Which Council Tax Band Is My House In?

I got an email earlier from someone asking me what Council Tax Band their property is in. I imagine a lot of people have no idea what council tax band they’re in. I bet there’s even a few lost souls out there that didn’t even know there were different bands.

Why should I care which council Tax band I’m in?

Council tax applies to home owners’ and renters’ because they’re usually the people that have to pay the tax.

Council tax can ultimately play part in a decisive factor, in whether someone is going to buy a property or rent a property. If the council tax seems to be financially unsuitable, it can break a deal. Consequently, it’s important to know which council tax band a property is in, and know how much it will cost.

The amount you pay depends upon the area in which you live and the band of your property. To find how much each band has to pay in your area, visit your local council’s website.

Council tax banding

Your council tax banding is dependent on the value of the property- it’s banded by a letter, from A to H. A being the least expensive, and H being the most expensive. Obviously, the higher the value of the property, the higher the council tax band.

Finding out which council tax band I’m In?

The band of every house in England, Wales & Scotland is public info via the following websites:

Know of a better way to find out the band? Let me know!

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Anne Rootes2009-09-09 21:42:18

I am moving to a property and wondered what the council tax would be! The address is 33 Weighbridge Way, Raunds, Northamptonshire NN9 6TJ. It is a new build so I am finding it hard to trace what the cost will be? Any help please? It may be that the property will be occupied by myself and my children under 16?

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Michael Fletcher2009-10-15 10:46:17

A totally useless website if you want to find the banding of a property

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Chris Petrou2010-09-19 10:11:17

I totally agree with Michael Fletcher. I came on this website to find out what band my property is in. You should be able to go on line and find this information immediately! I will have to dig into my documents to look at my papers now. How simple it would have been to find this information on line. I am thinking of moving and would like to know which property is in which band - fat chance!!!!!

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twattybollocks2010-12-13 13:41:33

What a complete bunch of idiots!

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julie Anderson2011-01-08 15:41:04

Tried to find out the council tax of a property interested in buying.. Web site is useless for this..

Should not need name and billing code Why would resident need to know the cost of the council tax which they are already paying anyway?

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T.B2011-03-04 14:54:56

Thanks. I found it easy to find out what the council tax banding of my new home is. Just followed the instructions and hey presto, it took a few seconds

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tina hughes2011-03-12 19:16:09

im looking to move to towns mead sw6 but wanted to no how much the council tax would be thank you

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RSK2011-04-18 17:56:44

What was supposed to be difficult about using the VOA website? You put in a postcode and it tells you the band. Not exactly jumping through hoops!
Or were people expecting it to report exactly how much council tax would be - which took about a minute further by going to the local authority website.

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M.F.2011-06-22 10:23:27

Agree with RSK and T.B, found the info I needed by using the link to the VOA website, easy peasy! Then on to my local authority to get the cost of council tax for my band. Took less than a minute. Don't quite understand why others leaving comments had such difficulty!

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Johnny handsome2012-03-08 12:34:08

Rip of britan they just increased my council tax
Again because someone didn't agree with the banding

Let's all move to Australia

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SammySaysHi2012-06-22 21:26:58

I found this very useful thank you for the link...

For those asking what band there house is, check on the VOA link provided at the top of the page, type in the postcode. Easy peezy! If you want to know how much your tax band is. Go to your parish councils website. They list tax rates with each band there.


or just call your council office an they will tell you band and rate there.

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Big Jamsey2013-05-23 01:00:48

I cant believe some of these idiots on here complaining they cant find how much its costs? it takes about 20 seconds to find the band then a further 40 or so seconds to find the cost, do any of these plonkers know how to work the thing called the "internet"?


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