-the-barrel tenants and garbage.

No good I'm afraid! So, I'm moving on.

Guest Avatar
Philw 3rd August, 2016 @ 12:30

I just found out about 'Free the tree' chrome browser extension it automatically deletes then reposts your Gumtree Advert so it doesn't break their policies over duplicate listings and then republishes a new advert free of charge for the trial then £3 a week. Hurragh back in love with Gumtree. The extension adds many features to user interface, like:

Post similar,
Bulk delete,
Re-Post (a.k.a. relist, renew),
Sort by price, date, title,
Filter (extremely useful in conjunction with ‘Show all’),
Show all.

I've only tried the trial but it works for me saved me £20

Guest Avatar
Mr a n other 7th November, 2016 @ 08:22

Good!!! It's scum like you who charge sky high rent that puts families into debt. Crawl back under your stone where you come from. Pond scum!!

















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