Gas Safe Register Has Replaced CORGI Gas Registration

Thanks to a reader I was informed about an extremely vital change regarding gas safety legal obligations, which concerns ALL landlords.

On 8 September 2008, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) awarded a new 10 year contract to Capita Group plc to provide a new registration scheme for gas installers. This will begin on 1 April 2009 and will, with immediate effect, replace the current CORGI system that is currently in place. These changes will be of significance to landlords and tenants.

What does this all mean?

Basically, Landlords were, by law, required to get a yearly Gas Safety Certificate and Gas repairs/maintenance by a CORGI registered gas engineer. From April 2009, Landlords should ensure that all current and future gas engineers are registered with Capita in order to meet their legal obligations- NOT CORGI!

I have a Gas Safety Certificate that doesn’t expire until after April 2009

If this case, don’t worry. The current certificate will remain legal until it expires. Once that happens, you’ll be obligated to get a new safety certificate by a Capita registered gas engineer.

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I’m sure I don’t need to stress this, however…..a landlord has considerable legal obligations in relation to the safety standards of gas installations and appliances in their properties, the changes to the gas registration scheme are of the utmost importance. Landlords that don’t comply with any legal obligation could get into serious shit! You’ve been warned :)

Thanks once again to the reader that pointed me in the right direction.

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Guest Avatar
Justin Burns 17th March, 2009 @ 15:15

I bet all those gas engineers with the CORGI logo on the side of their vans are pretty pissed off.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 17th March, 2009 @ 15:31

haha yeah, I didn't think about that. I always see the CORGI logo on gas engineers vans!

The general public probably wouldn't know the difference anyways!

Guest Avatar
Jools 17th March, 2009 @ 21:25

Problem is it would appear that you or i or anyone else can now apply to CORGI and get the stuff including the van sticker because it will now not carry the reg number of the person. However - the brand recognition means that some unscrupulous people will still go around fixing boilers because the general public recognise the shield!

It will cost £175 + vat (of course) for plumbers to register with gas safe. Once again the law abiding are taking a hit for the others. As a matter of interest Cardiff council have hiked their HMO licence fee from £400 to £700 to help track down and prosecute those who do not get their properties licenced. Who the f*** do these people think they are?

Guest Avatar
Chris Mayo 16th June, 2009 @ 13:34

I want to check if a plumber is corgi registered as he told us he was. No corgi number on his paperwork.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 16th June, 2009 @ 13:50

Hey Chris,
Out of curiousity, why would you want a CORGI registered plumber?

Guest Avatar
Jools 16th June, 2009 @ 13:52

CORGI is no more - it is illegal for previously CORGI registered plumbers to work on gas appliances unless they are now on the GAS SAFE register.

DO NOT ACCEPT CORGI ID. for more details


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 16th June, 2009 @ 14:06

That's why I was curious why he wanted a CORGI registered plumber.

Kind of odd since this entire article is about how CORGI has been replaced =/

Guest Avatar
Building Materials & Supplies 3rd September, 2009 @ 12:43

I personally (at home) have not seen any advertising the change over.

This will cause some confusion for retail customers when a engineer comes to the door and they ask him for his corgi card!

Guest Avatar
john 7th October, 2009 @ 18:40

What year did Corgi come into being, do jobs done in 1993 have to have a certificate

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 8th October, 2009 @ 10:13

What job are you refering to? If an appliance then the safety certificate should be yearly!

Guest Avatar
lentay 17th November, 2009 @ 13:40

I have a gas safety certifcate from Feb 2009, that is corgi registered, i know this is legal til the next check, however i am a new tenant into the property (Oct2009) and they are installing a new boiler, whilst this happening a gas fire was being fitted, whilst this happening the Bristish gas guy found there was a leak ( we been paying £35 a week since moved in), should the landlords of checked the appliances before re-letting to us even though the certificate was in date?? please someone advise me thanks x

Guest Avatar
leaded 19th November, 2009 @ 18:19

load o bollocks

Guest Avatar
Twattybollocks 19th November, 2009 @ 20:03

@leaded:- an intelligent and informative answer! Are you DSS?


Guest Avatar
lentayla 23rd November, 2009 @ 13:40

no we not DSS, would that make a difference?

@leaded - agree wit twattybollocks!

Guest Avatar
twattybollocks 23rd November, 2009 @ 13:48

Sorry Lentayla - DSS comment not directed at you!!

Technically there should have been a new safety certificate issued when you moved in but as landlords we rely on the persons checking the equipment for safety.

Leaks do occur and I would have to say that in this case I would have to err on the side of the landlord that he was not made aware of the problem. He may have made sure the appliances were working but he may not have necessarily known about the leak. If the certificate was in date then it would have been upto you as the tenants to advise him or the utility company of a gas leak or a suspected one if your useage was so high.

Hope this helps


Guest Avatar
Bobby Armstrong 4th March, 2010 @ 22:31

Camden Council have employed a firm to upgrade bathrooms and kitchens.
Do all the workmen have to be Gas Safe qualified?

What is the equivalent for elecricity?

Some tenants have complained of very dangerous and careless workmanship, and some workmen can't speak English.

Guest Avatar
jools 5th March, 2010 @ 19:01

@Bobby; If the subcontractors are replacing boilers etc then they need to be gas safe registered. However they may be covered by the companies unbrella policy.

The equivalent for electrics is the Part P registration or an NICEIC certificate (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors. There is another one but I can't remember who it is! If there is an issue contact the Health and Safety Executive.


Guest Avatar
jetlag 13th July, 2011 @ 11:44

as the new legistration states that corgi are no more dose this mean that all gas engineers have to have the logo of gas safe in the yellow triangle on all there vans & is it elegal to work without the logo on any van.

thanks jetlag

Guest Avatar
Jacky 22nd November, 2014 @ 22:21

If Corgi is no more , why do I keep getting letters from Corgi Home plan?

Guest Avatar
TCC 23rd November, 2015 @ 09:29

What about electricians do they still have 'Corgi' as proof of being a professional trades person? Does whatever ID asked for at the door when electrician comes to do safety check have a photo on to identify 100%?
Sat waiting for such a person right now and have no idea what to ask for before letting him enter my house?
Please can someone avise as soon as possible
Thank you

Regards TCC :)

Guest Avatar
Melanie 20th February, 2019 @ 18:28

Is it the landlords job to have their old oil boiler checked and serviced each year? As mine leaked as the flue hadn't been put on properly. Also is it their job to get the chimney where the old boiler sealed off and cleaned as its leaking lots of soot. Also the chimney in the living room and dining room hasn't been cleaned. Also I keep getting electrocuted by the plugs and my electric keeps fusing. They sent their handy man out to check plugs but he didn't come out with a pat tester. The electric fused after he'd gone and he hasnt been back since. I have been terribly ill in the property and when they do fix things they are not doing a proper job. Who should I speak too about this?


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