How To Get Listed On My Letting/Estate Agencie Pages

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If you’re reading this page you’re most likely an online estate/letting agent that wants to get listed on my website (specially these pages: online letting agents and online estate agents).


Here are the basic T&C’s…

Affiliate programme / Tracking System

I only work on an affiliate/performance based commission plan, because I feel it’s the fairest solution for all parties.

Essentially, I get paid for every SALE (not click) I generate for you. It’s a simple model; I generate you a sale, you make money, and I take a percentage.

What is required of an advertiser?

  • Since I will be an affiliate of yours, you should have a tracking system in place, which monitors the sales I generate. This can work in three ways:
    • With the use of a ‘trackable URL’/Cookie
      • Option 1: You have a ‘affiliate control panel’, which I can log into to view my stats. I should be able to view how many clicks and sales I have generated, along with the value of the products sold.
      • Option 2: An email is automatically sent to me after a referred visitor makes a purchase; the email should contain a unique transaction ID, time/date of purchase, name/price of product purchased, and the commissioned earned.
      • Note: the trackable cookie should expire after a minimum of 30 days (60+ is preferable)
    • With a unique ‘discount code’
      • Option 1: You provide a unique discount; when used, an email is automatically sent to me after a referred visitor makes a purchase; the email should contain a unique transaction ID, time/date of purchase, name/price of product purchased, and the commissioned earned
  • Commissions should be settled on the 1st of every month (the usual exceptions apply on weekends and bank holiday weekends). I accept payment either by PayPal or Bank Transfers. Frequent late payers are highly frowned upon :(
  • Your service and website must meet a certain standard. It is definitely NOT all about the money for me. I won’t allow junk websites and junk products to be listed.
  • A competitive commission rate.
  • You must subscribe to a third party ‘customer review’ service like TrustPilot.
  • You must market on Rightmove.

Apologies if the requirements seem excessive and overly demanding. However, putting those restrictions in place eliminates a lot of the problems I’ve experienced in the past.

Advantages of the affiliate programme

  • As already mentioned, you only pay a commission on the sales I generate you. I don’t expect to generate money unless I make you money.
  • A lot of the websites listed make decent returns from my website, and they’re always working with me to try and increase their sales.
  • I retrieve very targeted traffic from landlords/vendors to the Rightmove pages.
  • You get a free link to your website, even if I don’t generate any sales.

What if you don’t have an affiliate programme?

Unfortunately I don’t list websites unless they have an affiliate programme in place. Many have offered to pay a fixed monthly fee, but it’s not a advertising model I currently accept. I only want to make money if I KNOW I’m making YOU money, because as said, I feel that’s the fairest way of doing it.

Discount Codes

If you can provide me with exclusive discount codes, that would be awesome! Many of the agents I work with are doing it and they’ve had great success.


How many sales should you expect from being listed on my website?


That’s right, zero.

I don’t and can’t guarantee any sales, and that’s why I believe in the affiliate scheme (you only pay for what you get). Being listed on my website has worked for many online letting agents and estate agents, but it has also performed poorly for others (often due to several variables, like poor customer reviews, pricing issues, inferior product etc).

I wish I could guarantee sales, but I can’t. However, I can guarantee that your chances of achieving sales will increase by being listed on my website.


  • Please note, I reserve the right to remove your link from my website at any time.
  • I will only consider listing services/websites I see as offering value!
  • Where you get placed on the list will be based on my own discretion.
  • I discourage anyone from investing in an affiliate system just to get listed on this website alone. That said, once you have a system in place, you can approach hundreds of webmasters in the sector to try and sell your service(s), so you drastically open up your streams of revenue.

Contact me to sign up

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